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This is gettin' really exasperating!:angry:

Gi-Seok ah~ the library is opened to the public ok LoL?! What do you mean Ji-Ho can't go there 'cause your woman works there?! SO WHAT.:rolleyes: Eun-Woo is uber cute... I just want to squish him and buy him loads of pork cutlets ha-ha:lol: Jeong-In is gettin' wishy washy by each ep. WTF her eldest sis is preggers? How LoL. I know.. I know... it's just that she obviously hates him. I actually liked Gi-Seok's dad:P He's direct & doesn't stand crap. He's right that despite bein' older, his son is immature. Gee ya don't say eheh.


But I didn't like what he said 'bout women like Jeong-In are harder to contain - long term... that sounded misogynistic to me. Men, they all want submissive women in the end sheesh. 


Gi-Seok is goin' to raise hell for our lovebirds (no surprises there:P

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And how.did I forget to mention about my munchkin .Another favorite moment when jiho asked -Are you fond of Jung in?,EW-Yes:wub:  jiho- why? EW- She is nice:love:.Then our smart eunwoo asked his dad the same question and bless this child and he got scared that his dad will abandon him :tears:he probably never says but he must have known about his mother abandoning him poor baby!

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If SI is pregnant i'm sure it is marital rape.

Does the concept exist in Korea?

It doesn't everywhere.

Are abortions legal in Korea?

I'm sure the pressure to keep the child will mount.  It won't only be a private issue.  I can see he crappy violent husband making it know publicly pressure SI to keep the marriage alive.


Haven't seen with subs-but I'm not the least bit surprised that GS's father now thinks she would be a good partner for GS.


The youngest sister's antipathy to GS is strong, I wonder if they had a run in that no one is aware of before.

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Episode 8 (15/16). Yay Halftime!


  • JI will be such a great mom to Eun-U. 
  • Actually I liked JH's reaction a lot, he clearly felt hurt to be asked to use the backdoor, but talking back and tell her that she shouldn't treat Eun-U like that aswell was good. It's also about time to step out of the hiding. This can't go on forever.
  • Eun-U giving Ji the stickers probably also made her realize that she already has a place in his life. Sometimes these small things make you realize that you should step out of the shadows and fight for what you like.
  • What the hell was GS thinking putting money into Eun-U's jacket? That is so inappropriate. 
  • JI realized that this hiding destroys herself, her life and also begins to slowly destroy the love to JH (and kinda Eun.U) and began to hate (or at least dislike) GS behavior or just showing up randomly and try to control her life. Because that is what he is doing, not calling, not asking, just showing up and telling her what he already decided is selfish and totally wrong. With that behaviour he pushes against the wall.
  • Regarding the OST: "Where do we go from here?" is always so on point.
  • I should totally find a girl that cries for me like JI cried for JH. ^_^
  • I absolutely love the spirit and strong company between the three sisters. They all look out for each other and protect themselves, they would do anything for each other. They are like three best friends and Jae In not even hesistating one bit to play the "Gatekeeper" is so amazing. 
  • Another MVP is JH's boss HJ. Although he calls her noona, she feels like a second mom or a way older big sister. You can see how much respect JH has towards her and that he really listens to her when she says something. I like her calm and sharp usage of words. Everything she says has a meaning and a purpose.
  • I think JI misreads JH, guys in love with a girl are anything but strong-willed, he would totally accept her call and try to sort things out. He loves her, a guy in love is not scared away so easily. 
  • I really love that park.
  • Like I said, Ji totally misreads JH. Girl, he loves you, guys do the most ridiculous and stupid things because of a woman. Guys in love are never mad for long, it's just not in our interest to be mad at someone we like. Guys aren't known for being resentful. 
    After one night of sleep our days reset and we don't have a grudge anymore. 
    He also confessed to her again, this time even more directly. He said straight into her face he loves her. Sigh.....
  • JI accepts the part that Eun-U belongs to JH history and life, she showcases him that he is aware of his situation and still wants to stay and to be with him. That was kind of an confession aswell, which made him cry. I like that....
  • .....but I want a kiss. 
  • SI being pregnant would be horrible, worst case in any means. Especially if Si-hoon is the father and maybe he forced her into it with violence. Oh boy, please not. 
  • I totally enjoyed the couple-ish talk between JH and JI in the car. 
  • When JH left his car, his back towards GS and he looked over his shoulder to him.....I totally expected a Samurai fight. :joy:
  • Please don't be pregnant SI




So GS will put empty threads on JH *yawn*, fine, was obvious. JI's dad will find out, most likely GS told him, about Jae In being in the city and that JI broke up with GS because of another guy, fine. He just keeps talking  nonsense. 

