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@bebebisous33 @thistle No problem Chingus:blush::). @Chellsee thanks chingu for the videos:).


I also love JH dad lol. That's how dads should be, supporting you, not ruining you like a certain idiots here:crazy:


I'm glad SI and JH met. Now that SI saw that her own sister is not afraid of raising ES and being together with JH, she will have the courage to talk about her problems and protect her unborn baby. 


As for JI dad, how dare he beg his own daughter to marry someone she has been telling you they are DONE? WTH is wrong with these men in their life? Unbelievable:rage:.


@sally2 That scene was hilarious:sweat_smile:. That friend absolutely regretted calling GS over lol:mrgreen:. And how on earth can you call that holding someone ROFL? 

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12 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

@thistle In the preview, it seems that the father was more begging her than anything else. Based on the preview, the OTP has another good time. Furthermore, JI has iron nerves because with her hunger strike she could as a student force her parents to accept her decision. 

In my opinion, the bomb with LSI's situation will explode around the episode 13. 


And here is the question: will GS become violent at some point?

Actually, it would be interesting if GS loses his temper and hurts JI. First, her father tries to diminish GS's action, until LSI is so fed up that she confesses what she has been put through with her marriage.


You're right, of course.  I was just having an "I am in dread of a DramaTrope" moment.  :P


And I think you're right about the LSI situation as well.  The two characters who are likely to do something out of rage and anger are both bound up in this, so we can expect something to happen with SH and GS.


If GS does something stupid about that loan for SH in the hopes of using that situation to try to win back JI, then he's gonna lose his job or worse.  That could make him lash out even more at her.


I noticed when he was trying to fight with JH and JI got between them, GS kept going forward not caring that she was there while JH broke off the fight to move her away and protect her. 


So keeping JI from harm is not GS's priority, and we have already seen him being pushy with her.    


If GS hurts JI and if SH causes SI to lose her pregnancy, will this finally be the wake-up call for their blustering, demanding, selfish papa?  

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Just watched yesterday's eps & can't wait for today's eps!


First off, what to do when nature is beautiful but people aren't..???! I am really disappointed that my first guess of Gi Seok has turned out to be the reality! I feel like as if he's using his father's higher position as an excuse to look down on other people, even with his own colleagues!!!! <_< :ph34r: And he never loved or respected Jeong In truly in the first place! He only wanted to be with her to look good for himself!!!! And probably these two, dad son duo would think that they are guadians of others that they can look down on anyone below their level!!! This is really unpleasant despite the pleasant environment they live in! -_-




And I think Ji Ho is more mature than Gi Seok that he has a son to look after for! It's said that children leads elders to the elderhood so I love how straight forward Ji Ho is when it comes to Jeong In!!! :) And I love their first kiss... It has the perfect tone to be the first kiss of a slow burning couple!!!! :heart: 




And I personally believe it's a sin that Seo In got pregnant while she's having a bastard husband like Si Hoon! :o Poor her... I am so afraid of her future with her baby, only if someone let them be together!!! :ph34r: I hope both Gi Seok & Si Hoon get beaten up one day!!! :angry: They really need the treat to come back to their senses!


And I am so happy that I decided to watch this drama ... It's reflecting on pure, true & realistic family issues. How a father would take care of 3 daughters themselves..????! How a young guy survive with a little kid in his hands..??! Is it allowed by the society that a single father can marry a woman from someone else's..???! I am pretty much looking forward for the answers!!!! :) :thumbsup:

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already subbed in Netflix


that was an intense opening scene indeed..!


just love how JI followed JH when she was asked to wait in the car! that's what you call respect and trust. :wub:

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As always! thank you so much for the recap! @lu09:) appreciate... 

GS, is really desparate now..I wonder why his dad needs someone to trail him though..better watch with subs!

for now..sharing this scene Seo in meeting her future brother in law.





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20 minutes ago, annamchoi said:

for now..sharing this scene Seo in meeting her future brother in law.


JH is so cute and funny when he is feeling awkward.  :lol:

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3 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

@thistle @lu09 Yes, I have been thinking about the possibility of a miscarriage due a beating. He couldn't hurt LSI's face as she worked as a news anchor. So he had to hurt on places which could not be easily seen. Unaware of her pregnancy, SH hurts her so that she has to be brought to the hospital, where the doctor announces her miscarriage. IF this happens, SH can no longer escape from his wrongdoings. He can no longer lie and hide behind his "good manners". This would be definitely a blow to JI's father as he even ruined the father's dream. If this happens, then @mintip's idea about a trial against SH could happen. I can imagine that the father would not remain inactive and would press charges against SH. The father might be coward and very conservative but he is definitely decent.  


