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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

Inside DM house.

EG calls but she ignores. He texts her instead, sending Hyojin's pic LOLOL.

She calls him and EG is upset, "ASK HER YOURSELF."


Hyojin tells her what happened when she came home.

Her mom was angry, "Am I still your mom?" Her mom tells her to go ahead with her special exhibition, in return, she takes her card and car...."And house, too. GET OUT!" She already packed Hyojin's suitcase.

So she decides to come DM mom's house until the exhibition finishes, thinking she deserves it since it was because of her the exhibition isn't canceled. Hyojin asks EG what time he goes to work tomorrow cuz she wants a ride HAHA.


DM receives a call from Curator Yu...about  Lee Seol's paintings and exhibition.

She recalls what Ryan told her that he couldn't draw since he saw Lee Seol's paintings.

Deokmi contacts another artist, it seems.

She then writes on curator cafe to find out more about Lee Seol...


Next morning. Sian's mom visits Ryan to bring him breakfast.

Ryan thanks her. She apologizes to Ryan, cuz  SiAn seems to bother Ryan a lot, "He must be feeling lonely. Thanks God he meets a good hyung like you." Then she leaves. Ryan stares at the sandwich.


He calls DM, asking her to come out quickly... He's already in front of her house, bringing her the sandwich,

DM is totally elated, "CAN I TAKE PICS OF IT??" HAHAHAH

He teases her for smiling so happily, "Is it bcause of Sian mom's sandwich."

DM tells him that it's because of him, then kisses his cheeck...leaving her lip stained haha.


SiAn calls when they're inside his car, asking him if it's ok to talk now.


Sian asks him if he can comes to gallery with his mom. 

Ryan: "I'll think about it."

DM bribes him by kissing his cheek again.

Ryan to Sian: Only this once



DM meets EG mom, talking about something. I MISSED IT SORRY.

She then asks EG mom about Lee Seol...she even shows her the paintings.

EG mom is sure she saw it somewhere... DM tells her to tell her if she remembers.

EG mom remembers that she saw it in her university before she graduated. It belongs to one of her friends who received praises about the painting, "That person's name is Lee Seol?"

So DM visits the university to check graduation book...and saw Sian mom's pic on the book.


Geunwoo scene now...asking his dad about "LOVE" ahahah

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So DM asked EG mum about Lee Seol paintings and she told her to go the library as theres a book on her. DM finds the book and see a young pic of LS whom is Sians mom. 



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SJ's son is having a chat with the father about love and for some reason he falls to the floor of the playground, just like how he falls in the dojo. Cute kid.


DM and RG are back at the office. She asks him if he is going to take a look at the artwork with SA and the mother. She is about to tell him something but then decides against it (could it be that she knows the mother is Lee Sol?). SA and the mother arrive hand in hand at the gallery. RG tells SA's mother that the sandwiches were delicious. While they are admiring the artwork in the gallery, RG gets a flashback when he looks at SA's mother from behind.

SA's mum takes a look at the restored Lee Sol painting and she starts to cry. She excuses herself and goes to the ladies. DM's waits for her outside the toilet but she falters in her steps a little. DM asks her if she is Lee Sol (?) and she says, now, no longer? (sorry the connection was bad). 


It is intermission now.

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Geunwoo is having crush on one of his classmates.... SOCUTE =)))


At the gallery.

DM is reeling from her discovery...cuz it means Sian's mom is Ryan's too. Her name was not LEE SOL.

Ryan asks Yuseop to bring Lee Sol's painting to him.

DM asks Ryan if he plans to see the paintings with Sian and Mom.

DM wants to tell him, but decides against it.


Sian comes with his mom. Her mom apologizes again cuz Sian bothers him.

Ryan calls Sian's mom, "Omoni."

DM looks at the interaction meaningfully.

Sian and his mom have a date at the gallery. Ryan just stares at them...he gets flashbacks of his mum's back view when he stares at Sian's mom. They now stare at the painting. Sian's mom cries while she stares at it and excuses herself to the toilet.

DM waits for her outside the toilet...confirming that she's Lee Sol. Telling her that she saw the painting on graduation book.

Lee Sol tells her that now she's not LeeSol, "I cannot protect that name. I cannot protect those paintings." She asks DM to understand.

