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[Drama 2019] Strangers from Hell, 타인은 지옥이다


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Watch: “Strangers From Hell” Releases Spine-Chilling Highlight Video + 3 Keywords To Look Out For Ahead Of Its Premiere

Aug 12, 2019
by L. Kim




Upcoming OCN drama “Strangers From Hell” has released a chilling highlight reel as well as three keywords to keep in mind ahead of its premiere!

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Strangers from Hell” is a thriller drama about the mysterious incidents that a man encounters after moving into a dormitory due to the residents that live in the same building.

Im Siwan plays Yoon Jong Woo, an aspiring writer who moves to Seoul from the countryside for his new job, and Lee Dong Wook is Seo Moon Jo, a dentist who owns a clinic near the dormitory. Lee Jung Eun will take the role of the dormitory owner Young Bok Soon who is a friendly woman that takes care of the people living in the dormitory. Lee Hyun Wook will play a mysterious, cold man named Yoo Ki Hyuk while Park Jong Hwan will play Byun Deuk Jong who has a habit of exaggerating his laughter and stuttering his words. Lee Joong Ok will take the role of Hong Nam Bok who has problems adjusting to society.

The video starts off with Yoon Jong Woo dragging his suitcase up a steep slope to get to his new home. He looks up at the dilapidated building with a mix of disbelief and disgust. Young Bok Soon shows him his new room full of stains and dust while claiming he won’t be able to find another place like it at such a cheap price in Seoul. Yoon Jong Woo’s expression shows he thinks that it couldn’t get any worse than this.

On his first day, Yoon Jong Woo bumps into a thug who warns him everyone in the building is crazy. The only sane greeting he encounters is from the dentist Seo Moon Jo who doesn’t seem quite normal as well. Then things start turning strange with dead bodies ending up in garbage bags and the word “die” scribbled in a hidden diary.




more https://www.soompi.com/article/1345055wpp/watch-strangers-from-hell-releases-spine-chilling-highlight-video-3-keywords-to-look-out-for-ahead-of-its-premiere

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August 20 2019

Ep.1 trailer for OCN drama series “Strangers From Hell”


Ep.1 trailer added for OCN drama series “Strangers From Hell” starring Im Si-Wan and Lee Dong-Wook. Ep.1 trailer begins Im Si-Wan stating in Korean “Even though this is a redevelopment area, isn’t it too cheap? I think the people here are so strange.” Meanwhile, below are still images from the drama series. The still images features Im Si-Wan, Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Jung-Eun, Lee Hyun-Wook, Park Jong-Hwan and Lee Joong-Ok.

“Strangers From Hell” first airs August 31, 2019 in South Korea.




Watch: Im Siwan Questions His Dormitory’s Strange Residents In Hair-Raising Preview For “Strangers From Hell”

Aug 20, 2019
by Y. Shin



OCN’s upcoming drama “Strangers From Hell” has released a special preview ahead of the drama’s premiere!

“Strangers From Hell” is a mystery thriller about an aspiring novelist named Yoon Jong Woo (played by Im Siwan) who moves to Seoul to pursue his dreams but is thrust into an unexpected hell due to the strange residents of his dorm.

In the clip, Jong Woo moves into his new home and meets his dorm mates for the first time. He leaves his hometown after receiving a internship offer from a university senior. Due to his financial situation, he moves into the dingy Eden Dormitory but can’t help but comment, “Even if you say that this is in a redevelopment area, how could it be so cheap?” The narrow, dark corridors, worn-down wallpaper, and bed-sized room seem like a good reason for the dirt-cheap fees.

Later, a small notebook hidden under his bed has Jong Woo’s nerves on edge. When he flips through the pages, he finds they’re filled with phrases like “I’m going crazy,” “This is scary,” and “I want to die.” Tensions rise as he finally lands on a page that has nothing but the word “Die” written on it.

