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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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While we wait, let's revisit last week's episodes: https://www.soompi.com/article/1326879wpp/5-emotion-filled-moments-from-episodes-13-and-14-of-her-private-life



5 Emotion-Filled Moments From Episodes 13 And 14 Of “Her Private Life”

May 28, 2019

Another week has gone by, and Ryan (Kim Jae Wook) and Duk Mi (Park Min Young) remain as being the most adorable couple ever. But with the series slowly winding down, there’s a lot of loose ends being tied and feelings being felt. Here’s a look at five emotion-filled moments from episodes 13 and 14.

Warning: Spoilers from episode 13 and 14 ahead.

1. Duk Mi not being able to stay away from Ryan

Duk Mi finds out about Lee Sol (Lee Il Hwa) being Ryan’s mother pretty quickly, and when she talks with Ryan, she discovers that he knows too. She tells him that she’s always there for him and on his side, but gives him a chance to have some space while he takes everything in.



Cont'd in spoiler:



Also, how about the part when Duk Mi finds Ryan at the gallery wallowing in his own pain? She’s there for him even when he doesn’t ask for it.

This is one of the reasons why this couple is so amazing. Duk Mi respects Ryan’s feelings and gives him the space he needs to process his big discovery. It’s a moment that shows maturity in the relationship and one that’s total couple goals. It’s true love, y’all.

2. Eun Gi and Duk Mi being friends again

After Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun) reveals his feelings for Duk Mi, it’s difficult for them to be friends again. But when they both run into each other, they decide to have a few drinks together. Eun Gi tells Duk Mi that they can pretend to go back to what they were before he told her about his feelings.


Seeing these two sibling-like friends laugh and bicker with each other again felt so good. It was heartbreaking seeing Eun Gi look at Duk Mi so longingly, but it’s the best-case scenario for both of them!


3. Ryan telling his mom that he’s her long-lost son

In last week’s episodes, Cha Si An’s (ONE) mother makes an appearance and it’s later found that his mother is Lee Sol and that Ryan’s mother is also Lee Sol. It’s obviously an emotional discovery and it had us all pretty shocked.


This part was amazing because Ryan is finally able to have closure. He’s able to find out who his mother is and that his real brother is, in fact, Cha Si An. I loved how they didn’t drag this part of the story out nor reveal it so early on in the series. Everything seems to have led up to this point pretty naturally, and unlike other K-dramas that can get boring towards the end, this one has done a great job of keeping it interesting.

4. Finding out Ryan’s mom didn’t abandon him and seeing the final painting

Ryan finds out from his mom that she had gotten in a terrible accident and wasn’t able to look after Ryan because of it. There’s a sense of relief, but he’s obviously still upset considering what he knew about his past for his entire life was false. But when he sees the final painting in his mom’s collection, he’s able to really forgive and understand his mom.


Ryan discovers that the source of inspiration for all of his mom’s paintings was him. This is a beautiful scene because it’s the perfect puzzle piece into mending the relationship between Ryan and his mom.


5. “I love you.”

When it’s Duk Mi’s birthday and she wants Ryan to draw her, he’s nervous because he hasn’t been able to draw anything for years. But then he sees Duk Mi’s silhouette on the canvas, and he’s able to draw. After Ryan draws Duk Mi, he’s so overwhelmed with emotion that he can’t help but express his feelings for her. The two say “I love you” for the first time.

This whole scene is just so dang poetic and moving. From the drawing to Ryan taking the paintbrush out of her hair and the soft kisses – everything is perfect. As far as “I love you” scenes go in the K-drama world, this one is definitely up there as being one of the more epic ones.

 Hey Soompiers, how did you like this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

Catch the latest episodes of “Her Private Life”:

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binahearts is a Soompi writer whose ultimate biases are Song Joong Ki and BIGBANG. She is also the author of “K-POP A To Z: The Definitive K-Pop Encyclopedia.” Make sure you follow binahearts on Instagram as she journeys through her latest Korean crazes!