But for all of that struggle, it seems we get a lot of OTP scenes and even a kiss.


Seems fine to me.

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Oh my Seo in might be pregnant, that scumbag SH. If it is, it is a different story now. I hope not since it will be more difficult to divorce SH. It is great to see the bond between the Lee sisters. I hope to see more of it. Especially once Jeong in starts to fight for ji ho.


I pity yeong ju hahaha. I guess she will die first of heart attack. The moment she sees GS in the window was like she sees a ghost lol. This drama is much, much better that SITR. Why? Because it has more of the family bond, friendships, side characters are interesting too. No wonder the writer can write more and make each character interesting. It will be much harder to wait for next week. Jeong in is already in love:wub: Jae in needs to take care of her SI if she is indeed pregnant. That leaves JI living alone hahaha. My mind is going somewhere lol


All i can say is JHI is one lucky guy. From SYJ to HJM, what else can he asks for lol. He has been very blessed hahaha

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:D JH is living alone anyway.  Just that JI friend is living just downstairs.  :P


So far i still do not find GS as a bad person.  He is just a man with flaws.  Which all the characters here have them.  It is even normal for him to feel angst because his girlfriend indeed fell in love with someone.


He will be saint if he is not upset or angry at all.

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13 minutes ago, tok-soompi said:

:D JH is living alone anyway.  Just that JI friend is living just downstairs.  :P


So far i still do not find GS as a bad person.  He is just a man with flaws.  Which all the characters here have them.  It is even normal for him to feel angst because his girlfriend indeed fell in love with someone.


He will be saint if he is not upset or angry at all.


It will be awkward as jeong yu lives downstairs hahaha. My imagination is running wild lol. Well there's a kiss so we all know what happens next lol.


Time to work first. Enjoying all the posts here. Actually i can't keep up with all the wonderful posts here:D Thanks for the beautiful gifs too.

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WOWSERS! How am I supposed to wait for next weeks episode FML

Here I go with my scene highlights.


JI telling JH off at the library


*JH looking like a naughty school boy that's about to be told off by the teacher - love mid shot of JI looking straight at his face and JH avoiding JI gaze*

JI: Why did you bring him here if you weren't going to watch him?

JH: See? He was fine on his own, so I just... stepped out to get some fresh air. 

JI: It only takes seconds for kids to get into trouble.

JH *says softly, still avoiding JI gaze*: You sound like you've raised one.

JI: I'm not a parent, but even I know that it's wrong. But how could you, his father, be so reckless?

JH: You're right. I lack as a dad in many ways.

JI: Are you sulking? (YES HE IS GIRL YES!)

JH: As if.

JI: You are.

JH *finally looks at JI & totally changing the subject LOL*: Why are you here anyway?

JI: I work here, remember?

JH; But it's your day off. 

JI: Did you choose to come today because I wouldn't be here? Why?

JH: Isn't it obvious?

JI: I was quite happy to bump into you though. I guess that wasn't the case for you. Anyway don't be too considerate. I'd prefer it that way.


Did y'all see how sheepish JH looked. And I find it really interesting that JI is the one correcting JH behaviour (for asking EW why he was crying when he just stepped outside), since she doesn't have kids. I feel like writer-nim is trying to portray that she has the characteristic to be a good mum and knows how to look after a child. 

Massive tangent BUT I swear I feel sorry for boys since it's been engrained in them from the beginning to not show emotions... would JH say this if EW was a girl? I hope we get rid of this stigma one day and value all human emotions


Love the conversation between JH and EW.

JH is totally bribing/apologising  EW with sweets. But on a more serious note, I feel so upset hearing EW feelings about being abandoned. Children are super perceptive and catch onto things pretty quickly, and I always try to value their emotions. When I was in the wrong to my kids (my students) I would always apologise to them for my behaviour. Kids need to know adults make mistakes too and also know the art of apologising and acknowledging one's mistake.