Jong Woo also meets the residents of his dorm: Yoo Ki Hyuk (played by Lee Hyun Wook), who wears a gruesome smile, Byun Deuk Jong (played by Park Jong Hwan), who exaggerates his laugh, and Hong Nam Bok (played by Lee Joong Ok), who stands guard in front of Jong Woo’s room. Jong Woo comments, “One guy stutters as he laughs at me, and one guy swears at me for no reason. And I don’t know who it is, but I think someone keeps coming into my room.” His girlfriend Ji Eun (played by Kim Ji Eun), however, calms him down, saying, “Aren’t you being too sensitive?”



more https://www.soompi.com/article/1346764wpp/watch-im-siwan-questions-his-dormitorys-strange-residents-in-hair-raising-preview-for-strangers-from-hell

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Creepy neighbors and suicidal diaries in Hell Is Other People

by tineybeanie


The first teaser for Im Shi-wan’s (The King Loves) upcoming drama Hell Is Other People has just been released, and the creepiness of it just sent shivers up my spine. Im Shi-wan stars as a young man from the countryside who comes up to Seoul by himself to begin an internship offered by his college sunbae. However, as he continues to live at his cheap goshiwon surrounded by strangers, everything begins to twist into a hellish nightmare. However, his girlfriend, played by Kim Ji-eun (Doctor Prisoner), thinks he might be overloaded with anxiety and overthinking the situation. In contrast to his other creepy neighbors, Lee Dong-wook (Touch Your Heart) and landlady Lee Jung-eun (Welcome to Waikiki 2) comes off as somewhat normal and friendly. But are they really?


First of all, the living conditions at Eden Goshiwon are terrible, with narrow dark hallways, stained walls, and tiny rooms. The rent is cheap at least, but as Im Shi-wan asks his Lee Jung-eun at the start of the teaser, “Even if this is a poor neighborhood, how can the rent be this cheap?” At the goshiwon, Im has a bedroom to himself but the other areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and balcony are shared with the other residents. We see some of his neighbors as Im continues, this time speaking to his girlfriend, “I think the people here are weird. One guy keeps stuttering and laughing to himself, another guy keeps cursing at me for no reason. And I’m not sure who, but I’m sure someone’s been sneaking into my room.” His girlfriend dismisses his concerns and we cut to Im on a rooftop with the friendly neighborhood dentist, Lee Dong-wook, who welcomes Im as the latest new resident. Though Lee seems nice, while Im is in his room, he discovers an old diary under his bed and it puts his nerves on high alert. The pages are full of repeated phrases like “I’m going crazy”, “I’m afraid”, “I want to die”, and the scariest of them all—a single command: “Die!” Landlady Lee claims that everyone who’s ever lived in their goshiwon left after becoming successful. She finishes by saying, “Only the best people are left here now.”


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/08/creepy-neighbors-and-suicidal-diaries-in-hell-is-other-people/

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Im Siwan And Lee Dong Wook Talk About Becoming Close Before “Strangers From Hell” Filming Started

by R. Jun

OCN’s upcoming drama “Strangers From Hell” revealed stills from the first meeting of Im Siwan and Lee Dong Wook, and the actors talked about how they became close before filming for the drama started.

“Strangers From Hell” is a mystery thriller about an aspiring novelist named Yoon Jong Woo (played by Im Siwan) who moves to Seoul to pursue his dreams, but is thrust into an unexpected hell due to the strange residents of his dorm.

In the new stills, Yoon Jong Woo (Im Siwan) and Seo Mun Jo (Lee Dong Wook), a dentist whose office is close to the dorm, meet late at night on the dorm rooftop.



The meeting feeds anticipation for the clashing of these two characters. Yoon Jong Woo is on edge, stuck in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, while Seo Mun Jo is a skilled conversationalist with an artistic sentiment.

Im Siwan said, “Working with Lee Dong Wook is so great. Even before filming started, we talked about the drama and other things a lot. We became really close, and the chemistry came naturally.”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1347445wpp/strangers-from-hell-reveals-im-siwan-and-lee-dong-wooks-first-meeting-im-siwan-on-how-they-became-close-before-filming-started

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“Strangers From Hell” Director On Working With Im Siwan And Lee Dong Wook, Heading His First Drama, And More



“Strangers From Hell” director Lee Chang Hee talked about his experience working on his first drama, what to expect from the first broadcast, and more!


The upcoming mystery thriller tells the story of a young man who moves up to Seoul and experiences a hell created by others while living in a strange dormitory. It stars Im Siwan, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Jong Hwan, and Lee Joong Ok.


The drama is led by director Lee Chang Hee, who has previously won the Top Excellence award at the 10th Annual Mise En Scène Short Film Festival for his film “Den” (literal translation) and has received praise for his 2018 movie “The Vanished.” Viewers are highly anticipating what kind of excitement he will bring to television screens in his collaboration with OCN.


