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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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11 hours ago, beny2013 said:

 Thank you for your brilliant scripts!!! I'm your fan.:heart: I really love your scripts, they are super funny. 

:blush: ... 

10 hours ago, mushforbrains said:

Total STS ..or almost a full on LOL...

You got me at the first gif when RG was crying .  That caption about how hpl is a lie and we will never get to meet KJW ...


Must re read your post in a private place next time .....

Love love love your posts ...so follow your dream if you want to write scripts...

our fellow soompiers who were lucky enough to see him in Seoul...I thank you a thousand times for writing up about your encounter 

for some people they might meet him , but i stay in the parts of he world where , stars wouldn't really visit because people aren't really interested :bawling:... i forgot to tell people who get my sense of humor that they might laugh too loudly i public ...:joy:


nah ,like SDM  i have accepted reality and i understand , that only few get to be writers , but i enjoy when the few thta can read my work like you tell me its not that bad ... and yes thank you to those who let us see KJW through them ...:kiss_wink:

10 hours ago, kelmaoneko said:

I always come here for @NaYouSabi?'s scripts lololol

just remember the scripts are 99% crazy talk and 1% my love for this drama ...:D


9 hours ago, myd8 said:

Someone said about opening a rehab centre. Is it open yet? Coz the withdrawal symptom has kicked in for a while now. I need serious help:tounge_xd:

What am I going to do? I can’t get enough of HPL and every sweet thing in it.. & definitely couldn’t get out of KJW’s charmed. I wonder how PMY dealt with his fatal attractiveness

i hear there is an AA meeting going one around here for us ... But @Ameera Ali how qualified are you to host this meeting when you are as addicted as the rest of us ... we would like to join but , but what if you make us fall deeper in to this rabbit hoe ??...:ph34r:

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Flashback to the kids time

Little Deokmi approached Yoonje first and asked him to play together with her and Eun Gi, holding his hand.

Episode title: Your're my home.


Bed scene.

Ryan stares to Deokmi's so adoringly I MELT kAKasjkaalskd.

Deokmi wakes up to that stare how is she still alive.

He even kisses her forehead after that...and kisses her lips, too, while congratulating her for her birthday.

Ryan: You sleep again. You don't miss me?

Deokmi: I see your face as soon as I wake up, it's a huge present.

Ryan: Aren't you wake up?

Deokmi: it's my birthday...not waking up is ok *snuggles*


Ryan offers her to skip work together...Deokmi refuses LMAO.

Ryan: Deokmi you're disgustingly....

DM: Pretty, right?

Ryan: *wipes her booger* just dirty



They then brush teeth together...and he makes breakfast together. He prepares an ingredient that's not supposed to be entered to the dish HAHAH. He even pours the whole seaweed in the package, to her horror. 

Deokmi picks his clothes. Ryan asks what about hers. DM says she'll use her clothes from last night. Ryan tells her that they should keep their private life from the employees. DM teases him as "SHYBOY" hAHA. He then offers her to put on his clothes, but she refuses =)))


They're at DM's house and he puts lipstick on her.

She's like "I'll put it on you..." and kisses him haha.

They go to work together and she puts White Ocean song in his car.


SJ and SM scene now.

He wants to take her somewhere...

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Huhuhu! 134.gif It lags so much! I missed some intimate scenes ... 13.gif


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2 hours ago, celest1al said:

Art has been an aspect that’s brought a spoken and unspoken bond between RG and DM throughout the drama as a way for them to share their perspectives on life and how their experiences have shaped those perspectives. I think back to their conversation at the end of episode 3 when RG first shares about his past with DM... for RG, not being able to draw/paint has been debilitating because he felt like his art gave him worth and value. However, DM has shown him that she loves him for who he is at what he feels like is his worst state. His value and worth is not in his ability to draw/paint...


I am so agree with you on this. You explain it so beautifuly.


From Da In comment, we know that Ryan had many relationships before, but none of them last long. Before meeting Deok Me, I think Ryan hadn't found anyone who he can bond with. So that conversation was the pivotal point in their relationship. She inspired him that he: Ryan will always be more valuable than his art, that he is still valuable even though he lost his ability to do art.


From this moment Ryan begin to like Deok Mi and go extra miles to protect her. Misunderstanding her orientation also helped to make him just be with her without his guard-up. Her personality and beauty slowly make him smitten, so when he know the truth he was already fall for her.

