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[Upcoming Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피 - Mon & Tue @ 22:00 KST - Premieres on October 28th

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On 10/9/2019 at 4:13 PM, realistic2280a said:

Waiting to see if Seung Gi will send a coffee truck to Sang Yun?

Haha, Seung Gi may send rice wreath to support VIP drama , since he is a fan of Jang Nara kk


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He is getting more handsome & she is getting more gorgeous day by day! I am serious about these two now! :wub: Thanks a lot chingus for BTS videos... 


And my fav Jang Na Ra, once again, looks smoking sexy... :open_mouth: :o Eagerly looking forward for her ageless features in VIP

















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Jang Nara And Lee Sang Yoon Talk About Their First Impressions Of Each Other And Most Memorable Scene From “VIP”


Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon have shown off their chemistry for the upcoming SBS drama “VIP”!


“VIP” is about a task force in charge of taking care of VIP customers of a department store, and it tells the stories of working women surviving in the workforce and their marriages.

The video is conducted in an interview style manner that parodies the couple variety show SBS’s “Same Bed Different Dreams,” and it begins with the actors introducing themselves. Jang Nara will play Na Jung Sun, a member of Sungwoon Department Store’s VIP management team, and Lee Sang Yoon will take the role of Park Sung Joon, the leader of Sungwoon Department Store’s VIP management team and the husband of Na Jung Sun.


In the interview, Lee Sang Yoon reveals that Jang Nara was very shy and introverted during their first meeting. He shares that he suggested that the two talk informally from the first day they met in order to get closer to each other as fast as possible, even though Jang Nara normally has difficulty talking informally to others. Jang Nara says, “You did really well. If he hadn’t [done that on the first day], it would have taken a really long time [to get close].”

To Jang Nara’s surprise, Lee Sang Yoon says she’s hard to get along with at first, but once people overcome her initial barrier, she acts even more friendly. Meanwhile, Jang Nara shares that Lee Sang Yoon has a cute, younger brother like charm. Lee Sang Yoon also comments, “Since [Jang Nara] looks really young for her age, I was worried if we could look like a couple.”


On the most memorable scene that they filmed, Lee Sang Yoon picks the couple’s bed scene that they filmed that morning, describing how it was difficult to act like a natural couple and portray the scene realistically while sticking to broadcasting standards.

Furthermore, Jang Nara picks “innocence” as Lee Sang Yoon’s charm while Lee Sang Yoon says that Jang Nara’s charm is that she gets highly immersed into her role. They even jokingly share that Jang Nara got angry at Lee Sang Yoon during their first meeting because she was so immersed into the script. Lee Sang Yoon explains, “Suddenly it was as if Na Jung Sun was talking to Park Sung Joon.”


Finally, the actors share that they had a blast while filming, expressing their hopes that viewers enjoy the upcoming drama.


cr: https://www.soompi.com/article/1358221wpp/watch-jang-nara-and-lee-sang-yoon-talk-about-their-first-impressions-of-each-other-and-most-memorable-scene-from-vip

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I can’t wait for this drama to start. I’m a fan of Jang Na Ra and I just love her since I first watch her in “Fated to Love You”. Since then, I’ve watched her in pretty much every tv series I can get a hold of where she’s the FL - “Go Back Couple”, “School 2013”, “One More Happy Ending” (I especially love this one and her chemistry with her ML who’s so handsome), “Babyfaced Beauty” and “The Last Empress” (I don’t especially like this since I didn’t ship her love story with the King because any spouse abuse, even if there’s repentance in the end, is not cool in my book).

I think she’s gorgeous. And more and more so as she age. 

Go, Jang Na Ra. Fighting! 

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 Jang Nara Doubts Lee Sang Yoon In “VIP” Highlight Clip


SBS’s upcoming drama “VIP” released a short but dramatic highlight clip.


“VIP” tells the story of a team that manages VIP clients at a department store. Lee Sang Yoon plays the team leader, Park Sung Joon, and Jang Nara plays his colleague and wife, Na Jung Sun. Lee Chung Ah plays Lee Hyun Ah, the brilliant ace of the team who is in charge of the most VIP customers. Pyo Ye Jin and Kwak Sun Young round out the cast as Ohn Yoo Ri and Song Mi Na, who are also employees on the team.


The clip plays out a realistic adult melodrama between a man who promises to be faithful to his wife but has an affair behind her back and a woman who wants to believe her husband is faithful but becomes doubtful due to the events happening around them.


read more: https://www.soompi.com/article/1358922wpp/watch-jang-nara-doubts-lee-sang-yoon-in-vip-highlight-clip

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