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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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23 minutes ago, itsMYday said:

Knowing that the drama is coming to the end is really saddening.


The whole ep15 was a really good episode for tying up all the loose ends. 

Deokmi learning about her (forgotten) trauma to knowing about her mum was the one that left YoonJae at the orphanage.

YoonJae maturely understanding her family situation that lead to that situation at that point of time. 


We have been guessing that SDM had a car accident before due to the black car reaction which turns up to be true and the brother incident as well. 


Today episodes is probably gonna be a happy ending as expected haha..


I really love how Ryan has so much trust in SDM even though he was hurt himself. 

Kim Jaewook did a really good job in portraying this character, of course I dont deny PMY was the one that got me here from the start but Jaewook did not disappoint me at any point but got me to fall in love with his character here as well..


As someone who watched WWWSK back to back to this HPL. 

I do agree that when the show first started, I couldn’t remove KMS in SDM. But now it is so different that I could easily tell them apart even though the outfits are fairly similar.

As a fan of PMY and I didn’t watch WWWSK when it was showing because i wasn’t a fan of romance genre drama, but I watched it afterwards because the hype was really strong and PMY was in there haha.. 

So now after this ends, I’m gonna watch Voice after this because i’ve heard so much about his role in there!


I am not a die hard fan of PMY but I watch almost all her drama coz she is such a good actress. 

I may be different but I do not find any similarity between HPL and WWWSK. I binge watch WWWSK just a few weeks before it ends. And at that time I like the drama coz her chemi with PSJ is awesome. 


But when HPL start i did not feel any similarity. I notice right away that KMS and SDM are 2 different person. KMS is a prim and proper secretary who sacrifices for her family a lot while SDM is more carefree type. She stays alone to hide her secret life. That is already major difference betweeen KMS and SDM.


The male lead too give a different aura for me though they are both rich. LYJ is typical chaebol who is smart enough to handle a big business at young age while Ryan is more a slef made successful artist. He is where he is because of his talent and his reputation. He is not born with silver spoon. 


Ryan to me is more considerate and open minded. He is not judgemental (this is the most important about RG). So from start I already did not feel any connection between this 2 dramas that is why I do not get it why ppl keep comparing it. 

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

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58 minutes ago, mmac80 said:

You'll need a magnifying glass but....


Even without magnifying glass, I could see both of them so clearly with their outstanding visuals and the colours of their outfits. 


And, I even thought that this is their 'wedding photoshoot', is just without their wedding outfit. 


One word, just PERFECT:wub:

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3 hours ago, liltash85 said:


SO you too realize that KJW doesn't have the typical korean vibe. I get the Japanese actors vibe also from him though I haven't watch J-dorama for decades. 


I think maybe because of his unusual foreign aura that he is cast as Ryan Gold coz Ryan supposed to be a Korean-American. 


I really wanted to thank the person who cast him or even suggested him. (if only I know who). He/She/They did not know what good deeds have they done. 

The first words I say before look KJW who is japanese actor.. So handsome:wub:.. In the last princess film.. 


Then I just realises he is Korean actor.I big fan of Japanese Drama so when look KJW I feel memory loved again to that looking And when he speaking its soo Japanese looklike. 


So I hope we can look next project KJW.. I still want he is villain again.. May be antihero drama because bad boy so hot:lol:

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4 hours ago, cenching said:


I didn't notice that...:huh:@Ameera Ali, please captures and blows it up here....:phew: But I did notice that the kissing in episode 15 wasn't as "rough" as previous episodes, kinda slower and more gentle?? :ph34r: Due to blistered lips?? :lol:














@cenching & @kdramaQ

After hour looking at his lips & blow it up , DM is innocent this episode & she didn’t do anymore damage to his delicate lips as far as I can see 


but clearly will know more in today episode :joy: , she not done with this cherry lips :tounge_xd:





* I take safety of his delicate lips seriously :mrgreen:

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@Ameera Ali

She was the culprit on “damaging” his lips to be sure. So she’s taking care of it now by kissing it slowly and tenderly now....:joy:



 I am sure those “battle wounds” is the result of kissing that led to that hanky panky night..

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4 minutes ago, cenching said:

@Ameera Ali

She was the culprit on “damaging” his lips to be sure. So she’s taking care of it now by kissing it slowly and tenderly now....:joy:



She do her damage mostly behind scene :sweat_smile::joy: so can she be culprit :joy: 





Even playing with his ear in process - would his sensitive ear as well file case against her :joy::mrgreen:

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26 years ago, both Yoon Jae and Deok Mi first met and held each other's hand. 26 years later, they met once again and held each other's hands. This is simply called, Fate.


Loving how the way Deok Mi held Yoon Jae's hand and she was the very first person to give warmth to him and stayed together for one month. 


Loving how the wake up scene was and even loving how the way Deok Mi just snuggled into Ryan's chest and not wanting to wake up. The brushing teeth was really something that real couples will do and they are always wearing similar outfit colours. The cooking part was so cute yet funny when Ryan pour out the whole entire seaweeds and then removed the small portions of it, and the wasted part was, they should have shown us the finished seaweed soup. 


The most most most heart fluttering moment was when Ryan applied lipstick on Deok Mi, the moment he pulled the chair, my heart stopped for one second. I think Ryan only applied lipbalm and the rest shall leave it to Deok Mi. 


When Ryan showed Deok Mi his child photos, this is something that will bring big smile to your face no matter how you look at it, this is how Ryan is loving Deok Mi so much.


I love how the conversation between Ryan and Eungi, just like how guys always talk, need not much of words, you know what's inside your heart will do, good enough. 


I am very thankful to Deok Mi that despite knowing the entire truth, she still honestly told Ryan that she wanted to hide it and thought that she should let Ryan see her smile on her face. 


Ryan is one of the most clear-headed person I've seen in any of the dramas. Yes, trauma hit him really hard for over 26 years and yet he felt even more thankful that he wasn't being abandon in any strange environment and I couldn't imagine that to happen. From someone who doesn't like to hold hands, and to someone who reaches out first now.


I literally cried when Ryan showed Deok Mi his birthday gift for her. From someone who wasn't being able to draw or paint, he overcame his fear and did the most touching gift ever. I'm very proud of him. The painting was beautiful and perfect. 











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8 minutes ago, Ondine said:

KJW was called the Rom-com King in the headline of an article. :)




KJW single-handedly annihilates every K-drama romcom's male lead in these past 1.5 decades for me...with just one leading role in rom-com.  He's lethal. :phew:

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3 hours ago, nasuko56 said:

Does anyone know the name of the REAL ARTIST who painted "THE BUBBLES" PAINTING ? (not Lee Sol in the drama, but in real life)


The bubbles painting really captured my heart <3 



Hello! I'm actually just a silent lurker in this forum, but I saw your question and I think I can somewhat help you with that. Anyway, I found this artist named Lee Yong Je while browsing at instagram last night and I found him because he tagged the drama in his most recent post as shown below:





He also posted a clip of the drama's 13th episode in his IG and a part of that post's caption states that his artwork was featured in that episode as Lee Sol's graduation artwork. Now, I can't confirm if he also did the bubble paintings because the only artwork that he acknowledged that was his was the one that was shown at episode 13. However, it seems that most of his artwork are also about bubbles, which look quite similar to the bubble paintings featured in the drama.


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