JH: Did you get scared when you couldn't find me?

EW: I thought you had abandoned me.

JH: That's absurd. Why would I ever do that?

EW: You were gone.

But the teacher came, so I wasn't scared anymore.

JH: Are you fond of her?


Jh: Why?

EW: She's nice.

What about you?

JH: What do you mean?

EW: Are you fond of her too?

JH: Yes.

EW: Why?

JH: What?

Because she's nice

*They both smile at each other AHAHAHHA*


JH telling off JI for her attitude 


EW: What about Ms Lee.

JH *smiles*: She'll be down soon, so be nice and proper.

EW: Okay.

Ms Lee ~

*JI gesturing to JH to talk, totally avoiding EW gaze OR too engrossed in her own woes to see him*

JH *reassures his son*: I'll be right back

*Outside the children's reading room*

JH: What's wrong.

JI: GS's here.

JH *dumbfounded*: So? 

JI: There's another exit at the end of the hall.

*JH really starting to get annoyed*

JI: Ji-ho ssi...

JH: Are you even going to make my son miserable. (:tears: OMG FEELS, COME HERE PUPPY I'LL GIVE YOU A HUG)

JI: I think you misunderstood me. 

JH: No, this one's on you.

You told me I don't have to be too considerate.

Why is this case any different? (YES THROWING BACK at the words she told him earlier)

EW isn't me. I can put up with anything, but not EW. (:tears: :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears:  WHAT A GOOD FATHER)

I won't forgive anyone who hurts my son.  

*JH leaves JI and picks up his son. Completing avoiding JI. EW give her stickers of dinosaurs. JI totally upset with herself because she knows she's being a f**king idiot*


I'm going to say it, JI attitude really annoyed me at the library, when she was freaking out that GS was coming by.... She acts like she's trying to protect JI and EW, but really baby girl, I feel like you say things to JH and your actions are completely different. So who are you really protecting?


LOL when GS met JH/EW outside, y'all there needs to be a gif for JH face when GS was giving his kid pocket money. That face is MOOD! On another note, I really like that GS gave him pocket money, seems like a good dude for doing that!  


GS seeing a really upset JI at the library

Just when I thought JI was going to be an idiot and not go chase after JH to apologise. She not only does that but simultaneously reveals to GS of her feelings/relationship with JH. This was a better reveal then I had imagined and so very fitting!


GS: Hey, what's wrong?

*GS places one hand on JI shoulder, worried*

Why are you crying? 

*JI looks down*

JI: Gi-seok.

GS: It's okay. Please don't cry. 

*GS trying to comfort JI*

JI *staring directly at GS*: I'm sorry.

GS *looks at JI confused*: What?

 JI *still not backing down on the gaze*: Sorry, Giseok.


*cue THE music* JI basically running to JH car. GS chases after Ji. Obviously drama-land so she misses JI by a hairs-breath. Beautiful shot of JI staring at JH car leaving, and the blurred figure of GS staring at JI. Love how the focus changed when JI turned around to face him. GS literally just doesn't say anything and gets into his car. LMAO that's one way to avoid confrontation about what he just saw.




I think these two scenes are again really telling of how society will react to JI and JH relationship. What do you do when society tells you it's wrong to be with someone who has a child and it's wrong for you to be with someone who isn't of the same "situation" as you are in. Well, society said a lot of crap was wrong (same-sex marriage, divorce, being a single parent) and look where we are now.

A still visibly upset JI with her library friend  (LF)


*Friend pats JI shoulder in comfort*

LF: He was going to find out sooner of later.

Although, he might feel especially betrayed since it was on the day you met his father.

JI: JH was furious when he left. 

LF: Aren't you worried about GS? (LOOOL)

And the pharmacist isn't in a position to get mad at you.

He practically used his nephew to find an excuse to see you.

JI: That's not it.

LF: Of course it is. He felt awkward to come alone, so he brought a child.

JI: It's his son.

LF *totally haven't heard JI say that yet*: Yes, I saw him. He's obviously a boy.

*The look on LF face when she realised what JI just said LOL*

Whose son?

JI: His son.

He's JH's son.

LF: Hold on. Give me a second. Is the pharmacist married (LMAOOO ohh man I love her, remember in the previous episode she's like to JI wait does he have a gf, now after the revelation that he has a son, its now is he married)


JI: He's a single father. 

