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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

DM misses Ryan, "But he wanna be alone...." 

Her mom calls to talk about her bday and what's her plan. Her mom asks when are his bday and the exact time of his birth (must be for matchmaking LOLOL). DM hangs up, "Bye" =))))))))


Hyojin spills the bean that Ryan doesn't know his bday cuz he was adopted. DM mom looks concerned, "Thanks God he was." Dad consoles her that it's good he met good parents.


EG calls DaIn, asking her what she's doing. 

They exchange some playful banter. Hmmmmmmm /too lazy to translate/ 


Ryan's house.

DM calls him, "Can you open the door?"

She's outside already, then she jumps on his arms instantly, "12 hours are too long...that's why I come here first." tH

They then eat breakfast together... Wait, DM eats and Ryan gazes at her.

Ryan teases her, "You seem to be hungry, not missing me." 

DM is upset and puts down her sandwich. Ryan cajoles him, "Have I told you you look pretty when eating?" DM grabs her sandwich again lol.

Ryan "arent you going to ask me about it?"

DM tells him that she doesn't need to, he just needs to know she's beside him always.

He's about to kiss her...but DM tells him that she just drinks coffee...afraid he'll faint.

Ryan rolls his eyes and offers her his milk HAHA.


At the gallery.

SiAn calls DM. She almost spazzes LMAO.

Sian asks her to meet, just two of them. DM, "ONLY TWO OF US?!"

Sian is concerned about his hyung, asking if he's angry with him about yesterday. DM tells him that he's not that kind of person, so Sian doesn't need to worry.

Sian tells her that he's doing this exhibition for his mom who got injured and couldn't draw anymore... It happened before he was born...


DI is on the phone with Ryan about the exhibition concept.

After he hangs up, Ryan recalls his childhood memory bit by bit...including when he makes some bubbles and his mum ignored him. He then receives a call from someone? Seems urgent.


DM is wondering alone about what happened to Ryan...she connects Lee Seol's bubble and Ryan who was stunned seeing the bubbles on their amusement park date.

/connection cuts off/


DM meets Ryan. Ryan tells her that her mom called to notify him about DM bday.

Ryan sulks about DM doesn't tell him about her upcoming birthday but tells her mom that she has a plan with her boyfriend that day, "Why weren't I notified? Do you have any other boyfriend?"HAHHAA.

Then he asks why her mom asks about his bday. He tells her he knows his bday (but not his actual bday), but doesn't know his birth time. DM asks if he isn't curious, holding his hand, "Should we find out?" DM advises him to meet Lee Seol to talk it out rather than holding grudges and suffering alone, "But whatever you choose, I'll be on your side. If you want, we can plan revenge together!" CUTE.


Ryan tells her that now he remembers why he cried when he saw the painting for the first time. It's due to his childhood memory of blowing bubbles and showing them to his mom.

Ryan: "Happiness and longing. Those are the feelings I felt when I saw the paintings." Though his childhood wasn't exactly idyllic, but he decides to move forward and tries to talk to Lee Seol about it, especially cuz now he has DM who holds his hand tightly. DM assures him that everything will be ok.


He visits her mom.

Lee Seol thinks he comes for Sian. Ryan, "I wanna show you something."

He brings her to his 'secret room.'


DM is composing the text for LeeSeol's painting exhibition...but hesitating about what should she write.


Ryan shows his mom her own paintings.

She cries. He cries.

His mom tells Ryan that Sian told her about him liking her paintings. She stops talking when she sees Ryan's expression. Ryan asks her, "Perhaps you remember the name, Yoon Jae. I am Yoon Jae."

Ryan faces her, "I am Heo Yoon Jae."

His mom looks shocked.


DM finishes her writing about the painting, talking about mother's love that's contained in the paintings.







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DM's mother calls her - she is sitting in her bed. I think DM's mother wants to celebrate RG's birthday for him (?) and I think Sindy says something about him being brought up in the US (perhaps he didn't have it celebrated? doesn't know when it is). Sindy is seated there brushing away at DM's father's stone.


EG calls DI (who is working on her notebook), I think EG wants to ask her out for drinks. But she doesn't agree? And EG looks at his phone and realises he has no friend to call (?)


RG is dressing up the next morning and receives a call. DM is at his doorstep, she jumps into his arms and he is happy to see her. She asks him to have breakfast together (a reciprocal gesture?). She has brought some sandwiches over. He teases her and she gets upset but he placates her immediately.


