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[Drama 2019] Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

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FINALE KISSES                                    THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!   

Before we move on, I just want to appreciate their first kiss again:     Sorry it's night time at my place so can't find more proper lighting for the painting. Anyway, an art direc

My First Real Fangirl Experience   Since we all don't have BTS today, I thought I'd share with all my fangirl buddies here what happened to me last night as yall were going wild watching ep

I can’t believe the hand in the pocket is a thing... thought he looks quite sophisticated...lol


he can do no wrong...

plus I think I would spontaneously combust if he keeps enveloping sdm each time he kisses her....lol

hilarious breakdown of time allocation....the  80% couple time.

the product placement is getting ridiculous but hilarious at the same time...have they gone to subway or Quiznos yet??.

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4 hours ago, Ondine said:


Ooh, what if both Eun Gi and Ryan were placed in the orphanage at some point and DM's mom chose to foster Eun Gi instead of Ryan...in an alternate universe she could have chosen Ryan and he and DM would grow up to be pseudo-siblings! (Hello makjang!) Disclaimer, I haven't been analyzing the plot so this is probably totally senseless; I just liked the idea. :D

I have the same feeling too. 

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Park Min Young Receives Sweet Support From Yoo Jae Suk And Lee Seung Gi On Drama Set



Park Min Young Receives Sweet Support From Yoo Jae Suk And Lee Seung Gi On Drama Set

Park Min Young recently received gifts from her “Busted!” cast members while filming her current drama “Her Private Life”!

On May 22, the actress uploaded several photos of snack trucks on her personal Instagram account.

One of the trucks was sent by Yoo Jae Suk, who wrote on the banner, “The culprit who sent the ice cream is~~ the trendy oppa ‘Yoo Jae Suk.’ Hang in there, Min Young!!”

In response, Park Min Young wrote, “My heart has melted because of this ice cream gift from the trendy oppa, Yoo-neu-nim[God Yoo], Jae Suk oppa. Thank you.”

Park Min Young also posted photos of a truck sent by Lee Seung Gi. On the upper banner, he wrote, “The culprit who sent the churros and coffee is~~ Lee Seung Gi!” The bottom banner reads, “I support the popular actress ‘Park Min Young’ and the ‘Her Private Life’ team. -Trendy Friend Lee Seung Gi.-”

The actress captioned the post, “The earth-shattering [cute] wit of this surprise gift [from Lee Seung Gi].”

Park Min Young currently stars in tvN’s “Her Private Life” as Sung Duk Mi, a professional gallery curator who leads a secret life as an idol fan.

She previously starred in the second season of Netflix’s “Busted!” with Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Seung Gi.


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Getting ready for the live recaps~~~


I'll post it on this post...

It'll be a little later than the live viewing cuz I need time to type and translate dialogues

forgive me for typos  :(



Oh God, it's still the intro part...



It's started!!!!


This scene is still so touching TT__TT

R: AM i NOT HEAVY? Seems like you're getting

DM: thanks for telling me tho it's hard

R: Thanks for being a person who lets me share everything. I've hidden it for 3 years.

DM: I'll lend my ears anytime

R: You lend your hand...now your ears.. what should I lend?

DM: Lemme think about it.


They leave the gallery arms in arms... DM says she'll take Ryan home today. Ryan: "by what" DM: "your car." Ryan: "im driving, though?? thats not taking me home" HHAHA


They arrive at Ryan home. DM asks him to do something he's good at, since they did something she's good at last time.


They meet Sian and her mom at the elevator. Sian: 'Hyung likes me so much' LOL cute.

They share good convo. DM barely contains her fangirling smile LOL.

Sian gets off first. Ryan tells him that Lee Sol's pic has been well-restored. Sian's mom is getting teary.


DM: "Our Sian is so pretty...like her mom."

R: Then you should follow Sian, instead *sulks

DM: Can I do that? *leaves

Ryan: *grabs her hand* LOL


Lee Sol and Sian stare at the building. He mentions something about grandpa throws everything.

Then he tells his mom Ryan likes them so much.

Lee Sol thanks him for collecting it...but she tells him she doesn't wanna see these again.

SiAn persuades her, "Just this one. For your sake" His mom tells her she cannot..but SIAn insists, "Then for me?" His mom concedes.


DM: now I understand why you were angry when I entered this room. I should be apologizing again about it now.

Ryan interprets Lee Seol's paintings as beautiful, but sad. For DM, there's hope in it... She hopes that Ryan can see it later. Ryan: "Then now we can do things Im good at." DM: Whats that?


