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Webnovel Discussion: Ever Night (Yoda Version)

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Poor NQ...also that his constant fear of death is because someone might take advantage of or hurt SS :heartbreak::cry:.


Chapter 93:

"For no reason, I've come to such an awful place and lived in the General's Mansion for several years. Just because of people like you, not only that my good days were gone, everyone that I knew was dead. My father and my mother were dead. I was only four that year, yet I've to start thinking on annoying questions about my life and death. How can I not be tired?"

It was the first time he held onto a chopper when he was four, and that year, he killed the first person in his life. When he saw the dark bloodwater flowing from the blades of the chopper to between his fingers as they gradually thickened and solidified, he realized that chocolate hotpot was actually a disgusting food. After the killing, he tried washing his hands several times, but the smell of the blood and the rusty smell of the chopper seemed to linger on his hands. These smells had been following him for the past twelve years.

He held his right hand under the rain and allowed the rainwater to wash his hand, yet he felt that he could never wash away the thickened blood between his fingers. With his pale-looking face, he said, "Before that, I've never killed anyone, but now I find it easier to kill people than doing examination questions. I am not married, yet I need to drag along a kid to travel with me thousand miles across Min Mountain. Everytime I met up with someone, I kept worrying that he had the intention to kill me and snatch away the kid to marry as wife. Do you think I am not tired?"

"You are the one that caused me to feel so tired. Hence, I need to kill all of you in order to feel more relaxed. It's only when the blood in all of your bodies flow out can I feel my hands clean. You may take this as a cold-blooded revenge, but sometimes, I felt that it is necessary for me to clean my hands."

Ning Que stared at the dying old man and said, "I am going to use your blood, for the washing of the blood on my hands."

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1 hour ago, kiara_bleu said:


NQ: When is your man me unreasonable?


I love how he refers to himself as "her man" as if to say that she is insulting herself when she criticizes him :joy:  and um...NQ do you really want SS to point out all the times you were unreasonable LOL.


I also love that SS compares him unfavorably to Second Senior brother, serves him right...gone are the days when SS only considers him now she appreciates other men :P

NQ would be shocked to know how unreasonable he can be lol. 


SS I don't blame you for appreciating Jun Mo and Chao are great men. Oh and they are easy on the eyes too :)


Although I wouldn't tell NQ that he'd get jealous :lol:

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I admire how determined NQ always is. When he is told he cannot do something he proves people wrong and does the impossible. 




Having known the relationship among the orifice grottos, the Psyche Power and the Breath of nature, and having realized the limitation of the congenital constitution, Ning Que understood that, though he could take a glance at that world and fulfill his wish in some stupid way, he could not actually step into that world. Thus he felt it meaningless to continue reading by means of watching the character and forgetting the meaning, because for him, entering that world was far more important than taking a fascinating glimpse into that world.



If he were an ordinary person, at this moment he might cry out miserably and fall on the ground with a pale face. Next, the Unreal State would mix with the real state, and then he would convulse into unconsciousness.

But Ning Que was not ordinary, he had many similar experiences like this moment, or even more miserable than this moment.

He didn't know how many times he took Sangsang to climb over the rough Min Mountain. Once, at the age of eleven, he fell off a cliff but did not get killed; he was fortunately stopped by a hard tree that was popping out of the cliff. Yet the stiff branch of the tree stretching toward the sky like a sword directly pierced his chest through the back, but he still survived such a severe injury. From that day on, there was nothing painful that could make him feel terrified or desperate.

If the Ning Que who hung on the branches of cliffs did not die, then the Ning Que who now was sitting on the floor in the sun would not have any problems. He did not even utter a single murmur, but gasped for breaths, and then recovered his composure, and looked at the closed book again, and murmured in a low voice,

"If one's meridians are blocked, he will feel pain; otherwise he won't feel pain. This really is an everlasting truth."


Ning Que's clear eyes had a flash of toughness and pride. He supported himself on the bookshelf, straining to stand up. He then walked to the table at the west window to grind the ink and to wet the brush before leaving a passage for the guy. "I have understood the importance of opening acupoints. If I was destined to be blocked in all acupoints all of my life by Haotian, I've no choice... but to push them open by myself."





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On 2/2/2019 at 12:25 AM, satanghaesolim said:


LOL I just realised I have a very specific type of character that I like and get attached to. The characters I like the most are Sang Sang, Chen PiPi, FuZi, Tang Xiao Tong and Jun Mo. The adorable and super powerful type:D like Fei Liu from Nirvana in Fire.

I think SS has more fans than CFY:D many people like her. But, thats only my opinion, lols


I only watched Nirvana In Fire season 1:D

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Some of the brothers and 7th sister make an appearance. Most importantly my Jun Mo :love:. Seriously this Man is badass. He fears nothing. It is obvious now 7th sister really cares for him. 