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At the museum, they're busily preparing the upcoming exhibition. Sian exhibition gets the main spot.

DM reminds him to prepare opening remark. 

After meeting, he asks her to spend her birthday together ((aww I lurve this teamwork)).


DM omma has flashback to the childhood.

DM and EG bring YJ home cuz his mom didn't appear. DM mom offered him food, YJ refused cuz he wanted to wait for his mom. DM mom offered to accompany him later after he ate. Three kids entered his house together. 

She wondered why did EG ask about YJ yesterday, sensing something must hv happened for EG to suddenly asking about YJ. DM dad asks her to wait.


DM and Ryan go to a reserved restaurant together. Ryan asks her to get in first...


SiAn asks her to make a wish. She's like I DONT HV ANY WISH RN hahaha.

Sian tells her that his hyung texts him about the event...asking him to come ALONE and sing for her ALONE.

Hearing that, DM is totally elated, sighing "SIAN IS MY PRESENT"

Ryan texts her, "Do you like my bday present? BUT I ONLY GIVE YOU 10 MINUTES!!" HAHAHAHAA.

Ryan is at the next room with his mom, calling her "mom" awkwardly and asking her to call him "YoonJe" comfortably.

She then tells him that his birthday is September 10th...and he asks her to celebrate it together with him.

Then she shows him his childhood picture, telling him that it's the YJ she always misses so dearly...and wondering how did he look like when he was 20s. Sian and DM are taking many selcas together when YJ and his mom enter the room.

Ryan teases her, "You look too happy" lmao.


Ryan drops her off...while DM is busy staring at her pic with SiAn.

Ryan is annoyed LMAO...but DM quickly shifts the pic to her pic with Ryan, "Nope, I'm looking at the picture of my lover" HAHAHA

Ryan then tells her that he prepared her bday present inside her room. DM said that today is enough...

Ryan shows her the childhood pictures...and tells her that he wants to see her childhood picture too.


EG is having flashback to his first encounter with YJ...while DM is busy editing Ryan's childhood pic.

EG calls her to meet...and when he comes inside her room and DM shows off YJ childhood pics.


EG mutters his name. DM is surprised how did he know the name, but unsuspectingly says, "Ah you must have heard from SJ..." EG seems to have a mental breakdown, "Oh God how..."


Ryan is staring at DM's childhood picture... She was with her mom.

Suddenly a memory of him being abandoned at the orphanage flooding in.

He remembers DM mom face!!!!! Startled. 

Flashback to what happened that day. DM mom neatly puts on his jacket, but pushes him to the ground, telling him she's not his mom. YJ cried desperately, "AHJUMMA!!!!!"


Shocked. current Ryan is thinking about it alone.

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Naw how sweet Ryan asked his bro to celbrate DM bday with her. Of corse he would only give them a 20 min time limit lol! While he spends time with his mom. Love how they smile and call each other name "Yoon Jae" and "Mother"



Now where can we get a BF like that lol!










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Ryan look jealous to Deokmi looking Sian picture.. Then Deokmi show picture with Ryan.Ryan smile again.. 


I didnt know the what they talking:sweatingbullets:

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ahhhhh ... i found a live stream ....:star:


but i can't watch because i will b starting in the middle ...:unamused:


ama bounce now ... I SAY NO TO SPOILERS 

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Oh my Ryan remember who abduct him.. Deokmi mother


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1 minute ago, NaYouSabi? said:

ahhhhh ... i found a live stream ....:star:


but i can't watch because i will b starting in the middle ...:unamused:


ama bounce now ... I SAY NO TO SPOILERS 


My stream is dead too so thank you all in this thread!!

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Eungi conversation with Deokmi Mom.. May be discuss about Ryan.. 


Mom Deokmi look so sad:tears:

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EG and his mom scene.

EG assures her that he'd do the talking to DM mom.

His mom asks whether he'd be OK.


IDK but I think the incident with YJ was Eungi's mistake somehow?


DM mom asks her what happened exactly when he asked her about that name, "Tell me. I'm OK."

