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[Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤

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Making film







credit to author






credit all the above to author


I need eng sub for these making film. :tears:

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1 hour ago, lu09 said:

Sorry for the long post lol. I tried to make it short:sweat_smile:


No need to make it short!  When you're recapping for us, write more.  I won't be able to watch for hours, so I love it when someone says what happened in the episode.





..........editing to say that the Raw is already posted on the *cough cough* Not Legal*cough cough*  ;)site where I watch.

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OMG the last part of the teaser for tomorrow when JH formally confessed to JI :wub:

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Oh. I love Jeong In. She told GS’s dad that she don’t want to get married.

Yes! My girl is starting to make her move because someone made a promise that he’ll be waiting. :wub::wub::wub:


The last words of JH from the preview of Episode 8...

”I realized Yu Ji Ho loves Lee Jeong In”


ME: wanted to jump and roll on the floor!!!!!


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I loved this episode!  I loved JI, I loved her mother, I loved JH''s mother and father, I loved Eun-u, and even KS's father a little.  Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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I really love this part from tonight’s episode. 


JI: don’t turn around. If you do, I won’t let you leave me. After many years, if I come to you then, will you really accept me?

JH: You’ll probably cling on until I do.

Ji: Don’t fall in love with anyone else until then.




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The momentum DOES.NOT.STOP! I love it! 

Plots are unravelling, and it's just so satisfying that JH & technically JI (I say technically because GS will not let her go FML) isn't hiding their relationship from people they care about. 


The tension in the beginning was palpable, I was on the edge of my seat. I swear I was holding my breath until JH and JI met. And the talk they had at the part was soooooooo heartbreaking yet satisfying! The emotions were so raw but most of all they have a good direction of where their next step is. 


In front of apartment - JH sees JI waiting for his arrival 

JI: You're going to yell right? Let's go somewhere less crowded. (I hate that she's going to be yelled at, it shows how used to that type of reaction from GS when she does something "wrong")

*JH remains silent the whole time and silently follows her* 


Park Scene - JI and JH seated on the bench but they is a visible gap between them

JI: Go ahead.

 *JI looks at JH who is not looking at her at all*

Should I go first?

JH: (replies to JI with the reply that he is expecting her to say to him) "I'm sorry. I was caught off guard. How could we keep on talking with GS next to you?"

*JH look at JI who can't meet his eyes so looks down*

You did that to protect me, right?

JI: Why not just put him on the phone? *looks at JH, voice raised in defence* If you wanted to be bold you should've told him it was me.

JH: I cant. I'm a loser who's too scared to take any risks. I asked for your help. I asked you to help me move on.

JI: Why must i do that?  Who am I to care if you're developing feelings for me? I can barely contain my own heart from exploding. *pounding her own heart* Why should I care if your heart gets crushed or not? I come first. What I want is my priority. I don't care if you go insane in the process. (LMAOOOOO GIRLLL)


Cut scene of GS and HS at the basketball dinner - GS takes HS outside to have one-to-one talk. 

GS: I was going to let it slide since I'm older and my girlfriend was mixed up in it, but how could your friends be so clueless? Don't they know what's appropriate or not? How can they walk in my girlfriend's home? 

HS: Her sister -- 

GS: JH's worse. He's seeing someone, so even though he was forced there, he shouldn't have drunk all night at their place. Is he that thoughtless? (SHUT UP GS)

HS: He's not normally like that. 

GS: No?

HS: No, he's not. 

GS: Then we have a bigger problem. Remember how he... go wound up on the day we had drinks? You're saying it meant something.

HS: JH was drunk that night--

GS: Does he... like my girlfriend? (Well he does catch onto things pretty quick... but why is he soo dumb with how JI obviously wants to end things. You only want to see or hear things that YOU want to.)

HS: What? Unbelievable. How can you even say such a thing?

GS: Is that so?

HS: Yes.

GS: You don't know about the woman he's seeing, so how can you be sure?

HS: The same goes for you. Did your girlfriend say JH likes her? You know what? You're pissing me off. (LOOOL SAME HS SAME!) I agree that my friends were idiots, but you make them sound like dirty pigs who hit on random women. It's disturbing to hear.

*HS looks visibly pissed off*

GS: Let's forget about it then. Jeez. *taps him on the arm as a truce* 

HS: Damn it. 