Lee Chang Hee discussed his upcoming work in an interview with media outlet Dailian. Regarding how he came to direct “Strangers From Hell,” he stated, “It’s a given as a director to want to make works from fun and interesting stories. I found the original webtoon to be interesting, and I got excited to embody it through video. There was no need to hesitate ⁠— I got the offer and accepted it the next day. I’m working hard to not undermine the original work, but to also tell a similar yet different story. I’d like to create a story that will be fun for both those who have read the webtoon and those who have not.”


“Strangers From Hell” will be Lee Chang Hee’s first time directing a drama. When asked about the differences between dramas and movies, he said, “If a movie is about developing the substance [of the story] in a given time, a drama is a project in which you can build empathy with a character over a longer period of time. The benefit of working in dramatic cinema is that you combine the strong points of a drama with the impact of a movie. I’m filming with the mindset that I’m making 10 interesting 1-hour movies or a movie with 10 climaxes.”


The director also provided his take on the drama’s central theme of “a hell created by strangers in a dormitory,” saying, “The setting of a dormitory is very ironic. It could be seen as a hopeful and romantic place, but in other regards, it can also be a place full of desperation, packed with the personal hells that modern people carry. The irony is maximized by [the fact that] a dormitory is a place where you share the same air with complete strangers. ‘Strangers From Hell’ is a work that started with the question: ‘In a place where you can most closely feel strangers breathing, what might happen if those strangers are murderers?'”


Lee Chang Hee also shared praise for the cast. “Objectively speaking, the actors don’t really look like their characters, but they do such a good job of portraying them. For example, Park Jong Hwan is actually an extremely handsome man. Im Siwan is able to get really immersed in a scene, and the sheer presence of Lee Dong Wook created great energy. Lee Jung Eun is like a magician who can turn any situation into a reality. While each of the characters’ individual appeals is strong, they shine even more when they’re together.”


The director stated, “‘Strangers From Hell’ is a drama that anyone can watch because of the charms provided by its psychological thrills and fresh characters. We put a lot of effort in both the acting and directing and worked hard to hook viewers in with every episode. I would appreciate it if you started this journey together with the main character Jong Woo, who closely interacts with the strangers of his dormitory.”


“Strangers From Hell” premieres August 31 at 10:30 p.m. KST. 



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Watch: Im Siwan, Lee Dong Wook, And More Show Great Chemistry On Day 1 Of “Strangers From Hell”

by R. Jun

OCN’s upcoming drama “Strangers From Hell” revealed a new behind-the-scenes video from the actors’ first day on set!

Im Siwan, in the role of the aspiring novelist Yoon Jong Woo, said, “Filming has begun for ‘Strangers From Hell,’ and I thought I would be more nervous, but everything’s going more smoothly than I expected. It could just be me, though. The drama itself is a little dark and heavy so I thought I would also feel that way, but to the contrary, filming has been really fun.”

Lee Dong Wook, who just started to get his bearings as the mysterious dentist Seo Mun Jo, also commented on the first day, saying, “I was a little worried because the character isn’t easy, but I spoke to the director a lot, and the staff helped, too, so I think things have been going well.”

He added that the actors got together often before starting the drama, so their chemistry has been great.

And indeed, the actors seem to be having a blast, spending their down time joking and laughing with each other.

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Premiere Watch: The Great Show, Hell Is Other People

by stroopwafel


Hell Is Other People


Time slot: Saturday & Sunday
Broadcaster: OCN
Genre: Psychological thriller
Episode count: 10 episodes

Reasons to watch: Adapted from a chilling (and popular) Korean webtoon, Im Shi-wan moves from the country to the big city and city life isn’t what he hoped it would be. He manages to find a room in a cheap goshiwon and though he seems to have a nice landlady in Lee Jung-eun, the other residents are all a bit off-putting. We’re not talking stolen peanut butter and empty toilet paper rolls, more than sinister laughter while staring straight ahead, and random cursing and threats. Luckily, Im manages to make a friend in Lee Dong-wook so he’s not entirely alone, but is Lee Dong-wook truly the nice, friendly person he appears to be? I’m looking forward to seeing Im Shi-won make his post-army comeback and I hope we get to see Lee Dong-wook play against type and tackle something darker than his usual nice guy characters. This is the latest installment of OCN’s cinema-drama project.




