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anti love game


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7 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

@Sarang21 I would love too :wub: , but it’s only two pair team , I am pairing with lovely  @Sejabin  . 



* delicious abs stop reminding me , I am preparing for blood and crimes . 





Alright then...more abs for me :lol:


@Matilda_Anne I´m the same as you so do you want to join me :lol:

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@Ameera Ali who needs helmet when you got rock hard abs to protect you :P


@Dhakra I do occasionally watch dramas without romance...they were so good that I didn´t mind the absence of romance. :lol:

btw. I see that your location is Germany...Hallo fellow german.


@Matilda_Anne Great...now you get to play with the Yoo Baek doll too. We may not know anything else beside romance drama but I´m sure we will somehow survive. :joy:

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@Sarang21Oh, you're from Germany aswell? Haha, that's funny. Hi!

Welll sometimes I watch dramas with romance.....they are so good that I didn't mind the abscene of crime, death or dark themes. :D  

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1 hour ago, triplem said:

That would be me :lol:..glad oppa's lovely abs are still used in many event threads...I almost thought we're having guess the abs season 3


lol what a concidence :joy:... I better but proper credit then.

Every event needs a little bit of abs to make it even more enjoyable. ;):lol:

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Because it’s Sunday I had free time that what I predicted to happen :naughty:  - all for fun B)


@Sarang21 for your team :D 







... help :joy:


@Dhakra& @kokodus  for team harmony :sweat_smile:








.. burn the house down :D



@mouse007 team flying solo :tounge_xd:




... what I get myself into  :P


@dotonly :lol: 








... was I layback :relieved:



For the save side I will be wary of @sushilicious & @Lmangla :lol:






Note : @Sejabin don’t forget to rescue me :D 









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hqdefault.jpg  history-plank-pirate_ship-pirate-piracy-pirate_captains-nfkn2022_low.jpg

Not even @Lmangla can sweet talk me into jumping off my romantic fluffy ship no matter how easy it sounds in joining her anti love event. Good thing she knows I love her and her ideas all the same and I don't except failure well  LOL:scream:  

When I know just watching @Dhakra & @kokodus


Not to mention everyone else will be more than event enough for me... And I love those two!!!:love:  Dang I can't wait!  If it's anything like the preshow we are already experiencing and have in the past it's going to be better than the SUPER BOWL.... Bring on the fireworks LOL!!  

Just don't let their words fool you into believing they can't work well together.   Because the truth is from past experience they are a force to be reckoned with and make great teammates...


Johnny ( Dhakra's real cat) and proud mascot on the Add & Subtract thread and I will be cheering them and everyone else here on too!!!  Our best to all of you!!!  FIGHTING!!!

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQK1IFmoRkSo25YgPcY-e-  May laughter and plain old fun be the best prize of all...:heart:




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@USAFarmgirlNo one cheers like you. :D Well, not too hard being better than the Super Bowl.


And Johnny? Sigh...I can tell you what he will be doing during the contest. 



Nothing, literally nothing. Just sleep all day! :D 

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