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[Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피


Very Important Poll  

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  1. 1. Was there an affair?

    • No, there was no affair. It was one sided on Yoo Ri's part
    • Yes, there was an ongoing affair.
    • It was a one night stand.
  2. 2. The Conspiracy Theory

    • Yoo Ri is not the real daughter but the VP's mistress.
    • Sung Joon is doing this for his own gain ( to advance his career).
    • The VP hired Yoo Ri to destroy the Sung Joon - Jung Sun.
    • This is a high-end escort service.
    • There really is no conspiracy - just a marriage breaking down.

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Definition of dramaland episode 13;-


- Dumb ex didnt want to suspect her of being duplicitous, but suspected and was unsure what to do.


- Watched wife getting angrier more and more and suspected more to it.


- Suspected what she was up to, but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and wanted her to try to at least come clean of own accord.


- He did so he asked her direct and she confirmed it of her own accord.


- Wife confronts issue direct, husband confused by situation, but later dumb broad confesses all.


- Realises she is pitiful (hate that word in dramaland), and doesnt want to abandon her in that state.  But realises the big picture he is now caught in.


- At work feels obligated to stand by the CEO, feels leaving is the wrong thing to do.


- Wife refuses to leave, going to make his life as miserable as he made hers.


- Watching all the office politics taking place around him and the affect its having on him and his wife he feels lost.


- Husband now feels he has lost the right to do anything for his wife now, so no point in being nice as he has been horrid husband up until now, so might as well play that role out.


- Already caught up in mistress webb, watching her pitiful doesnt want to abandon her but doesnt love her either.


- Finale of episode 13, wife starts drawing battle lines.


- Episode 14 preview, battle lines are drawn and everyone starts to make their positions clear.


I think i can still understand husband at the moment, not sure if I am on the right track or not.  He is definitely still redeamable, whether we want him to be or not seems to be the question.  She was infactuated with him, he didnt control the situation properly and it tore him and his wife apart, alot of horrble things were said and done, he cant go back to that and sees his wife justifiably angry and bitter over it.  He also knows there is office politics going on as well he has to carefully navigate.  He wanted to support mistress, however she already had the wrong idea and his continued support has now slowly been mistaken for taking her side and willing to be with her.  Which is not where he stands right now.


I am guessing emotions will fire next episode.  Mistress will start to have potential husband ideals.  Husband will have jealousy issues with wife, and clear battle hostility lines will be drawn.  The war will commence on the personal and professional front.

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5 hours ago, Elmaas said:

Heck, she should’ve just taken care of the which when they were on the roof. 

Agree.  I would just tell them, when they finally opened the door, that she was running for cover from the rain when she accidentally slipped and fell off the roof.  :innocent:


2 hours ago, Katrina Abdul Talib said:

So far whnever the hopeless "love birds" wr together not a hint of them being in love in a romantic sense. SJ wth  his usual blank puzzled  expressions and Yuri wth her silly  innocent teary antics. 

I feel the same way.  SJ does smile at her, but it is a very weak smile.  There is no heart in it at all.  His character is so complex.  I have tried to analyze everything he has done so far to include his body language and it still does not look like he is in love with Yuri to me.  He does not look like a man who is happily in love with her.  You can see the happiness in Yuri's face in the preview when she is eating dinner with SJ.  I still think he loves JS and is settling for Yuri because he knows he has gone too far to be able to get JS back.  I think he will be crying to his mama about how he truly ruined their lives.  


Thank you fellow soompiers for all your input.  I have really enjoyed reading all of your comments.  It make watching this crazy drama so much better when we can share our ideas and opinions.  This drama has definitely got me on edge just like the rest of you.  I am trying so hard to figure out a way for SJ and JS to have a happy ending together.  It sure looks impossible at this point.  I am still going to hold out for him to realize what he has done and beg for forgiveness.  They may not end up together, but there is no way I want him to be with Yuri in the end.  

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@INJINFAN i think you mistaken. He is Lee Sang Yoon (LSY) not LSG (Lee Seung Gi) who is another co star in Master in the House (jibsabu). 