The song echoed through the wilderness. Its simple words told of how magnificent the moon shone on the battlefield.

It was mellifluous but sounded heroic.

A high crown emerged in the dark smoke and dust and carried off the night’s color.

A man wearing a high hat came out of the sandstorm.

He naturally put his hands behind his back, his sleeves waving like clouds.

He looked serious and honest with a perfect posture.

He concentrated on every step he took, each having the same distance between them.

A beautiful woman wearing a pomegranate-red skirt followed him, carrying an embroidery frame in her hands and a bag on her shoulder, curiously staring at the mighty army opposite her.

She was the Seventh Sister of the Academy, Mu You.

Beigong Weiyang came next, holding his qin and plucking the strings with his fingers.

Ximen Buhuo appeared with his vertical bamboo flute, deeply frowning.

The Fourth Brother came after him with a Sandtable. He was annoyed by the music, which disturbed his deduction.

The last one was the Sixth Brother, who had a carrying pole on his shoulder.

On one end of the pole, a burning furnace was hanging, and on the other end, there was a heavy box that could contain many things.

The man coming out of the mountains like a shining moon illuminated the dark wilderness.

He had to be the Second Brother of the Academy





In order to protect the Verdant Canyon, one had to be strong enough to such a degree that he could kill the Buddha if the Buddha were to come, kill the devil if the devil appeared, and kill a Taoist priest no matter how many of them would come. Additionally, he could not have any rest, let alone sleep. He had no time to eat or drink, and would maybe even need to fight with strong opponents for three days and nights in a row.

Thinking of this, Ning Que could not help laughing. He believed that there were no such strong people in the world, and even if such kind of people did exist, why would they be so stupid as to put themselves into a mortal situation?

However, no one could see the future and the world was volatile. Two years had passed and the third autumn was coming. The Tang Empire, which was once the strongest country in the world, had turned into a broken ship struggling in the vast ocean. The Verdant Canyon had become a place where they had to persevere.

Jun Mo came to be that stupid man. He and his Junior Brothers and Sisters all came here…

At this moment, he was standing at the entrance, but suddenly, he slightly frowned and turned around.

The music immediately stopped.

“Where is Wang Chi?”

Beigong Weiyang and Ximen Buhuo looked at each other and said, “He was here just now.”

Then, they saw a man stumbling and running out of the smoke and dust, carrying some grass in his hands, some fruits in his arms, and an unknown flower in his mouth. He was the Eleventh Brother, Wang Chi.

“Where have you been?”

The Seventh Sister took the plants from his hands and angrily said, “You almost ruined the important opening.”

Wang Chi was profusely sweating as he said, “Many herbs have been buried, some of which are unique. What if they die out?”



The Great Divine Priest of Revelation’s voice rang out from a distance.

“Even the Headmaster failed to oppose Haotian, let alone his disciples.”

The Second Brother said, “Since we are not as capable as our teacher, who dared to fight against Haotian, we will fight in the human world. We don’t know if Heaven can be overturned, but as for the battle between us, its result will soon be seen.”

The Great Divine Priest of Revelation said, “How can you stop the Divine Hall Army?”

The Second Brother answered him with only one sentence:

“Tangs, fight!”


The Second Brother said, “I didn’t need to contact them and organize it. They all knew who they were and what they should do. They knew this war would be a key to the Tang Empire.

“I said ‘fight’.

“And they fought.

“They, like this Verdant Canyon, were the accumulation of over a thousand years.

“Their deaths were exchanged for 20,000 cavalrymen as well as three Divine Talisman Masters. That’s worthy.

“They did die, but their deaths are worth it.”

His words were just like the assassinationstough, cold, and spectacular.

“Now, the situation is simple. If you want to pass through the Verdant Canyon, you must beat me,” he said while he opened his arms.

The Seventh Sister walked behind him and took off his outer coat, revealing his close-fitting clothes.

Beigong Weiyang, carrying his qin, and Ximen Buhuo, holding his vertical bamboo flute, went to the side of the Second Brother and helped him put on some heavy armor.

Looking at the complicated lines in the Sandtable, the Fourth Brother said, “Senior Brother, you might die.”

The Second Brother did not change his expression as he said, “Everyone inevitably dies.”

Then, the lines changed and the Fourth Brother said, “Maybe not.”

Carrying the Second Brother’s coat, the Seventh Sister stared at him and said, “Senior Brother is wearing the best armor that you’ve ever made. How can he die?”

The Fourth Brother became sad and said, “Xu Shi had worn the armor made by Sixth Brother and me…”

The Seventh Sister became angry. “Can’t you say something good?”

The Fourth Brother calmly replied, “Heaven told me so.” To which the Seventh Sister asked, “You still believe in heaven?”