 Return to Park Scene

JH: Do you need me to stay hidden?

*JI looks at JH*

I know your situation and what you're going through. I understand but I still get angry from time to time. That's what happened today. Even when I was getting mad at you, I realised I was wrong.

*They both look downcast*

I like you a lot. (IM SCREAMINGGGGG)

I'm not in a position to fight for you,  but I'm too scared to cut you off. I feel like I'm doomed because my love for you grows bigger by the day. (Interesting the subber used "love instead of "like because I know JI says "joaha" )

When you told GS it was over, although I said that it wasn't what I wanted, secretly I thought about not being good enough for you. I started worrying about how you'd soon figure that our. What a loser, right? (PUPPY WHY YOU SAY THAT!) 

*JI heavily sighs*

JI: Even thought I say you had nothing to do with my decision to break up with GS, no one will believe it. They'll point fingers at you too.

JH: I don't care about any of that.

JI: To be honest, I'm still not sure. I don't know what I want in terms of a boyfriend or a husband. All I know right now is that I'm not happy with my current situation. I know very well that no relationship burns passionately every day and it's impossible for couples to never hurt each other. You can call me immature if you want, but I still long for those things. A relationship that I'm not the only passionate one and the kind of love where I don't get hurt. To be honest, I haven't even thought about starting something with you. 

*JI looks at JH* 

I mean --- 

JH: I'm not upset. I understand it all too well. You must feel stuck. Overcoming the difficulties and obstacles together? That's a myth. Once you become more objective on the matter, then I'll accept it all without resentment.

JI: What a liar. If I tell you that it's over and we should go back to being strangers, you'll accept that?

*JH FINALLY looks at JI*

JH: Right now I will. After time passes,  if you feel the same way, come to me then. :tears:

JI: Even if it's when I'm old and wrinkly?

*JH smiles and nods*

JH: Yes.

*JI smiles with tears - they both look down emotional - glances at each other smiles and looks away*



I love the scene where JI is right behind JH but calls to talk to him instead.


*on the phone*

JH: Hello?

JI: Don't turn around. If you do, I won't let you leave me. (SQEAUUUUULLLL) After many years, if I come to you then, will you really accept me?

JH: You'll probably cling on until I do. 

JI: Don't fall in love with anyone else until then.

*JH turns around to see JI, cue THE music*

I'm a mean person. I'm selfish too. Resent me all you want. I can handle your resentment. Just don't fall in love with anyone else.

JH: You're unbelievable.

JI: I said I'm mean. When I... finally make my way to you, I promise to protect you from all the criticism and judgement. (SWOOOOONNN) That's what I wanted to tell you today. I won't hurt you anymore, so promise you'll wait for me. 

*JH walks to JI slowly and HUGS HER*

JH: You can take as long as you want. Just as long as  you come to me. I'll wait no matter how long it takes. 

*JI tear eyes and basically just melts into him*

*cut to slow-mo scene JH walking under the falling cherry blossoms and couples lovey-dovey around him, his expression is one of happiness*




There was a funny scene where JI meets has an awkward meeting with HS/YJ/JH in front of her friend's apartment LMAOO, because now they all know what's happening between JI/JH.


HS: Has she been coming over?

JH: No it's not that.

YJ: Hey let's go (best WING MAN EVER)

HS: What?

YJ: Come on. We should get going.

HS: I have to talk to JH.

*dragging HS away*

YJ: No, you don't. Shut up. Bye.


*JI and JH being awkward after they leave*

JH: I don't think your friend is home yet.

JI: She'll be home shortly.

JH: You don't know her door code? (im pretty sure she does LOL)

JI: Have you had dinner yet?

JH: Yes.

JI: Alright, then. *JI turns to walk away LOOOOOL* (It's like her saying if you ain't gonna feed me then bye.)

JH: Let's go grab some food. 

JI: You said you've eaten.

JH: I'll watch you eat. (LMAOO)

JI: But you won't buy me dinner? 

*JH takes his hands out of his pocket and pats it*

JH: I don't have my wallet.

JI: Even if you did, you wouldn't.


*Cut scene to the restaurant, the ahjumma put a bowl in front of each person but when she left JI just grabbed JH bowl and placed it on her side, LMAO I LOVE THAT*

 JH: Can you really eat both?