2 hours ago, INJINFAN said:

I was drawn to  this drama because of actor LSG. I watch Master in the House because of LSG. I loved him in "on the way to the airport", and watched "Second Twenties", "About Time", and "Angel Eyes" because of him.  An actor is only as good as script and director.  "About Time" was a poor script and I didn't think he and the actress had good chemistry in "Angel Eyes". but I still liked him.  After VIP, I will follow Jang Na Ra because she is a brilliant actress. I forgot she was in "Fated to Love You" with Jang Hyuk, who I also love.  This writer seems to be pretty good, so I will give her/him the benefit of the doubt until the end.  Let's hope we will all get closure and are dumbfounded by how brilliant the ending is!


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3 hours ago, MrsSoJiSub said:

This situation is jacked and I’d be lying if I said I knew why SJ is doing all this; but I still believe there was no affair and he loves his wife. Not saying or doing things says a lot. Mans faking with YR. Maybe there’s some inner work conspiracy between him and VP, maybe YR is a mistress disguised as a daughter, maybe JS life is on the line or maybe SJ is a government super spy on some secret mission from the blue house. Or it’s none of the above. I don’t know but something just don’t feel right about it all. SJ is not in love with YR. This ain’t an affair or just an affair. He hesitated. His eyes were all on JS and he hesitated as if having some kind of inner debate, then he turned. Nope. Something just ain’t right. 


My biggest take away from this drama...looks are deceiving. Things aren’t what they always seem. What you think you know, may not be what you truly know/is going on. Don’t jump to conclusions. Your guts and instincts at times lie to you. If you aren’t prepared to hear the answer or just plain old listen, don’t even ask the question. Sometimes a loss is not a loss nor a win a win. It’s okay to just walk away. A well earned slap that’s given is so satisfying. 

Agree with what you’ve written. He has to think first who to go to during the rain scene. If he doesn’t care anymore about JS, he could just go straight up to YR. The fact that he hesitated means he still care about her. Add to that him panicking when he heard the posting away of JS and had to immediately go plead with the VP to revoke the decision. Isn’t it better if JS isn’t around him or the company if he wants to continue the affair? He is purposely pushing her away now and I too have no single clue as to why. I notice he paused in front of their house to think, before then heading to the funeral hall and comforted YR, like making up his mind about next steps. 


It’s also telling that he is doing things on purpose (and with determination) from his conversation with JH about being bad vs.being super bad. My interpretation is that since JS already thinking bad of him, may as well be super bad since it made no difference. 


3 episodes is still plenty of time for a twist. Writer has proven that earlier episodes and lines meant something in later episodes, so I trust that the whole story will come together quite nicely in the end. I even expect a teary reunion of this married couple. Yeah, just let me dream. 

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33 minutes ago, TXviewer said:

Ok. Just finished ep 13 with English subs. My take:

1-I can’t believe that SJ was not more upset when “that girl” was so devious when she sent message to JS. He had told her he wanted to work things out with his wife. How can he trust her?

2-JS should have slapped SJ harder! And at least twice..

3-Because of SJ’s conversation with Mr. Cha after the umbrella incident, I think he still has feelings for JS. He wants her to hate him so it will be easier for her to move on.

4-I hope JS does not give him the divorce so “that girl’s” wedding planning falls apart.

5-“Girl Power” - fighting!

6-SJ lost his opportunity to fix the mess he made by remaining by the VP’s side. 

I truly believe someone-SH and VP will wind up in handcuffs. I can’t believe that this is only about an affair.


Oh, you finally watched Ep. 13...I'm giving you a virtual hug now...:cry::heart:


1- If that's how SJ was going to react to YR's "woe-is-me" excuse for surreptitiously sending the "SJ's mistress" text to JS, then why did he even bother asking her why she sent the message? <_< Plus, I don't trust what either SJ or YR have to say about their "genuine" feelings...

 2- Let's petition for JS to do at least 3 rounds of spin-kick, drop-kick, choke-slam, and any other wrestling/martial arts moves you can think of to each culprit- SJ, YR, and the VP- in public.:naughty:

3- While I could probably give SJ (another!?) benefit of a doubt of why he'd rather push JS away out of guilt for hurting her, doesn't SJ realize that the VP is now using the SJ/YR "affair" to punish not only JS but also her VIP team (who, especially MN and HA, need their jobs and have NOTHING to do with the "affair" whatsoever)!?