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Im Si Wan, Lee Dong Wook, And More Describe Characters And Ratings Goal For “Strangers From Hell”

Aug 29, 2019
by S. Park

On August 28, a press conference was held for OCN’s “Strangers from Hell” with actors Im Si Wan, Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Jong Hwan, Lee Joong Ok, Lee Dong Wook, and director Lee Chang Hee in attendance.

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Strangers from Hell” is about aspiring novelist Yoon Jong Woo (played by Im Si Wan) who moves to Seoul for an internship and finds himself living in an unexpected hell created by unusual residents in his goshiwon building. A goshiwon is a type of housing arrangement that students studying for an important exam lease to live in short-term.


This is OCN’s second dramatic cinema series. Director Lee Chang Hee began, “It feels new because it’s my first time directing a drama. It’s a project that I’m also looking forward to.”

About the webtoon the drama is based on, the director said, “The original is the original, but we said that we should create our own new project. I spoke with the writer of the original webtoon, and he liked it. I carried over the same message from the original work. You won’t feel a big difference if you watch all 10 hours of the drama.”

Lee Chang Hee also discussed OCN’s dramatic cinema series. “There are many differences from a film,” said the director. “To begin with, it’s my first time doing a press conference like this in the middle of filming.” He continued, “The intention was to create a film-like drama. This means we are creating a drama but completing it like a movie. It may seem impolite [to say this], but you’ll be able to discover the fun of a new genre if you watch until the end.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1348799wpp/im-si-wan-lee-dong-wook-and-more-describe-characters-and-ratings-goal-for-strangers-from-hell

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August 30, 2019


‘Strangers from Hell’ comes to television


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

The stars of the thriller drama “Strangers from Hell,” based on a popular Naver web comic, pose during a press briefing in southern Seoul on Wednesday. From left are Im Si-wan, Lee Jung-eun, Lee Hyun-wook, Park Jong-hwan, Lee Joong-ok and Lee Dong-wook. [YONHAP]

Popular suspense web comic “Strangers from Hell” is coming to television with a star-studded cast this Saturday. 


Since the story debuted on Naver’s webtoon platform in 2018, it attracted over 800 million views, enticing readers to follow the thrilling adventures of Yoon Jong-woo, who finds himself sharing a gosiwon, or boarding house, with murderous residents after he comes to live alone in Seoul. 


With the blessing of the webtoon’s author Kim Yong-ki and backing by entertainment conglomerate CJ ENM, the bone-chilling story is being turned into a 10-episode series on CJ’s OCN channel. 


Playing the protagonist is Im Si-wan, a K-pop idol-turned-actor who was widely-praised for his performance in another drama based off a webtoon, “Misaeng” (2014). 


Lee Jung-eun, who played the housekeeper in the Palme d’Or-winning “Parasite,” is taking on the role of the boarding house’s creepy landlord. Actors Lee Hyun-wook, Park Jong-hwan and Lee Joong-ok are playing the three boarding house residents who drive the protagonist insane through their disturbing behavior like lurking behind his back and hysterically laughing non-stop. 


Lee Dong-wook, who starred in hit drama “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” (2016 - 2017), plays a mysterious dentist whose clinic is near the boarding house, a new character that doesn’t appear in the original story. 


The drama contains some changes to the original story, but it will maintain the same tone and message of the web comic, explained director Lee Chang-hee. 


“Viewers won’t feel like there’s such a big difference after they finish watching the drama,” he said during a press conference on Wednesday in southern Seoul. 


“Like in the webtoon, we use the concept of the gosiwon in the crowded city of Seoul to symbolize our society, where you have people living just a wall apart from each other but are strangers without any communication.” 


“Strangers from Hell” is the first TV series from Lee Chang-hee, who’s previously directed thriller films like “The Vanished” (2018). 


In fact, the drama will be like 10 mini films, according to Lee, who emphasized that “Strangers from Hell” is a production from OCN’s “Dramatic Cinema” project, which seeks to incorporate more cinematographic elements into TV shows. 


Beginning this week, “Strangers from Hell” will air every Saturday and Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. Cartoonist Kim Yong-ki is also working on a spin-off of the original web comic that is being published every Wednesday and Friday on Naver, this time presenting the events that unfolded before Jong-woo joined the boarding house. 


