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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Exclusive Memories 独家记忆

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as with many of you here, i also love this drama very much, especially the love story between xue tong and mu chenghe. i agree the ending on ep.24 was rushed and confusing especially the last part was kinda totally cut-off (where she said she knew how the ending story would be and then suddenly they're a married couple). one poster gave the 3 links to the epilogues from iqiyi, they required subscription fee. i managed to find this link below that you can watch for free, only for the story of xue tong and mu chenghe. as for the other 2,  the ones i found were erroneous and could not be played so i am still looking for them. 


unfortunately no english sub. but at least it fills in the gap from ep.24 and you can see how the story went on that led to the marriage proposal. hope this helps and enjoy! :smile::heart:


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It is a pity, that there is not more people like or watch this drama. Maybe it is the actors are not so famos and pretty. But that is exactly why I love it. It is closer to reallity  

@angelangie I've come as summoned   Hahahaha... is this drama aired on Youtube? I hope there's sub soon....   

I have honestly tried! But whatever neural pathway of the brain is used for linguistics seems to be underdeveloped and doesn't work in my brain. I've tried to learn languages ever since so was in juni

Hello All,


this drama is on Netflix by the title : Somewhere Only We Know.

Spesial episode is not on Netflix.

This drama started really good, i hope it realistically portray life of university students in Mainland China.. communist but capitalist way of life hehe..

However starting from episode where Xue Tong and Mu Cheng He went to the island (Malaysia ?) i was kinda speed watching..

kinda want it to have mature scenes but it seems the drama becoming too serious ..

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For those who want to watch the 3 special episode of exclusive memory, try to download the iqiyi app then search the unique memory..am so happy that I never stop to search until I found the 3 remaining episode I hope it will help you..

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Finally I just finish all episode...why I like this drama first I love the cinematography every scene  on the drama kinda your watching in live. The make up is not obvious on the screen. Second I love the story it was detail every lines and the scene. Every scene it was exciting, the timing of the phasing so beautiful. The most the actors and actresses you feel every lines special the two lead Juck Zhang and Li tingting so natural to act. I really recommend this drama so beautiful and one of my five favorite Chinese drama.


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