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[Drama 2019] Spring Night, 봄밤

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I am yet to watch the last episode (tmrw probably)but this drama definitely made it to my all time fav dramalist(2018-19) including the recent dramas that I watched - my ajusshi, mother, beautiful world,rise of Phoenixes(Chen kun is brilliant -if anyone here watch cdramas it's highly recommended,sky castle(except the ending which went flat for me),Mr sunshine and children of nobody.

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11 minutes ago, Pmyonly said:

I am yet to watch the last episode (tmrw probably)but this drama definitely made it to my all time fav dramalist(2018-19) including the recent dramas that I watched - my ajusshi, mother, beautiful world,rise of Phoenixes(Chen kun is brilliant -if anyone here watch cdramas it's highly recommended,sky castle(except the ending which went flat for me),Mr sunshine and children of nobody.


I've only seen a few minutes in between bouts of baking (there are now 13 loaves of bread (6 varieties) and two cakes cooling on my kitchen counter), and I'm looking forward to enjoying the remainder of the finale with a well-deserved mug of tea!  (Not even gonna think about the mixing bowls in the sink until later.)  Just waiting for the last loaves to finish baking before I collapse into my favorite chair.


Have really enjoyed everyone's various views and all of the sharing we've done on this thread. 

Group hug!  :wub:


My only wish would have been to see more of the side stories.


This is also on my all-time favorite list along with Just Between Lovers and Come Here and Hug Me, along with JDoramas like Tokyo Bandwagon, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Kingyo Club and, especially, Nagareboshi --if you haven't seen Nagareboshi, you would love it!  It's a few years old but it still resonates, and it's the first JDorama that I was so addicted to that I watched without subs the moment each episode was posted.  So good!


Sad thought:  what drama can I watch next? 

It will be a long time before anything tops One Spring Night.



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Last Episode


  • GS really doesn't know when it's over. He lost the battle long ago. Even both fathers are annoyed by this point. He is like a kid who clinges on his fav toy with all he has.
  • If MVP Mom really believed GS words, she probably drank aswell. 
  • During the small scene at JI workplace, I really have to agree to @thistle, you could do so many dramas about the side character, JI's best friends at the library, the girls at the pharmacy (really would like to know more about the two there), JI's sister, JH and his best friends or even both. Something like Plus Nine Boys.
  • Let me answer this for you Gi Seok. Yes, it was your fault.
  • The scene with HS in front of the elevator was pure sugar. :D Especially how he just dropped the bomb and disappeared. Savage!
  • I'll be so sad if Si-hoon doesn't end up in prison. JI reaction when she heard the news was so sad. This guy has to be punished hard. 
  • I just love the bond between the sisters.
  • I can't express how much I loved SI during the gathering with JI's family. Her way of asking JH was so beautiful and so meaningful. I loved it. Her curiosity and the thing that he could be a big help for her aswell was so, so.....happy. SI is really my favorite role in this drama. Seeing her smile during the scenes was probably the most beautiful thing in this drama, she's so pretty when she's happy.
    SH destroyed so much. 
  • Seeing MVP Mom so happy is also so nice. Really beautiful scenes. Well shot.
  • Well JH, you made all three women cry with just one single answer. You won! :D Congratz! You've mastered sweet talking. 
  • Really? Another....kinda small fighting...... scene at the end with JH drinking? Is this really necessary after all these beautiful scenes before? Gosh!
    Honestly? I find JH lying to JI way more serious than his words towards her while being drunk last episodes. Straight up lying and trying to fool her than just being honest is way more serious in my books than saying something stupid while drunk. 
    If the writer would have done this scene yesterday with JI's reaction also from yesterday, it would have been way smarter. Her smiling it away would have been also way more proper with him saying stupid things while being under the effect of alcohol.
  • Still, I find this scene so unnecessary again.
  • Okay.....bed scene made up for it.
  • Sorry.....I'm a guy.....so I have to say this......but GS date, she is HOT!  :scream: Maybe he should have met her a bit sooner. :joy:
    Ahem.....sorry. :no_mouth:
  • ....gosh.....she is really beautiful! :love:
  • Okay....I'm done now! Promise!
  • MVP dad is so amazing, he wins JI on his own. She's so happy to have a family like this.
  • Well, seems like JI also mastered the ways of sweet talking. She also managed to make both of JH's parents cry. Especially JH's mom.
  • Isn't it funny how both of them tell the other to stop drinking or stay sober, when actually JI's drinking with her best friend was the reason she actually met JH? Alcohol was the sole reason they met in the first place, without alcohol, they would have never met. 
  • ........unfinished. That is what remains in my thoughts at the end........it feels like they ran out of time........I need to think a a bit about the end....

