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[Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피


Very Important Poll  

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  1. 1. Was there an affair?

    • No, there was no affair. It was one sided on Yoo Ri's part
    • Yes, there was an ongoing affair.
    • It was a one night stand.
  2. 2. The Conspiracy Theory

    • Yoo Ri is not the real daughter but the VP's mistress.
    • Sung Joon is doing this for his own gain ( to advance his career).
    • The VP hired Yoo Ri to destroy the Sung Joon - Jung Sun.
    • This is a high-end escort service.
    • There really is no conspiracy - just a marriage breaking down.

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Sadly the vows in marriage are usually, Love, Honor & Cherish, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad.  Well okay those usually get broken at least once in marriage, but while he is destroying them literally piece by piece.  The vows do not say you should continue to love him while he is being a jacka** .  No matter how much you hate them, its not easy to turn off the emotions and walk away.


I think next weeks episode will cover this part.




The pitfal about being a mistress and in these dramaland stories is you are constantly watching over your shoulder as everything you have is not yours and never was.  In that sense they both have already got their own karma.  He is unsure of what he is doing and her never feeling at ease with any step she makes especially around him as she doesnt know when she may possibly loose it.  So yeah karma comes back to bite you one.

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4 hours ago, TXviewer said:

Couldn’t agree with you more.

i don’t know if you are alluding to JS being pregnant but others keep hoping she’s pregnant. I don’t see how that can be. I clearly remember on the night of her interrupted dinner ( mother in law shows up and YR meets SJ at office) she looks at the calendar and says something about 14 days. That indicates to me that she wasn’t pg at the time. Now unless SHE’S messing around ( which I doubt) or she and SJ had some hankie pankie not shown or indicated, it would have to be an Immaculate Conception.

I do agree we are headed to an unhappy ending but as long as YR does not end up with SJ I can live with it.

@Nang Wang

I so agree with you and @MrsSoJiSub. He is doing such a great job of making us hate him. I love the way @MrsSoJiSub analyzes his body language. FIGHTING!

@2good2btrue and mrs sojisub,


You two are keeping my emotions on this crazy rollercoaster ride; I want off the ride! I’m so confused!:tears:



sorry if spelling wrong. Going back and forth thru messages.


When you get that ticket let me know I’ll go with you!

I think she might actually be pregnant.

When she planned the perfect night to conceive (her ovulation day), which SJ omoni ruined, it was 2 weeks before her periods. And then she found out about the affair and her world crumbled. She might have missed her periods then and not notice, or she might have noticed and think it was because of what she was going through. She might also have had her periods like always. Then again, 2 possibles scenarios: she got pregnant a few weeks/months back but didn't know (periods on time, no symptoms...) or they did have sex the days before or the days after the D-day and she did got pregnant that month.


Did i read too much pregnancy forums? Maybe lol but i think it's quite possible? (No? Lol)


Aaaarh!..nothing really happened in ep 14 and now we have to wait until next week to see unfold all this mess in 2 hours.....i think i might need therapy after the drama conclusion

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You may have something there. Maybe that will be what ultimately will bring them back together. The fall and a baby? (ok y’all don’t yell at me too loud) I’m just trying to put this thing together someway.


Cookies are in the oven. It almost smells like Christmas. Now, if Santa will bring me a twist to this whole mess that seems like it’s “just an affair drama.“

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I don’t believe SJ is in love with YR. not for one second was or is that man in love with her. Noooope. Nothing in this drama has convinced me of such. I believe SJ put himself in some serious doo doo, he knew could bring his wife down in (remember, she a chabeol in her own right) more ways than just her perception of him . Like many a kdrama characters before him, although it may not be what he wants and it’s been destroying everything; “he’s come too far to turn back now.” He dug a hole and is determined to burry just himself. The mans knows how dangerous VP can be when he chooses. All this stuff right or wrong, fair or not in his mind was for JS own good. JS kept talking about walking in pits of fire. SJ has been in that pit and was determined to keep JS out and she keeps walking further and further in. Causing many a hiccups. I truly wonder what SJ’s original plan was. We know he was committed to JS (hence YR sending the text). What were his original plans? What was he going to do? If YR never sent that text, was SJ like JS in the first episode umbrella scene; desired to live a simple life together, grow old, have kids. Did he ever plan to cut cords with VP...what was everyone’s original plans? Cause it wasn’t this. The text jacked things up for everyone, so what were their original plots/schemes? 