The Fourth Brother paused and then smiled, wiping the lines from the Sandtable.

The Sixth Brother ensured that the details of the Second Brother’s armor were in order.



Ximen Buhuo sighed and began to play the flute. Sad music began to ring out.

The Seventh Sister really became angry this time. She yelled, “Who is the funeral music for?”

Ximen Buhuo suddenly changed his expression and then quickly changed the song.

Sitting on the ground, Beigong Weiyang began to play the qin.

Melodious music emanated, sounding calm and peaceful.

While this music played, the armored Second Brother walked forward with great courage.

Holding an iron sword in his hand, he pointed at the hundreds of thousands of enemies to the south and shouted, “Come and fight!”

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Hello. You guys have been so quiet. I'm going crazy with all the photos and bts we have been getting. We are getting more NingSang now :wub: So I'm wondering is there a possibility of getting a s3? Can they really cover everything in s2? 


@UnniSarah @thartie you guys went MIA lol. 


 I needy my spoilers pretty please :lol:

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Like seeing that the brothers/sister work together as a team. 


The enemy should not underestimate the Academy. Especially not Jun Mo. 



“Come and fight!”

Those words echoed through the wilderness.

They spread to the mountains, to the fields, and to everyone in the West-Hill Divine Palace Coalition.

The coalition was completely silent.


The Academy had a high reputation. But the old general of the Yan Kingdom felt no pressure because countless wars in human history had proved that facing the charge of an armored cavalry and arrow shower, even the strongest cultivator in the Knowing Destiny State could not survive. No one was able to survive an arrow shower unless he had entered the Limitless State.


Everyone knew that the Second Brother was powerful, but no one knew just how powerful he was. During the fight in Lanke Temple last autumn, even though he successively fought against Ye Su and Qi Nian, he had not tried his best. However, everyone knew that because he had not gone beyond the Five States, he was not invincible and looked ridiculous wanting to stop the mighty army on his own.



Anyway, they believed that the disciples were unable to resolve the situation. Facing their simple, crude, and direct charge, even if he was very powerful, Jun Mo was only a man after all.

Looking at the Verdant Canyon through the carriage, Ye Hongyu looked very calm, but in fact, she was contemplating and confused.

She had another thought that was different from the others of the coalition. She believed that the disciples would not give up so easily, so she expected nothing from the hundreds of riders.

However, she still had not figured out what else Jun Mo could do aside from stop them with his wonderful Sword Taoism. And once he really started doing that, she could be sure that he would lose today.

Even if he was so powerful that he could kill all the armored cavalrymen with his sword in the wilderness, he would be exhausted. And even if he was not exhausted, he was going to face the 200,000 soldiers of the West-Hill Divine Palace.

It was impossible to stop the mighty army outside of the gorge on his own. Even Mr. Ke could not, let alone him.


To their surprise, the disciples at the entrance of the gorge did not look at the terrifying armored cavalry, but ignored them.

The Sixth Brother was building a stove while the Fourth Brother was driving a nail into the ground, preparing something. Beigong Weiyang and Ximen Buhuo were sitting face to face, plucking the strings and covering the holes of their musical instruments.

Only the Seventh Sister was worrying. She was trying to calm down by doing embroidery, but kept focusing on the Second Brother instead of the frame.

The sunshine fell on the Second Brother and was reflected by his armor, shining and looking beautiful and magnificent.

The 400 riders seemed not too many, but visually, they did create great pressure.

Especially the armored cavalry.


Looking at the charging riders, the Second Brother remained calm, stably holding the sword in his hand.

The Seventh Sister’s face turned pale. Squeezing an embroidery needle, she became worried.


Beigong Weiyang slightly raised his eyebrows. Moving his wrist and elegantly waving his sleeves, he took his fingers off the strings.

Ignoring the battlefield, the mighty army, and the Second Brother, he just focused on playing the qin.

As he removed his fingers from the strings, they began to vibrate and create a sound.

He lifted up his left hand, which had been resting peacefully on his knee, and then put it on the trembling strings and exquisitely began to play.

Ever since he began learning the qin, he had repeated this many times, so it looked so natural and skillful.

Aside from Ximen Buhuo, no one was able to see the rich details and meaning within his simple movements.

The strings trembled intensely, but the extent of their fluctuation was forcibly confined to a small area, which created louder and sharper notes.


The small boulders on the ground began to shake and rustle.

The music spread around and disappeared.

Then the boulders stopped shaking.

Thus, a circle was created centered on the qin with a diameter of more than 100 feet.

When he heard that sound, Ximen Buhuo covered his painful ears because his hearing was the best.

Wang Chi frowned uncomfortably.

The Seventh Sister’s fingers trembled a little.

Meanwhile, the Second Brother had not moved a muscle.

