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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

Final Ep Text Preview:


Cheum Art Museum’s 5th anniversary exhibition opens to a success!

Deokmi’s wish for Ryan Gold to make a comeback as a painter grows...


What is the conclusion of the new farewells and meetings that come to Cheum Art Museum?





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Writer did not disappoint us, the consistency in the character roles, able to acknowledge the past, forgive and grateful about the past. 


It is a good ending that RG did not get angry and hated DM parents for ditching him in the orphanage, he was appreciative to his mother, DM parents and adoptive parents after understanding the truth. And the best ending is he is able start holding the paint brush and completed DM portrait as DM requested for her present.


Although the Drama is ending tomorrow, but at least we were not left with hanging agony stories, and then finished it off with some rushed clueless endings. Tomorrow will be another round of sweetness endings. 

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I've already told yall that we need to trust the writer.. the writer didn't drag the whole issue until Ep 16 is definitely a wise script..


As usual, RG once again shown is his matured character to understand the whole situation without being typical kdrama male lead character.. I'm so proud of RG!!. All conflict between him and DM's family solved in this episode..


I really love the scene where RG wiped off DM tears..I was hoping this scene to happen...and once again, i really love the writer and pdnim for showing us the scene. You all know that we only watched the BTS of KJW wiped off PMY tears a few times, not in the drama. But now, I'm glad that Director decided to put this scene in the drama :D


KJW shi!! I hope you will play more rom com drama that will make us goes crazy like what you did in this drama..Looking forward to see again your hand in the pocket scene in your future drama..because that hand in the pocket scene is definitely KJW, not RG :lol:



i have this feelings that KJW next drama gonna be SBS drama. This SBS suddenly uploaded a lot of KJW scene in Bad Guy drama...i guess SBS staff also goes crazy over KJW after watching HPL :w00t:


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tvn haven't released the preview yet on youtube and naver. but it seems there would be no sign for wedding? if so i approve this. HPL and Labbit can do so much better ending without using cliche wedding scene in romcom B)

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Noooooo what is this cute dork 


So they didn't use any of the hotter kisses in the shadow drawing scene that they showed in the bts. I guess it turned out to be just some bonus making out for PMY and KJW, nbd. :lol:

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Thank you so much to you recappers! Nomu nomu kamsahaeyeo! :kiss_wink:


This episode literally cements Ryan Gold as the best Male Lead in K-Dramaland ever! I saw snippets of those sweet lovey dovey moments and just.... :wub:


I never understood why people broke up over stupid matters which happened eon years ago or some stupid misunderstanding and then get back together shortly after. Glad that HPL handled all these tropes somewhat maturely. See spoiler for further thoughts!


[Side track: Ditto on earlier comments about BTIMFL. It started out so so good but I cringed through the last 2 episodes because it felt so out of character for Ji Ho & Se Hee and just thought the plot towards the end didn't really make sense for 2 extremely rational + logical people] 



However, despite how it was handled, I have to say that the tropes are a little disappointing, like seriously??!! Do we really need a fated childhood story, a car crash and then temporary mental blackout for a good 20 odd years and then *ting* you recover your memories + guilt in that exact moment when life goes well? Only in K-Dramaland do you get leads who lose their memories for a good 20+ years without Alzheimer and you can't even detect the feeling that your parents lost their child after living with them your whole life. Would have been better if they can weave in the suspense element more maturely, eg. with some rival business or more current themes like serious cultural differences in relationship etc, to tie in with the whole adult theme. Or maybe this ahjumma is just asking too much after many many years of kdrama :D


On a side note, do you think the screenwriters lurk in our forum? It seems like they heard our grouses and handled the tropes exactly like how we wanted it, haha! 


Plot holes aside, thank goodness for the AMAZING chemistry between both leads!!! Sooo looking forward to that raunchy bed scene tomorrow *rawr* :naughty:

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20 minutes ago, Cara said:

tvn haven't released the preview yet on youtube and naver. but it seems there would be no sign for wedding? if so i approve this. HPL and Labbit can do so much better ending without using cliche wedding scene in romcom B)


Same here. I hope they do indeed go to the US to spread their wings career-wise together.

