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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Spring Flower, Autumn Moon 天雷一部之春花秋月

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I loved the epic end. It’s a happy one right?


QY’s sacrifice for love despite his desire to rule the pugilistic world (which was well within his reach after all the shenanigans) is highly commendable in my books. He is crafty and sly in achieving his goals but he did do his utmost to build a safety net around his love, and accomplished what he promised her.

It was moving to watch him struggle with his emotions when CH was drawing on her last few breaths - I could see him making up his mind about trading his lifeforce in return for her life while tears flowed from those pretty peepers. Gave up so much for her...only towards the end was the depth of what he felt for her become very visible, without a doubt. I wished the did a bit more about the leads after..lives with kids and all. Heh. But I am satisfied.


Kudos to Li Hong Yi for acting that out so well - he did awesome. 

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3 hours ago, frostflower14 said:

I kind of skipped to the end of this series. Was everything a dream? I’m confused!

No, at the very end...they just went back to when Chun Hua first went back in time or (Virtual Reality) world and went into the body of Hua Xiao Lei (The owner of the body)....this is to show that Chun Hua's first sight was Que Yue clearly in case the audience thought that Chun Hua's first sight was Xiao Bai.


The virtual reality company said that the caveat is that the first person she sees will be her first love, the last scene is taking it back to the to the first episode and what happened prior to Chun Hua woke up. It just clearly shows that it was Que Yue who was there first when Chun Hua was still trying to wake up in her haze, she only saw the hair pin and the back of Que Yue....so she still loved the first person she saw which is Que Yue.


Que Yue just wanted to see how Hua Xiao Lei was supposed to have died, but still became alive. He was the one who gave Chun Hua her name.  I think he must have loved Hua Xiao Lei at some point until he thought she betrayed him. The drama didn't really say much about Hua Xiao Lei - from Que Yue's point of view, he seems to say different things about Hua Xiao Lei when he uses Chun Hua in his schemes. 

For Hua Xiao Lei to leave her family and be with Que Yue, there must have been something there.



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Que Yue is a great character, so multi-layered with a mischievous and deceitful aura. The long hair, I think super nice. I like this drama, the lightness and the joke.

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I never expected to fall in love with QY character, at earlier ep, I didnt trust him, as he is cunning and calculative, but as eps gone by I find myself always looking forward to his presence on the screen, a bit scared but excited.. then I realize that he's just a lonely and tormented kid inside that finally feel some warmth for the first time from his precious "Meimei".


Li Hong Yi did such an amazing job here! Can't believe he's so young but had so much emotional depth in his acting. And his gaze in this drama is everything.. seductive, alluring and intimidating at the same time. And the aura he created aroubd QY is nothing less than amazing.

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just finished this drama last night after binge watching for three days and i am still feeling bittersweet about it. its been a long time since i've enjoyed a drama and i cried like twice today just thinking about how it ended lmao


honestly i didn't expect much when i started watching it a few days ago, but after processing everything i realized how off-guard the series caught me. what started out as fluff and comedy in the beginning really shook my heart toward the end, and i think thats a solid, good thing despite how dragged on some parts of the plot felt. 


zhao lusi and li hong yi's chemistry is undeniable and so loveable even off cam/behind the scenes omg i am going to miss them so much :-( like they're literally perfect together!! i hope we can see them reunite for another drama sometime in the future!! zls is such a babie i love her


what's interesting, and what i personally really appreciated from this drama was li hong yi's acting - how he was able to portray qiuyue's character, who is so dynamic, sly & complex and how he was able to show character development (qiuyue's change/sacrifice overtime) through his facial expressions. it seems static and unchanging in the beginning (in terms of body language/facial expression), but as the drama continued i began noticing little things in his expressions (especially in the last two episodes, i found myself repeatedly thinking about how good their acting was lmao). i didn't feel nearly as impressed in prodigy healer but he was brilliant in this one. maybe i'll give prodigy healer another try just so i can see them together again hehe


lastly i really really really enjoyed seeing qiuyue and chun hua fall in love over time. i laughed with them and i cried with them :--( big sad

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I was a bit annoyed with Chun has character. It took her like 26 episodes before she got out of her denials about liking Qiu Yue. She was just so stubborn for almost 3/4 of the series insisting she liking the other guy. It was good but just toooo long of a wait for her to snap out of her stubborn brain. Also the whole drama was him liking her pretty much right from the get go unconditionally yet she always doubt him and saw him as evil. She also so stupid to almost cause him to die but she never apologised for anything. LOL. Him liking her from the start was proven at the ending when they showed what actually happened on the day she woke up and lost her memories. He was already there looking at her giving her a name in her patients record book and smiling at her. I think he was there very keen to find out how she had revived and very keen to find out what she will become after she lost her past memories. Also didn't like how Chun Huas character was so firm about Qiu Yue being a huge bad evil guy. Even at the end after he reveal how the so called good guys were just a bunch of greedy, messed up evils too. She saw it with her own eyes & heard with her own ears the lies they tell yet she still think those are good guys. That just weird me out she can handle all the bad things the so called good people do and not blame them yet she can't see Qiu Yue was actually trying to improve the system.