JI: You're not getting any.

 *JH leans on the table, cups his left hand to his face and just stares at JI*

JH: I said I'd watch you eat.

JI: I feel like a monkey in the zoo.

*JH leans back* 

JI: By the way, you friends...

JH: It's okay. I told them briefly.

JI: What did they say? 

JH: They're probably more surprised with me. 

JI: Were you really going to stay single forever? (LOOOOL)

JH: I wouldn't say that but I never thought about it or made any effort. What are you thinking?

JI: What? Nothing.

JH: About my story... I'll tell you everything later on.

*JI nods and slurps her noodles*

JH: You really aren't even offering.

*JI looks up at him chewing, she looks so freaking cute like a chipmunk*

JI: Fine, I'll be generous. Just one bite, then.

*JI holds out the chopstick THAT SHE HAS BEEN EATING WITH towards JH & JH looks at it, reaches for it but decided against it, JI realising why goes to grab another chopstick but JH just grabs the bowl with the chopsticks and chows down* (INDIRECT KISSES EVERYONE, we are are slowly moving from the hugging phases*



And that phone scene between JI and JH :wub:


JH: I told mum that there's someone I like. (I think JH feelings for JI are pretty serious if he told his mum that he has someone, because he's been acting like someone whose going to be single forever, like he sinned by having a child without a mum)

JI: And what did she say? What is it? You can't tell me?

JH: She cried. She must've been very surprised.

JI: Jih-ho ssi. It must've been very hard for you.

*cut to JH getting emotional*

JI: I told you that I'll go to you without hurting you. I'll make sure you won't have to sigh. 

JH: But I want to make sure you won't have a hard time. If you don't cause any trouble, I'll be fine. (LOOOOL)

*JH smiles*

JH: I'll be good to you.

JI: It goes both ways. We'll be good to each other. (SWOOOOOOOON)

JH: This feels surreal.

JI: What?

JH: You and I... are "we" now.




Also JI and GS dad's meeting went really well, but man I would not be able to digest in that eating environment. I feel like GS dad was getting quite impressed by what she was saying to him. Also the montage of GS shopping for a wedding ring, come one dude! WHAT THE ACTUAL F***K. Anyways back to GS dad and JI, I love what she said at the end. If she can't stop GS, maybe his dad can!


GS dad: It seems like GS wants to marry you. Have you two talked about it?

JI: Yes, we have talked about it.

GS dad: it doesn't sound like you two are on the same page.

JI: I'm sorry.

GS dad: For what?

JI: I... don't want to get married.


The preview looks amazing, it looks like she's really going to cut things off with GS and them JH/JI will finally start seeing each other.

I'm pretty sure it's JH voice saying:



I've decided to stop wondering whether or not I deserve to ask you to be with me. I'm just going to love you.  



JI & JH keep talking about TIME TIME TIME, so I'm really worried there might be a time jump. Not that it's a bad thing, but I want JI to be a mum and just raise EW together. But it's only episode 7, so WHO KNOWS what obstacles they're going to throw at us!


Side notes JI and JH mum are the best! No bad attitude mother-in-laws in this drama!

While I was speculating about who's going to help SI, I totally forgot about mama bear. Goodness me, I was cheering at SI/MUM/SH scene. It was soo satisfying to watch her SHOVE HIM out of the house, TELL HIM OFF and literally stood her damn ground and made sure that SH was in the elevator leaving her daughters apartment. I know where all these girls get the bad - assery attitude from - mama bear!


For JH mum, when she was crying at JH saying he has someone he likes. Gosh! You can tell how much JH mum's been worried about his attitude towards his own life. JH is her son, and of course she wants her son to have a happy life and find someone who loves him and EW. Don't worry mum, there's a great gal that I hope you meet soon!


Also if you guys are wondering how long JI & GS have been in a relationship for?




I literally thought it was 6+ years! I don't know , dating must work out differently when you're in your 30s then your 20s. Because I have friends who have been dating for 6+ years and they're just cruising with life and enjoying it. Yes there are MUTUAL discussion about marriage involved but they want to take it easy.



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I love everything about this episode..except for SH and JI dad scenes..

true enough JH/ JI make a step further into thier blossoming relationship despite its still a secret to some..that confeesion from JI, dont turn around or else I wont  let you leave me is a sign that she is ready to let  go a relationship that is long gone and start anew with the person  whom you love  & who truly loves you & makes you happiest. That HUG! says it all! no words needed...