I looooove JS. What a woman. She has shown so much grace through this all, but also a fierceness that I admire. I adore seeing her and SJ going head to head. They are both equally intelligent and capable. The clips of them going toe to toe in meetings were the best. I want more. Destroy him JS....or is she trying to save him from the VP’s clutches..... 

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50 minutes ago, Kimsungrin said:

I think she might actually be pregnant.

When she planned the perfect night to conceive (her ovulation day), which SJ omoni ruined, it was 2 weeks before her periods. And then she found out about the affair and her world crumbled. She might have missed her periods then and not notice, or she might have noticed and think it was because of what she was going through. She might also have had her periods like always. Then again, 2 possibles scenarios: she got pregnant a few weeks/months back but didn't know (periods on time, no symptoms...) or they did have sex the days before or the days after the D-day and she did got pregnant that month.


Did i read too much pregnancy forums? Maybe lol but i think it's quite possible? (No? Lol)

From the latest episodes (that I haven't watched yet, only read recaps) I am convinced she is pregnant. When she falls or is pushed down the stairs, SJ will find out she is pregnant or has lost their baby. I REALLY REALLY hope that she doesn't lose another baby... :(


That (I think) will be turning point of this story. We will see SJ's plot line make a 180 degree turn, and he will realize how low he has sunk in the dangerous game he's playing.


Like @MrsSoJiSub I have been from the start on the side that SJ still loves JS deeply, and that what he has with YR is something much different.


Then I could be wrong (I often am), but since both the script writer and the director are women, I am sure that in the end JS will get her justice (either together with SJ or without him) !!! :)

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Okay, I'm resigning myself to launching Part 1/infinite of my (long, convoluted) ranting of today's episode and/or the overall drama progression...


Standard disclaimers aka apologies in advance :sweatingbullets::

  1. Long rants
  2. Multiple (cuts of) posts

Without further ado, here's Part 1 of my ranting:


2 hours ago, MrsSoJiSub said:

Dear show,


I haven’t  watched ep 14 (no clips, nothing) but I’m preparing myself....IT BETTER NOT ALL BE JUST AN AFFAR. If they had an affair okay, I accept, cheating happens all the time (ducks tomatoes of rage) but all this mystery, red herring, purposeful misdirections, cutting off scenes, for just an affair....HELL TO THE NO!! I don’t care if it has nothing to do with the “affair” something major had better be going down with SJ and VP that lead to all this mess. *stares at writers* a basic richard simmons trope affair with the basic run of the mill young, weepy, candy-Cinderella-in distress, all this richard simmons cause of an affair and just an affair...I THINK THE richard simmons NOT! 


I throw tomatoes at you...





...Just kidding...please forgive me!! :D



You speak on behalf of me and any other Soompiers and/or viewers who were looking forward to something suspenseful, intriguing, and breaking all the drama tropes of an otherwise insipid, "white-washed" adultery/mistress soap opera that's apparently unfolding in this drama...-_-



2 hours ago, TXviewer said:

Ok, read recaps of ep 14 parts 1 & 2.

Christmas cookie dough chillin’ in the refrigerator.
Ran out of flour and sugar so can’t do anymore baking. And you know who I blame for running out of my baking staples, don’t you? Yes, “that girl”!

Now, what do I do until showtime?


Uhh, confession time(?): I may (not) have taken some of your Christmas dough when I was preparing all those cakes with rainbows and smiles while dreading this week's episodes...


No, I'm not "that girl"; she must've taken the rest, I swear!!!!!!


*runs for cover





Talk about the drama ending  on Christmas Eve, of all days...what will we do then? :anguished:



1 hour ago, TXviewer said:

@Ameera Ali


Those are so cute. The captions made me laugh out loud. Thank you. I needed that.


Ok, if the feds find out about the slush fund SJ and mistress will go down for it. Their names are on it not the VP’s! He might get off scot free.


I never thought I would be glad to see Director (or whatever his title was) Bae back, but I hope he leaves Hyung Ah and Mr Cha alone. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. He needs to keep his spying on SJ and “that girl”.