The sound within the area became sharp and painful.

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Who is worried now lol



Looking at the incoming arrows, the Second Brother did not intend to avoid them. The mask clicked as he put it over his face and then the armor covered his entire body.

Then a series of crisp or muffled sounds of impacting arrows rang out continuously.

At least 20 arrows hit him with accuracy.

With great power and speed, the arrows drilled his armor. At this moment, beneath his armor, a faint light shone and activated the dense and complicated runes, summoning the Qi of Heaven and Earth in the Verdant Canyon, which turned into an armor of qi and covered the metal armor.

Then, everyone heard friction noises that pained their ears.

Because those sharp arrowheads were unable to puncture the qi armor, they all rebounded when they hit against it, breaking or bending like useless straws, and fell on the Second Brother.

And like a mountain, the Second Brother did not move at all.


Commanded by the Fourth Brother, the Sixth Brother had inserted more than 10 metal rods within a 100-foot radius, each end of which was connected by a red line.

These red lines were casually lying on the ground, with many knots in the middle. They were tied to the disciples’ ankles, leaving two terminals: one was attached to the Seventh Sister’s embroidery needle and the other was tied onto the Second Brother’s waist.

As the rain of arrows approached, the Sixth Brother looked up into the sky. Then he stretched out his sturdy right hand, and swinging it, a spool opened from his hand that spread to the tops of the rods from east to west.

The spool appeared to be metal and was very thin and tough, and could be rolled up like a quilt. The mechanism under its edge connected with the metal rods and then buckled.

With multiple clicking sounds, a metal tent appeared outside the Verdant Canyon, covering all the Academy’s disciples except for the Second Brother.

That is when the rain of arrows arrived.

The dense and muffled sounds rang on their heads, as if a hundred of the best drummers had impudently beaten on tight drums.

No arrow was able to pierce the tent, even though it looked as thin and soft as paper.

Beigong Weiyang and Ximen Buhuo were adjusting their instruments while Wang Chi was boiling medicine. The Fourth Brother was creating something new while the Sixth Brother was lighting the stove. They all acted normally as if the arrows did not exist.

It seemed like they were at the back of the mountain of the Academy, where they could focus on what they were interested in.

Only the Seventh Sister slightly frowned. Looking at the embroidered cloth, she fell silent because one end of the lines was attached to her embroidery needle.

The surface of the metal tent was covered with thin but condensed Qi of Heaven and Earth like the best defensive armor, blasting away all the arrows.

This was an array.

The red lines, which were attached to the metal rods and their ankles, slowly rose up and became tighter.

The disciples sat under the tent as the arrows rained.

The Second Brother stood like a silent mountain.

Looking at them, the West-Hill Divine Palace Coalition soldiers could not help feeling desperate



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The brothers/sisters of the Academy all have their talents good to read more about them. 



The Second Brother looked at the sword silently and calmly, without any other trace of emotion.

The giant sword grew more and more restless. The people watching the battle in the wilderness even felt the vague sense of fear that the struggling sword emitted.

The shaking of the sword grew even stronger and cracks began to appear on it. Then, it split apart.

There were a few poofs as sword shadows appeared in the sky hundred feet above them. The shadows turned into rays of light and flew in a circle before flying toward the Second Brother.

The swords moved swiftly, but while the sword points were sharp, they had no intention of killing the Second Brother.

When a flying sword reached him, it slowed down and finally hovered in front of him. It trembled slightly like an obedient child waiting to be punished after doing something wrong.

The Second Brother reached for the hilt, plucked the sword from the air and plunged it into the ground in front of him.

The word “plucked” was very accurate; he did not take, snatch or steal it. He had just reached out casually and held the sword before plucking it from the air.

His actions were ordinary and natural, as if he was plucking fruit from a tree.

The second flying sword arrived.

The Second Brother reached out and plucked it from the air before plunging it into the ground in front of him.

The third flying sword.

The fourth.

The fifth.

The Second Brother stood outside the Verdant Canyon.

There was a large iron sword stuck in the ground beside him.

Beside the iron sword, were five other swords.

It looked like a fence made of swords.

The five swords had once been one giant sword from the Sword Garret of South Jin Kingdom made by Liu Bai, the Sword Sage. He emulated the Headmaster’s elegance and the strength of predecessors. The power of the sword was extraordinary.

However, when the sword met the Second Brother, it could only split apart and be plucked from the air.

To become a fence.

The disciples of the Sword Garret were so shocked they were at a loss of what to do as they watched what was happening in the distant Verdant Canyon. Later, they discovered that they had lost control of the Natal Sword and that their sense of perception had been badly damaged, and they coughed up blood.


The bigwigs with high cultivation looked extremely worried. They were the only ones who knew what it meant for the Second Brother to pluck the sword from the air and form a fence in a seemingly simple move.