LF: Seriously, JI.

JI: It's why I said I wasn't confident enough.

LF: This has nothing to do with confidence. What are you going to do?

I'm lost right now.

It's giving me a headache.

Just wait a second.



Visibly upset JH with his parent


Mum: Did something bad happen?

JH: Mum, shall I meet the lady you wanted to set me up with? (NOOOOOO)

Mum: Why? Just the other day, you said there's some you like.

JH: Because you wanted to set me up.

Dad: You should date the one that you like. (SERIOUSLY dad is the voice of reason in this entire conversation)

JH: There's no guarantee that the one I like will want to date someone like me.

Mum: There's nothing wrong with you. Everyone has scars, so you can just call it even. You don't lack anything. You're smart and good-looking. Plus, you have a good job. You're a pretty good catch. (AGREED). 

*JH smiles to himself but it's like a sad smile :(*

JH: So I shouldn't date someone who isn't scarred?

Mum: Obviously.

Dad: Not everyone he meets will be the same situation as he is. (YES DAD!)

JH: Because of EW?

Mum: That is one of the reasons. But why would you want to put someone without such a flaw through all that? That's selfish. It's bad karma. (DISAGREE mum, it's a person's individual choice to do that)

Don't even think that it may be possible.

*JH looks down not answering his mother, Mum look at him in shock*

Mum: That lady you like. Has she never been married? Give up immediately.

*JH turns to his mum*

No, just give up.

Dad: Why are you jumping to conclusions like that?

Mum: Honey, you'd better not encourage him. It won't work out.

JH: Mum.

Mum: No matter what it is, there is a world different between those who've experienced it and those who haven't. She has no idea what's it's like, and you'll expect her to understand you? That's so selfish. How unfair is that?

Dad: Enough, stop. It's your life, so decide wisely. That's all you can do.




I feel like Jae-In is the bedrock for SI and JI, they rely on her a lot and it's so good to see the sisterly bond between all three of them who love each other so much!

Jae-In and JI talking the kitchen


Jae-In: Are you just going to keep killing time?

You need to sort things out.

JI: I know, I should. You know what's funny though? AS for JH, I'm scared that he might ignore my call. And as for GS, I'm scared that he'll answer.

Jae-In: You're not ready to deal with him resenting you?

JI: That, I can totally deal with. I don't know about other things, but one thing that bothers me is... After being together for years, it's ending in a way that's too... Anyways I don't feel good about it.

Jae-In: It hasn't ended yet. It's never really over until you see each other at your ugliest.

JI: So we still have a long way to go?

Jae-In: You sure do. First, you need to sort things out with JH. I bet he was so turned off by what you did. He probably doesn't want to see me again. Apologise to him in person for hurting his feelings.

JI: What if I can't see him after that?

*Jae-In looks away dumbfounded. JI receives a call from JH*

Jae-In: Who is it?

JI: It's JH.

Jae-In: Your last chance is happening so soon. (LOOOOL)



My favourite scene of this episode. JI & JH they're back at the park, at that spot, at that bench. I think we need to do a healing trip to that park guys, there's something about that place that makes people pour their heart out.


*Mid shot of them sitting on the bench, with a space between them, JH side glances at JI, JI avoiding his gaze by looking down*

JH: Did I catch you at a bad time?

JI: What are you going to say?

JH: I'm not really here to talk. (*wink wink* puppy what are you here to do then?)

*JI looks at JH*

JI: Then why are you here?

JH: I wanted to see you. (SCREEEEEEEEEAAAMMMIIINGGG Y'ALL HOLD MY COFFEE, I need to do the giddy leprechaun dance)


JI: Just be hones with me. Don't tease me like this. (GIRL IS THAT A FACE OF SOMEONE TEASING)

JH: I'm not following. 

JI: I know you're mad at me.

JH: I was, but I was also worried you might use that as an excuse to run away. (SQEAULLLLLLLLL, back to doing my giddy leprechaun dance) 

*JI looks at JH in a frustration, stands up and speaks to JH*

JI: Will you keep joking around? Do you think I'n stupid?

*Interesting angle where JI is talking "down" to him. Usually this angle is used to show power dynamics. But in this scene it's emphasising on JH truthfulness and sincerity and vulnerability* 

JH: I guess you really are a fool.