It is clear that SI never consider not having the baby because no one (or very few people) get a sonogram of a baby they don't plan to keep.  Also once SI knew she was pregnant she began taking better care of herself by buy vegetables and make herself a healthy meal.


If he does that one assumes everyone on the fence would support SI's effort to be free.  But that is a harsh way for a woman her age who wants her child to be liberated from her brutalizer.


I hope the FATHER would only have standing to press charges if SI dies.  She should press charges if her body is brutalize.



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@annamchoi no problem:wub:. Both SI and JI are teasing him lol:lol:. I loved how they start calling themselves by their first name (JH yaaa or JI naaa).


Indeed @thistle he is cute when he is feeling awkward lol:mrgreen:


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I like she takes him and persecute him and... this every time is hotter :wub::wub: Could we see a bed scene in this drama? Jebal!!

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Episode 10 and you cannot wipe this smile off my face. I love it when a couple communicates, is supportive and trusting; these are exactly the characteristic that makes JH & JI relationship so endearing and long lasting.


Episode highlights

The Laundry Scene
I love that JH took JI to his childhood place after the “confrontation scene” with GS. It’s monumental for their relationship, it’s like him showing her his past – where and how he came to be the person he is today. These are baby steps  to meeting JH parent but JH & JI have a massive supporter – JH dad. JH Dad is honestly my favourite father (besides JH)!



*How cute is JH just fidgeting around and nervously watching JI look around the laundry – the following conversation is when their sitting on the bench – with the amount of deep meaningful conversation occurring on a bench of some sort, guys you need to incorporate a bench into your wedding LMAO*

JI: This place feels oddly familiar. It brings back memories too.
JH: It’s a familiar place that’s why.
JI: The pharmacy too?
Come to think of it, you’ve never felt like a stranger either.
JH: You were drunk that first day. (LMAO)
JI: Don’t kill the mood. (Y’all just GET MARRIED)
JH: It was the opposite for me. I was fascinated by how innocent you were.
JI: Am I not anymore?
JH: That side of you is completely gone.
*JI gives him a massive glare and they both break into a laugh*


*There’s an interweaving scene of drunk GS talking to his musician friend about JH.*
He keeps repeating various phrases such as:
“I lost to none other than JH. Are you kidding me?”
“In what way is JH better than me?” (mate please have an ediya coffee with me and I can list you exactly what dumbassery I have witnessed that makes you beyond subpar to JH) 
“He [JH] is nothing compared to me”


This then leads to an interesting conversation with his father, where I actually felt sorry for him.
GS: You’ve always been embarrassed of me, haven’t you?
Albeit this sympathy was momentary as throughout the episode he not only reverts back to his dumb self, but he actually gets dumber and get people involved that shouldn’t be involved)


Back to the laundry scene – an extract of an important dialogue exchange between JI said to JH.

JI: I will say this once and only once.so take it to heart. 
*JI fully turns his entire body towards her*
When I’m not satisfied with you, I’ll call you out on the spot. My bursts of anger might not seem reasonable, and I could say harsh words as well.
*JH gently smiles and nods*
When I do thought, don’t think that I’m being dismissive. Don’t walk on eggshells around me either. Or I’ll kick you to the curb.
*JH looks down looking emotional and smiles – close up shot of JH gently pulling and clasping JI hand *
I didn’t say this to please you, you know. It’s important, so don’t forget it.
*JH still looking down smiles – JI gets up close to JH face and peers up at him*
*JH looks at JI and can’t resist but give her a sweet kiss*
Look at you thinking of a way out. You only gave me a peck so that you’d pass a breathanalyser. (Girl…. Uhh that’s not how it works. Man if that was the case I’ll be kissing people left right and centre before driving home from a night out so that my alcohol levels go down – in saying that please DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE) 
*JH laughs like a giddy child – JI smiles and drinks her soju like she’s drinking water*


What I love about this particularly scene was that JH let JI speak. He didn’t say anything but instead used actions to convey the magnitude of JI words for him. He is so SWOOOOOON. :wub::wub::wub::wub:



GS meeting with SI; @bebebisous33 you’re a drama fortune teller, you were completely right about this!