DM is at work and she gets a call from SA, she is so happy to hear from him. He wants to talk alone with her. I think he asks her why he (RG) doesn't look too happy with him (SA)? I think SA explains to DM why the mother doesn't like the name Lee Sol anymore. SA explains that he is his mum's fan and he asks DM for her help (but unsure to do what).


DI has sent a concept for the art exhibition to RG and he tells her that he is ok with it. It looks like an animation of bubbles. He again has a flashback of himself playing on the rooftop with bubbles and he calls out to his mother as he does so.


Next scene, DM is trying to figure out the significance of bubbles to RG or why RG is so fixated with bubbles. She guesses that he liked bubbles as a child... She finds him seated in front of a painting. DM's mother has called him about a birthday celebration (DM's mother?) but he is sulky for some reason, (about her not telling him so he can be a good bf?) and is throwing a tantrum at her. I think he said he was alone last night, and he doesn't like it. So she says she will follow him around or be by his side all the time, including in the toilet???


DM asks RG when his birthday is, he gives her an answer but she asks him if that's his real birthday (vs his adopted birthday). DM has a flashback about RG's mom (Lee Sol) telling her outside the toilet that she can't protect that name or the drawings?

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RG tells DM that he has figured out that those paintings make him happy (?) as they take him back to his childhood when he was happily playing with bubbles and he recalls asking his mother if she can see him blowing those bubbles. He says something about holding onto DM's hands after that (perhaps that he no longer need to fear abandonment, another post explains that he has her support and they can face things together).


RG is standing outside SA's house. He hesitates to press the doorbell but he finally does so. SA's mum tells him SA is not at home. He tells her that he wants to show her something - he brings her to his 'drawing room' and shows her the two Lee Sol paintings.


Next scene, DM is typing away at her computer, she is writing a commentary for the Lee Sol drawings (I think). She explains that the drawings reflect warmth, memories of a child (?).


Goes back to RG's drawing room and SA's mother says that she hopes he can help her with something (probably not to bring up the name Lee Sol in front of her as it pains her) ....then she notices that he is crying or deep in thought and she pauses. He asks her if she can recall the name Yoon Jae. (transmission lost for a bit). Then he says Hoe Yoon Jae (ah, someone posts that he tells her he is Hoe Yoon Jae). SA's mum tears up at the name.


Cut over to DM who continues with a voice over that the paintings reflect warmth (someone has translated that into a mother's love). 

The show ends here.


Preview - some scenes of RG in a church, SA and his 'hyung' RG talking, EG apologising to DM, and RG and DM holding hands in the art gallery with SA and his mother standing in front (I think it's the day of the art exhibition and Lee Sol re-appears).


Note: If I have the time tomorrow, I will correct the posts I have made that are far off in terms of meaning, from the subs, once I have watched them. Mian-hae, in advance for any misappropriate translations till then!

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https://tv.naver.com/v/8467452 (Gun Woo asking his Dad about his kindergarten love crush woes. Gun Woo always says the darndest things :lol:)

https://tv.naver.com/v/8467450 (Deok Mi doing research about the paintings at the university library)

https://tv.naver.com/v/8467411 (Ryan & Deok Mi talking while viewing the Lee Sol paintings at Ryan's house)

https://tv.naver.com/v/8467135 (everybody meets in the most filmed apartment lift aka Lee Sol + Cha Si An + Ryan + Deok Mi meet in the lift)

https://tv.naver.com/v/8467132  (continuation of Ryan-Deok Mi last scene in episode 12)

https://tv.naver.com/v/8467453 (Si An + Deok Mi visit Cheum Gallery + Ryan's pivotal realisation that Lee Sol is his mother. Prepare your tissues. This one's a tearjerker...)


KJW and the actress playing Lee Sol really emoted so well in their scenes tonight. Top-notch acting all around!

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1 minute ago, rcalma said:

i wonder if EunGi knew Heo Yoon Jae... At the preview it seems like he was surprise when that name was mention... mmmm




I thought the same too. With my very limited understanding of Korean words , seems like he knew about Heo Yoon Jae. Maybe a memory that Deok Mi lost as well. I hope it won't cause trouble for Ryan and Deok Mi. And Deok Mi's mom that was kind of "abandoned" Ryan in the past still hasn't resurfaced yet. :scream: I am scared now. 

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Watched it raw. Is it just me or do I feel like there are too many scenes in this episode? Kept switching scenarios and I found it swinging from scene to scene without much closure/continuity. 

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