*Looks up at JH, his full face in the frame*

I'm telling the truth. Why are you angry?

JI: That's really it? You wanted to see me? That's all? 

JH: I should just date another woman.

*cut to a sad JI face*

JH: How could you believe that right away (LMAOOOO what a jokester)

JI: You're so mean. 

*JH stands up, reinforcing they are equal in this relationship*

JH: We tend to pick up mean tricks quickly. (LOVE THIS!)

I've decided to stop wondering whether or not I deserve to ask you to be with me. No mater when you decide to come to me, and even if you choose not to be with me, I'm just going to love you. (Seriously baby, thank you for valuing your own feelings! :wub:)

I realised Yoo Ji-Ho *cues THE music* love Lee Jung-In.

*cut to JI look of relief, adoration at JH*

Will you cry again and say nothing?

* JI steps forward towards him, shows him the dinosaur sticker on her phone. JH no believing what he's seeing. JI looks at JH. JH IS IN DISBELIEF AND SITS DOWN. JI kneels down and peers into JH face. JI LOOKS  AT JH AND SMILES AND LOOKS AWAY AGAIN. THEY SMILE AT EACH OTHER. SLOW MO OF THEM SMILING AND WALKING* 


I'm interpreting that whole sticker scene as JI saying I accept not only JH feelings but JI telling JH that she accepts EW as well.


JI calling JH to inform him that GS outside his house

Again, how telling is it that JI is calling JH instead of GS. It re-affirms how much she cares for him and further highlights their trust in each other. 


JH: Hi, JI.

JI: Where are you?

JH: I'm on my way home.

*silence from JI*

JH: Is it about GS?

JI: You already know?

JH: Yes.

JI: I'll head over there now, so --

JH *in stern voice*: Don't come

JI: Ji-ho ssi. 

JH: We knew I'd have to talk to him at least once. Don't worry. I'll handle him.

JI: No, that's not right. I'll go sort it out.

JH: This is my problem.

I have a favour to ask you though.

JI: What is it?

JH: I want to be honest and tell everything.

Can I do that?

JI: Yes.

JH: Then it's all good. Don't worry.

JI: How can I not worry?

JH: Then keep worrying about it. (LOL)

JI: How could you crack a joke now?

JH: I'm just trying to tell you it'll be fine. Don't worry too much. I'll call you later.

JI: I'm sorry.

JH: For liking me?

JI *laughs*: Gosh, stop it.

JH: Put your worries to rest.

JI: You have to call me, okay?

JH: Alright~

JI: Talk to you later then.


*JH acts all confident over the phone but the scene lingers on and you can see JH is instead nervous about this confrontation*


Other thoughts:

If the writer-nim goes on the path of SI being pregnant, I'm going to be soooo annoyed. But also it would be an interesting path to explore with various questions to ask: Will she continue the divorce? Will she keep the baby? Will she even tell SH?


And we finally get a KISS, I'm SOOO KEEN ON THAT. I saw JH was the one INITIATING IT so that's also super exciting to see that!

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One of my favorite scene from last night's episode. I love the convo of Ji Ho and Eun Woo while in the library cafe. They are really good partner in liking my girl Jeong In.

Daddy knows how to copy EW's response..it's so cute haha!


They are really the most adorable father and son! :wub:







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@xXMzSmilesXx you are amazing!  Thanks for adding so much good stuff to our thread.



......I was just popping in to say that this was such a heavy, weighted, hard episode but also so very good.  And I am imagining what is on the road ahead for our leads who will likely have to depend upon each other because almost everyone else will be standing against them.  


.....and to say that I was left with a question about GS:  when did he stop doing music?  Did it have anything to do with him beginning to date JI?  It would be interesting if that were the case because that could be the source of his downfall with her (you know, hidden resentment) and returning to music could be the beginning of a redemption for his character.  I still kinda hate his guts but, as I said yesterday, I'd be interested to see the writer pull off a surprise with his character.


.....and, finally, to say that I really enjoyed the scenes with the three sisters banding and bonding together.  It must be incredible to have siblings like that!

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MBC released official photos of Episode 8. :heart:







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Strangely, I am interested in the back story of how GS and JI ended up dating.  They could not be any more opposite personality wise.  I always thought they're some sort of college sweetheart.  I hope we get to explore this, and JH's past relationship.  I wonder if EW's mom would make an appearance to stir the pot.  