It was already difficult to imagine the giant sword from the Sword Garret being forcefully split apart. What shocked them even more, however, was when Second Brother took down the swords.

Control was emphasized in cultivation, and the control cultivators had over their Natal Items began innately. Furthermore, every cultivator spent most of their time and energy strengthening the connection they had with their Natal Items throughout their life. As such, control was the strongest relationship in the world of cultivation.


The Second Brother had reached out and the giant sword had broken apart. The five swords heeded his call and surrendered to him. He had not destroyed them, rather, the swords had been subdued… How did he do that?

In the divine chariot, Ye Hongyu’s expression turned rather odd. Two unnatural red spots appeared on her beautiful face and her eyes shone brightly. She looked both excited and weary.

“There is someone on earth who can actually see through the minute changes in the flow of Qi of Heaven and Earth! There is someone in the world who was born to fight before Ning Que and I came along!”

The Second Brother did not choose to use a sword against the sword belonging to the Sword Garret of South Jin Kingdom.

He chose to use his hand.

He had chosen to use only one hand.

One hand was enough.


The Seventh Sister, Mu You lifted her wrist slightly. She held an embroidery needle in her fingers and pierced it through the cloth.

The red thread on the embroidery needle had been hanging down on the ground, tied around everyone’s ankles and metal rods. With her move, the seemingly messy red lines began to move.

The moment the red thread moved, an aura, made up of countless subtle threads the hardness of gold, emerged.

The mystical sword shadow, bound by countless streams of auras, suddenly appeared as an insect thrown into a spider web or a beast mired in mud. No matter how hard it struggled, it could not move an inch forward.

Sitting cross-legged in the field in the distance, Liu Yiqing did not hesitate to try and recall his Natal Sword.


The Fourth Brother was drawing something on the Sandbox.

Sensing the intent of the flying sword, he raised his head and flicked his finger. A light yellow talisman paper flew up, and landed on the sword, wrapping around it.

Liu Yiqing’s mystic sword was extremely sharp. Under the control of his Psyche Power, the sword was made to retreat. There was a tearing sound, and cuts appeared on the slightly yellow talisman paper. However, the Talisman Intent did not fully dissipate.

As the two struggled against each other, there came a period of temporary calmness.

Then, an iron clamp reached out from the air nearby.

The iron clamp opened and closed. It clamped at the flying sword and placed it on the burning stove.

The deep blue flame that burned hot instantly incinerated the talisman paper.

A heavy hammer swung high and then slammed down heavily.

There was a clear cracking sound.

The dark and delicate mystic sword, which was extremely hard, jumped up when it was smashed as if it was in pain.

The Sixth Brother was forging iron.

He was forging a sword.

It was an action he had repeated many times over his lifetime.

Even the most hardworking Sword Master did not possess movements as skillful and natural as him.

That was why the mystic sword did not have an opportunity to object.

Before it was smashed into scrap metal.


Moments later, a rather forlorn voice sounded.

“He gets stronger with every fight. That’s how Jun Mo is. Since we have to fight, I have to wait for you to really get into it. Otherwise, it would be a pity for us to fight just like that.”

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This chapter was very interesting. The enemy learned they underestimated the brothers/sisters of the Academy. I tried not to put the while chapter but it's still long and worth the reading. 


7th sister worrying about my Jun Mo or should I now say her Jun Mo? Nah.... he is still mine :joy:



The disciples of the Academy were not worried that the canopy over their heads would be torn apart by the autumn wind. They trusted the skills the Sixth Brother had in material science, so they all did their own things silently. 

Liu Yiqing's mystic sword was burnt into a black, bladeless rod in the fire. The Sixth Brother continued to hammer at it. It was unknown what he intended to forge it into. 


The Fourth Brother frowned tightly as he stared at the changing lines on the Sandbox. Wisdom flashed through his calm eyes occasionally. It was unknown what he was calculating, whether it was their life and death or the outcome of the battle. 

Only the Seventh Sister looked odd. 

She was the only woman at the exit of the Verdant Canyon. She held an embroidery frame and needle with lifted wrists. She lowered her head and looked down at the mandarine ducks on the embroidery cloth. In actuality, she was looking into the distant land out of the corner of her eye. 

The Second Brother stood there like a verdant mountain. 

There was a worried look on her face. What worried her was not the current situation, nor the safety of her sect under the canopy, but the safety of her Second Brother. Earlier, when Liu Yiqing's mystic sword had been bound by the tactical array, she was the only one who had noticed the pale white turbulence on his armor. 

It was the result of contact between the sword style and Talisman Intent. 

The shelter at the exit of the Verdant Canyon was an array designed by her and the Fourth Brother and then set up by her and the Sixth Brother. It displayed the highest level of studies that the three had partaken in at the Academy over the years. 

