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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:

@Dhakra, I'm not officially caught up. I just watched the last 2 episodes out of sequence. I was curious after doing the preview translation, so watched it to get more context to what could be happening in the previews. I have to go and backwatch the rest of the episodes in preparation for the finale. :)



Ah, I see. Hope you catch up soon. 


Still sad about ep 14 ending. If they mess this up....

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Loving your opinion guys and welcoming all the new members keep sharing your thoughts  cr(macaron8841 twitter) Me while waiting for new previews and episode  cr DaumC  

CR -masterpiece twitter

Hi All,   Thank you for your posts, comments, and thoughts. I am always delighted reading them all, so insightful as well.   I just got carried away having watched the bright and s

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I'm glad we got a chance JH to see JH BE vulnerable, instead of just hearing about it. 


We have not seen JH's vulnerable around his own heart.  We have seen him be vulnerable and courageous around his son, but we have not really seen him worry about himself. 


With his drinking we get to see his friends gather protectively around him and we get a hint of why.  It one of the few times that we see the negative reality of drinking taken seriously in a K-drama.


JH's support system talks about him going crazy after EW's mother left, and we see how much his mom and Pharmacist Noona worry about him.  This was the first time we get a hint of how he can be when drowning in a well of sorrow and regret. 


I'm beginning to think that his decision not to hate jackasses and to view them through a lens of compassion might not be a natural disposition but a coping mechanism that he's developed after going through the loss of EW's mother.


How folks have posit that EW's mom comes from a well connected family and I didn't really think much of it because I didn't catch the reference in the drama.  Now I"m wondering if a difference social status might have been a factor in her decision not to go. 


I've seen a few (okay maybe one ) k-drama where a mother was forced to leave her child with the  less connected father by her prominent family who had other plans for her life.


I actually wondered if he might be a person who can have depression triggered.  But the way his friends speak of his behavior during his crisis seems more active than a depressive. 


Another reason I'm glad to see JH lose his cool is because he was beginning to come of as a fantasy rom-com romantic lead like Park Morgan in WWW:Search.  JH was always there for JI.  He never oversteps and let her take the lead when she asks, he promises to wait for her, he doesn't make any demands that put JI in a difficult situation. He was so perfect he was beginning to look more like a fantasy than human.  Now that we seen his facade crack we might get to the truth of him.


I continue to be concerned about SI safety.  Now I'm wondering if GS's offer of cheap office rent might push SH to do something dangerous.


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Hi All,


Thank you for your posts, comments, and thoughts. I am always delighted reading them all, so insightful as well.


I just got carried away having watched the bright and soon-to-be happy family on episode 13-14 to be torn apart in the next week's episode. But as some of you mentioned, yes previews are often misleading. I believe that our OTP will get the happy ending they deserve. I hope we can get over the angst part soon next episode. As I read s.o's comment on social media, the angst is like spice, which can make the food more appetizing to eat. I believe happy ending will taste sweeter once our main leads overcome their struggle together.


I just cannot help but noticing that the writer really did a wonderful job to challenge common gender roles in Asian countries. For instances: man is usually the one who proposes (some of us including me here predict that JH will be the one who proposes JI right?), boys cannot cry (JH cried quite a lot in this drama and it is necessary to do so), man is the one who actively takes lead in their relationship (but here JI is the boss: hugging him, crossing the street, etc etc). And not to mention wonderful sister's and mom's characters. The writer portray women as strong and tender loving characters here. I'm loving it! I believe in the next episode we can witness how strong SI is when she divorces her nasty husband. Cannot wait for this!


Pluus, I love that this drama show very natural scenes here and there. For example: when JH failed to kiss JI across the table, JH could not stand carrying JI to put the book on the shelf, the pin wheel was broken in the middle of the way (they stop and mend it), etc etc.


I will miss this drama for sure!


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Countless times i wished to jump in the screen and tell a female lead to stand her ground and speak to her heart. Countless times I watched her beeing helpless in front of her parents. Even breaking up because they said so...


Thank you writer for JI!!!!!!!

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I have to say that this has turned out to be a very good drama.....so far....I hope they don't throw too much foolishness in at the last moment. 


My favorite scene in 14/28 was that of the mothers. They both are in pain, both wanting the best for their child, neither wanting to see their child getting hurt. The director/writer did a good job of showing these two women had more in common than they thought. I think they probably also realized that the other mother, wouldn't give their child a difficult time if the families were to marry.


I also like how writers attack social issues in an 'overkill' that really get people thinking about how silly some of their biases and prejudices are...makes zero sense.

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Finale this week..looking forward to one happy end for our otp! at the same time my heart is filled with sadness, that this my last time to see my twosome pair. they became one of my favorite pair truly.


though Im goung see Haein in September.:)


Family of 3...❤️





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I am already missing them. Not because I love han ji min and i am bias but they have one of the best and natural chemistry ever. These 2 are so adorable and their scenes really make my heart flutter. I want to see the ending of their love story but i also don't want it to end. My weekly crack is about to end. I just hope that we are in for a satisfying ending. Fingers crossed:wub:



Happy Sunday everyone:)

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-Love in the summer heat-


I think these three are the purest people in the show!!! Full of love & affection! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Can't wait for the finale eps.... I hope the writer impress us in a decent manner!!!! :)



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