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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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Does anyone have links to the "Episode 0" videos with eng subs? I just saw them on tvn's YT account (like the one below) :)



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Is this their first kissing scene in HPL? Both emerged happy and satisfied like cat got the cream....:naughty:

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i keep on forgetting to make a disclaimer ... my post don't make sense , my post are propaganda and its my brain over working itself and procrastinating ... advice please read the previous post , or this will all sound like madness.... cc for gifs



Episode 14 .... :crazy:




The last time I checked we where still in Ryan’s head,



Dear lion ,  I don’t think I can honestly articulate what it feels like to meet the woman who gave birth to you and proceeded to let you go , a woman who caused you to sit down in an empty house and cry your eyes out all alone. As alone as when she left you the first time. I don’t want to feel that pain. watching you cry makes me so so sad and I don’t deal with sadness well so I will like to kindly leave your head if you don’t mind.


Ladies and gently men we are leaving this mans’ head ...





reasons i love SDM 18) i hope its 18 ..


She is a worry bunny, just like me, am one of those people who find it difficult to sleep or eat when am worried. (shout out to the man who when even in the middle of his pain still remembers his lady love is waiting for him)


You could see the fumes coming out of her ear in this scene … I love the moment she went from , are your okay




(women have this amazing ability to worry about you while still being angry at you )  So she went looking for the lion







and PMY told the man 





So after that was settled Ryan asked her





(suppose to say someone has been reading ) 



Me: that’s not even scratching the surface … 


but i was told to mind my own bees' wax


So, Ryan proceeded to tell us about his parents


And I will like to take a minute and thank our parents in law (I know there is already a line of who will be marrying this man in every life time of his)  them for raising this man in to who he is today , but mostly thank you for the words you used , thank you for making him happy and telling us that not every kdrama lead who was adopted abroad have non-existent parents . because the one thing I hate about kdramas is their ability to make every adoptive parent seem like a babysitter who did a horrible horrible job, so bad that the kids run back to Korea because blood is thicker than water …


Thank you

And to lee sol


Face palm


I know what SDM said were words you wanted to say all your life and I know it didn’t occur to you how it would affect Ryan , but am still angry , because at this moment its not about your guilt but about his healing…


So, the next morning our couple where still in lala land



This show is giving me all the relationship moments every Asian drama ever refused to give me … its so natural … 




 Fandom was all ..



And before any sexual harassment issues could be brought to the HR


Sindy remembered she is the buffer for this show…




Me: with that hair of yours , i don't believe she did her job ..


And SDM was like


Me: we don’t want to know the cushioness of it we want to know the circumference:triumph:


But she and lion where gone while the fandom went after cidny



While on the other side of town



And with that they made up after he promised to make up for his selfish ways that is.


On the other other side of town ... CSA was playing matchmaker 


( look at CSA patting the sit for mr awkward) 




and so CSA told us his secret 




Me: I mean if CSA could feel it why not Ryan?? Answer that


and even RG supported me 



Image result for i plead the fifth meme


And with that he told Ryan to give lee sol a chance to tell her story


And the next scene can be explained in this format



I watched the show raw and when this scene popped up , it gave that feeling of visiting a new place where you can’t speak the language and the locals can’t speak yours too.  and then you hear, that one stranger you don’t know speak the same language as you … that how I felt listening to PMY …


But any way it was news about two more paintings …


Also Apparently, the painting are a puzzle






Me: honestly someone help me, I could only find the rocking horse and the swing …


Reasons I love SDM 19)

She can read minds and see the future





And so, Ryan called lee sol for some clearance …

To make you all feel better at least mother and son have something in common



I realised something in this episode that went from cute to, this makes me uncomfortable … this fact affected my pov when I re-watched previous episodes  vVxM1A5.png


Ryan’s demeanor throughout the confrontation with lee sol, he looked like the person who was in the wrong, this man who seemed to own the world in some scenes turns to revert into this introvert. I cant explain it but this scene  made my blood boil , not because he just sat there but because you can see this man is not really a peoples person , since the beginning we have been shown this and this scene intensified it for me … its not that he wouldn’t talk its just that he couldn’t , the man couldn’t even make eye contact , and this seem to happen a lot in scene where he is out of his element …



Wait let’s visit his head for a moment …


“I missed you”

“I’m sorry”

“I “



That’s all this woman in front of him seem to say, he wanted to shout “this isn’t about you ,it’s about me”


“me,  the son who you left behind, me the one who felt left behind, me the one who feels like his life is a lie “

Ryan gold wanted to scream at the top of his lungs telling this woman to stop with her lies but all he could do was sit as still as a statue and listen.


Listen to her excuses, excuses one after the other, and no matter how hard she tried to explain , no matter the sense he tried to make of the words coming from this stranger all he could think of was ,


why did she stop, why didn’t she continue looking for him, why did she wait for him to come looking for her ,  it would have been better if she said she never stopped looking but she did she gave up on him ,

that was the same as deserting him … giving up was the same as giving up on him.

