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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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2 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

I almost thought I missed the streaming and had it on only to realise some other drama was on..and I thought wait did I miss it? DUH me it's only TUESDAY :lol:



That's what we called Lionnoreah....:joy:@Ameera Ali is on the terminal stage....:joy:  What's the symptoms again, @Lawyerh ?

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I hope there will be a scene DM impress RG with her photographing ability and photoshop like showing the process and of course her collection of high tech lens to RG. take his portrait pictures and showing his pictures she photoshopped before they're in a relationship. Or there's a scene of pillow-talk to talk about everything, maybe about when did their heart start to flutter to each other, their future, their past or whatever. Anything that makes them talk in low intonation:D

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2 minutes ago, mushforbrains said:

Ooh... that's a might fine pic of uri saja


Hmmmm, so the word for Lion and Reaper (Grim Reaper) is Saja???

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44 minutes ago, J13 said:


They need to create an actress list, surely PMY would be number 1 hehe I love how KJW has just shot to number 2 mainly because of this drama. The kisses really are too good :wub:


If I were to nit pick at the list, I might take out SIG and slot in Lee Min Ho cos his kisses are always pretty epic too, then that would make it 4 out of 5 actors who've acted with PMY :D

Here’s an article about all of PMY kiss scenes https://www.hellokpop.com/featured/park-min-young-best-korean-drama-moments/

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 can some one please help me with how to do the pre order for the DVD 


 episode 11 


I know am late to the party , but am in the middle of exams ( until third June ) and I really want to pass , this post started out as my last one but , then I saw the debate on SDM and I jumped to that debate by making it about her , but then at the end of episode 12 I saw my post was useless because girl again sowed how amazballs she is but I decided if I procrastinated by writing this I better share ..


The beginning of episode 11 had our lion going






And DM wasn’t helping with her hiding methods 





and NEG was adding fuel to the fire 








To me in this scene SDM did nothing wrong I repeat NOTHING wrong …


Neither did NEG …  


NEG: he started the conversation by looking for an excuse, but because he isn’t me he couldn’t find one, I would have mentioned how my brothers cousins wife’s nephew’s accountant died and she couldn’t see him ..







He politely as best to his ability told lion to eff off … but lion really wanted to see the girl friend …


You could see the more SDM panicked at the back, the more NEG became defensive, it wasn’t about Ryan gold but about how SDM felt …


 She didn’t want to reveal her secret no matter how insignificant we make it , its hers and hers to keep, RG  had no right to force her at that moment to say something she didn’t want to say …


But then he was up all night waiting for the correct hour to go visit his GF … and when he got there the little green monster that told him NEG had feelings for his GF showed up … and still he tried to keep his could … but nothing on his side was rational …


If I were asked people to blame would start from



RG = 80% 


SDM = 19% ( I don’t know why am blaming her but some one needs the last 19% , okay I know who SJ they should have just told NEG  that the Lion and SDM are dating , I also know that is a different debate but this 19% needs to be shared because in all honesty hiding behind your brother when in trouble is the most logical step EVER  )


I hope no one was excepted her to go


Surprise am SIAN NA GIL NIM …even after what we know about her and her fears and previous bfs


We might not understand her fear , but equating her fears to be less important than a two day relation ship is exactly why she hides being a fan girl … because we just made a big part of her life (fangirling) seem insignificant compared to a relationship she is jut setting foot into … we seem to forget we know more about Ryan at this stage than she does …



NEG = 1%

( wrong place wrong time and trying to protect what he knows SDM wants to protect , which brings me back to my point from last time , just because he threatened to tell mom didn’t mean he wold actually tell , because like already said they are siblings when push comes to shove they have each other and this simpleton was just protecting his sisters/slash crush’s secret #complicated )


And to those who say he took advantage of this situation to confess … NOPE  … he was lost for words, this is the guy who went and took out his best suit , wrote a speech and even took a shower , do you think this is how he wanted his confession to go , in a crossfire with a lion ??





I give RG 80% of the blame because in this situation he had the power he knew why she was hiding; he knew why she was hiding behind her brother..


But he was still angry and fed up ... he even had to turn around and get it together




         (#getting my richard simmons together)


And then finally spoke






Because at the same time he did not see a purpose as to why she was hiding





And I will give him points for waiting until home before they started WW3’


But they had to use the elevator of fate …





Okay the confrontation scene was very straight forward, he spoke she spoke, he made his point and she stated it





And he apologised for not seeing it from her view AND for not telling her that he knew her secret …




       (pout for effect)




where can I get a Ryan gold you ask...