Not that she can't be upset that he caused a lot of death but he should recognise the fact that he was actually trying to correct everything. Even at the happy ending flower field she still said I don't agree with your past actions. -_-


I felt his character really deserved to get the girl he likes so YAY happy ending with her. However I felt the whole time she was just his baggage and never helped him in anyway it was just him helping her and loving her unconditionally. She loves him for a little while then doubts him back and fourth just seems so >< unfair 

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I started this show awhile back and quit as I didn't like the main ML back then but surprisingly I came back I must say I love the main ML and the chemistry of the two leads are amazingly great. I ending up watching it 3 times and still not getting sick of the main couple.


I didn't like the Prodigy healer as much as I love this drama.

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Posted (edited)
On 8/15/2019 at 9:32 AM, jkfan said:



The above link is to the original writing by the author of the book. So don't read it if you don't want spoilers.

I have translated the extra chapter below, this is a spoiler, so don't read if you don't want to know what happens to Chun Hua and Qiao Yue!

  Reveal hidden contents

To summarize the extra chapter -  This is my own translation so don't steal my work!


Two figures up on the tree. One  big and one small. 

With a full head of white hair, similar to the ice cave's white snow, with a perfect face that one can't find any fault in, one can't categorize him as old.  He sits on the tree branch holding a lambswool sheet.. 


White hair sees black hair, the child who sits in the tree branch across from white hair appears to be 13 or 14 years old.

 In white clothes, two beautiful faces with a pensive expression,  makes this particular scene strange as if they are at odds with each other.


"How was it? I created it." 


"Why did you write it on the lambs wool sheet?"


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) with a serious face answered , "Mother said that the best Martial Arts must be written on lamsbswool sheet.  I had to search for it far and wide. Last month, I went down the mountain, and found a group of business people and had to fight for the lambswool sheets."


"So these two martial arts technique, are you able to master it?" Shangguan Qiao Yue  threw the Lambswool sheet back to Shangguan Xiao Xing.


"Why not, this and that," Shangguan Xia Xing  traced the the two martial arts technique with his hands, and found out that it is indeed very hard to master it, as such, he rolled up the lambswool skin and put it away.  "Well, when I have time, I will show you the martial arts technique. I found out who the spy is, how shall we proceed?"


Shangguan Qiao Yue smirked - "You already found him, why are you asking me?"


"Mom said to not kill people, but for some reason, even when I don't normally kill people, they are cooking up ideas to kill me. I have such a pitiful life,  due to  being your son." Shangguan Xia Xing (Little Star) thought for a bit, and took out a medicine jar, " How about I feed this newly formed pill that I created. If he doesn't die, then he is lucky, if he dies, then it means he just has bad luck."

Shangguan Qiao Yue took the medicine jar and opened it to see the pills: "Is this your new pill? You want him to be your guinea pig?"


Shangguan Xia Xing (Little Star) nodded yes: "I was going to try it myself, but I was afraid, because the counter pill didn't seem to work well." With an innocent laugh: "If he dies, Mother would be angry, but if I die, Mother will be very sad."


Shangguan Qiao Yue warmly said: "Dad would also be very sad."


"Finally, words that I can actually believe in."  Shangguan Xia Xing (Little Star) said, taking his jar back, "That is why, in consideration of you and Mom, it is better to allow him (the spy) to try it instead."


Shangguan Qiao Yue - "I don't care who is the guinea pig, it does not concern me."


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) held his chin and smirked - " Every time I do something bad, Mother knows, the person who tells her sure have some abilities."


Shangguan Qiao Yue replied: "It is because you are stupid."


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) - " You know who it is?"

Shangguan Qiao Yue replied:" I know, but I won't say who it is, you should use your own abilities to find out and fix the issue."


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) laughed.


"It's there, it's there!" a voice from far away with urgency can be heard. A ten year old little girl holding the hands of a Mrs. came running. The Mrs. is about thirty years old, wearing thick clothing, the little girl was in pretty clothes, she has wit and charm, with big eyes, small sharp nose, and small mouth.


Mrs. ran to the cliff, with a frown, " You guys just have to cut down so many perfect fully grown trees!"


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) was listening and quickly tried to stand up, but his feet slipped and his whole body started falling, he tried to grab onto something to break his fall but was unable to. His whole body started aim for the floor.


The Mrs. face turned white and she started to scream. At this time, a white figure, almost snakelike came out from the tree, headed for Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star), catching him by the foot and hanging him like a crab.


The Mrs. went from scared to mad: "You guys were playing a joke on me?"

Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) started  swinging from the white string and smirked: "Mom, when I am playing with dad, you shouldn't come."


"You are my son, I can't come?" the Mrs. turned her face :" Shangguan Qiao Yue "if you try to convince him to learn the poison craft, then I dare you to!"


"I didn't, if you don't believe me, you can ask him." The person on the tree innocently smiled, and raised his hand to guide the string back.


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) jumped to the ground, and ran to his mom and "pak" kissed his mom on her face" "Mom"


"The Mrs. glared at him and pushed him away : " You are already ten+ years old, yuck!"


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) showed his disappointment: " It is because you are my mom, if it was someone else, I would never kiss her!" He then looked at the little girl next to him, with a sweet smile and soft voice  "Little sister is the best, come, let's have a kiss."


Little girl was at first stunned, but quickly came back to her senses, and started stepping back: "Mom....."


Mrs. pulled him: " I told you, you need to keep your hands to yourself, why are you so bold now?"


Shangguan Qiao yue didn't change his expression, smirked and kiss his son on the face: "Good Son."


The Mrs. pointed at the two, and said: "You two......", she dropped her hands, and changed her expression to being angry, turned around and started to leave: "You two, stop being so disgusting, how old are you exactly Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star)!"


The little girl angrily glared at Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star), " You did that on purpose!"


 Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star):" I am your big brother, come and play little sister."


The little girl turned around and hurriedly ran to the Mrs. to leave with her.


When the two have gone far,  Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) jumped from Shangguan Qiao yue's embrace, and used his sleeves to wipe his face: "Just because I called you dad, you don't have to be so disgusting alright!"


Shangguan Qiao yue replied: "It is because you are my son, I wouldn't kiss just anyone."


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) couldn't come back with good reply, he said: "Does mom like good kids? She is so cute when she gets anxious, I just have to tease her."   He looked down and touched the Many Love Thread, "This is very good stuff, when are you going to make me one?"


Shangguan Qiao yue took the Many Love Thread back and coiled it up "I will give you one."


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) - " I was just teasing, even if you give it to me, I don't want it. If I took it, I would be exactly like you! My Mother must not be right in the head,  you are by her side, yet she still dresses me to look exactly like you." He pulled on his clothes as if he is disgusted by the clothes: " I absolutely hate the color white, this 'Thousand Moon Cave' is covered in white snow during winter time, no one can see me!"


" It is because she thinks I am that beautiful." Shangguan Qiao yue  in good spirits said, " That is right, you are older now, what kind of clothes would you like?"


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) replied: "Ones with designs, red and green colored."


Shangguan Qiao yue " You want to look like a girl?"


"Who said only girls can wear red and green clothes." Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) wasn't angry and lowered his voice and softly laughed, "the day before, General Cheung told me an interesting thought, do you want to know what it is?"


Shangguan Qiao yue replied: "He must have said, your dad always lock you up and force you to research poison and learn martial arts, how about we kill him, and make you the leader instead?"


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) in serious tone: "They won't dare to say those exact words, however the meaning is about the same."

Shangguan Qiao yue smirked: " After you kill me,  your Mother will be very sad. She along with your brother and sister will need you to take care of them. If you don't become the strongest, and if I am no longer here, you will definitely die in their hands."


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) - "Little brother I will protect, as for little sister, since she is filial, then I will begrudgingly protect her, she is really dumb."


"It is precisely because she is dumb, that is why she can be easily used by others, you can treat her nice, but do not let your guard down. "


"Mom even have her on guard with me, she thinks I don't know that she is not my biological sister."


"It is because your Mom can't have girls, as such, she can only adopt one.  Since General Cheung have the audacity to lead you astray,  perhaps we have been treating him too well, don't you think we need to clean out the garbage?"


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star)  - " You can kill them, I will take care of Mom and little sister."


Shangguan Qiao yue : "Don't you think we should think of a trap for them to fall on?"


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) : " You......" his words was cut short, and in a moment he couldn't move.


Shangguan Qiao yue laughed and carried him, " We absolutely have to at least play the part, so that they can believe and that is when we can lure them out so we know who they are don't you think?"


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) started screaming : "NO!I DON'T WANT TO GO IN THE ICE CAVE! I WILL NOT GO IN, I WILL TELL MY MOM!"


Shangguan Qiao yue : "I will tell your Mom that you went down the mountains to play, don't worry, I will personally deliver your one meal per day."


Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star) :" When are you going to let me out?"


Shangguan Qiao yue: "Didn't you invent the new Martial arts technique, why don't you learn it, perfect it then I will let you out."

Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star): "But that is impossible, I just made it up! Even you found the weakness of my Martial Arts technique. I don't even think one can even learn it."


 "You won't know unless you tried it" Shangguan Qiao yue unfroze Shangguan Xiao Xing (Little Star)'s freeze spell, and left.



 @jkfan  thanks for the translations. I'm so happy to read this! I really love this drama. 

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