BY KIM EUN-JIN [kim.eunjin1@joongang.co.kr]

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Watch: Im Siwan’s Weird Neighbors Drive Him Mad In “Strangers From Hell”

Aug 30, 2019
by L. Kim


With just one day left until the premiere, OCN drama “Strangers From Hell” has dropped a chilling five-minute highlight reel!

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Strangers from Hell” is a thriller drama about the mysterious incidents that a man encounters after moving into a goshiwon due to the residents that live in the same building. A goshiwon is a type of housing arrangement typically leased by students studying for an important exam. They are known for being tiny, minimal, and economical.

Im Siwan plays Yoon Jong Woo, an aspiring writer who moves to Seoul from the countryside for his new job, and Lee Dong Wook is Seo Moon Jo, a dentist who owns a clinic near the goshiwon. Lee Jung Eun will take on the role of the goshiwon owner Young Bok Soon, a friendly woman who takes care of the people living in the goshiwon. Lee Hyun Wook will play a mysterious, cold man named Yoo Ki Hyuk while Park Jong Hwan will play Byun Deuk Jong who has a habit of exaggerating his laughter and stuttering his words. Lee Joong Ok will take the role of Hong Nam Bok who has problems adjusting to society.

The video starts off with Yoon Jong Woo asking Young Bok Soon if there’s room in her goshiwon, and she replies, “Of course,” and then confirms the cheap price. However, Yoon Jong Woo is appalled by the dilapidated building and asks, “How can I live in such a place?”

On his first day at the goshiwon, he runs into an ill-tempered thug who warns him about everyone in the building being crazy. Yoon Jong Woo finds himself agreeing as he tells his girlfriend, “I think the people here are weird. One man stutters and laughs at me while another man curses at me. And I don’t know who it is, but I think someone keeps coming into my room.” At least he gets along with Seo Moon Jo, and they share a beer while talking about books.





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August 29, 2019


Lee Jung-eun on Why She Joined "Strangers From Hell"


By William Schwartz on HanCinema.net




On August 28th the upcoming OCN drama "Strangers from Hell" held a press conference ahead of the drama's August 31st release. Lee Jung-eun, who received wide acclaim following her appearance in "Parasite" earlier this year, talked about why she chose to join the cable thriller about a young man who moves into an eerie apartment complex in Seoul.

In the drama Lee Jung-eun plays Eom Bok-soon, the enigmatic and vaguely sinister manager of the apartment complex who's always keeping an eye on who comes in or goes out. She was approached for the role some five months after production had finished on "Parasite". Lee Jung-eun said she thought a fun director would make a better project than one who was just hard-working. Lee Chang-hee and the production company fit her definition of fun.


Lee Jung-eun also liked how the drama and the webtoon it was based on were filled with people she felt could actually be met at real-life apartment complexes such as the one in the drama. She said that lately too many dramas are focused around protagonists.


"Strangers from Hell" marks Lee Jung-eun's return to Korean dramas following a streak of film appearances in "Another Child", "Let Us Meet Now", and "Parasite". Im Si-wan and Lee Dong-wook will play the leading roles in "Strangers from Hell".


Written by William Schwartz

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3 Things To Watch For In Im Siwan And Lee Dong Wook’s New Drama “Strangers From Hell”

Aug 31, 2019
by J. Lim




OCN’s new drama “Strangers from Hell” is about to open its doors to unsuspecting viewers on August 31.

“Strangers from Hell” is an adaptation of a popular webtoon series and tells the story of a young man who comes to Seoul to achieve this dreams and the hell he goes through because of the residents in his dorm. With the teasers and still cuts already raising anticipation for the drama, here are three things to watch for as the show gears up for its premiere.

Star-studded lineup x Strong characters

Im Siwan will be returning for his first drama in a long time and he will be joined by “Parasite” actress Lee Jung Eun, Lee Hyun Wook, Park Jong Hwan, Lee Joong Ok, and Lee Dong Wook. Viewers are already excited to see how they will play an aspiring novelist, the dorm residents who make his life a living hell, and the mysterious dentist. Director Lee Chang Hee stated, “The reason why the actors show a high level of synchronization with the original webtoon characters is because the actors have all worked hard to immerse into their roles,” explaining that the characters in the drama are a blend of people we can see in our day-to-day lives and characteristics that feel monstrous and out of this world. Anticipation is high to see how the stellar cast takes on memorable characters.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1349234wpp/3-things-to-watch-for-in-im-siwan-and-lee-dong-wooks-new-drama-strangers-from-hell

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