Here are some directions …



And while we are at this, my favourite Ryan gold moments are the moments when he forgets that he is a world famous gennnniuuuusss artist and reverts to this shy awkward human being that makes SDM’s heart flutter …







every time he goes shy and awkward my fanfiction brain starts itching …

Image result for most resist gif





Look at this jawline … I need a scene of her tracing it , since we are pg 13 am going to leave my imagination there..


She is living our fan-girl dreams, so she better put it to good use


Okay this is a SDM post let me stick to her


Why do I love SDM 1)


One thing I love about SDM is the fact that she is a flirt for days, usually it’s the guy who does all the advances in kdramas but SDM proves that she is not just a caricature of a character , she is an adult human, and being with a boyfriend that looks like God mistakenly dropped one of his angels on earth needs action. I mean no girl in this world would be able to resist this richard simmons and Ryan gold himself knew it … am sure KJW him self knew it

that's why he was so confident 


 and so SDM stood up 6Ib0nO6.png







Me: preach , SDM  be happy you didn’t meet the gay of demonic charm your straight self would be as heart broken as the rest of us....


And in in the next breath he was proven right …







Me in my gutter was like



and then the bell rang ..


And I was transported to an Indian serial,



and no one was happy 






Look at this crinkled smile <3





but before lion could get an answer DM popped up  





while sindy was talking these two were having a silent conversation 



and so sidny got to the point 




and they had no choice but to let her in ...






Me: EXACTLY .... 


And to convey our feeling SDM told Sindy 



(my English teacher use to do this because she couldn’t directly show they middle finger )


And with that Sindy succeeded in ruining my life … 


Taking Sindy home




KJW was lost 



And pmy was all






Me: and I ain’t seeing any … cries



Why do I love SDM 2)


Th fact that her EQ is amazing AF and not just towards her now boyfriend #LaBit (I still question this name) but towards ANY person in her vicinity, she took Cindy home , to her house the person who single handedly almost ruined her life .. she took that same person home, because she knew no, she understood where the teenager was coming from …


At the same time, it wasn’t as if she was forgiving the girl but she was empathizing while still setting rules




That’s the most amazing thing about empathy, you don’t have to understand you don’t have to agree but you just need to put your self in that person’s shoes …


This is something I tried repeating she isn’t just attentive to saja but to everyone , sometimes she doesn’t act but she still notices… this makes her not “the she will cure the male leads booboos fl" but a person who has always noticed others in trouble and tried to help them in her own way …


NEG confession


I saw a comment about the dissatisfaction with this part I was confused. to me that was unfair, we want him to move on and for him to do so he has to close this chapter of his life … and this is him taking those steps …


He is doing exactly what SDM did confessing to the person that liked …


DM wasn’t sure but she had to tell saja ... because regret is a powerful force, she already had many regrets and the biggest of them all art ...


And if we can give SDM this chance why not EG … he too deserves to work out his life. him saying he would wait was just way to show her

No this isn’t a joke,

No am not confused, I have come to this conclusion

Whether am wrong or right, I have to tell you ...



Reasons I love SDM 3)



She is picking up some of her lions’ traits

she spoke there and then and made it as clear as humanly possible … she knew how important it was to confess so she let her brother do it and she also knew how important it was to make it clear where she stood …



She didn’t act angry disgusted or annoyed she was the amazing human being that she is …





I saw this as the most comforting she could tell this man who was in pain, that she knew  hadn't been smiling much.


All she could do was watch him in pain and do nothing because five days of dating did not equate to

"Tell me all your secrets now ..."


To me she was just reminding him to smile,



She was telling him "you haven’t been smiling and

It breaks my heart"


Because that all she could do in this situation tell him to smile

And as I am typing this a song just popped into my head

Smile by Charlie Chaplin 


It wasn’t that she was indifferent to his pain, it was the fact that she didn’t  know the depth of his pain and she was telling him "am here and here with you so don’t forget how amazing it is to smile" "Don’t forget how to smile …"


Because on that day lee sol’s paint had made him forget how to smile, and any other person would have not recognised that he was in pain or they would seen the pain and pretended not to notice ..


SDM held his hand for encouragement telling him "am here with you don’t you forget that…"


As if to also tell There are still reasons to smile don’t you forget that …

She went and found something silly not because she was lost, but  because she wanted something to take him out of his head out of his fears and into this happy moment she was doing her best to create even not knowing what was making him so unhappy …


And we all know I can’t go without mentioning our boo …

I would like to officially accept Ryan Gold’s apology thank you for it , I was so shocked and happy that he kept on raising the bar for all the young girls who are watching this at home …


Yes young ones, you are not a man’s punching bag , or anyone for that matter , trying to help someone doesn’t give them the right to hurt you because they are in pain … especially when you are trying to help and its not even your job …










SDM: Do I have to explain everything, NYS help me out here…

Me: she is offering to you some thing important to her in hopes that you would return the favour...


