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Soompi love feast

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On 2/8/2019 at 10:43 AM, packmule3 said:



3. tag your chingus here and share the love. it is february -- the month of love!


Errr.... Shouldn't I tag my enemies instead since it's the season of love? It's a perfect excuse to kiss and make up. Make love, not war? 


But I'll tag my old friends who I don't see anymore @BiruAngel@daloula, @lavender2love, @CamelKnight, @nearsea, @ricerascal67, @cannakat, @bebe1989, @mslee, @korchick, @YourHighness ., @Bambiina @romanov @staygold @moonkeeper @hafunohane @shooastrid, @cooleet @angelwingssf@deeand @melleri, @b8l8, @Tinkiebell  @CatchMine_ID


Is there a limit? 


@torreydinh, @USAFarmgirl @haha1549 @abnoch, @hushhh @gerrytan8063 @ricerascal67@TRaNz


omilord! I've lots more but if only 2 people from that list respond, I'll be happy. 


 so I'll forever live in your heart.  :naughty:


And to end this Anti-Valentine's Day, here's my "I hate love songs" from Kelsie Ballerini.


PS. I gave you an "angry" emoji because of the anti-love theme. hahaha. 




Hello Friend,


I've been locked out of my account for months, and busy, so I only just saw your message.


Had I known of this post I would have responded in a heartbeat.


I'm sure you hit more than two responses. But here is mine.

Happy Merry Cheerful Love each and every month.





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