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32 minutes ago, annie1234 said:
PMY and KJW chose some of their favorite scenes



THE FEELS :tears: why they are so cute choosing their fav scenes and share it to fans even the drama hasn't finished yet. i can't deal this is the last week 

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Is this their first kissing scene in HPL? Both emerged happy and satisfied like cat got the cream....:naughty:


She was one satisfied cat :mrgreen:

Me thinking about his long collection of kiss that make her more satisfied  :




But isn’t he talented :phew:




that way he make her tear up after his passionate kiss  :joy::mrgreen:



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I'm not going to sleep.(Eyes closing bit by bit and going to stick tooth pik so that they keep open).. I'm going to start with Ep11 and binge till EP15 real time. :crazy::tears:

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Well I think every moment in their love story is wonderful and contributes to the perfection of the picture. Difficult to point out the favourite ones, however I remember my heart beat crazily during the "Annyeong", the "drunk Ryan asked DM to sing" and the wood shop kissing scenes.  KJW and PMY are both beautiful and talented to give this rom-com the true spirit of love. Watching them makes us feel like we are in love for the first time or again (depending who you are). All the smallest details of the scenario are well taken care by the writer and perfectly delivered by the actor and actress. This is the first time I keep smiling and laughing during all the couple's scenes and bts. A positive feeling after all. Thanks HPL. 

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My Favorite HPL scenes:

- Fake-Dating wall photo shoot scene

- Cherry Blossom I'll lend you my hand Theme Park scene

- Drunk sing me a song first before i give you the pass code scene

- DM taking RG's photo at the writer's cabin scene

- Nigh bus seoul tour data scene

- I am latte revelation scene

- I cant stand 12 hours without seeing you so I am here now with Breakfast scene

- RG gifting DM with the necklace scene

- RG and DM with SA elevator scene "Annyeong curatora, Noona"

- RG drawing DM's silhouette scene


But actually there are so many more tiny moments that make up HPL so entirely beautiful and heart warming that it's really not easy to choose :heart::heart::heart:

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Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Face Immense Tension As They Uncover The Past In âHer Private Lifeâ

Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Face Immense Tension As They Uncover The Past In “Her Private Life”

May 28, 2019
by S. Nam

tvN’s “Her Private Life” has revealed new stills showcasing a very tense atmosphere!

In the released stills, Park Min Young appears to be full of concern while Kim Jae Wook is unsmiling with a strained expression. In another photo, Park Min Young is crying and looks completely devastated. In particular, viewers were shocked to spot Kim Jae Wook leaving Park Min Young’s side, making them suspect that something has gone seriously wrong due to seeing Kim Jae Wook’s cold expression for the first time.






The tension is even more palpable with Kim Mi Kyung’s expression. In the previous episode, Kim Mi Kyung becomes uneasy after she sees a photo of Kim Jae Wook with his real name “Heo Yoon Jae” written on it. As Kim Jae Wook’s past has yet to be completely revealed, viewers are curious to discover what will occur in the upcoming episode as they suspect Park Min Young and Kim Mi Kyung to have some sort of connection with his past.



The production staff of “Her Private Life” said, “In the [May] 29 broadcast, all will be revealed regarding Park Min Young’s and Kim Jae Wook’s entangled pasts. Park Min Young will make the viewers tear up with her ardent emotional acting as she faces the truth that had been forgotten.”

“Her Private Life” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST. 



The tvN drama "Her Private Life" released stills of the 'lipstick kiss', which awakens all dead love cells.:kiss_wink:

"Her Private Life" Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook's Lipstick Moment

2019/05/28 |



"Her Private Life" Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook are close to each other, as he is helping her apply lipstick and she pecks him on the lips afterwards.

The tvN drama "Her Private Life" released stills of the 'lipstick kiss', which awakens all dead love cells.

The stills show the two people not wanting to stay apart even for a while. Kim Jae-wook's Ryan Gold is helping Park Min-young's Seong Deok-mi get ready for work and puts make-up on her himself. He fills her lips up with lipstick as if drawing on them. He looks very gentle and sensitive while doing this, but at the same time, his lips are curled into a smile that shows how adorable she looks to him.