I actually was disappointed at SI lack of reaction, yes she was shock but if I was pregnant and this guy is talking smack about a single parent – well I would have reacted MUCH MORE then SI. And SI girl, you’re pregnant please watch your caffeine intake. Anyways I was wondering why SI reaction was so lacklustre and then SI met JI, and everything made sense.


SI and JI Conversation Scene.

This was honestly the highlight of the episode for me, it shows the mental torment that SI is going through. Really would love to see more of her arc rather than their bloody father’s pouty face. I also love the sisterly support happening here – SI is going to be an awesome single parent and she’s going to have a bloody village to support her!



JI: At first, the idea itself was inconceivable. Regardless of whether I break up with GS or not, I didn’t even dream of doing anything with him. But… I realised that I kept looking at him. Even though he kept pushing me away, I clung to him more. 
SI: Yes, you can develop feelings for him. I understand that part, but…
JI: It’s EW. That’s his son’s name. 
SI *taken back*: I see.
JI: I may be feeling this way because I like him. Or perhaps, it’s just because of my natural affinity with kids. I don’t know the answer yet. Whatever it is, I adore EW.  
*cut to SI emotional face*
I didn’t even know when I began feeling this way. I found myself cherishing him.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, and for worrying you like this too. I’m really sorry for everything. (Jesus Roosevelt Christ, when is out OTP going to go by and episode without the word “I’m sorry” coming out of the mouth)
*SI crying*
JI: Unnie. I’ll sort everything out. Okay?
SI: I’m not upset. I’m ashamed. (Baby girrrlll, COME HERE I’LL GIVE YOU A BIG HUG)
I’m pregnant. I was going to give it up. It’s too cruel, you know. And… I even thought of… that innocent baby as a punishment. But how could you…
*JI hugs SI*
JI: You will be a great mum. You’ll figure it all out. You have to.
*SI nods*
SI: Okay.

*JI and SI walks out the apartment – our puppy JH is waiting outside for JI (he was the one that drove Ji to see SI)*
JI: This is my sister.
JH: Oh, hello.
SI: It’s nice to meet you, JH.
JH: Thank you. Likewise. And… I’m sorry.
SI: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.
JH *smiles*: Thank you. 
JI: By the way, why are you here? 
JH: Oh, I was just… 
JI: Did you want to see the news anchor? (LMAOO)
SI: Hey.
JI: So, what do you think? Is she prettier than me?
Come to think of it, you’ve never said I’m pretty.
SI: Really? JI is pretty.
JH: I know. That’s why I like her.
JI: You said you love me. (LMAOOO GIRL I JUST LOVE YOU OKAY, keep being you!) 
JH: Yes.
*SI laughs – JH turns away feeling embarrassed at his nonchalant love confession in front of his future sister-in-law*

JH and JI back in the car. This is an extract but they finally drop formalities in referring to each other I love it, and it’s in a playful banter as well!
JI: Don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m very strong.
JH: Okay, I’ll be careful.
JI: I mean it though. I won’t let you get hurt.
JH: I’m touched by just hearing that, so don’t try to handle everything alone. And how can I just sit back and watch? You told me not to be a loser.
JI: So, you do take my advice.
JH: I don’t want to get smacked. (LMAOOOO, man he is whipped!)
JI: Behave yourself, Ji-ho ya~
JH: I will, Jung-In ya~



JI & Librarian Friend (LF) & Pharmacy-Noona (PN) & JI having Chicken and Beer Scene.
Y’all need to see this scene. Again, love the fact that their each introducing people around them to each other! And freaking love how LF and PN were dishing the dirt on their friends! This is LF telling JI/PN about the negative traits of JI.


LF: When my body temperature was hovering at 40 degrees because of a cold, JI watched a movie on her laptop and drank beer right next to me without even batting an eye.
JH: Jeez, that is simply unacceptable.
PN: I guess JI isn’t really the affectionate type.
LF: Exactly! 
JH: She’s not affectionate. She sure isn’t.
JI: So what? You don’t like me now?
JH *without skipping a beat*: I like you despite that
JI: Even though I’m not affectionate?
JH: I’s fine because I’m affectionate. (LMAOO PLZ JUST GO GET MARRED)

*JI finally smiles – JH smiles – JI and JH both cheers their beer & drink – PN & LF faces LMAOOO it’s just a mix between disbelief and annoyance at their lovefest LMAO*


The ending scene. From yesterday's preview I immediately thought JI-JH meeting JI father was going to be somewhere in the end of the episode. But again, from today's preview I’m not worried about the meeting. It seems like JI and her father had a talk, but there are also scenes of JI & JH in the same clothes at her apartment smiling and laughing. Also on their clothes – JH top is an even lighter blue and JI sweater is a lighter green – if you contrast this clothing palette to yesterday’s coffee scene, is it coincidence? Definitely don’t think so, feel like the director-nim is showing us through the clothing that their relationship has gotten deeper, more fun and vibrant.