4- I agree, let SJ, YR, and the VP first lose their positions and public reputation in front of JS, the VIP team, and the entire company. Then JS can decide whether or not to divorce the now powerless (and possibly jail-ridden, considering his abetting of the VP's shady tactics in the company) SJ. Either way, YR won't get the dream wedding she wants. :mrgreen:

5- Yay for girl power! Also, kudos to MN for bravely testifying against Director Bae and owning up to her "complicity" in helping Director Bae obtain and release the video footage of the VP's wife (rightfully) humiliating YR during the Tifone ceremony. Now, MN and HA have nothing more to hide from themselves, their significant others (BH and JH, respectively), JS, and their coworkers. :sweat_smile:

6- Unless the VIP screenwriter/director puts in hasty, last-minute reveals of SJ secretly looking for any more of the VP's shady dealings while pretending to continue staying by the VP's side over the next 3 episodes, SJ deserves a savage, public beatdown by everyone in the VIP team: (JS, HA, MN, and SW), MN's husband BH and his friend/colleague JH. 


Like you (and all other Soompiers and viewers), I'll be damned if all those past 8-12(?) episodes of carefully-edited, suspenseful red herrings, side stories, and slow reveals- and the otherwise awesome acting of all the cast members- have been wasted on a tepid, "white-washed" pity-adultery/mistress soap opera. :unamused:

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I absolutely love this drama. This is the best drama that I have viewed in quite awhile, so I am super pleased. I am also perplexed. I don’t know what to think. Do we take SJ at his word. When he opens up to his best friend he talks of being swayed by Yuri and her touching his heart. Are his feelings just sympathy or true love. He told his wife he tried to salvage the marriage but it was not working and when she Questioned  JS about  loving  Yuri he said “ I am Sorry” left their home and went directly to Yuri.  Is this affair more than meets the eye. Is it his upbringing that draws him to Uri. Is he transferring feelings he has for his mother who was a mistress to Yuri, trying to insure that she is cared for. Is he a selfish jerk that is willing to throw away 10 years of marriage for a sniveling treacherous snake in the grass ( parading as a damsel in distress) that wants what she wants without remorse, unless acting remorseful evokes some compassion. I truly cannot figure SJ out. Part of me thinks he is an opportunist that will use Yuri because she is the Boss’s daughter. He can now be the Boss’s son in law and his Right Hand Man. Or is Yuri a paid Mistress. From the very beginning she wore expensive evening wear and went to the Hotel escorted by SJ. She still may gain his protection because she may have become a mistress out of necessity to pay for her mother’s medical treatment. 

Why did she not wear normal clothes and go to a private room in a restaurant if she is truly the Boss’s daughter. This is all very mysterious. Uri was shown to be covetous of JS and SJ relationship from the time she was a grocery store worker. She used her feminine whiles and  her tears to pull SJ in when she had the opportunity. This is not an easy call but by far the most interesting drama presently on air. Love the lead actress, her character is phenomenal. Strong, take no prisoners, straight up, kind, fair, tough and Bad Azz!!

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Men always has this ego of being a hero, and i think SJ felt like that with YR. JS is a strong independent rich girl, so basically SJ felt insecure and irrelevant compared as to how he feels with YR where he’s always needed. SJ is the kind of man who’s a trash. That’s it people, he’s a trash. End of story. Lol 


And honestly I don’t buy that whole fake affair theory crap. Cause if SJ really is faking the affair, he’s still not worthy of JS. No matter what the reason is, the fact that he lets his wife feel hurt is a  total red flag. If you really want to protect your wife, don’t ever enter a shady situation in the first place. And hello?! Ever heard of communication SJ???? Pathetic little bastard lol.

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12 hours ago, TXviewer said:

I truly believe someone-SH and VP will wind up in handcuffs. I can’t believe that this is only about an affair.

I could definitely see that happening.  The CEO wants to take down the VP and going after him legally would be the best way to do it.  The VP has obviously been involved with shady dealings and Sung Jun as his lackey has participated in them too so he would go down with the VP.


Just finished today's subbed episode:

- loved that JS slapped BOTH the cheating husband and the mouth breather mistress. 