JH letting his friends know is the right thing to do even if they dont agree with it or not .it is a known fact unavoidable circumstances surronding JH/JI will definitely becomes  a problem .But again as I always say JI must finish her relationship with GS formally and  making GS understands .Her bold  confession without  bashing an eyelash to GS dad of her not  marrying the latter makes herself clear of falling out of love already with GS.

I love the dinner scene! JH just watching JH eat with puppy eyes makes our pharmacist  more adorable...:wub: A man is truly madly deeply in love with our librarian! :heart:

Now, that Mom knows what is Seo In going through with her annoying husband I think itll a less burden to her knowing that her mom is there with her admist this painful ordeal. I hope she will be more open on sharing her pain her issues with her marriage to her family.because at the end of day, its them whom she can lean on.


GS , buying a ring ....is it too late?   knowing right in his face  that he and JI are no longer in that kind of level in their so called 4 year relationship..its ruin for real , it  cannot be ammended. nor be fixed..

JH, confessing to his mom ..tears of joy from her!  that finally her son has fallen in love! I dont see any problem JI being accepted by JH's parents..specially knowing how JI treats Eun with so much love.and vice versa .

Jae In must have like JH friend so.much that she was affected by him not wanting to see her..


cant wait for  the episode tomorrow.Finally, a break up and confession from JH!

start of a new found happiness to both JH & JI.

& that hug from Eun to JI suree JH will be emo again.

will re watch episode 7.. 

Thank you @lu09 for the episode recap! enjoyed reading it while awaiting the subs! aporeciate it.:) pls dont get tired of doing so please.


@xXMzSmilesXx  thank you too for  your scene by scene analysis..Tonight's made my heart flutter ..just like how Jae In describes one spring night  during their  Q&A Jenga game.It indeed flattered my heart.


@tok-soompi thanks for sharing the episode 7 bts..happy to know that both Haein and Jimin are very comfy with each other during shoots..so the outcome of every scene makes thier chemistry awesome on screen.


@anyeze  Thank you for the live streaming links! 






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I LOVE THE MOMS! I teared when SI got a text from her mom and said how they'll go through this and that she loves her.... it's so beautiful :tears:


This episode just showed us how fearless JI is to literally everything... woah she's so cool! I couldn't stop being anxious when JI met GS's father but she handle it very well. There's nothing else I can say except how much this episode taught me a lot about love and relationship. I wish good things for both JI and JH. (Gosh, why am I so attached to fictional characters?!) 


One more thing.... I hope our EU will be alright. Please don't make people talk ill about EU, PD-nim!

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I thought JH's friends were supportive of him when he confessed about JI though they are a little worried about the complicated situation. Even though that bank worker friend is a bit of a gossip, I hope JH's friends will stand by him.


I am in love with the moms in this episode. @greezlybee I also cried with the moms today. 


The highlight for me however was the honest conversation our leads manage to have and smile at the end of it. These conversations have helped them take their relationship in new places Everytime.


Can't wait for tomorrow.

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JH: Im just going to love you.. And I realized Yo JiHo loves Lee Jeong In.:heart:

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WOOOOHOOOO!!! JI’s MOM ROCKS!!!  :scream::love:


For now she’s my favorite character!!!:kiss_wink::thumbsup:


weird, now i can not wait for Seo In storyline and her mother appearances in the upcoming episodes!!


sorry Jung In! Your mother stole my heart!!! Girl Power!!! Can not forget the battle of the eyes :ph34r::unamused:(it kinda look like this emoticon the mom face):D between her and SH!!:naughty:



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This drama is really on different level it's not only superlative in terms of story writing but the dialogues exchanged  between the characters has so much depth and meaning that it's affects you,makes you think about them.


Every time ji and jiho converse with each other I always replay it twice cause each and every word they say to each other touch my heart even though it's hurts sometimes as it happened today too.Ji saying she is still not sure about starting things with jiho I see nothing wrong in her saying that cause she is not jumping from one relationship to another just so fast,they need to resolve everything in between then there is a child involved too.I teared when Ji said- If i tell you that it's over and we should go back being strangers you will just a accept that? jiho- Right now I will :tears: After time passes,if you still feel the same way come to me then :bawling:

I love Jung in for being so honest admitting she is mean and it's really refreshing to see female lead saying this dialogue- When I finally make my way to you "I promise to protect you from all the criticism and judgement" as it's usually other way around.THEIR HUG no words needed :heart:.