Funny side note: 
When YJ thought Jae-In was giving him a massive glass of tea, and it turned out to be a glass vase to put the flowers. LMAOO, why is he so cute! Why are they so loveable!!!

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@xXMzSmilesXx Thanks for the translation:love:. OMG now that I'm reading in English, it's more meaningful:). And yeah that glass vase, poor YJ thought it was for him to drink lol:mrgreen:. Can't blame him, the glass looked like a jar for the water:sweatingbullets:.


@tok-soompi me too:love:. Now, if only this leads to bed:rolleyes:.

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1 hour ago, xXMzSmilesXx said:

Episode 10 and you cannot wipe this smile off my face.


Or mine.  Reading your post has been the highlight of my morning.  Just SO Much Fun!  

Thank you for the funniest best recaps ever.



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Posted (edited)

Finally watched episode 17-18:wub:

That tense moment in the begin.and bgm was like I am watching a crime genre drama :D

I LOVE THE SISTERS (I guess everyone here loves them!)







Seo-in is the bestest 



Now we have giseok and jiho face to face conversation and I loved how Jiho gave back to him specially with all the pity attitude that he was giving to jiho and judging him for being the single dad(and he is still doing that smh!).


Giseok was definitely flustered but that didn't stopped him pestering moreover not giving a richard simmons about what Jung in is feeling and repeatedly tried to said- "It's okay nothing happened between them"EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES but 

Our girl 


And she look so done with him lol



And there she said it 



Jiho said the same thing n I don't know if he has always been like this specially with jiho but Jung in saying this tells that he was,he took Jung in,their relationship for granted and when the things have slipped out of his hands mainly his pride got hurt coz it's JIHO!

I just love every conversation between jiho and Jung in ,him being understanding what Jung in is be feeling surely have made her fall more for him :wub:

I seriously don't know what Gs dad is thinking what's the whole point of giving time :rolleyes:when she made her points very clear that she won't marry G's

Eomma please continue to be like this in future too



I feel so bad for seo -in she is indeed pregnant,motherhood is a something that is very precious to every women and her situation is not good having a abusive partner but as I earlier mentioned this whole situation may create parallelism with jiho and his acceptance by her dad.


Edited by bebebisous33
more than 3 pictures have to be put under spoiler.
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Cafe date :wub:

Already mentioned it for nth time that how much love our otp moment cause it's not just about being lovey dovey but their deep conversations it just gives so many feelings altogether sometimes it's hurts n sometimes our heart flutters








Jung in B):D


There are few moments in our real life too that something's happens when we expect the least and the time when you see it coming you are left speechless and all kinds of emotions comes up and that's probably what jiho felt -I LOVE YOU JIHO!







I love when men doesn't shy away from showing their emotional side cause for them it's like baring their soul 



Please be happy!

I loved the new song playing in bg- Those days are gone ,but we can remember wait for me and I will be there!

Obviously that jerk snitched about jae in ,one of us mentioned that before here lol:DMan the conversation between Gs and his dad was so embarassing please giseok stop all this we love each other and all marriage talks seriously he is no different from that jerk Sh when it comes to clinging on their gf/wife even though it's hurting their respective partners and this clearly shows they  never really cared for them.

ENDGAME YESSS! I just want them to be together cause they can fight back no matter what the problem will be please writernim continue to be this good in coming episode too.



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Gi-Seok's such a pathetic, sore loser. Sureee~ it's his dad's fault his relationship failed - GROW UP:rolleyes:


He's playin' dirty by gettin' Jeong-In's family, friends involved to manipulate her into givin' in tsk. tsk. Does he need someone to wipe his bottom after he's done in the washroom or somethin'!? So utterly ridiculous I tell ya! 


