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They are the cutest father and son... and Jeong In is the luckiest!  :heart:


MBC twitter update. :love:
More photos of JH and EU under spoiler.
MBC Twitter update. :love:
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Loving your opinion guys and welcoming all the new members keep sharing your thoughts  cr(macaron8841 twitter) Me while waiting for new previews and episode  cr DaumC  

CR -masterpiece twitter

Hi All,   Thank you for your posts, comments, and thoughts. I am always delighted reading them all, so insightful as well.   I just got carried away having watched the bright and s

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Honestly, JI's father ....!!!! 

I'm speechless !

He ' sold' a daughter - Seo In- - to have  a " name" ....I'm FIL of a doctor, I'm in-laws with a rich family !

and now..... Seo In lives in hell !

And this time, he wants " selling" JI just for a " job " 

It's a shame !!!!

The actrice who plays JI's mom did a good job !

I didn't love her in SITR but she makes me cry  here !

Great acting, bravo !

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Another amazing episode :thumbsup:

Fof I want to say I LOVE LEE SISTERS MOM.The moment she got to knew about her poor child abuse she did what a Mom should have done and thanku to the team for showing this.At times the girls are being said you should endure everything even she is abused(sad reality it's happens )but there are mom's like seo-in Mom too.As I said yesterday it was such a statisfactory moment (for a while because I want him to be publicly shamed for what he has done to seo-in)when she slapped that jerk and still he was smiling he is a monster seriously who needs to put in jail.I feel that eventually it will be eomma along with seo-in who will rescue Jung in from this situation and fully supporting jiho specially as they can also feel what is feels like to be in jiho shoes being a single parent.No way Mom is letting Jung in to be thrown in same fire as seo-in was.It was heart wrenching to see eomma crying while she was thinking how her poor child endured it for so long urghhh my heart:tears:


I really liked it when Jung in went ran after jiho to check if he is okay in front of her father like how much she cares about him and his father oh dear he is so pathetic and selfish.How can he ask her own daughter to continue with gs despite knowing nothing is left there i wish eomma was there then she would have put some sense into her husband :angry:.He is emotionally torturing his own daughter.


Now the happy moments *Squealing*:wub:

Started with Jung in showing hesitation in entering jiho house to strolling around his room and smiling while looking at jiho eunwoo pic sweetttt.Lol I was smiling like an idiot just like jiho when she asked about making ramyeon.As Jung said he is too easy seriously after going through difficult period in his life the small words said by Jung in means a lot to him.That kiss :heart: Jung in went all for it :D.Lmao when Jiho was rushing to pick his clothes Jung in -i have already seen it *dead*:D.


One of fav part Iam a sucker for these kind of moments

When we fall in love,must we get into knowing whether it will be fruitful or not?

Can.we approach love in that manner?

We mustn't.

We can't be calculating in any aspect 

Because after all we love who we love

When one falls in love,it's just happens.Thats all there is to it.

Hence let's not wallow in despair, restrain our feeling or another the light 

And simply say -"Thanku god I am in love :heart:



I know I have said this numerous times but I love jiho and Jung honest and heartfelt conversation without any sugar coating. She knows the problem that they are gonna face will be difficult for them and specially for jiho.She even agrees it that she may be the one who will hurt him the most (the writer is killing us with so many emotions)But jiho said -Don't use any of these as an excuse to leave me:tears:me.Please you two deal it together as Jung in said -Say yes jiho!It was such a cute moment her saying say yes lol.

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7 hours ago, thistle said:

It's gonna be very interesting to see how our calm JH goes on the offense.  I loved the part in the preview where he decided that the proactive thing to do was to take JI to meet his parents.  JHMom is gonna have a hard time with it but I have faith in JHDad.


Speaking of JHDad, we saw the online banking stuff again.  Now we know that GS works at the bank where JHDad has his account, and I am still wondering if GS would fall so far that he decides to do something illegal.


Well, based on experience the quiet and calm ones are always those you have to be afraid of, so I guess if he starts to strike back, GS won't have a good time. 

JI meeting JH parents will be interesting, mom will be very doubting and reserved, but dad will be the shining hero here. I expect some sweet scenes.

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I simply can't stand the shallow talks between GS dad,GS and Jung in dad.I really want to slap these 3 trash men :vicx:Whenever they open their mouth nothing good comes out it all they want to do is how make Jung in life a living hell.Seriously with all these meetings over meetings just to her married without her consent is sickening! IRONY When giseok said -we should consider Jung in opinion like what :vicx: man the times Jung in said it's over bewteen them yet he is nah how can I let Jiho win.He has totally lost it.And how easily giseok,his father and Jung in father lie on each other faces:rolleyes:


My pumpkin getting all excited talking to ms Lee :heart:he deserves all the happiness of this world.Lol when he said he made pinwheels one for himself and another one for Jung in hahaha my munchkin is already on her side.Jung in playfully kicking jae in :lol: and when he called jae in is huge lmaoo I love them :wub:.


You are really a thug -jiho to Jung in lol these two.Can we see them walking through old alley after the rain as Jung in wished I am counting on this writernim :wub:.Jung in stare when he said -i guess you are really pretty:lol:pretty.Hope to see them with eunwoo soon I bet I will cry lol.