EG holds her hand, "Mom...you'll be surprised...or sad...or upset... But please remember, that you're a good person. That you couldn't help it at that time." EG then tells her that YJ is Ryan... DM's mom and dad are shocked. DM mom releases her hand from EG's hold, "The kid back then...." EG mom holds her hand...while DM dad looks extremely uncomfortable.


Ryan is staring at DM and her mom pic at work...looking concerned.




DM and Ryan go to SJ cafe together and meet Geunwoo.

He introduces himself as Yoonje.

DM asks SJ about EG's whereabouts...and tells Ryan that she met him briefly ytd.


Ryan tries to ask her about her childhood, "Do you remember it?"

DM says she remembers a little... But before probing further, she gets a text from her mom, asking her to come home. DM cheerily asks Ryan not to feel bored without her.


Ryan comes to see EG...Ryan asks EG about his childhood, "You appeared in my childhood. Do you remember?" Ryan shows him his childhood picture. EG doesn't see it, but tells him that he remembers, "It's been a long time, Yoon Je."


DM mom told DM about what happened.

That she thought YJ would only stay with them for a day...but YJ ended up staying with them for a month... Then she told her she's got no choice due to economic difficulty....and hands her a childhood photo of her and YJ together. DM is surprised, "It wasn't you...right?? Please tell me that you're not...." DM mom apologizes. DM doesn't listen and exits the house. 


She was walking home. EG appears..but she ignores him. EG just follows her home...DM tells him she wanna be alone. EG cannot help but staying put.


DM dad recalls their past. In her house, DM does the same thing while staring at YJ's childhood picture, gradually recalling some of her childhood memory of YJ.


They were playing together happily. EG, YJ, and DM (it's the scene shown in ep 1 where DM drew).

Then she remembers how Ryan told her about his feeling when he was abandoned.


/flashback to EG convo with Ryan/

EG, "Please don't hate our mom so much."

Ryan, "now I feel thankful."

EG, "thanks"

Ryan, "But there was one more kid... What about that kid?"

RG, "Deok-su. DM cannot remember anything about him."

Ryan looks surprised.


DM dad comes to DM house and finds EG.

EG offers him to come and talk to DM together.

But dad says that he needs to tell her alone as her dad.

DM dad, "Thank you, my son" and EG hugs him. He asks for her room password before he leaves.


DM, "Dad...was Mom telling the truth?"

DM dad nods. DM dad tells her that he knows she's in difficulty and will be in more difficulties, "But still, I have something to tell you."


"It's about Deok-su. Your little brother."

DM: "My little bro?"

DM dad shows her the picture. DM recalls a kid calling her, "noona."

But she doesn't remember him at all.

His dad then tells her that they were in an accident together. DM survived but lost her memories of her brother...but DS didn't survive.

Your mom was not in the right mind due to what happened to her and his little brother...so she did what she did to YJ. DM asks why they never tell her about it. DM dad tells her that he cannot see his daughter be even sadder. He cries about YJ situation, too...telling her they couldn't help it back then...and asking her to forgive her mom (I didn't really catch it). 


DM is staring at the picture of his little brother after her father left.

She recalls what happened back then...and the car accident.

DS held her hand, telling her he wanted to buy some snacks.

Another memory of them holding hand and singing inside a kindergarten car?

Another car came to hit their car, hitting her brother and the driver hard.

Only DM survived.

DM sobbed at the memory.


In her house, Ryan stares at DM's childhood picture. He recalls that EG asks him to wait for DM mom to tell DM about the whole thing, "She'll be OK."


DM comes to her house, crying and hugging her mom, "I'M SO SORRY."

DM mom asks her not to be sorry.

They talk and hug each other. DM apologizes for not remembering a thing. But her mom tells her that she could stay alive because DM was alive. DM says she's still sorry cuz EG, her mom, her dad, and even Ryan have lived with painful memories, but she doesn't remember a thing. DM tells her that she regains all of her memories...and tells her to remember Deok-su together from now own. Then her mom says something about EG..."EG saw everything back then. Endured everything. He must have a hard time."


DM goes to meet EG...to thank him for being at their parents' side all these while.

She tells him that she's been taking for granted that EG has always been on her side for her whole life.

EG asks if she's OK...she tells him she's not OK and asks how did he endure the whole thing. EG says, "It's because we're all family." DM thanks 7-yo-EG and current EG for staying with them. EG asks if she's gonna talk to Ryan about it...and cheers her up.




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