“how many times did you try looking for me in this twenty-six year?”

“why do I feel like a secret, that was just found out?”

“why is my pain about you feeling better?”

“why did I have to spend my life running after a shadow of you? A shadow that always had its back turned towards me?”


Ryan gold had so many whys he wanted to ask but, all he had was  his disbelieve, how couldn’t she understand at this moment it wasn’t about what she did or didn’t do but the paralyzing agony he was in.


Reasons I love SDM 20)?



She tries her upmost to be the voice of reason, while still being the shoulder anyone can cry on …


lets put ryan to sleep and have him dream for a moment ..


Never in his live did he miss his mother than now; he didn’t even want to see her all he needed was to hear her voice and he could just imagine the conversation they would have

“hello mommy”

“what did you do?” Mrs gold answered “ no what do you want?”


“is that how to greet your one an only son?” Ryan asked his mother with a slight smile on his face


“you don’t call me for days, and then you start a conversation with mommy” his mother murmured “you and I both know you are up to something” ever since he was a child that was his tell tale sign.


“I just missed you” Ryan’s voice cracked

“what’s wrong baby?” Mrs gold sat at attention her instinct kicking in


“I…” Ryan trailed off

“you?” something is definitely wrong Mrs gold thought to herself since her son turned 14 . he wouldn’t even let her call him baby “I am a grown man” he would tell her making the urge to call him baby just increase.


“I found her” he said in a small voice , he knew this was a topic his mother had a hard time dealing with but all he needed at this moment was her , his actual mother 

Mrs gold knew who this her was , the woman who gave birth to her son , a ghost who has finally become human

“are you okay?” what she really wanted to ask was what did she say but her son needed her at this moment


“ she… tell me the story” Ryan changed the subject 

“you tell me the story” Mrs gold told him , it was a story he seemed to ask for whenever he was down.

“the moment you saw me you knew , it was love at first sight” Ryan chanted a story he knew by heart form the countless times his mother told him as a bed time story “you might not have given birth to me , but all the love in you seem to recognize that I was the one it was meant for”

“don’t you ever forget that” Mrs gold informed him “I love you, you father loves you and nothing will ever change that , not even death”


“but you are dead” Ryan crocked

“and I still love you and in my next live I will still make you my son”



okay out of Ryan’s head or is it dream … am not sure what I was writing but I just wanted someone to tell him they love him …  back to the recap


I keep on forgetting this is about SDM, but hats off to NEG for finally figuring his stuff out …





And like I have always said this two as siblings are the best and they where meant to be ..


And CSA was born to know stuff … and I love the fact that the two people who seem to have the highest EQs in this show get together and connive


CSA couldn't believe it 


but if they were real some questions needed answers 




and with that the case was closed ...


And the next day the blind date was set ...


Reasons I love SDM 22)?

She plays dirty … even if she can’t force her horse to drink water she can take the horse to the water hole at least …


so when every one got to the blind date .. SDM N CSA went 


Image result for surprise gif


but no one was buying what they were selling 



so they defended themselves 



And before she could lose, she suggested he just be there as a director not a son 


and so, we finally got to see the last painting …









Reasons I love SDM 22)?

One minute I question her the next I love her even more,


Because she and CSA cornering the lion was a D move , but a move that had to be done …




This right here is my catnip people, mother and sons, this right here is why I end up going back over and over to Indian dramas, because form all the countries I have watched they do best with parent children bonds with familiar bonds …


When an Indian drama gets into it , they can make you believe in the relationship between parent and child like no other , they unlike most countries don’t over do the am adopted so am not your real child but instead take said bond and turn it I to faith … an Indian drama can make you want to have children so you could love them with as much intensity as the characters on tv …


So yes I caved in this scene. I went from, “woman stay away from my lion” to “if he wants you around then no problem”



 and so did SDM



to me lee sol seems to only smile while looking at Ryan in the past, apart from that she wasn’t smiling at all


playground alone


I grew up mostly on my own and my siblings as much as we all want to go own about the perfect parent , in those days I only saw adults in the morning and evening the rest of the time every one was at work and we kids I n the neighborhood just hung out and played together … to me it would make sense for her to leave him there where he has always played with friends … today it can be different but back then even early 2000s this was the norm…


I would like to think she found Ryan but gave him up because , he would get a better life , than with a mother who is a struggling artist and lives pay check to pay check with little food at home(there was no food until she got the money)

did I just get mother in law?

The next day , ryan was being a D friend 





and so CDI lost some of her space at the gallery ...but before she could leave SDM popped up ...





and to DM 



but nosy ryan was all




and then he gave up and asked the obvious ...



me: did we skip an episode ??



