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[Drama 2020] My Holo Love, 나 홀로 그대 - Netflix

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Netflix drama

My Holo Love





Network: Netflix

Episodes: 12

Airdate: February 7th, 2020

Director: Lee San Yeob (Familiar Wife)

Writer: Ryoo Yong Jae (Pied Piper)




A woman is lonely. She happens to meet hologram AI Holo which is completely on her side. Nan-Do is a genius inventor and Holo is hologram AI Holo. 




Yoon Hyun Min as Nan Do / Holo

He is the developer of AI Holo. He has the same physical appearance as AI Holo, but his personality is completely different. While watching So Yeon and AI Holo, he feels something that he has never felt before.


Ko Sung Hee as So Yeon

She has a problem recognizing faces. Due to this, she keeps a distance from other people. She becomes a beta tester for hologram AI Holo 



Choi Yeo-Jin - Ko Yoo-Jin


Jung Young-Ki - Jo Jin-Seok

Kim Soo-Jin





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2PM’s Chansung, Choi Yeo Jin, Lee Jung Eun, And More Get Into Character For Sci-Fi Drama

2PM’s Chansung, Choi Yeo Jin, Lee Jung Eun, And More Get Into Character For Sci-Fi Drama

Jan 22, 2020
by C. Hong

The upcoming Netflix drama “My Holo Love” has shared stills of its supporting cast!

“My Holo Love” is an upcoming Netflix series about a lonely woman who coincidentally meets a perfect holographic being with artificial intelligence named Holo. Yoon Hyun Min and Go Sung Hee were previously announced to be playing the leads.

In the supporting cast, Choi Yeo Jin plays Yoo Jin, Nando’s sister and the CEO of GEOLAB, the company that develops Holo. (Nando is Holo’s creator and Yoon Hyun Min plays both roles.) She is a charismatic businesswoman who lines up investors who are eagerly interested in the world’s first personal hologram AI. However, she shows a softer side when she is dealing with her brother and his secret past.


trailer eng sub


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Don't forget! This drama will be on Netflix this Friday! :D

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This is actually a cute drama, I just wish the female lead character was written a little better. The lead is a cutie pie.


As I race towards the end:



I've only seen two dramas where they have shown a young person punching an old man/elderly (and well deserved). There are many dramas with old evil men, but only two where they had a young man punch an old man--this drama and Inspiring Generation). I got a sense of great satisfaction each time.


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I started this drama yesterday and I like it so far! I like the treatment and the uniqueness of the plot. I heard from a friend that she couldn't get over this. And daebak! It's a netflix special release- however, it's labeled as a limited series so we really only have 12 episodes :bawling:

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I liked the drama. I watched it at one go in 2-3 days, so I certainly enjoyed it...  but also had a few complaints.  One, the costumes given to the lead lady.  Yikes.  Did they have to pick every dress that would not suit her, all the time? (till the final scene when she looked really nice in a simple one-piece!).   I was also annoyed at the careless way in which they brought Halo into many scenes, and showed like everybody who are not even wearing the glasses could see him.  Lots of careless scenes.  Another was the lack of care with the face-blindness of female lead... But she was always recognizing everybody anyway...  I am sure they will have some excuse like she is adept at sounds etc, but it all annoyed me.


But the worst was a Netflix thing.  This drama had absolutely the worst subtitles I have ever seen on Netflix.  Normally their Korean subtitles are quite good.  But this was rank bad.  I know Korean quite well, though I leave subtitles on.  So many very poor translations.  I was even finding a couple of totally wrong subtitles every episode too.  Then I turned the subtitles off, as I was so annoyed.


But, a nice drama!   I had fun with it.   And I really liked the villain's son, in the end.  We almost never see a son standing up against the dad, but this guy not only stood up, but took it all up a whole other notch!

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