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Thought on this episode and overall drama

  • Childhood tropes

Ryan's past, his abandonment, and his inability to paint after Lee Sol's painting are the basic plot which drives the story to Ryan's coming to Seoul and meeting Deokmi. It is also an inherent part of Ryan's character as a person and part of his vulnerability. Hence, overused as it might be, I can accept this. But still, I DON'T SEE WHY HE AND DEOKMI NEED THAT CHILDHOOD CONNECTION :sweatingbullets:  At least in this episode, Ryan kinda tells her that no matter what happened back then, they both live in the present, so...

  • Leads' relationship

Admittedly this is one thing I like the most about this drama. The couple is not overly dramatic in expressing emotion, they're very mature ADULTS...no noble idiocy (only slightly stoopid 'breakup' and misunderstanding in episode 8 and 9 due to Deokmi's insecurity...). It's quite rare in a K-drama that both leads are so LEVEL-HEADED.


In another K-drama, during Ryan's encounter with EG and hiding DM, Ryan would be extremely furious and hit EG in his face, then grabbed DM's hand and dragged her to talk, or even talk and argue right then and there. But in that scene, no matter how frustrating it is, Ryan stayed poised. Even EG held his ground and did not yell or punch Ryan for wanting to talk to DM in the name of //protecting DM//. Then the way the handle Ryan's abandonment issue is so beautiful, particularly how DM comforted him without words and it leads to him opening up to her.  Then when DM knew about her mom abandoning Ryan, she didn't come to Ryan to talk and cry "I FEEL SO GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION SO LET'S BREAKUP. BYE." She feels terribly guilty, still...but calmly talks to him and even apologizes and urges him to solve the problem with her mom...cuz the problem was not with her, but with her mom. 


And the skinships... I know many people who watch this drama complain it's too fluffy, cringe-worthy, too much, etc... BUT THIS DRAMA IS A ROMCOM...IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FLUFFEEYYYY. And for me, the leads did not overdo it. They did what normal couples do and still within boundaries for their status as employee and boss if they're at the gallery... (GOD IF YOU KNOW THE PDA LEVEL OF ACTUAL KOREAN COUPLES IN PUBLIC SPACES...THAT IS CRINGE-WORTHY). They're over 30s anyway...what do you expect? Spazzing over holding hands and kiss only once a month? =)))))))

  • Overall plot and conflict

Some might argue that the plot is thin and predictable and resolved too easily and quickly. To some extent, I agree. Ryan's psychological trauma is kinda huge...but it resolves so quickly with an astonishing level of understanding and mere apology from Ryan himself. We still don't know what actually happened and how many time have passed since her accident so that Lee Sol couldn't find Ryan...how much effort did she even put to find him. For Deokmi's mom case, I still struggle to understand WHY DID SHE EVEN DROP HIM OFF AT THE ORPHANAGE AT NIGHT?? She could've done so in the afternoon and delivered him to the orphanage people with some explanations...and did not push little YJ that harshly. I'm sure he'd understand her reasons (but that would mean he wouldn't have been that traumatic hmmm).... She is so lucky that Ryan is too understanding =-= Anyway, I still glad it's resolved quickly. In another K-drama, it'd take up half of the drama for this angst alone...with Ryan pushing away DM cuz he wants to wallow in his own sorrow =)))


Overall, no matter how 'thin' it is under the scrutiny of 'drama experts', I'm glad that during all those conflicts, the leads are together to face and resolve it together, as mature adults. No one throws unnecessary fits. No unnecessary prolonged angst and noble idiocy. This drama only shows us how the leads' relationship is getting stronger and deeper as they face everything together... Everything makes Ryan and Deomi's relationship meaningful and "meaty" in many ways. And this is a good romcom drama :heart:

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40 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:


@Kasmic first glance I thought wow that woman power , she on the top :joy::mrgreen:



Or maybe innocently helping remove the shirt finally :joy:


- BRING IT ON! 2.gif 



31 minutes ago, Kasmic said:


Oh she better lead it...HAHAHA!



@SGahjumma  @annie1234 I rather him topless :P


Fully clothed on TOP ... But there's nothing on the bottom! Blame that blanket ... 64.gif



Ohhh! I would love to see a dominant-kinky Deok Mi ...89.gif

She'll gonna ride IT all the way! 51.gif










It's goin' to be HOT! 51.gif The GIRL power in BED! 10.gif






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