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The last episode was so satisfying. 16 hours and more that i spent on this drama is truly worth it. I will miss this drama for sure. Nice closure and the JI and JH are so inlove with each other. That is what really matters:wub:

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A wonderful episode.


A many things that stood out.


-JH trying to use Pharmacist Noona's reasoning to get out at being "punished" by JI, "Doesn't this show that I'm human". 


-The sisters having each other's back is always great to see.  It seems that Jae-in is usually the last one added to the group hug pile on.  Well, that's because Jae-in is the one who turns it into a group hug.


Jae-in's wisdom, "How did he become a dentist with his level of stupidity?"


-People say JI is blunt, but I find Jae-In much more blunt. At least she is with her peers.  She is more circumvent around "adults".


-I love the community in this drama and how much the members support each other.  It was great watching JI's work friends praise JH for deciding to take EW to the family meet and JI being annoyed because she isn't getting any credit for the decision.


-And everyone ragging on JH for him having to sign a pledge with JI. Now everyone wants a pledge.  The pharmacy family continues to incite envy.


-Great that JH's friend didn't back off from telling GS that JH romance was back on.  I also loved that he ducked after dropping the news.


-The rich jerks blaming each other for not helping the other keep "their" women captive.  Both men were so clear that financial status the the way of keeping women by their sides.  Both have no belief in their own intrinsic value as a human being. Also another deficit was their inability to make responsibility for their own actions.


-I still had some hope for GS who I don't think is as bad as SH. GS interaction with JI's mother was another step down into the compost pile.   Before he wouldn't really lie, but allow people to form their own incorrect conclusion by smiling smugly and  leaving thing deliberately unsaid.  With JI's mom he just lied and smeared with abandon.  He didn't realize how much he was diminishing his status with JI's mom, even as he made her a little concerned about JH.  I think because he doesn't tell his father the truth, he assumes the JI kept her mom in the darm.


-That hope of his growth died a bit when he lied to his arranged date about not remembering this last relationship.  Maybe that was meant to be taken as a step forward and accepting the reality of the end of his relationship with JI, but I don't know.  I will admit that GS's changed hairstyle made him look the best he'd ever looked in this series. #sexy.


The family meet.




EW bows/greetings.:blush:

Seo-In for the win.:relaxed:

Jae-In for the cut to the chase.:tounge_wink:

The moment when Mom, Seo-In and JI were crying, :love:

I love the way the women not only accepted JH but also embraced EW.


Seo-In adding a picture of her and EW to her scrapbook journal.  You just know EW is going to be the best big cousin.


I love Young/Jae/In relationship.  I wish that there was more physical affection between them on camera.  Their energy is like that of an old married couple.


I don't actually like when JI scolds JH.  JH looks so young already; the episode where he wore his backpack over his black polo, he looked like a high schooler.  When JH scolds JI the power dynamics seems  skewed. He seems like a school boy and he a schoolmarm.  


It seems like kdrama is addressing the consequences of the choices that the stigma of single motherhood have forced South Korean women to make.  

-Right now we have One Spring Night, which has been great about acknowledging the pain EW's mother left before, but it has been careful not to stigmatize her.

-In Mother of Mine, we see an adult child dealing with her single mother's abandonment.  We don't know the entire circumstances that led to the mother's decision.  Right now her decision is being demonized.   

-In WWW we see Park Morgan's pain of his mother's decision not to raise him.  Again we don't know all the circumstances. 


SKorea might have national trauma that resulted from international adoption. I'm pro adoption, pro birth control, and pro choice. Women should be able to make the best choice for themselves and their family.   I wonder when nations will lessen the stigma associated with single parentage, so that parents who want to keep their children can. 





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Thoughts after the finale


First, I love the drama, I may not agree with every decision that was made at the end, but you can't expect that to happen. It's still one of my favorite dramas, the OST is amazing, I ordered the album anyway and it was 16 hours well spent.
But somehow.....I feel a bit unsatisfied, I felt like the writers ran out of time and that another couple of episodes would have done a good job at finishing each plot line, because as of now.....a lot of strings are.....open. 