SDM knew something was wrong, no she could feel it, she wasn’t the most prefect person on this earth, but she had always had this ability to feel what others felt and at that moment she knew how to distract him … inviting him home …

I can’t remember what episode, but the guy was sulking about NEG being in his girlfriend’s house while she wouldn’t even let him see it …



And mom is best



and By the way a##whopping 101




And again, I want the behind the scenes of this scene I will swear on my pinky finger he was trying to hold it in here …


I mean look at those crinkles …


And SDM was reveling in the love


                (Don’t stop I like it …)


Me: I feel you gurl … I cannot explain to you the joy it brought to me watching her tell the world, Saja was hers …

And my heart gave way watching Ryan be so proud about his girl friend


after mom left DM to saja for a tour , but he had some pointers 







Director : what is this that isn't part of the script

KJW: Yes it is ,it was given to me two minutes ago ...




Me: hides the original, I don’t know what he is talking about …




The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved – loved for ourselves or rather loved in spite of our selves.


Why do I love SDM 3)


Because she went from winning the lottery to realising, she had to give the lottery ticket to someone else. Most people wouldn’t even realise this, they would either be too selfish or too self-involved to realise someone needs that ticket more than them ..

But not SDM , at that moment Saja needed someone to tell him “I won’t let you go” "Am here to stay …"


She sees and she acts, she doesn’t doubt herself wrong or right she does something ANYTHING to show that she saw that she is there …



gifs that are not mine are not mine ...

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9 hours ago, NaYouSabi? said:

 can some one please help me with how to do the pre order for the DVD 



For now, they're only taking surveys to see if there's a demand. If they meet the minimum number, then they'll go ahead with the Blu-ray/DVD production. If they don't, then we won't see anymore BTS, NG, commentary from our lovely couple :bawling:. So ladies and gents, please do the survey below.



The lovely @taedysol created a tutorial on how to do the survey:


On 5/7/2019 at 10:45 PM, taedysol said:


Hi guys! As some of you may know, herprivatelife_bd (on instagram or herprivatelife_ on twitter) are currently doing a demand survey for Her Private Life Blu-ray/DVD. There are minimum orders to be reached before production can begin. I know from previous experiences that such DVDs will include unreleased scenes, more behind-the-scenes making videos, interviews with the actors/actresses etc. So for anyone who is interested in filling out the survey, I have done a tutorial. It is pretty easy and no payment is needed as this is just a demand survey.


Please see below for tutorial :)


  Reveal hidden contents

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

(This might be a little confusing so feel free to ask if you nee

AND YOU ARE DONE! Thank you for your participation :D



Edited by triplem
Pls don’t quote images. Thanks
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On 5/23/2019 at 12:57 PM, jeonghyang said:

Where's the naked BED Love-Making Session JUSTICE? 134.gif

I agree with you; however, we have to use our imagination.  This is after they completed the act and showered together... Therefore, we get the bed scene with uncomfortable shirts on.  Who sleeps like that?  I don't wear anything that uncomfortable even when I am alone.


I have had so many smiles and laughs reading your posts.  Great posts guys,  Although I am waiting impatiently for Wednesday to come, I don't want it to come to quickly because Thursday is the last episode and I am going to miss this couple.

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Episode 12


Reasons I love SDM 4)


Okay this should be 4 I think, I don’t know … I would like to apologise to the non native English speakers , I find putting my thoughts to paper very difficult I could write and entire story in my head but take years to put it to paper… so I keep switching points of views and writing methods … which can be jarring … 




lets see what was up in SDN's head ...


Of course she wanted to know , who wouldn’t her boyfriend the great Ryan gold came to visit her in the very early hours of the morning. One thing lead to another and he ended up crying his heart out , in the process breaking her own heart.


She was helpless to do anything other than hold him as tightly as possible and tell him everything thing was going to be okay , even  though it might have just been weightless words those were words she knew he needed. SDM  wanted to know who world hurt this beautiful human being in front of her , who dared make him shed such priceless tears , but she couldn’t force him to tell her something he couldn’t even handle on his and all she could do was shake her head while clasping his fingers  tightly . she  smiled at him hoping he would smile too , because she wasn’t lying she looked beautiful when he smiled .