You know what they say about rats: Once you corner them, they'll squeal on others. So don't worry; even if the VP's name is not on that slash fund, SJ won't go down without taking the VP with him (preferably in handcuffs with while posing for the cameras :P)


I wouldn't hail Director Bae's return yet (for other reasons besides wanting him to stay away from HA, MN and BH). If most, if not all, higher-ups of the company and/or the VIP clients already know about SJ and YR's affair, I'm not sure what more damage Director Bae could incur by exposing those pictures of SJ and YR. The VP already proposed that SJ divorce JS and marry YR to validate their relationship. All the VP would have to do is announce SJ and YR's "engagement/wedding" and then "cooperate" with the MeToo investigation against Director Bae, thus "cleaning" up his, SJ's, and YR's image while further digging Director Bae's professional (and personal?) grave.


Now if Director Bae had pictures/evidence of that secret slush fund, now that'd be a different story. Nevertheless, I'd prefer that JS and/or the VIP team expose the VP's and SJ's (and YR's) shady tactics WITHOUT Director Bae's "divine" intervention.


That concludes Part 1 of my ranting of today's episode.

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9 hours ago, lu09 said:

Well, well, well. So according to Dramamilk recap, SJ was taking care of VP affairs. One of the mistress happens to be a rich lady and probably the longest to have a relationship with him. The woman runs a charity or foundation and JS wanted to meet her because of their current work but SJ told the team they can't use her because she is abroad. But here is the thing, VP has a secret account and guess who the name is under: Both the mistress and SJ. No wonder he is loyal to VP to the core. Because if the VP is screwed, so will he. richard simmons, richard simmons......... JS is shocked and sees her husband for the first time. 


Now this explains why he is not even trying to save his marriage. He screwed up big time and is way too deep to get out of it. His character description was absolutely right. 


9 hours ago, maribella said:

Whoa I knew it , when he glibly admitted to the affair and kept running to 'her', humiliating his wife, he was a skutzball alias scumbag. He is a co-owner of a slush fund that is funded by the VP. The other owner is the VP's old mistress - long term mistress. 

He is really in love with YR or as his mum says a temporary feeling. But I don't think so, he cares enough to remember her birthday, so it's not temporary. Maybe it's the trash meets trash attachment.

I hope JS will use that slush fund to bring them down. If she suddenly turns 'nice' and decides to tear the evidence, I am going to put a hex on the writer again.


Yes! I knew the VP's and Sung Jun's shady dealings would come back to bite them both.  With this evidence she can take the whole trio of trash down!


Eventually, Jung Sun will be glad in a roundabout way that spineless Sung Jun's affair with nutcase Yuri revealed to her that she was married to a very rotten person. On top of all the other dreadful behaviour from him now she knows her husband is so successful in his career because he is corrupt and in deep with the VP's dirt: dodgy financial deals;  blackmailing mistresses into keeping quiet... and who knows what other dirt we don't know about yet.


8 hours ago, kdramagrandma said:


What I gathered from watching EP14 raw and limited understanding of korean language,

  1. YR gathered more haters among her colleague. She never actually try to show that she worth the promotion given to her. Everyone else have to do her share of work.YR questioning her identity more and more. At this point, I don't really care about her and I just turn off my effort in understanding the dialogue during her scenes. She can see that SJ still care about JS and it bother her to no end. That is what you deserve for holding on to someone who intend to leave you at first place. Writer really trying to sell her sob story, again mentioning about her mom and how lonely she is. I am sorry but I AM NOT BUYING HER SOB STORY. What she did is inexcusable. :triumph:
  2. VIP team vs Prestige team is fun to watch. VIP team hold to much power that Prestige team don't even have a say on anything. YR doesn't even show that she is trying. VIP team totally crushing Prestige team. :glasses:
  3. It hurt my heart seeing how discourage MN was, having to treat YR with respect, calling her manager when she is the competent one out of them both. I am glad BH is always on her side now.
  4. HA and JH scenes having fun and just talk made me smile. HA asking JH to date her show that she is moving on. They are definitely a cute couple I am looking forward to. :love:
  5. JS knows about SW's identity and also the fact that SW was the one who listened to her during the birthday party. SW continues to care for her and outright preventing SJ to approach JS. I am glad that there is someone actively care for her but I hope their relationship remain platonic. There is not much time to throw another arc there. JS starts to piece things together where SJ done a lot of dirty deeds for VP. Even VP's wife is impress that she caught on fast. JS might give SJ a chance but I really hope not. He deserve to be exposed along with YR and VP.
  6. SJ is a done deal now. Even if JS does not intend to exposed him, Director Bae is out there to get him. Director Bae had someone to tail SJ and he knows the relationship between SJ and YR. His mother also really mad at him and she now knows that the friend JS mentioned before is actually about SJ and JS. Regarding his relationship with YR, whether he has feelings for YR or not, the fact that he is enabling YR to act the way she is and still stay at her side showing concern just blew his chance with JS. HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE FORGIVEN BY ANYONE. EVER. :rage:


I am still hoping that the whole VIP team to resign and form their own company. Or maybe move to different company and plot together to bring down Sung Un. That will be a sweet victory over people who keeps belittling them and starving them from getting the promotion they rightfully deserve. :smirk:



Thanks for the mini recap and comments. Totally agree Sung Jun should not be forgiven EVER. He is scum.  Yes, they need to stop with the lame sob story for the mistress mouth breather. Nobody feels sorry for her except Yuri herself and the idiot adulterer.  SJ's mother must be so ashamed; she thought she had raised him not to repeat her mistakes but he has turned out even worse.  


Useless Yuri is collecting enemies at work like they are going out of style:lol: How painful for Mi Na to endure this after all her years of work. Everybody knows Yu Ri is a useless airhead and once the affair is exposed everyone will know she only has her undeserved position because she was sleeping with her married manager.  People genuinely respect and admire Na Jung Sun.  Yuri is a joke to everyone.


Happy for a ray of light in the episode with Hyun Ah and Jin Ho's relationship.  I think Sang Woo is just a decent man who likes and admires his senior in a little-brother-big sister way and hates seeing her being treated so badly.  I don't see romance there.


VIP Team are the dream team:glasses:  I love your suggestion of them forming their own company. 

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I agree that SJ couldn't really possibly love YR. But there is something there and something happened. Who is going to honestly break their mama's heart by admitting you're seeing someone else while you're still married?!!! That is the one news that could break her.  He already pities his mom's life and how she lives, would he really add on top of that? He could keep her in the dark, admit everything else but not that unless it's true. That is the one thing that would hurt her the most,  it's been the one thing that defined her existence. 


Yeah,  SJ is probably tied to the VP because he's been involved with all the shady dealings and is acting the "hero" in his mind but he did make a mistake w/YR.  She was there when he was vulnerable and needing/ begging for human connection.  And in his mind that warped it to love or gratitude. Whatever his justifications are in his own head,  he stepped out on JS either physically or emotionallly, whatever it was it's the same crap different smell! Ugh lol


Most people who cheat claim to still love their spouse/ partner.  This idiot is confused and messed up, he burnt one bridge so he thinks he's forced to walk on the other in the meanwhile justifying to himself that this is now for everyone's sake. This reminds me of the saying,  "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".  And oh boy,  that is exactly where he is going!! But our poor JS is there walking with him.


If typical kdrama, JS will try to save SJs sorry butt cause he can't save his own!

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Ok so the mystery woman YR and she called Madam and the conversation about looking a certain way.....screams hooker to me. 
SangWoo secret is out of the bag and the faces were priceless. Now with all the dirty money tricks I see Jail time coming.

JS stomach issues and not feeling welll ....pregnancy anyone?

The preview and JS falling down the stairs does anyone else think that miserable wench YR is responsible for that fall?

SJ looks frantic seeing JS lying there...he definitely loves her but is it too late? 
Thoughts Anyone?



32 minutes ago, Morelia said:

... and if everything is a JS's dream / nightmare?

Morelia oh no I can’t take a Dallas 2019 version lol .

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I am wondering now what kind of answer did YR gave to the matchmaker. Her dream man is someone’s husband who intended to leave her to go back to his wife but remain at her side now after her meddling to create strife between the married couple succeeded? She does look disturbed during/ after the interview even before she saw the look on SJ’s face full on concern for his lawful wife. I am wondering how low can she get until to the point having the confidence to lashed out to JS based on the next episode preview. 

Never did I like the truck of doom trope before but I am kinda hoping she will get hit by the worst truck of doom ever. Just so that she will never get a chance to bother JS anymore. Or maybe that bright yellow truck will come back as the truck of doom because the emperor cannot stand the sight of his empress being trampled by the evil rat. :glasses:

My imagination just run wild with every possibilities on how to end YR’s life because I literally do not want her on the screen anymore. :triumph:

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YASS GURLL. I gave a standing ovation when Jung Sun awesomely ***** slapped both Sung Jun & Yu Ri while putting them in their place. Those 2 continue to sicken me but what's worse they now try to find reason for what they did. Really now LoL! Yu Ri's ridiculous You gave me a reason to live again & Sung Jun's I'm doin' it for Jung Sun's benefit - eh!!?? What..How..tsk.:rolleyes:

     I'm glad Sang Woo & the female president are Jung Sun's allies eheheh. Especially Sang Woo with his Hulk Smash candy what a sweetheart I ship it LoL!:wub: Mi Na's hubby with Mr. Cha were awesome too. Hyun Ah give Mr. Cha a chance he's a keeper.;) Why does Sung Jun look constipated 99% of the time LMFAo?! 