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Ok I rearranged and postponed stuff to watch this. Not much time to comment. Actually nothing to complain about. I am actually not exasperated with Jaeng In. Why?  Because her responses are logical and expected. And I am thankful the writer didn't make her loud and histrionic.



I actually came to say that the side characters are really well written in this drama. No matter the personalities or quirks; they are fleshed out. I am actually impressed that Ji Ho's 2 male buddies behave as if they have his back. His 2 colleagues as well. I really like his 2 friends. They are written up as guys with some ethics. Especially YJ who stopped seeing Jae In.


Jaeng In's mother is awesome. After the writer's last awful mother I thank my lucky stars she wrote a nice mother.


Eun Wu is adorable. He's only 5 right?


And I laughed and laughed at all the daytime scenes. Lol. Yes Director, I am watching your mood and lighting. I also remember the food truck comments. With all the beep beep night shoots- I would be eating midnight snacks non stop. It's like a permanent night shoot man.


The other thing- we never went out during spring nights. It is so crowded during the daytime. I would make more of an effort to go out. Sigh, the spring blossoms are nice. And such long stretches.


Good show. I am surprisingly not complaining at all. The pace is slow enough. The cast is excellent. The director knows what he's doing and the writer takes time to peel apart the moments and emotions. As usual some sentences that should be phrased as a question are written as statements. And the lines are heart stopping- I mean meaningful- and catches my emotions.


I didn't even know I was in the mood for this sort of drama. Just so you guys know I didn't like the female lead character in the writer's last drama. Plus the antics.  And I am normally not even a HJM fan. But this is my favourite role I have seen her in. It suits her type.


This is so much better. More well thought out. 

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I love how the writer showed Jung in being so much affected by eunwoo cause it was probably due to reason that jiho was mad seeing his child too dragged in this hiding things and then eunwoo 

giving her that sticker was the final call.Jung in did what she said -She won't hurt him anymore. Even when she got to knew that GS is going to see jiho her first concern was jiho and I am so so glad that jiho told her it's his problem now.I am ready to see rebellious Jung in.


How seo in didn't reacted in a shocking way when jae in mentioned jiho showed that sisters know each other so well as seo in already sensed when she talked with Jung in last time.Their mother would be bit shocked with jiho having a child but will eventually support her.


I know it's too early to guess but if seo in is pregnant then why do I think the writer wants to show the parallelism specially to make Jung in father realise cause he will definitely create drama and may be her mother too to see there is no flaw being a single parent.Moreover I feel it will make her bolder and that she has to protect the child from this abusive relationship.But at the same time I do wish her not be pregnant :sweatingbullets:.


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Beautiful moment no dialogues exchanged between them.Jung in silent confession of accepting eunwoo and that she won't hurt him:bawling:.

As Jung in said in preview - I am in trouble,I love jiho.Well we are also in trouble for loving jiho and Jung in :D


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@xXMzSmilesXxthat was such a nice post. It made me squeal just by reading it:wub: Thank you chinggu.


Notice the distance between JI and JH. At first they are seated in separate benches but little by little, that distance is gone. JH has slowly removed that distance. Even when they are walking, those subtle direction of their feet. I really love this director. I don't know how i can survive until next week. I will watch the episode again first:wub:



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56 minutes ago, Pmyonly said:

Beautiful moment no dialogues exchanged between them.Jung in silent confession of accepting eunwoo and that she won't hurt him:bawling:.



Here's the BTS of the scene we all want.    :wub:

After the happy days, here we are... all back to waiting mode. 

At this moment, how I really wish we can freeze the time and remain to Wednesday and Thursday.


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JH friends, especially YG, he is hilarious lol:lol:


HS asks: what's making JH bold?


HS: what about JI? 


HS: what are you talking about?

YG: love, you idiot


:mrgreen::joy: I'm glad I wasn't eating anything ROFL:D

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19 minutes ago, lu09 said:

JH friends, especially YG, he is hilarious lol:lol:


HS asks: what's making JH bold?


HS: what about JI? 


HS: what are you talking about?

YG: love, you idiot


:mrgreen::joy: I'm glad I wasn't eating anything ROFL:D

That conversation was priceless :lol:

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