Which makes me a bit sad, the drama was so good, that it puts me at unease that I don't know how life turned out for everyone. I wanted to see more of their life now that everything it a bit quiet and settled. 

  • Si-Hoon just signing the divorce papers is way too less, I really wished we would have seen him in jail or at least in court. Somehow he escapes too easily and doesn't have to stand up for his crimes. I somehow also wish they would have touched SI storyline as an anchorwomen again. 
  • JH's dad still doesn't approve of JI and JH. In fact, he never really met him, just once in front of her apartment. I wished they would have solved this somehow. It feels unfinished that JH's dad is still doubing her choice and even asks again about GS.
    I don't see much progress in his character during the end and I wished he would have been more fluffy in the end. Even as potential granddad for Eun-U. 
  • Jae In and Young-Jae feels like a lot of wasted potential, it seems like they are a couple by now.....but I wished we would see a kiss or more scenes between them. Their relationship would interest me aswell, it feels the director didn't want to touch them due to time issues.
  • JI's dad and the foundation, he asked for time to think and everything, but we still don't know what he does or what he is going to do. I feel like this storyline is still also very open and wasn't finished at all.
  • GS chased JI for 16 episodes, but one talk with SH is enough for him to realize he's wrong? I don't know, a bit too easy. 
  • I would have loved to see some marriage scenes in the end. 


Overall it is still a 9.5 out of 10 for me, but I feel there was more possible. Sigh.......that means we totally need a second season! Their fight for JI's dad approval!

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Even at the last minute, i pity and feel bad for GS. His face in the set up date with assemblyman jang's daughter says it all. He looked like he was there because he does not have any choice at all lol. He will forever regret treating JI that way. She might be mean and selfish but she has this inner quality that he can't easily find. But he needs to move on. Sad but it his painful truth:)


And they end up no.1. Team's hard work is truly rewarded in the end:wub:



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I think like Jae-In many of us would have liked to see SH prosecuted for abusing Seo-In but as unsatisfying as the ending of their relationship might have seemed it made sense for the SKorea I've been shown on kdramas.


I've watched kdramas where people acted as is being an orphan is a personal failing.

In the kdrama world, when one family member transgress, the entire family seems to be held responsible. So parents can divorce until their children are safely married.


Even SH dared Seo-In to make her child's father a criminal.


So SH behind bars would have been fun,  but SH being designated a criminal might have stained Seo-In's child's future.


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Okay I am gonna talk about the last episodes in parts so please bear with me :D here we go




Their first scene -the contrast between episode 1 and last episode the spot where jiho first time mentioned about having eunwoo and now in the end talking about how it was difficult for him to endure.Jung in thought remain the same for eunwoo at that time also she didn't judged him and now we all know how much she loves him. Their conversation part will remain my favorite moment of their beautiful relationship that has grown through the time with love and trust.


Jiho pulling out pharmacy noona words - doesn't that makes me human haha well I am with Jung in regarding his drinking habit even eunwoo doesn't like it so yeah :D

The agreement-




Their honest talks it's true Jung in approves him and that's matter the most for him.


LMAO Jung in father saying as a parent we should respect their choices,support them and that's how I have treated my daughter's all this time this man aigooo:DGs please move on from the chant -"i am going to marry" Jung in I just don't feel anything I am not even annoyed lol.The fight scene between ji and gs father was such a comic moment lol I laughed a lot specially with them bumping into each other and gs father throwing his bandage over hi father :D


Gs scene with Ji mom well looking by her face she wasn't taking anything that was said by him :D.Wish writer had shown some redemption path for gs he remains the same.


Jung in friends are on jiho side hahaha sweet "Don't forget your wallet":D takes me back to episode 1 it was one of the reasons why they got together ahh nostalgic!

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Gs conversation with his dad - "I have to force her down the aisle" :vicx: ahh like his father he got no dignity.  We should marry for your sake first it was Jung in and now it's his father *facepalm*.