Giseok is really not letting her go seriously to the extent he is buying a proposal ring and whenever he says "Now I know" like what have been doing for 4 yrs. It's true you realise the value of something when it slips away from your hand .As he said Jung in had always been understanding and he was the only one who told let's break up in the past shows that how much he has given in this relationship in past.

In between all these tension filled moment I loved them being adorable in restaurant and omggg when he took that bowl and chopsticks from her :wub:

How much I love seo in mom here her eomma will surely protect her and once she knows about physical assault she will surely drag the hell out of him.And the look that sh gave to mom was scary!And not to forget her mom saying they will get through it "I love you" Those were healing words for seo in :tears:.

Except Jung in father all the family members of both the leads are so understanding and seeing jiho mom getting teary listening her son got someone ahh this drama :tears:.I would really like to see scene of jiho mom and Jung in coming episodes.

And lastly I loved the last scenes with ji and giseok father,she is determined about giseok.


About the preview something happened with eun woo plzzz don't hurt my cute munchkin and again they are misleading lol they put dialogues here and there with different scenes so that we keep wondering :D


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1 hour ago, Real_noona said:

I thought JH's friends were supportive of him when he confessed about JI though they are a little worried about the complicated situation. Even though that bank worker friend is a bit of a gossip, I hope JH's friends will stand by him.


I am in love with the moms in this episode. @greezlybee I also cried with the moms today. 


The highlight for me however was the honest conversation our leads manage to have and smile at the end of it. These conversations have helped them take their relationship in new places Everytime.


Can't wait for tomorrow.

And that's why her relationship with GS was doomed from the start. Like she said to GS's father, they started dating without thinking about the future. From their words, it becomes clear that JI had never thought about what kind of boyfriend and husband she wanted. She had no expectation from the start hence G could take advantage of her. After meeting JH, she not only realized what her relationship was missing, she also got aware about GS's flaws (he doesn't respect her, he is passive-aggressive, mean) and she realized what she needed. 

With JH, JI behaves differently. She is not submissive. She wants to show her true personality, not hide her feelings and her thoughts. She is even willing to admit her flaws so that she ensures that JH can see for whom she is: if he still likes her, then it means that he accepts her with her strengths and flaws. 

JI has already in her mind that if she decides to be with JH, then it means that this relationship will have a marriage as goal. She definitely told JH that she wanted to find what kind of boyfriend and husband she wanted... since she mentioned marriage, this means that marriage is not something she dislikes.


Both are honest with each other and JH is not passive-aggressive. Both admit their mistakes, while it took GS a while, until he admitted that he needed to change. He only did it after being cornered. He knew that if he didn't, then JI would definitely dump him. Moreover, JH is different from GS because he lets JI have the upper-hand in their relationship. He will wait for her, he lets her make the decision hence he never yells at JI.


As for the friends, they seem to accept it first. Yet, in the preview, they say as if JH was stealing JI from GS. Their remark bother me a lot, it was as if JI was an object. No, JH didn't steal JI from GS as JI never belonged to GS. Yes, she was his girlfriend but if he had been more committed to this relationship, then JI's heart wouldn't have fluttered. GS took her for granted and even abused his position to emotionally abuse her: the constant threads of breaking up was a huge sign. JI allowed him to trample on her. And now, JI has decided not to accept such a behavior any longer.


Since JI made it clear to the father that she won't marry GS, the latter can no longer hide it from his father. It was a great move from JI because if he had been there, he would have pressured her to hide it. GS is a little manipulative.


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Interesting subplot idea....Now that potential civil servant is backing off Jae In, what if the other banker friend. HU (?), tried to officially date Jae In?  He has left all sorts of foreshadowing that he is desperate to meet girls, he wishes he had a girlfriend who had him on a leash, he called both sisters gorgeous, and seemed offended that Jae In asked him where he worked and didn't remember that he had already told her he worked at the bank.  Interesting if he actually pursued her, potential civil servant might get jealous and realize he has feelings for her, and Jae In would finally have the attention she craves. I think she would pick the potential civil servant (PCS), even though her parents would prefer the other based on his resume.  She became starry eyed about him at the karaoke place when she heard his beautiful, romantic voice.  He is shorter and not as good looking, but she seems to truly like him and I think he is genuinely a responsible nice guy.  The only hitch to this fantasy is that HU demanded that JH and PCS stay away from both sisters to avoid KS's (his boss) wrath.  This could change once JI and KS really break up and KS shouldn't really care who Jae In dates.