This seemingly inconspicuous shelter array could shelter them from the autumn rain; the fierce sun; and could not be torn by the autumn wind. 

Most importantly, the shelter array could shelter everyone under it and transfer the impact of the attacks that the shelter could not bear and the attacks against the disciples. All went to the Second Brother. 

When Verdant Canyon collapsed, the assassins kept by the Tang Empire for thousands of years had struck and killed three West-Hill Divine Palace Divine Talisman Masters. The Second Brother had once said that if the Divine Hall allied troops wanted to cross the Verdant Canyon, they would first have to defeat him. 

It was not that he thought his fellow disciples were not strong enough. He was being honest. 

The Second Brother would bear the brunt of the attacks by the West-Hill Divine Palace on behalf of his Younger Brothers and Sisters. That was why the disciples of the Academy had to hold Verdant Canyon before he fell. 

However, this meant that he had to suffer more. 


"They are only in the Seethrough Realm... we all know that the disciples of the Academy are all in the Seethrough Realm... how did they set up such an amazing tactical array?" 


Ye Hongyu frowned slightly; the red color on her Divine Robe of Judgement turned even darker. 

She had lived in Chang'an City for a period of time and had many dealings with the Academy. However, it was only at this moment that she realized that the Academy's potential was actually much higher than everyone had imagined. 

The Academy had always kept a low profile in the decades between Ke Haoran and Ning Que, the two disciples of the Academy who had entered the human realm. Not many in the cultivation world knew what kind of people those in the back of the mountain of the Academy were. 

Naturally, the West-Hill Divine Palace and Sword Garret of South Jin Kingdom knew more about it, but their focus had always been on Mr. First, Mr. Second, and the last two disciples who had entered the Academy, Chen Pipi and Ning Que. It was because these were the only four people who had for sure entered the Knowing Destiny State. The others had remained in the Seethrough Realm for many years. 

The meeting at the exit of the Verdant Canyon today proved this speculation. The disciples at the back mountain of the Academy were indeed only at the Seethrough Realm. They were very powerful in the cultivation world, but in the current battle, with many powerhouses at all levels of the Knowing Destiny State, they did not seem powerful at all. 

Even though they were the most talented people in certain fields over the past few years, who could remember their names after all these years? Furthermore, how did their intelligence aid in cultivation? 

That was why nobody took notice of them. 

The attention of the West-Hill Divine Palace remained on the Second Brother. 


The Academy was unlike any other place. 

There was not a single place that could hold a candle to the Academy. 

The Seethrough Realm in the Academy was not the ordinary Seethrough Realm. 

The disciples of the back of the mountain of the Academy could hold back a thousand men with just a Chinese zither and a vertical bamboo flute. 

What was even more shocking to the bigwigs in the Coalition forces was that everyone in the back of the mountain of the Academy had his or her own field of expertise. And the combination of these people produced incredible results. 

This was what happened when everything was taught without discrimination. 

This was why the Academy accepted people from the Devil's Doctrine and geniuses from Haotian Taoism. This was why people like Ke Haoran and Ning Que came from the Academy. 

It was called individualized teaching. 

No matter if it was those who played chess or chewed on flowers. Once they studied at the Academy, they would be able to forge their own world. 

"Did the Headmaster accept those disciples knowing what would happen today?" 

Ye Hongyu thought to herself. Her respect for the Headmaster raised another notch. 


Beigong Weiyang did not feel tired, or perhaps, one should say that he did not know what tiredness felt like at this point. 

All his focus was directed on the Chinese zither before him. He looked down, focused on the slightest movements on his instrument, his scattered black hair waving wildly. 

His clothes had long been drenched in sweat, and even his hair was damp. As he played his instrument, beads of sweat dripped from his hair. 

There was a puff. As the sweat fell onto his zither, it instantly turned into a puff of green smoke. 

He did not notice this at all as he continued playing the instrument. 

His fingertips plucked and pressed on the strings without stopping. They moved at the speed of lighting, forming a soundless tune. The cotton wrapped around his fingers had long torn apart, and one could see traces of blood on his fingers. 

Ximen Buhuo did not feel tired either, he only felt a slight throbbing pain. 

His hands hurt a lot. 

The tape stuck on his fingers earlier had long torn apart as he moved his fingers along the keys of the flute. It had flaked away, shredded into a powder-like substance that flew in the air beside the flute like tendrils of smoke. 

Flecks of blood had appeared on the smooth shiny flute. 

It blended beautifully with the hints of vermillion on the instrument. 

These two were the most adept at tonality in the Academy. They were the happiest, most energetic pair at the back of the mountain of the Academy and they loved to joke. But once they were immersed in the world of tonality, they gained an elegant demeanor like that of flowing mountains and rivers. 