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Sian and Ryan talk about the painting.

Sian, "Maybe my mom will ask you a favor," telling him that her mom dislikes him collecting the paintings.

He confesses he collects it cuz it feels like he's collecting her mom's dream...telling him that her mom is Lee Seol.

Ryan is shocked. He remembers his past and his mom's face.

Lee sol comes in and calls Sian, "Son." Ryan is too stunned to speak...so he just stands up to return her greeting.

DM realizes that Ryan knows already.


SJ and Joohyuk scene now.

He's composing a new song with her help. 

Joohyuk advises her to forgive her husband already. SJ tells him that she still can't, "He loves me so much...but forgiving such person isn't easy." Still, JooHyuk advises her to forgive him anyway, suddenly composing a melody for her. haha. Seungmin is listening to them outside, smiling to himself.


At the gallery. Ryan is still shell-shocked. She remembers the abandonment when someone lets go of his hand... IDK I think he recalls that they're two different persons? Cuz he's frowning.

DM comes in, "Do I disturb you? If you wanna be alone, please tell me. I'm OK."

Ryan shakes his head. DM asks, "You know already?" Then tells him somehow she finds out.

Ryan tells her that he feels so strange, "She's a person I couldn't catch for 3 years. But she suddenly appears in front of me. Like a lie." DM; "If you don't wanna tell [Lee Seol?] about it now...it's ok." and asks him to endure it until tomorrow, at least. Ryan drives home alone. He recalls all of his past...and the current events with SiAn and his mom. Overwhelmed, he decides to stop his car at the side of the road, recalling how DM tells him that it's impossible for him to feel OK in his heart.


DM visits SJ's cafe. EG suddenly appears beside her.

They drink together at a convenient store, like the "old times".

DM asks if EG isn't curious about his father. EG says he doesn't cuz even without him, he lives well.

DM wonders why, cuz it's natural for him to miss his father anyway. EG retorts that his father doesn't seem to miss him anyway so why should him. DM asks why he never shares his feeling to her...EG says he feels apologetic to DM and her family who's been taking care of him well. DM tells him that she's happy to see him after a while, as his long-time friend.


Sian and Ryan meet. 

Sian is waiting for him in front of his apartment. Ryan recalls all of their encounter and how Sian calls him 'hyung' and how their meeting is FATE. Ryan refuses to talk to him and goes straight to his house, citing that it's late already. He slams the door in front of Sian T_T

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SA and RG are talking in his office. SA tells RG that his mother feels pain from the paintings and she doesn't like to be associated with it. He has found out that she is Lee Sol. He has a flashback from his childhood and he can finally see the face of the person he calls mother, it is SA's mother. RG starts to tear up as he has that realisation.


Next scene, SJ and her employee are at the cafe. The employee is composing a new song and she asks him to transpose the song. He gives her his two cent's worth about her relationship with her hubby, the PD. She tells the employee that she really loves the hubby but finds it difficult to forgive him(?). I think the employee is giving her the hubby's perspective. (transmission lost)


Now, RG is seated in the office. He recalls the scene of a lady telling him that she is not his mother - the scene where he is left at the orphanage. DM asks him if he knows....and he realises that she knows too. I think she says that she just found out. He says he finds it strange... that the mother just appeared out of nowhere? I think she tells him that she understands that he will want to spend time alone.


RG drives home alone. He is very disturbed with dark thoughts about abandonment and the reconciliation scene at his office. Then he thinks about what DM told him about not being ok, as he would certainly feel upset (from last episode's scene).


DM stands outside SJ's cafe but it is closed. EG also comes by and I think they are both surprised. I think DM asks EG if he is curious about who his father is (?) and he says he isn't. However, he wonders why the father isn't curious about him and hasn't made any effort to be with him. I think EG says he is apologetic that DM and the family have had to raise him (?) and he is a 'Eun-gi-seiki'. EG says he wishes she would not see him that way, but as a man.


RG reaches his place but finds SA standing outside. He recalls the conversations he had with SA in the past about Lee Sol and SA wants to talk to him but he ignores SA and goes straight through the door.


It's intermission time again. (Park Seo Joon is having instant porridge. LOL)


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