The amount of rage Jung in was feeling when she got to know about the assault and I am glad they showed her knowing it.We all love the bond between the sisters got teary seeing them crying in each other's arms 





Lee women's meeting with jiho and eunwoo.Each and every moment is screenshot worthy it was such a beautiful and emotional moment:tears:

My girl Jung in is look so excited lmao just look at her face:D



Wonderful ladies admiring our jiho and my pumpkin as usual cute his little bows aigoo:wub:


*Mom you are burning a hole in jiho face* lol Jung in I was smiling like an idiot during their scenes and love how she moved beside him when jae in took eunwoo out and said - She will bombard you with questions so I will block what's unnecessary 




Thanku writernim for showing this moment when seo-in asked what was going through his mind while raising eunwoo. His answer made all the ladies cry(well jung in got this habit from her family )- Eunwoo is living his life with only me to look upto so I couldn't crumble, Jung in putting all her faith in me so I am going to protect her at all cost. Listening those words that someone will be there to protect her daughter (seo-in sister) made them emotional specially with the other men around them who had just tried to take dictate and control over them - Ji father, seo-in husband and giseok.




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Loved what jiho and  speciallyJung in said in the end of their lovely get together.

i can do it, we will get it together.I know that things we never even expected can happen and there may be moments when we will regret our decision.But you know? I will be still okay because I will have jiho by my side.I will vent on him and he will make me feel better.I will be happy again.





Another comic moment two losers blaming each other for loss :D


*Crying*:tears: Seo-in fighting!





"Unexpectedly you" this theme also suits for this couple 


Jaein will remain one of my favorite characters from the very start :wub:

The "US " moments between jiho and Jung in had always been so heartwarming.Like ji said "Three of US will get through this together".



The writer has seriously done an excellent job with dialogues.


Lol poor jiho going through all these signing the agreements and pledges. Pharmacy noona and his colleagues teasing him for being obedient:D 

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Funny moments with jiho friends lol when they locked him in the room -*You won't die* when jiho told them that Jung in will scold him if she got to know about drinking. Lmaoo Jung in friend already reported to her :Dabout the party.Poor jiho doesn't wanted to lie to her:wub:.It was good to see them relaxing enjoying and young jae dance lol:D.

Here she comes:D


Hahaha and when she want back and slammed the door twice with force :Dyoung jae was horrified so was jiho he thought it was still night and said to Jung in why are you here so late :D.



My stomach is upset :joy: he definitely got this from eunwoo loved their cute bickering and afterwards swooning moment on bed




Jaein too didn't spared young jae *Thug sisters*B):D





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This episode was filled with so many memorable moments so I just can't stop myself from posting and another reason that it will be probably last few posts here before saying goodbye to this beautiful drama.


The bright smile on jiho parents while welcoming Jung in :wub:


Jiho mom was so happy listening about him quiting drink and Jung in face lmao 




Another emotional moment when Jung in said -She will be try her best to be good mom to eunwoo and that We will be considerate of each other and be happy together.





My mom wouldn't let me marry you lol:D when she woke up on eunwoo bed after getting drunk lol I loved that moment and again "My stomach is upset" excuse this time by Jung in :D I am going to miss them a lot!.


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Final scene.

Their agreements-JIHO






Them being cheesy and hopelessly in love is all I wanted to see :wub:. When they exchanged the same dialogues of their first meeting in pharmacy all the memories came back how they started out *I remember I watched the episode 1 2-3 times cause their chemistry was so electrifying*.





 As jung in said -THANKU GOD I AM IN LOVE :wub: 



(gif cr master piece Twitter)

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Haein IG update.. 

Spring has brought you to us  .

Thank you for being our JIHo...for almost 1 & 1/2 months! we will miss you our dear pharmacist...❤️



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Hello beautiful people.... I assume most of you must be done with this series by now but I am still at ep 29-30!! :)


Once again, I am relieved that Ji Ho & Joeng In made it up at the end with a kiss! :wub: I am looking forward for their interactions at the ending eps.... And I love Jeong In's mom... She's so soft & caring towards her daughters!!!! :) A lot of love amidst hatress... :wub:


And I think it's genetic that both Gi Seok & his dad look down on people! And Gi Seok, that jerk persuade Jeong In's dad against Ji Ho..! :rage: Seriously, how low can he get to hurt other people..???! His theory is "If I can't have it, then you also can't have it"... I don't care if he & his dad survives at the end, I only want our love birds to be happy! :heart: Can't wait to watch the finale eps!!!! I sense something good is on its way! :wub:


See you.... :)

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