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[Upcoming Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피 - Mon & Tue - Premieres in September 2019

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Thanks a lot dear @sin hoonsim for the detailed info again, friend!  And now I am excited over another thing! We still have 3-4 months til the premiere but why they already started shooting..???! Is this a post-produced drama or something big in budget..???! This is already very interesting for me so I am on board with you!! :)


And yes, I've seen some dramas of Jang Na Ra so far & she has done 2 dramas with Choi Daniel, Babyfaced Beauty & School 2013!!! Both are my most fav dramas of his & her! :wub: And her most daebak drama is Fated To love you from 2014 & I am so stunned by her outstanding wife & mother nature in it!! Then she has done Go Back Couple in 2017 & it also included her as a beloved wife & a caring mother!! I love all those dramas of her equally!!


But I don't recommend you The Last Empress since I am not really impressed by her choice of picking up that series! But she's so beautiful in it, no doubt! No one can tell that she's nearly 40 now! :o


And this series really looks so promising & Oh God,  Lee Sang Yoon is 3 months younger than Jang Na Ra! :) Ha ha... She is like the official noona of South Korea! :D Here is another link for the series & I am very much looking forward to see the on-screen chemistry of the leads!! :wub:



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Thanks for your recommendations Friend @gm4queen ‘fated to love you’ I will surely consider to watch it, she is with JangHyuk right? I watched a clip, in YouTube haha.


no worries, I have not seen ‘empress’ yet


It is interesting to know that both otp are  born in same year , 1981 in real life. VIP fighting!


SangYun is the eldest (in term of age) member in variety show ‘Master In The House’ hehe. He loves Basketball.



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Shin Jae Ha In Talks Along With Jang Nara And Lee Sang Yoon For New Mystery Drama

Mar 28, 2019
by S. Park

Shin Jae Ha may be appearing in a new drama!

On March 28, the actor’s agency J,WIDE-Company said, “Shin Jae Ha is optimistically in talks to appear in ‘VIP.'”

“VIP” is an office mystery melodrama about the growth of working women as they try to move forward after overcoming various struggles. The drama will be centered around a team of employees in charge of VIP clients at a department store.

Shin Jae Ha has been offered the role of an employee named Ma Sang Woo, who is part of a team that is in charge of VIP customers. Ma Sang Woo has lived confidently while receiving a prestigious education starting from elementary school all the way to college. But he soon realizes that he’s nothing more than a small creature in this world. He’ll be helping Na Jung Sun (Jang Nara is currently in talks to play the role), and their relationship will be something to look forward to.

Actress Lee Chung Ah is also in talks to join this drama as a brilliant woman who is in charge of taking care of her company’s VIP customers, while Lee Sang Yoon is in talks to appear as Na Jung Sun’s husband, Park Sung Joon.

Shin Jae Ha has appeared in many dramas including KBS 2TV’s “I Remember You,” “Cheer Up!” “While You Were Sleeping,” “Prison Playbook,” “You Who Forgot Poetry,” and “The Hymn of Death.”

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Upcoming SBS drama “VIP” has confirmed its cast, including actors Jang NaraLee Sang YoonLee Chung Ah, Kwak Sun Young, Pyo Ye JinJung Joon WonShin Jae Ha, and Lee Jae Won.

“VIP” is an office mystery drama about a team that manages VIP clients at a department store and the secrets that they keep.

Jang Nara plays Na Jung Sun, who’s married to her team leader at work, Park Sung Joon (played by Lee Sang Yoon). When her life falls apart due to unforeseen circumstances, she finds herself knee-deep in a mess.

Lee Sang Yoon plays Park Sung Joon, a talented and prudent character, and viewers are already looking forward to his chemistry with Jang Nara.

“VIP” is slated to air this fall.

#LeeSangYoon, #JangNara, And More Confirm For Upcoming Office Drama






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