So when he started telling her his story , how the only memory he had before the age of seven was of  being abandoned , he didn’t have abandoned issues because he was adopted , his parents made sure to remind him every day of his life he was wanted , no it was because the one and only memory he had for the first seven years was this intensifying fear of being left alone , in a dark snowing place , and of a hand letting him go and no matter how hard he cried the hand wouldn’t come back , his mother had done everything thing on this earth , but the one thing she couldn’t do was take away this night mare , this reality he had to revisit every night of his life and because he couldn’t run away from it he had to survive it .


 And SDM tried her best to keep her questions to herself every single question that ran through her head, but one just had to come out “is that why”

Yes, that was why, why he couldn’t let go of people and SDM being the person she was also refused to let go of him even if he wanted to so she did what her mother thought her if someone is in pain and you can’t help them then just be there for them and that how they found themselves playing the world of flowers …








and PMY told the man 





Hearing that KJW was all,Lets get this richard simmons on the role


Five minutes later




but he wasn't buying that 



(one of the reasons I don’t play cards with my dad is his ability to cheat , you never see it coming , only my mom can catch him )






So SDM had to do literally kiss his boobos away ...



While KJW tried his hardest to stay in character …


And I swear to the lord,



LaBit fandom falls into a gutter for every little thing and That gutter seems to not want to let us go …



I love love love how he looks at her, I could write an essay just about his gaze, just when you think he couldn’t love her more then he proves us wrong...


Reasons I love SDM 5)


She might not be in deep the same level as Ryan Gold, but she is in this for good , she plans on holing this hand for as long as she can , till death do us apart long …


Reasons I love SDM 6)







She is human AF yes she solves problems and helps those in need, but hse also forgets her friends , remember them and apologise but most of all runs avoids some problems like a plague


and she was out of there ... while NEG enjoyed the sun ...







who was acting suspicious 



and so she had to know why ...




 but when he wouldn't show her she a  tried different method  




Ryan shi  was all




Me : I might as well stay in this gutter , and who ever said they thought saja was looking at 16 and above information … stop giving me ideas ...


I can’t stress how much I love every microscopic emotion or expression he makes …




Reasons I love SDM 6)


She could write a book on the up and downs of Ryan gold and win a Nobel prize … she always notices every little detail … even how he ran as fast as he could from that meeting the moment orphanage came up …



This is my catnip … mother and sons



NEG and editor make me love this show more …


let's visit editor Nam for a moment 


Every parent wants to protect their child , people  say being a parent is natural but that is a lie its not natural , it takes hard work and supernatural powers that’s why some people who can’t seem to have both harm their children , all she had was the hard work , but slowly over time she grew her powers.


And her powers told her to protect him , NEG  the greatest gift she ever received , yes she couldn’t appreciate it back then that’s why she gave him up but now she sees it and it might be too late , but that wasn’t stopping her , she might not have done all the mom stuff but she tried to be a person he could count on and as that person she wanted to tell him ,"this will hurt NEG", "don't do this NEG","please save your heart", but the beauty of parent child relationships dictated that no matter how hard you wanted to protect them no matter many times  you try to tell them not to do something they would do it any way and still get to the result you told them they would get to ..


And all editor Nam could do was watch her son walk into heart break and just stand by the side lines knowing the pain that awaited him . for NEG knew he was headed for pain but because he was an athlete and because as many had said he was just a number two,a silver he could never win , but while there is always one winner the rest of the world (losers )still go on living …




the next day everyone headed to the orphanage … and

sidny was looking for trouble





reasons I love SDM 7)


her boyfriend is amazing …. He manages to challenge himself and not make a day all about him even though this had to be one of the hardest things ever … going back to a place that reminded him of memories he couldn’t remember but also memories he couldn’t forget …






and Ryan told her he wasn't planning on dying for the Donald trumps and Putins of this world ...


but he had someone more important , some fangirl some where whose heart he couldn’t bear to break  … ( see what I did there I just needed an excuse to talk about boo , who just happens to moonlight as SDM’s boyfriend )


at the orphanage 






me: this  man will be an amazing father someone tell him that …




PZTSmbf.giflooking at husband material ..