CDI  left , am tired of this off screen business ...


and we visited the SUNG home



but no one wanted to talk about , SDM dating her almost brother ...F82UsuM.png



Me: don't worry it will bite them in episode 15 and 16


And so we went out for a pre-pre birthday celebration



and SDM wouldn't her man drink ..





Me: what he said 


and SDM told us 



and she told him , not tonight 



me: ooohhhh









and on leaving Ryan left his card behind so the team had to wish him luck , i mean thank him ...



and then finally the pre birthday celebration

when they got home Ryan and i where on the same wavelength 



 when he was told to change for comfort ...




and because of that reason ryans day went from




me in my corner :




but SDM had to pay him back for the card night , she wanted him to draw her instead and not even #TITANIC

and Ryan and i didn't

me to writer  




while Ryan was as lost as me ...



but SDM told him 



and so Ryan proceeded to draw ... no outline SDM's profile ... i love how that's all he could do , it wasn't an immediate cure like most kdramas it was a simple outline and that's all SDM wanted ...


the last scene just reminded me of one thing 


Image result for 1st corinthians 13


this passage ... its my favourite quote about love since the handmaids tale ... contrary to popular believe ... i don't think DM  is already in love ... she is falling in love and Ryan's intense emotions reassures her of a save landing that's why she lets them over power her ...the pause and stare she gave him before responding to him ...spoke a lot to me , from where i stand with her experience and personality , she is falling in love she isn't in love ( if that makes sense ) but Ryan had already crossed that line long ago ...


but at the same time this qoute says everything about SDM Towards Ryan ... she might not know it yet but she's a gonna ...


from her waiting on him to come to her 


to her kindness and acceptance of him '


to her openness to his apologies 


to her joy in seeing him happy 


to her need to protect him  and tell him there is always a way 


to her understanding of his pain and not getting easily angry 


to her trust in him that he won't hurt her and what he says is true 


this quote embodies this super woman and i have been stuck with it for days ...


we could see she wanted to hold him tight and tell him everything will be fine , how much she felt him struggle as he traced her profiled , a made who could once make a master piece in seconds could only now mange to trace a profile.


SDM could somehow understand the pain , she too at one point almost had to give up arts when she broke her hand , but she over came and now she was going to help Ryan overcome ...


now a song just popped in my head 


we shall oversooommmmeeee ( my name is khan style )


ps : that sleep thing was only sleep , a tired of this off screen nonsense ... to me it didn't matter that we weren't shown anything but , why those ugly pjs ...WHY????

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My mind and body is ready for tonight’s episode I’m going to watch raw tonight after work hehehe 

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Total STS ..or almost a full on LOL...

You got me at the first gif when RG was crying .  That caption about how hpl is a lie and we will never get to meet KJW ...


Must re read your post in a private place next time .....

Love love love your posts ...so follow your dream if you want to write scripts...

our fellow soompiers who were lucky enough to see him in Seoul...I thank you a thousand times for writing up about your encounter 

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Hey beautiful HPL lovers its finally Wednesday!!!:love: 

I’m done counting days now I’m counting hours, minutes & seconds. Seriously tho a minute feels like an hour. Time passes so effing slow. :confounded:


@NaYouSabi? i had a lot of fun reading your posts.. keep it coming. The writer in you should make a professional debut one day. We’re more than thrilled  to root for you. Fighting!!!


Someone said about opening a rehab centre. Is it open yet? Coz the withdrawal symptom has kicked in for a while now. I need serious help:tounge_xd:

What am I going to do? I can’t get enough of HPL and every sweet thing in it.. & definitely couldn’t get out of KJW’s charmed. I wonder how PMY dealt with his fatal attractiveness. 


Can’t wait for tonight show.. be back after episode 15 ends tonight. I’ll join the spazz squad later. May the writer/PD nimm/ bless us with lots and lots of honey dipped sweetness interaction between our leads so it could be one of the many cure for our withdrawal symptoms.:innocent:




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New stills from the website. Ryan looks hot with the rolled-up sleeves. Looks like he will get to talk things out with Deok-mi's mother as well.











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As much as I hate watching Ryan and Deok Mi not being lovey dovey to each other, but Ryan in that outfit keeps distracting me. He looks super good in it :bawling: He with rolled up sleeves made his handsomeness level up 1000x :heart:


and also PMY outfit too. It’s a simple one but I don’t know why I found it kinda sexy. Sexy yet elegant. :heart:


Hope Deok Mi mom, Ryan, and Deok Mi will settle everything today. And we will get full lovey dovey scenes for tomorrow!

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A man as sexy as KJW should be considered a registered offender. I thought he can’t get any sexier but here we go...:scream:

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I'm going to suffer with withdrawal syndrome after this drama end :bawling:

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you guys have to see this. even walking at airport can be this alluring :wub:

the hand-in-the-pocket thing of Ryan is KJW's thing










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