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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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2 minutes ago, shynaz said:
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Yeah they didnt break up:wub:


Thank god, I was gonna skip the episode if they really did lol. I can't handle angsty stuff :mrgreen:. It ruins my mood lol.

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

I love this couple. It is so refreshing to see a kdrama couple mutually transparent and open,  working together and honoring one another feelings. 
I wish we would see it more often. 

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Wonderful...they played it in a wonderful way...though they had all the possible k drama tropes...they turned it on it’s head...no silly separations....kudos kudos kudos for not going down the silly break up route...though they did troll us....


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3 minutes ago, shynaz said:

Funny scene cindy, mom cindy and deokmi mom... Lol





Finally! They make it up...




















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Sindy pays unexpected visit to Eungi's judo gym, asking him to drop her home later. Still calling him AHJUSSI.

Eungi is annoyed, "YOU TAKE BUS. DO I LOOK EASY??"

Sindy: "Yes"



At another place, Sindy mom is wondering when did Sindy find her 'surrogate mom'.

Then she unexpectedly visits DM parents' apartment, asking her to go home together.

Sindy refuses, "THIS IS MY HOME NOW." They pulled her hand harshly, Sindy screams out of her lung...

DM parents hear it and come to rescue her, "What are you doing to my daughter?" Sindy mom hysterically claims that "SHE'S MY DAUGHTER!!!"


They all end up in her house. DM mom apologizes for not recognizing her as Hyojin's mom (to which she hysterically replies "BUT WE TOTALY LOOK ALIKE??" HAHA). SHe then urges Hyojin to go home with her mom. Hyojin refuses ahaha.

She then gives some heartfelt parental advice to Hyojin's mom...basically asking to take care of Hyojin well...and asking Hyojin to do the same to her mom. This time, Hyojin agrees to go home with her mom. Secretary Kim claps happily lol so cute.

Hyojin returns home with her mom, promising to visit often. DM mom welcomes her, "but not when you fight with your mom."


SiAn and DaIn's scene. Sian likes what Da In did to the exhibition.


Ryan and DM...and other employees are busy preparing for the exhibition. Even Hyojin is working hard preparing her merchandise. 

Ryan and DM then go home together, with her linking her arm to his. Ryan asks her to come to his house, "Your birthday present is waiting." DM probably thinks it's SiAn and readily agrees LOL.


Ryan closes her eyes when they arrive at his house. He guides her to the art room.

Ryan actually finishes painting her portrait. T_T

Ryan, "I can draw again now...though my hand is still trembling.... I need more practice."

But DM reiterates 2 times that it's PERFECT. They look at the painting, holding hand.

Ryan: "the first time we met, you also held my hand like this. Hi."

Then recalling what they said to each other back then, smiling to each other.

Ryan: "now that I think about it, I came to find a reason why I couldn't draw...but I find something that's more precious than drawing. It's you." and kisses her. 'It's been a long time since we met. I miss you, Deokmi." DM: "i miss you, Yoonjae."

They then say hello to each other, informally...


((((when will SIAn know she's SHI NA GIL...I CANT WAIT XD))) 



They go to visit Deoksu together.

DM is staying at Ryan's house again.

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Deokmi what have you done to Ryan.. My naugty thinking... Lol bed scene guys:w00t:


My eyes... My eyes again.. 


And we have dating scene again

 Preview its out:wub:

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