Seong Deok-mi then pecks Ryan Gold on the lips as if to prove that he belongs to her. She looks loveable, and the romance here makes all dormant love cells awaken. With two more episodes to go, "Her Private Life" gets sweeter and sweeter.

Meanwhile, "Her Private Life" begins at 9:30PM today.



"Her Private Life" is directed by Hong Jong-chan, written by Kim Hye-young, and features Park Min-youngKim Jae-wookAhn Bo-hyun, One, Kim Bo-raPark Jin-joo. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/04/10~Now airing, Wed, Thu 21:30 on tvN.


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Can’t wait for tonight!! 


OTP on screen chemistry is no joke hahaha 

i love that part when KJW revealed he is Latte to PMY the most haha.. 

it’s always interesting to watch that part again

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Park Min Young And Kim Jae Wook Share Their Favorite Scenes From “Her Private Life”

Park Min Young And Kim Jae Wook Share Their Favorite Scenes From “Her Private Life”

May 29, 2019

by L. Kim

Ahead of the finale, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook chose their favorite scenes from tvN’s “Her Private Life.”


To relieve the sadness of viewers who are already sad that there are only two episodes left of seeing their favorite drama couple Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) and Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook), the two lead actors revealed their favorite scenes.


First off, Park Min Young chose the scene in episode four where Sung Duk Mi and Ryan Gold had to take photos while pretending to be a couple. The part where they had to pose very closely to each other increased the tension and made hearts flutter.


Concerning that scene, she said, “I remember the photo time when I pretended to be a couple with Ryan when [Duk Mi] was in danger of being revealed as a fangirl. I think it was an opportunity for Duk Mi and Ryan, who had been arguing and quarreling before, to feel some excitement for each other. The fun was multiplied thanks to the reaction of Lee Sun Joo (Park Jin Joo).”




The actress also said one of her favorite moments was in episode 14 during the “silhouette model” scene. Ryan was unable to draw because of his trauma, so in order to help him, she became his model. Duk Mi asked Ryan to slowly follow her silhouette so he could draw again. Through this, Ryan gradually started to overcome his trauma.


Park Min Young explained, “The fact that Ryan couldn’t draw was heartbreaking, and the process of helping him slowly open his mind and overcome the trauma was very warm.”




On the other hand, Kim Jae Wook chose a scene from episode five as one of his favorite moments. Ryan and Duk Mi had to spend the night at photographer No Suk’s home, and they conversed about late artist Yoon Tae Hwa’s photo. While talking, Kim Jae Wook became immersed in Duk Mi’s thoughts and gazed at her with warmth and affection. This scene was also a turning point in their relationship.


Kim Jae Wook said, “I thought it was beautiful that the two people who love art were in the process of communicating with each other and naturally feeling the emotions between a man and woman.”




Lastly, the actor mentioned the tearful hug scene in episode 11. After a nightmare, Ryan went to see Duk Mi, and Duk Mi hugged him tightly after seeing his tears. The way Ryan silently cried in her embrace weighed heavily in the viewers’ hearts.


Kim Jae Wook shared, “It was a real and ideal way to express how much of a blessing and comfort it is to have a lover who understands and makes an effort to give love.”




Episode 15 of “Her Private Life” will air on May 29 at 9:30 p.m. KST.


Catch up to the latest episode if you haven’t already

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24 minutes ago, Ondine said:


Thank you for sharing this article! I appreciate that KJW and PMY took the time to share their favorite scenes with us. So beautiful. Definitely some of my favorite scenes as well and I really enjoyed reading both of their explanations on why they chose those scenes. 


I haven’t been able to be as present here, so there’s a lot to catch up on in this thread (you are all amazing lol) and a lot to say about episodes 13-14... sorry if I echo  thoughts that were already shared...