However, there was no demeanor to speak of at this point, neither were they in the mood to joke around. Their faces were pale, and their lips were dry. Their hair was messy, and they looked haggard. They looked like music teachers who played on the streets.

Their expressions were grave, very grave and very solemn. 

So grave that their auras grew heart-wrenching




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Chingu , I will come back to this thread but I don’t have time to read Night Fall right now. Been so busy with RL...  will come back once my schedule is clear 

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4 hours ago, UnniSarah said:



Chingu , I will come back to this thread but I don’t have time to read Night Fall right now. Been so busy with RL...  will come back once my schedule is clear 

@UnniSarah alrighty chingu take care meanwhile :)

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More of the war. I am impressed with music played by the brothers can be so deadly.  YHY wanting to fight my Jun Mo. 




The disciples of the Academy under the canopy all knew that the West-Hill Divine Palace Coalition Army did not care how many of their troops would die. They would continue to attack, even if it was considered suicide. All they wanted to do was to defeat the Academy, and to be more precise, they wanted to defeat Second Brother. 

Because Second Brother was the final line of defense for the Verdant Canyon. 

That was why all his Younger Brothers and Sisters had to buy him time so he could rest and fight against the true attack that could happen at any time.


The fierce music of the Qin and flute stirred up the charging cavalry and war-horses. To the cavalry of the Divine Hall and South Jin Kingdom, the music was like several sharp blades that pierced through their brains! 

Several charging cavalries fell off their horses, shouting in pain as they were trapped by the stirrups and dragged through the wildlands. They became covered in blood and broke many bones. 

Painful groans, moans and cries rang out in the wildlands. The usually orderly cavalry had all become mad as they covered their ears and writhed painfully on the ground. 

Many tragic wars had taken place in the world over the past decades, but scenes like this rarely occurred. And this, was because of a Chinse zither and a vertical bamboo flute. 

Even the Academy's disciples under the canopy felt bad when they saw that. 


A figure clothed in red appeared in the wildlands drenched in the twilight. 

Ye Hongyu's voice called out in the wildlands. 

"Jun Mo, fight me." 

Second Brother looked at the blood red robe in the south. It looked as if it were about to catch fire. 

"You are no match for me." 

With that, he picked up his iron sword and walked into the exit of the Verdant Canyon. 


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Happy lunar New year to all the soompiers celebrating the festival.

GONG XI FA CAI.:heart:

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Seventh sister showing her feelings for Jun Mo and he is so slow to catch on. Dummy lol. Our SS is mentioned. Also I liked Jun Mo praising his brothers. 




Ye Hongyu stood on the plains and looked at the figure under the shelter. After a long silent moment, a series of complicated emotions appeared in her eyes. Then, she turned around and walked back to her divine chariot. 


Beigong and Ximen felt a sharp pain and a shock on their chests. There was a puff, and they vomited blood. They still had not fully regained consciousness and had not even had the time to react in anger before their Senior Brother's clapping and before Wang Chi stuffed two pills into their mouths. 

The medication spread through their chests slowly, eliminating the tense and wild sensation inside. The two felt better and only realized then why their Senior Brother had hit them. 

"You guys won't last if you go all out like that." 

Fourth Brother said, "Rest well tonight." 


Then, Second Brother entered the shelter. 

Everyone rushed forward to help Sixth Brother remove Second Brother's heavy armor. 

They all thought of Ye Hongyu's invitation to battle and their Senior Brother's bland reply that she was no match for him. Ye Hongyu had backed off just like that, and they could not help but be in awe at their Senior Brother's chicness. 

Second Brother said calmly, "That girl is powerful and it'd take up some energy to beat her. If we can just speak and not fight, then that'd be the best choice." 

Everyone was speechless when they understood then that while Senior Brother had seemed to have turned around uncaringly, he had been thinking these thoughts. 

Seventh Sister thought wryly that her Senior Brother was not as stupid as he seemed. 


"You both have worked hard today. Let me do it tomorrow." 

Second Brother reached out and patted Beigong and Ximen on their shoulders. 

Beigong suddenly stiffened. 

Ximen's mouth opened and the corners of his eyes moistened. 

Second Brother frowned slightly and asked, "What's the matter?" 

Beigong sighed and did not say anything. Ximen Buhuo wiped his tears away and said, touched, "Senior Brother, this is the first time you've praised me since I entered the sect." 

Second Brother fell silent for a moment before saying seriously, "I will praise you more in the future." 

Seventh Sister looked at Ximen Buhuo's claw-like hands and teased, "I shall stew some chicken feet for your dinner." 

Ximen Buhuo asked perplexedly, "Why do we have to eat stewed chicken feet?" 

Seventh Sister bit back a smile and said seriously, "You are what you eat." 


The water had boiled, the rice had been cleaned. Seventh Sister started cooking dinner. 