About the preview i think Jiho probably went to giseok after learning that he gave the ring and I think he will understand eventhough I agree that she shouldn't have accepted it solely on basis of preview but I am keeping my thoughts till the episode airs as previews are generally misleading (I think the intention with which she went to meet with gs dad didn't went well). 




Oh dear my Tl on twitter is really depressing with all SSC separation news .Eventhough I am not a fan of either of them but they were loved by like a lot of fans and I may sound gender biased here but I feel more for shk specially with all the false  speculations going around seriously some people need to get a life.Its their private matter for God sake!


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Two characters that I would like to share my point of view:

First, GS's Father (i need to be careful to talk about this guy since it seems many of you dislike or disagree with his action:sweatingbullets:)

My opinion is I CAN'T HATE HIM YET :lol: 

Somehow not all his actions towards his son are groundless or inconsiderable or whatever you may call it. His character is quite realistic and his action make him more relatable.  

  • He can't stand JI's father lies and actions towards him, so sometimes he just stay silence/let it go instead of drawing conclusions from his unreliable informations.
  • He give many good advices to his son, for example about being careful trusting people around him, and another like latest episodes, about admitting failure when he can call it quits without any regrets. his father just want his son not to go the wrong path and do something reckless or wasting his time.
  • The paparazzi thing was a weak point for the father, however i can understand him since his son already threw tantrum to him while he was wasted and never tell the truth whenever he asked (plus JI's father didn't do a favor to him either). He just worried that his son may go to a wrong path yet or making a wrong decision.

We don't know much the backstory of the father, however i'm quite sure he has some reasons why he reacted that way to GS. and yet there's still left to tell about the death of his late wife/ GS' mom, which i believe was the main reason to the crack of father and son relationship. Based on his character development, somehow i got this feeling that  GS' father will be quite supportive to JI rather than to her father and GS (or WELL i can be wrong, WE SHALL SEE TONIGHT EPISODE :tounge_wink:).

To me, what GS and JI's father do are quite childish and full of selfishness.


Second, Jung In, Seo In, and Jae In MOM!!:lol:

Finally she figure it out the domestic violence towards SI. I figured that SI's mom will try to convince her daughter to stay married as soon as she knew about the pregnancy. Then, the SUPER MOM STRIKES AGAIN after finding out SH's violence! :skull:the cleaning and preparing dish while crying scene is quite heartbreaking :cold_sweat:. But i'm quite worried of the aftermath of MOM's rage to SH!:( However, because of this issue, the MOM probably will support JI's decision and stand by her side against her father. She will fight the most and will not let her husband control her daughters' life again, since she doesn't want her other daughters suffer the same as her sister. Experience is the best teacher!:thumbsup:


P.S. I can not wait to JI's father rage when he find out about the domestic violence her daughter had been through! and admitting his shame, foolishness, ignorance, and selfishness! because to me he is the main problem in this drama, this kind of people even do exist in real life, they don't care even if they have to sell their pride! :triumph:


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There were two things that really stayed with me from yesterday's episode, and I've thought about them a lot but I don't recall if anyone else has mentioned them.

  • the evil smile on SH's face after JIMom left his office--he's not done being rotten and I suspect that he his response to his rage and humiliation for what JIMom did to him will be to take his anger out on SI; there could be tragic consequences.
  • how JH went to his son after JIDad was so rude to him, and he went to sleep together as comfort and healing--that was really sweet.


Looking forward to today's episode!

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That ending:naughty::tounge_xd:. It was worth of it. I'm at peace:glasses::mrgreen:.


PS.... One of the livestream link worked for me today:grimace::blush:. Now if it can work for me for the remaining eps:relieved::innocent:, I will be one happy woman:kiss_wink:.

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Just now, richelle said:


I am squealing lol. I don't understand a word but I forgive JI:wub:

Me too lol. I was pissed off when she answered GS phone, sat on his car and went off somewhere with him:expressionless:. And she even let him hug her:crazy:

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A small summary of what happened. 


- SH and JI dad, s"""n of bitc"""""es, how dare they? SH came to the parents house, got on his knees and admitted that he hit their daughter but only when he is drunken. JI mom and my reaction was the same with whatever JI dad said to SH. Unbelievable:rage::triumph:. JI dad is no human being. SI was called and he got into his usual lecture and he expects his daughter to take this scumbag back. JI dad is not even listening to his own daughter and the worst mistake SI did in that meeting was admitting that she is pregnant:frown:. And I was right because when SI told SH that she is divorcing him no matter what, this scumbag was too calm and next thing you know, news of SI pregnancy is out and everyone in the country knows about it:crazy:. At least mom packed her bag and will make sure her daughter gets divorce. JI dad still had the nerve to ask his own wife who is crying because of what he did to prepare for JI wedding:expressionless:. I have no words to say, no words.........


- Seems like JI meeting with GS dad didn't go well. What's with these men???:crazy:. They all have a problem..... 


- JI comes to meet her friend and they run into EW and JH mom. JH mom likes her lol. She was protesting too much before Imao:D. JI and her friend talk and JI goes back and meets up with JH. Mom is watching them from the window and she is one happy mom:D. At JH parent's house, mom is excited and telling her husband that she met JH girlfriend and dad almost gives himself away lol. This is one decent family compared to a certain ones<_<.

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