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SO GLAD the Mom told the jerk SIL to shove it 'cause I was so sure she was goin' to ask the eldest daughter to beg for mercy & rethink their marriage. As it is always the case in many many MANY K-Dramas..:rolleyes::P


The women in Jeong-In's household are a force to be reckoned with!:w00t: Although I'm not comfortable with the way Jae-In is behaving..<_< like so what if she's lived abroad!? Does that give her license to be an immature, brash, spoiled brat? I think not:angry: I do love her spunk when she told off Young-Jae that she'd kill him if he failed his exams! Hell hath no fury indeed:w00t: Like why is she bothered anyways LoL? Didn't she like Jeong-In tell the men they wanted to keep things platonic!? Ugh.:P Not cool. 


And Jeong-In ah you're not ready to be in another relationship but you've called dibs on the pharmacist WoW.


Sure....when your woman tells you she wants out of the relationship, only then you pop the question LMFAo!! Aigoo~ Gi-Seok ah~ geez what's with everyone in this drama LoL. Then Jeong-In's work colleague was pretty presumptuous to think Eun-Woo was Ji-Ho's nephew:P or that he was there to see Jeong-In. I don't think there's passion between Gi-Seok/Jeong-In but I don't see compatibility with her & Ji-Ho either! I mean sure he's a hottie but what else though?   

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Subs are out. Need to watch first. I barely slept last night lol. Goodness this show had so much effect on me:D

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Ep 7 (13/14), subs were early today. :D 


  • The spot in the park is probably one of the most romantic spots I have ever seen. It's so quiet and peaceful, it reminds me of the spot of Weightlifting Fairy, where JH "explained" his love to BJ.
  • Guys in love or being interested in a girl are always feared to take risks or be brave. We really are losers sometimes. Feeling @Sejabin's punishing gazes here. 
  • Is GS really saying something about JH and his friend staying at JI's house? How can he be so jealous, but treat her like that? And what's suddenly about his talk about JH being no threat, since he's a single dad?
  • That was one damn good confession by JH, I like it. He told his feelings towards JI, good boy. 
  • It's time for the first kiss. I am ready for it. And please no time skip.
  • I'm honestly so glad that JH is honest to his friends and talks openly about it without letting anything out. I also love how his friends react and don't make a fuss, but rather talk about it calmly and don't make any accusations or try to talk him out of it. That is real friendship there. Sometimes friendship among guys is superb. 
  • It's so creepy if you watch someone eat. If someone would watch me eat......wouldn't end well I guess. :D 
  • Somehow I wanted SI to tell her mom about her problems with her husband, but.....honestly I liked it that she witnessed his behaviour, his status and his overall appearance first hand. Mom was always very brave and stood up if necessary, and she is so quick witted, she realized the situation right away and stepped in, defending SI. What she did was great and she executed it perfectly. It seems SI got her second ally. Her words were so powerful, by just mentioning that she will make sure that they will get a divorce, you could see that had quite an impact on him. That blow was crushing. Mom is the real MVP in this drama. :D 
  • SI almost crying, with tears in her eye, reading that her mom loves her and is one her side was probably the most beautiful moment in this drama. She totally found a new ally.
    As much as I like the main-story line, I am honestly more interested and curious how her story ends, maybe I'm a bit in love with her, due to my protective instincts and good old fashioned SLS, but she is having real problems and every step that goes into the direction makes me happy. These moments are like a ray of light that help her. 
  • This drama will set a new record for almost break-ups. It's getting tired.
  • Somehow just seeing GS at the jewelry store triggers me, must be his answer to every problem. Diamonds solve everything.
  • Last scene was kinda expected, it was somehow obvious that JI does something like this. 


Episode tomorrow will hopefully be the starting point for war. It looks promising based on the preview. It seems GS lost it and JI finally broke up. 

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