- Sang Woo is such a sweetheart trying to cheer up his senior

- The atmosphere in the VIP office is so frosty.  TLove how the others have completely frozen useless Yuri out:naughty:

- cackled at Hyun Ah telling little miss crybaby mouthbreather that she needs to figure things out herself and she can't have everything.  They aren't at school.

- Yuri is not only shameless but useless. Even in this episode where she is allegedly managing a contract all she does is stand around staring and doing nothing whilst literally everybody else is taking notes, asking questions, taking pictures, reading paperwork. You know, actually working and unlike Yuri! It's the same in every business meeting they go to she contributes nothing and just stands there with her mouth open doing nothing except staring at Sung Jun or Jung Sun. Now the useless wench gets a promotion :wacko: So insulting to all the qualified and hard-working people at the company.

- Fake pretend innocent Yuri and her overdramatic pitiful act standing in the rain to make herself look even more pathetic really has a screw loose in the head.  How does she have the audacity to stalk JS out to the roof terrace and justify her disgusting actions? Dirty wench!

- Glad Jung Sun put her and her deluded excuses in her place (the rubbish bin where she and the crap that comes out of her mouth belongs)

- I really loved this episode exploring Mi Na's pains and frustrations as a working mother who loves her family but also doesn't want to lose herself and all effort she has put into her career.  From the scene where she stand apart awkwardly from the stay at home mothers at the bus stop to her heartbreaking tears when she expresses her feelings to her husband.  By the way, Byung Hun is a gem of a husband and it's wonderful to see how caring and understanding he is now he realises how his wife feels. That's a real man and a real husband.

- Sung Jun continues to be the scum if the earth.  Nothing more to say.

- Jin Ho's sheer disbelief and disgust at his friend's behaviour was so relatable lol!

- The VP's wife is actually kind of hilarious observing and making snide comments all the time!  She really meant it when she said she knew everything that was going on.

- Good Jung Sun made it clear she won't make this easy for the adulterers

- Na Jung Sun's business idea for The Black Society was inspired and she is now on Team CEO.

- it's heartbreaking to see JS all alone in that big house.  But she is a strong woman and she will get through this victorious.  We support you!

- Glad that Jin Ho didn't let those gossip talk trash about Hyun Ah

- Loved Jinyoung being a good wingwoman for Hyun Ah and Jin Ho


17 hours ago, vinsensa_1 said:

from tonight episode i just can see nothing left from njs to psj except angry and disgusting feeling...

That's what I think. She doesn't just feel betrayed or angry but she is downright disgusted by his weakness and cowardice. They are done. No woman will get back together willingly with someone that disgusts them.  He is beneath her now and even if he crawled hundred miles through broken glass begging forgiveness I doubt she would even spare him a glance.  

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Some people think SJ is doing the YR thing to drive JS away. 

:tired: I wonder why that is so highly probable? They will give him an incurable disease, worse than cancer and Alzheimer;    so loving his wife so much, he boinks the amoral twit to drive JS away.  But, wait, he forgot to tell her while he was having fun. It was the twit who opened the bag with the dead skunk. Now that JS finds out, he continues to drive her away by running to his mistress whenever she beckons and now spending the night with her explicitly, no more iffs about that. So how is he going to make sure she finds out about him sleeping with YR. Maybe CCTVs? He will then die and be like Mahatma Gandhi, greatly admired.

I wish I could write like @Takingthehighroad 
but my engineering head is not helping me. I would be even more peed off if SJ and YR did not get their punishment before he died.:triumph:

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I think SJ is jealouss at some level of his soon to be ex wife...

He is not only afraid, jealous and at this point I think his so call love is him been used her as his tool. Why..

Because so far the performance of the VIP team has been on top and most of it is JS great planning, human resource team work etc...and he just have been saying yes to all this because it makes him look better as a leader not because he apreciates her work. She was a tool for him to play and win and now that Yuri is available and can be manage by him..he sees the oportunity to it..that is why I think he wants to get read of JS and the other team members because it benefits him....