Ryan gold might not see it but she is always watching , noticing and always making him smile by smiling as brightly as possible so he gets infected with the smiling virus …




even the ridiculous 


I love you from the bottom of my liver…


So after the art presentation , SDM wanted a drawing of herself and I know what you all thinking even lion was on our side




so she told him  what she was aiming for 




and SDM was all YUP 


And Ryan could not imagine the disrespect ...










but he was reminded of some truths 




And with that she took hold of his hand and lead him , because she saw the fear,the blank look he got the moment he touched the colour but she wasn’t going to point it out instead SDM did what she knew best held his hand and walked him through it , without a word , she wasn’t asking for anything or saying anything but instead in her action she was speaking to him , that she was  there with him , he shouldn’t  run away from his pain , as she held his hand in hers and traced she was letting him know, that she won’t make him do things he didn’t  want to do but if he ever need her help she was  willing to help and to seal the deal on paper she made a contract …



Reasons I love SDM 8)









Again our lady was born to be cheesy with her lines …

I love the confidence in which she makes her statements … the assurance and self confidence when she approaches her man … I know this sound stupid but enough c and k dramas and Indian dramas have taught me is that our female leads need to be as  innocent as the first snow ( I don’t know what this means but it sounds like the perfect description), so watching her speak my mind is , mind blowing


And this scene to me is just a replica







So after a long day or couple or was it KJW and PMY am not sure one or the other had the cook off of the century ,




Five steps to perfect adlib









3 the ability to read each other





4 KJW and PMY





and always end like this 


(not mine in particular)


and before we could blink KJW and i where in the next scene ...









And so KJW minded his own business …


I love this scene for two reasons


1 we are shown even as a silver NEG is still wanted


2 CDO , wanting the friend she doesn’t want to loose …


Then I love this scene for three reasons


1 director eoms walk ,


2 kim biso and his gold purse also strutting his stuff … I love how in his element he is with that smile


3 ryan’s am too sexy for this richard simmons smile Legit question is it really a fashion statement to not wear a shirt at all  … does he wake up in the morning and thing am already too hot no need for added layers …


I want I boyfriend who will save my KJW miniature cardboard cut outs for me …


Reason I love SDM 9)






She taught our Ryan an important fact in life


 Reason I love SDM 10)


She knows when to ask a question and how to ask …

Even when the lion tires his best to divert the questions by flirting







SDM seems to see beyond face values of most people , girl should go into counselling , she doesn’t push too far , she knows  what to ask and when to stop and most of all she knows when all a human being needs from her is a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold … and she doesn’t wait for you to come to her she comes to you and offers that shoulder and hand because she understands that for some people asking for help is very difficult …





Look at how red these ears are … finally I see it … am one of the few who never saw the redness until now....





next two coming right up ... after my internet gets its S together ...



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4 hours ago, Ondine said:

Here's a fun article from insight.co.kr about the top 5 "kissing masters" among Korean actors. I think it's just the author's list, it's not from a poll or anything. KJW is #2. Incidentally, PMY has been the kissing partner of three of those actors. :D 


1. Gong Yoo

2. Kim Jae Wook

3. Ji Chang Wook

4. Seo In Guk

5. Park Seo Joon


If PMY sees this she might take it as a To-do list. Three down, two to go. Gotta catch them all :P

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Director Eom knows how I feel about HPL ending this week. :lol:


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14 minutes ago, selen4ever said:


If PMY sees this she might take it as a To-do list. Three down, two to go. Gotta catch them all :P

 me i would just like to confirm first hand :innocent:... if truly KJW , is that good ... i don't believe any of these articles ...:ph34r:

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On 5/26/2019 at 9:05 PM, Ameera Ali said:




I am shouting for KFC :joy::mrgreen:










@Sejabin , @Lawyerh & @Kasmic & @Sarang21 would you want some :joy: 




* all innocent :sweatingbullets:

:joy: where did you always get those crazy ideas?

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32 minutes ago, NaYouSabi? said:

 me i would just like to confirm first hand :innocent:... if truly KJW , is that good ... i don't believe any of these articles ...:ph34r:

Get in line sister!


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9 hours ago, annie1234 said:

Anyway, just found out this. And this is exactly like Ryan Gold's daily life!



KJW missed out another one of the 5 things he loves, feat PMY. That would be the best Killian collaboration. :wub:


That big bowl of seaweeds are also sufficient enough for us to share with both of them as well!! :D


And I am still waiting for Deok Mi to showcase Ryan's photos to Ryan. 

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@NaYouSabi? Your posts are brilliant! If I can give you all the positive icons, I will. I’m loving and hilariously laughing at the scripts you’ve put in the screen shots/gifs. And I agree on how amazing SDM is and glad you shared your POV on EG because I have the same thoughts as well. I’m looking forward to the rest of your posts.

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1 hour ago, Ondine said:

Director Eom knows how I feel about HPL ending this week. :lol:



I'm also going to miss that crazy lady, her crazy hair, and her crazy antics :joy:



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2 hours ago, Ramenqueen19 said:

Get in line sister!


girl there's no getting in line i am at the front of this line ....:naughty: ... camped out and waiting ... my time shall come ...:P

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