I was pretty nervous about how Ryan’s past with his mom would unfold because I felt that it could easily become cliché and dramatic, but I am mostly pleased with the way they handled it. I definitely give a lot of credit to KJW because of the way he portrayed the emotional scenes... that’s what grounded the particular storyline for me. It also allowed RG-DM to really shine as a couple. I loved seeing them listen and process, console and be comforted, and be supportive and supported. Navigating through hardships/trials together and carrying one another’s burdens naturally deepen relationships and cultivates a stronger bond... they definitely used this storyline to highlight that. I loved that they were on the same team the entire time, seamlessly working together to sift through all the pain. 


I also liked how he was able to share a little bit about how loving and supportive his late adoptive parents were. It made so much sense that despite his childhood trauma, he grew into a rather healthy individual who is able to love and receive love. 


And so many memorable scenes in this drama, but the drawing/i love you/kiss scene at the end of episode 14 might be one of my favorites. Its definitely one of the most moving “I love you” confessions in a rom-com for me. Art has been an aspect that’s brought a spoken and unspoken bond between RG and DM throughout the drama as a way for them to share their perspectives on life and how their experiences have shaped those perspectives. I think back to their conversation at the end of episode 3 when RG first shares about his past with DM... for RG, not being able to draw/paint has been debilitating because he felt like his art gave him worth and value. However, DM has shown him that she loves him for who he is at what he feels like is his worst state. His value and worth is not in his ability to draw/paint, and so her love frees him and empowers him to overcome his paralyzing fear. She calls him an artist, and you can tell at that moment how much they respect and admire each other. And so when they shared their I love you’s amidst the silence and loving gazes, it was so meaningful and beautiful. It was such a moving and intimate scene. 


Not to mention, I really loved the silhouette concept because watching her shadow move against the canvas was inspiring even for me. 


I have read some people complaining about how the drama has lost the fangirling aspect to it esp since it’s been focusing on RG’s past, but I would like to humbly disagree. I think the context has just changed. The title of episode 12 was: “Being your fan means being on your side.”  I remember that title because the way it’s written in Korean flowed really well phonetically and mainly because it describes our couple perfectly. I think the past few episodes has brought to light that RG and DM are each other’s biggest fans. DM is such a fan of RG that all of her actions have been for RG’s benefit in his time of need. And seeing how amazing she’s been, further makes RG a fan of DM. So for me, this drama is still about fangirling/fanboying. 


I am so sad that this drama is ending. Feeling torn between excitement for the new episodes and sadness because I have to say goodbye. I’ve been watching it with my husband and we’ve been enjoying how despite the somewhat dramatic storyline (childhood connection is our least favorite), the couple is drama-free. They are one of the most healthy couples we’ve ever seen in a drama and it’s been making us feel giddy about our own relationship. We will miss them so much!  

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A male lead cooking up a breakfast for the female lead after the hanky panky night is a staple in K dramas....:joy: Every single romcom had it....:joy: Even though of course not every male lead as sexy as our Lion... @Lmangla this should be one of the drama trope too....:glasses:





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@celest1al Your post made me want to review the episode titles, so here they are for anyone else interested. :lol:


1: Do You Know What It Means to Be a Fan?
2: I'm Sorry for Acting Like I'm a Normal Person
3: Let's Be Well-Mannered
4: I Will Protect My Baby
5: A Fangirl's Eyes Are Filled with Love
6: Accident Prone Area for Fanatics
7: Fangirls Use Their Dating Fortune for More Fangirling
8: If the Sea's Job Is to Make Waves, a Fangirl's Job Is to Be Delusional
9: When you become a fan, let everyone know. When you stop being a fan, don't let anyone notice.
10: A Heart That Has Already Been Chosen
11: Have you ever been hit by reality?
12: The fact that I'm your fan means I'm on your side.
13: Always With You, Even When You're Alone
14: A Star That Shines in My Dark Heart


My favorite title is #8 (too real), and #9 is my second (relatable). :D


Also here's a bit from the press conference from a very good vantage point; they both look so gorgeous. (Also love how the host was like, "No fighting at the press conference!")



@taedysol In the show Eun Gi wants a romance with Deok Mi, but in real life ABH wants a bromance with KJW. :lol: Love that IG post of his!

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