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I don’t care what cheating husband thinking or planning or saving ;)


Me watching the episode with the sub , all I get that she is more hurt of the feeling of betrayal from her more than anything else 



For god sake our girl was so nice to her she put plaster on her leg :rage:



which make me want to do this evil mistress every time I see her face today :D






# that my feeling for today 

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So I’ve had this odd feeling for a couple

of episodes that SH is playing the stereotypical and definitely not appreciated and misplaced idea of the Nobel idiot - the character who thinks they are doing the best for the other person they love by leaving them or sacrificing themself for the other. It doesn’t excuse what SJ is doing, but his acting is

somewhat giving me that feeling. 

also, since SJ came out to his friend JH about his affair, I keep thinking back to what JH said - basically that if SJ has something embarrassing JS would know it. I wonder if at the end SJ is going to find out that JS knew about his father and illegitimate status the whole time and has actually supported his mom so that the dad’s original family wouldn’t bother them. I wonder if she did this secretly since he never talked to her about it, waiting for the day he would be comfortable to open up to her about it. That would be the kicker revelation that make SJ realize “what he truly lost” - like his mom says in the preview. Then it’s late because JS realizes she is past the pain and revenge and has become stronger and happier and doesn’t need or want him anymore! Yes!!  (And YuRi is back as a food sample lady because their affair will be made public and the VP dad will have to let them both go). 

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30 minutes ago, smlinwa said:

That would be the kicker revelation that make SJ realize “what he truly lost” - like his mom says in the preview.  


i think after watching sj mom in preview saying he didnt know what he already lost, the fact SJ mom already told njs that she was a mistress and sj is mistress child before they married, so in their 7years married (it said 10 including 3years of dating), njs already knew sj past, she just keep silent abt it because she is waiting him to open to her abt it. im sure NJS know that his past truth hurt SJ pride. i wonder if NJS also help SJ mom,give her money  when his dad other children asked her money without SJ known abt it.

i think this can be the starting point of the reverse. 

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seeing the way he is acting now with that ‘sad looking tramp’ seriously I can’t believe he is the same man who said he suffered from the lost of their child too and blaming the wife for shutting down to him. 

there’s not a single NJS fault. He cheats because he wants to. That’s the reason. He push her away because he wants a divorce not protecting her. Well, that’s what his actions are showing for the past couple episodes. 

i have no reason to protect PSJ tho I like LSY. PSJ is just trash. 

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1 hour ago, smlinwa said:

also, since SJ came out to his friend JH about his affair, I keep thinking back to what JH said - basically that if SJ has something embarrassing JS would know it. I wonder if at the end SJ is going to find out that JS knew about his father and illegitimate status the whole time and has actually supported his mom so that the dad’s original family wouldn’t bother them. I wonder is she did this secretly since he never talked to her about, waiting for the day he would be comfortable to open up to her about it. That would be the kicker revelation that make SJ realize “what he truly lost” - like his mom says in the preview. Then it’s late because JS realizes she is past the pain and revenge and has become stronger and happier and doesn’t need or want him anymore! Yes!!  (And YuRi is back as a good sample lady because their affair will be made public and the VP dad will have to let them both go). 

Oooh! :w00t: I love all of this. There is a term for this is literature but I can't remember what it is...maybe dramatic irony *thinks*


This would be final blow to liar SJ in the end (after he and mistress have, hopefully, been shamed, humiliated destroyed).  Because of his own dishonesty and self-pity and lack of faith and understanding in his wife he irredeemably destroyed his marriage. He threw away a priceless jewel like Jung Sun for a pathetic, cheap lump of mud. Meanwhile, Jung Sun will be living her best life and winning with no time to waste on that blank faced loser.

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VIP Fans: So I just watched ep 13 and its really ON NOW!  I had predicted the chaebols came after our heroine JS and her team.   VP must  know SJ hidden truth only plausible reason for continuing to allow to be used by him to do his down right dirty work.  

SJ wheels are turning since YURI said she envied JS and wanted what she had.  Not a "loyal heart" as was his criteria for a partner. 

Nothing has changed SJ is still a DB now outed to his mother...oouch! 

Yuri is not VP daughter that does not change. But a call girl. 

VP will turn on his wife

VP prestige team will sabotage this project to make the CEO and JS look like failures. 

Daniel may come back in the picture to join the Black Society how cool would that be and really throw a monkey wrench.  

SJ is not the great catch in this drama its JS she will not be short on suitors. JS already knows what we know he is not worth it but she is not  letting him off after such disrespect.  Payback is a B&*@$ 


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