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39 minutes ago, kdramagrandma said:

Never did I like the truck of doom trope before but I am kinda hoping she will get hit by the worst truck of doom ever. Just so that she will never get a chance to bother JS anymore.

I am with you on this one.  I went from loving JS to disliking him. What about duel trucks of doom one for him and one for YR.  


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[Drama/#2 Naver News] VIP Ep 14 Netizens' Reactions

December 18, 2019.Reading time 4 minutes.

‘VIP’ Jang Nara vs Lee Sang Yoon, aligning with President and Vice-President, ‘The war has started’

Original Post: 2019.12.17 10:14 PM

Translation: 2019.12.18 12:00 AM


[+1069, -54] Lee Sang Yoon’s acting = ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Love ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Anger ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Compassion ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Greed ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Ambition… His acting is really tiring. If he ends up getting an award during year-end ceremony just because VIP’s ratings are high, it will cause the award to be less prestigious…

[+781, -11] I was hoping for a plot twist from Lee Sang Yoon but I really cannot understand his character ㅜ At least in this depressing affair drama, I find Lee Chung Ah, Vice President’s madam and Jeon Hye Jin interesting whenever they appear.

[+580, -16] It is certain that the difference in the acting capability between Jang Nara’s and Lee Sang Yoon’s is getting more obvious with more episodes.. Jang Nara’s emotions are obvious whereas Lee Sang Yoon’s totally cannot be read.

[+385, -3] It is gratifying to see Hyun Ah and the guy. And behind Vice-President’s mistress is Park Sung Joon who manages them.

[+249, -8] It is amazing for Jeong Seon and Ohn Yuri to be working together, and does the male employee like Jeong Seon..?


‘VIP’ Jang Nara, Lee Sang Yoon’s ♥ Pyo Ye Jin’s affair, definite evidence of secret bank account, against Park Seong Geun

Original Post: 2019.12.17 11:07 PM

Translation: 2019.12.18 12:48 AM

[+1722, -40] Lee Sang Yoon’s acting = ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Love ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Anger ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Compassion ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Greed ( •᷄_•᷅ ) Ambition..

[+1316, -51] Lee Sang Yoon ~ While watching ‘On the Way to the Airport’, I thought he fitted melo well and his acting was alright.. As I watch him, his expressions are all the same.. His facial muscles do not move much and an expression is not too different from the other.. His acting is so frustrating that it gives off the ‘fresh’ feel while watching VIP.

[+1202, -52] Park Sung Joon and On Yuri are disgusting couple. And how many has it been since Lee Sang Yoon began acting that he is tired of acting to give off such bad acting. All his expressions are sullen and stoic. I will laugh if he gets an award just because VIP ratings are high.

[+962, -28] As I watch this drama, I begin to realise that male’s lower parts are the problems..

[+670, -20] When Jeong Seon finds out about what her husband has done, her expression is so shocked I feel bad for her ㅠ By the way, On Yuri’s true colours are shown in the preview, could it not be that she is the one who pushes Jeong Seon.

[Naver TV] [23 Dec Preview] “Can you divorce him?” Pyo Ye Jin’s shameless demand!

Original Post: 2019.12.17

Translation: 2019.12.18 1:11 AM

[+1406, -1] Can you divorce him? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Speechless. By the way, it is the final episode next week? Unbelievable.

[+1104, -10] Now then you want to act like you care for Jeong Seon, what a disgusting sight to see… Please let Jeong Seon and Sang Woo be together, writer.

[+1005, -2] This adulterer is asking the wife to divorce and pushes her down the stairs? Is she crazy?

[+922, -9] I end up being annoyed with the actor.

[+751, -4] Wow, her temper is showing.



The K-netizens comments are so savage and hilarious. The hate for the cheaters is international :lol:

The male demographic is actually higher than I expected to be watching

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