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from Im Soo Jung’s instagram post. The gangs are back together for a reunion minus Ji Seung Hyun. They got together to support JKY at his movie screening for Bad Guys: Reign Of Chaos. Looks like they had a good time. Miss this cast so much.



Credits: soojunglim_

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The business aspect of this drama was the most enjoyable part for me along with the Barro task force team. I wish it showed more of this. The characters were individually interesting particularly Tami in her work role as well as Scarlett. I really enjoyed the growth in their relationship even when they were at odds. 


As to the romance, I think this is the first time in a long time that I actually preferred the second and third romances. Unicon’s CEO and her husband/ex-husband really galvanized my interest even when I started out not liking her after the crap she pulled on BTM. Nevertheless, I found her interactions with her husband began to interest my heart and I became vested in their story. The same with Scarlett on her romance with the actor. :lol: They were cute.


The main couple, however, lost my interest after a few episodes. The off and on drama between them just further cemented my indifference. I guess I just feel that if they didn’t want the same things they should spare us and move on. I’m glad for those who were invested in their relationship that things turned out as they liked but it really didn’t matter to me either way. I like both of the actors though. 


Overall, it was an enjoyable drama in the workplace. I really liked the debates about internet privacy, freedom of speech, censorship, search manipulation or fabrication, etc. These topics are very relevant to our day. 

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