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Best Memories you want to keep forever

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when mom taught me how to read. I was 5 years old. Mom made reading cards. on each card she wrote Ba, Bi, Bu, Be, Bo, Ca, Ci, Cu, Ce, Co, .. so on and Ng, Ny, and I played with those cards, made words like sa-pi (cow) or bu-di (people's name) hahahaha.. I can read in just one week by playing mom's card. because of my mom I able to read and write when I joined pre elementary school. She even bought kids magazines for me. when My grandmama took me to live with them (I was 6) my mom cried every night. and she remembered I loved to read tale stories so on my 7th birthday she send a tale stories book for me. a story I remember from that book was 'Golden Hair Princess' :heart:

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Keep all the good memories (though i forgot most of the memories). Hmmm...senile?


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This is a story of Sejabini who was a jagoan neon in campus. WKWKKWWKKW LOL :joy:

So I met this guy in a bus on our way to a Mountain resort for our annual bible camp in campus.

I had sickcar. He sits next to me. So I said to him, in sick, LOL..

Me: can I borrow your shoulder? :tears:

HIM: :o

Me: I got sickcar. Feels like I will vomit. I want to lean my head on your shoulder :tears:

HIM: :) of course you can

Me: leaning on his shoulder and found peace and sleep.. :sleeping:

HIM: :no_mouth: freezing until we get to the resort

LOL wkwkwkwkkw


at the same time in the bus, according to my friend, who seen this situation..

that guy friend (his name rico): suiiiittt... suiitttt :kiss_wink:

HIM: :flushed:

Rico and the gang: ehem.. ehem... :kiss_wink:

HIM: :flushed:

Sejabini: dreaming peacefully :sleeping:


that night before the dinner, Rico came to me..

Rico: mmm.. what do you think about my friend? :blush:

ME: who? :huh:

Rico: “can I borrow your shoulder?”

ME: HAHAHAHAHA oh.. he is a nice guy :blush:

Rico: does he have a chance? 

ME: mmmmm.... :no_mouth: hmmm...


after dinner those guys and the gang were playing truth or dare while me, was busy writing in my friend’s introduction book. For our album memories in campus. 

Then suddenly that shoulder guy came to me.

HIM: :) Sejabini.. may I ask you something?

ME: suddenly remember that accident in the bus. “hEI!! Thanks for your shoulder. I didn’t vomit! :blush:

HIM: would you be my girlfriend?


HIM: he em :)

ME: ok. If you’re serious then I am serious too! :o

HIM: so? :)

ME: ok. I will be your girlfriend <~~~~ this girl was thinking that relationship is just something that might will be break tomorrow morning after they had breakfast :blush:


his friends and the gang from far: suittt suittttttt.. CONGRATULATION AND CELEBRATION SYA LA LA LA LA :kiss_wink:

ME: WAIT!! Who’s your name? Sorry I don’t know your name. Can you please write your telephone number in this book too? :o

HIM: ok :wub:




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