I'm proud of Ji-Ho for bein' the bigger person & trying to reason and not exacerbate the situation further. On the other, there's much comic relief from Jae-In:w00t:

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Loved jiho convo with his dad this drama focuses on other relationships too and that's why i love it more n more 

 YU JIHO :bawling:





Loved the moment when Jung in went all the way running down to meet Jiho

And jae in face at that time lol:Dboth sisters are in messy situation





That hug with Jung in going into jiho embrace it was too comfortable and warm for her like a pillow :tears:




And the Kiss It was such a sweet moment I just loved it :wub:





 the moment when jiho stopped her 


Cause Jiho be like "let me handle this B)





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I have the impression that history is repeating itself. GS is trying to force JI to marry him by using her father and setting a date for the marriage. From my point of view, JI's father must have forced LSI to marry SH because SH decided to plan the marriage with LHT and LSI couldn't handle the pressure and gave in. We heard before that LSI was pressured by her father therefore I believe that GS will try to use the same tactic and think that he can succeed with the support of JI's father.

But unlike in the past, JI has a boyfriend hence I doubt that JH will remain passive. Besides, JI is different from LSI. Finally she witnessed her sister's unhappiness. In an earlier episode, she even mentioned that her sister's marriage had affected her so much that she didn't want to marry. For all these reasons I have no doubt that GS's plan is going to backfire on him and her father.


What can JI and JH do in order to stop her father and GS? Either JH proposes to JI and her father or maybe LSI steps in for real and reveals her intention of divorcing SH. Maybe JI could post a picture of JH with herself and his son so that with this move, she reveals to anyone that she has definitely broken up with GS and the father can no longer ignore it. The marriage would become a farce. 


Actually, I would like to see more scenes with EunWoo because he is really cute. I hope, JH introduces JI to his father very soon.


What caught my attention in the episode 10 is that JH took her to his parents' workplace. That way he makes sure that she knows where he comes from and can see her reaction. Unlike GS, JH is really showing himself completely to her. He wants her to know everything about him: his past and his social background so that she doesn't feel surprised. GS hid JI from his parents and never took her to his parents' place because he thought, his father would never accept JI. Remember how JI became upset when JI revealed all of the sudden that she was well aware what was his father thinking about her. GS has never spoken about himself and his father.


Little by little, GS is losing his "friends": HS complained how GS treated him. See how two-faced GS is... He claimed that nothing had changed and he would perceive HS as a friend. The reality was totally different. He already treats him as an enemy.    



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Episode 10 done. Off to work.


Good episode with some really subtle acting. Can I just say that the cast has chemistry?  Because when their friends are together you get the feeling that it's real. 


Like when the friend and chemist had drinks with them. JI and JH were so cheesy even I gagged. Every scene even if not involving the main leads is done so well and convincingly.


CS' father has a clearer grasp of the situation than JI's father and CS. He must be as good a judge of character like he said.


It is ep 10. So I will say this I guess for the last time. The PD is subtle and pretty much OCD I think with the attention he pays to details. I know the scenes are lighter. You know why? I watch the episodes at 5am usually with my night and blue light filters on. I have had to stop a few times this week to reduce the screen light as the lighting is suddenly blindingly bright with the day scenes


Anyway, the point is if the PD is precise and the writer is detailed; it is such a pity that the English subs- and you have had different ones for different episodes who obviously received the script before airing- because it is such bland generic translations. It is good I mean it's very good compared to subs from years ago. But it totally bugs me- and this is the last grumpy complaint- that they don't translate the exact words. Not verbatim- since it will be grammatically wrong. But you know word choices are important. There will be less impact. So just saying and it happened throughout the episode. If this was a gag comedy or a variety show guess it's ok. But you have a writer who is precise, so while the gist is right in English the impact isn't that. I only noticed it because I actually stopped and listen again because the subs then become distracting and spoils the mood of the scene. So one ends up watching it again and your eyes subconsciously ignore whats written on screen. It's so annoying. 


Anyway good episode, I have a flat out day and weekend so no further comment from me.  I came to the realization that Ji Ho has been hiding his personality. I don't want to use cheesy comparison like he did to describe himself. What I mean is that the writer made him so mild, understanding and meek earlier that it is shocking to realize that beneath that exterior he has some gumption. So whatever comes out from his mouth surprised me. It's a good thing just that it was a surprise each time it happened. Jaeng In too if * grumbles, grumbles * they actually wrote what she said.

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