DM's dad is walking home alone...and feels ominous that someone is following him. Luckily he meets EG at the elevator and hurries him going up.  Turns out it's Hyojin.


LMAO they're playing GoStop again =)))))))

Ryan's revenge =)))))))))))


DM's house. Hyojin comes to eat, bringing her suitcase LOL.

She wanna stay over. Now bickering with Eungi about the rights over DM's room. Hyojin asks, "how much this ahjussi pays?" LMAO.


Ryan takes DM home...DM blows her wrist. She must have lost.

Ryan blows it. DM is like, "JUST NOW? IT'S TOO LATE." lmao.

Ryan gets out of his car and hugs her... A long hug, thanking her. 

She also thanks him.


((this is the scene they filmed on Saturday...when I met KJW)))

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9 minutes ago, luvcrabbieshinhwa said:

Getting ready for the live recaps~~~


I'll post it on this post...

It'll be a little later than the live viewing cuz I need time to type and translate dialogues.


u get the translation i'm doing the screencaps... lets goo

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Gosh, I just watched the instant noodle ad and now I feel like one.. LOL


Ok, starting now.


Thanks to my streaming, I hear the voice and watch the scene later ... :(


OK, they are still sitting at the sofa from last week's scene. After a chat (which I couldn't understand), he suggests they leave together, which they do, with their arms wrapped around each other. They go to RG's place and yes, them meet SA and his mum in the lift, as fate would have it. SA informs the mother that this is his 'hyung' that he likes and he introduces the mother to RG. SA and the mum leave the lift. But just before that, RG informs SA that the latest piece of artwork has been restored well. DM passes a compliment about SA and RG pretends to get jealous.


SA shows the artwork to his mother but she doesn't look happy to see them, perhaps it is from a past that she doesn't wish to relive? To distract the mother (who looks unhappy), SA suggests that they eat. SA's mother sighs.


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2 hours ago, Ondine said:

While we wait, some fun text post memes by driffcompatible on Tumblr:






See the whole post here: https://driffcompatible.tumblr.com/post/185044172111/her-private-life-text-posts

I've been to the grounds of the Soma Art Museum (where this was filmed) several times over the last week. It is hard not to let the imagination run wild when you walk through these walls.... ahhhhhh... this maybe a long term problem. 

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DM and RG are standing in his 'art room' and they look at two pieces of artwork that are now hung on the wall. They both exchange words about the artwork and he touches her in a very suggestive manner. 

The scene changes and someone is tailing DM's father, it looks as if someone is spying on him. He runs into the lift in fear and meets EG, whom he tells to hurriedly close the door. (Laughs, it feels like a horror movie scene) The door is about to close when a hand sticks right through the door which is about to close, and it is none other than Sindy. (connection lost) In the next scene, Sindy is having dinner at their house (perhaps she still has not gone home yet?) and she even asks for a second helping from EG.


DM and RG are in RG's car, for some reason, he is blowing at her wrist (or kissing it). I think he has sent her home. She leaves for her 'penthouse' and RG runs after her, pulling her into his embrace. They stand locked in each others' arms. I think he wants her comfort.


Sindy is talking to her mother (Director Eom) in front of her house. She tells her mother that she has prepared something special for the celebrity art exhibition and i think the mother tells her she can do what she wants but she is kicked out of the house (the mother packed her belongings into a suitcase for her). Ah, Sindy is explaining to DM via EG's phone why she is in DM's mother's house (so she was recounting what happened to DM  - this conversation takes place through EG who has connected the call to DM. 

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(SA's mother earlier had a look of surprise on her face when she saw RG in the lift)... And she pays RG a visit at his place - she brings him some sandwiches and a fruit juice. I wonder if she suspects anything or she is just being nice because SA says it's his 'hyung'.


RG calls DM on the phone and asks her where she is. (He is wearing a waist coat) It turns out that he came all the way to her place and brought the sandwiches to her place to have it with her. She kisses him in appreciation. They then leave for work together. In the car, a call is put through on RG's car phone system. She has that extremely excited look on his face as she anticipates hearing SA's voice. Ah, SA suggests something... and DM kisses RG on the face, I think because she wants him to agree to something. She is so happy that RG agrees.


Next scene, EG's mother and DM meet at the printer's workshop. I think DM is there to see the sample of souvenir programmes for the art exhibition. She asks EG's mothers about Lee Sol, the artist and if she has heard of her before. DM goes to a library to find out more about who Lee Sol is and sees something in a book which makes her look surprised.

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