Everyone from the back of the mountain of the Academy had made preparations for their trip to the Verdant Canyon. They had brought sufficient grains and pickles. There was also a ready-made stove, so it was not hard for Seventh Sister and Wang Chi to cook. 


Second Brother said, "Let's eat." 

There was a faint burning smell. 

Seventh Sister yelled and hurried to the stove, only to find that the rice had been burnt. 

Beigong Weiyang looked at the smoking white rice and sighed, "The food at the back of the mountain tasted bad whenever teacher brought Eldest Brother out traveling with him." 

Ximen Buhuo said, with an air of yearning, "The food was best when Sangsang was in the Academy." 

Nobody blamed Seventh Sister, but she still felt uneasy. 

The tactical array at the Verdant Canyon exit had been established. Compared with Second Brother and the other disciples who had different jobs, her main job was to be responsible for the logistics, which should be very easy. However, she still did it badly. 

Moments later, the uneasiness turned to anger and she said angrily, "Sixth Brother's stove is made of iron and the temperature gets too high, how can it be used to cook rice?" 

Second Brother's eyebrows flicked up and he berated her unhappily, "This is ridiculous, you're being rude."

Seventh Sister paused slightly and said angrily, "If you think it's bad, then don't eat it!" 


Fourth Brother said, "Youzi is under a lot of pressure which was why she got so angry. That's why she felt even more wronged when you berated her. Don't blame her for yelling at you." 

Second Brother frowned slightly and asked, "Why would she feel wronged?" 

Fourth Brother said, "She only behaved like that because she is worried about you, but you reprimanded her. That's why she felt wronged." 

Second Brother was slightly shocked when he heard that. After a long silence, he said, "That's not necessary." 

Fourth Brother did not bring up the matter again because the disciples of the back of the mountain of the Academy had already been discussing the matter privately for several years but had never drawn a conclusion. 

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On 1/27/2019 at 12:09 PM, n3bula said:

@epinklyn @Snow Guardian  MSS is like a rock in my shoe lol. Still I have to admit her appearance in NQ/SS life made them realize their feeling for each other. So in a way she kind of helped. If @angelangie reads this she will be happy I saw the light on that :lol:.


Still the woman cannot move on and she irritates me for that. I would tell 1st brother to marry MSS and they can ride off into the sunset but I don't want her in any way as part of NQ's family so nvm. I wish Mao Ni would have given her closure and have her move on. It is sad to think she will live her whole life loving a man who doesn't love her back. It is miserable. 


I think MSS did not turn vengeful because deep down she knew it was all on her. She knew NQ  only loves SS and it is her who keeps interfering in their relationship. So in many ways I can't feel sorry for her. She brought the heartbreak on herself. For that there is no one else to blame but herself. So if she wants to waste her life pinning for an unrequited love it's her choice. 


@UnniSarah @kiara_bleu any thoughts ?


@thartie where are you my friend?


If anyone here is an MSS fan sorry for my strong opinion on her character. 

Hahaha! Just got back from Las Vegas my friend! Lol. I just went back reading the novel because I realized I skipped too much! Hahaha

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3 hours ago, thartie said:

Hahaha! Just got back from Las Vegas my friend! Lol. I just went back reading the novel because I realized I skipped too much! Hahaha

@thartie Vegas how fun! I've missed your comments my friend. What chapter are you on? I'm on 113 but I'm keeping up with the recent translations in the 740s lol. Taking my time to read it all and not just skip to all NQ/SS parts. It is worth the reading  though. I learn new things and share stuff here with you guys. 


If you have time don't forget to share with us lol. You know how I am.

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The enemy trying to find Jun Mo's weakness :unsure:


Sang Sang mentioned again :)


7th sister still worries for Jun Mo 




"There are but a few people in the Academy, but yet, they have come to stop troops of tens and thousands. It might seem foolish, but they are no fools. That's why the Divine Hall's idea of sending troops there to waste Jun Mo's energy will not be effective." 

Liu Yiqing coughed painfully and said, "Although Mr. Second is mighty, he will grow weak. Furthermore, his arrogant and domineering tactics will not hold for too long." 


Liu Bai threw the broken half of the twig in his hand into the bonfire and said, "You are right about what kind of method Jun Mo is using. But you are wrong because you still have not understood that he is not using heaven and earth to move the sword..." 

"He is using heaven and earth to attack." 

All was silent beside the bonfire. 


Everyone praised the pickles that Sangsang made back then at the back of the mountain, and began to slurp up their porridge. 

They drank it loudly and well. 

After finishing their porridge, they helped Second Brother into his armor. 

Second Brother held his iron sword and walked out into the plains. 

Seventh Sister did not sleep well last night. She rubbed her slightly sore eyes and said, "Be careful." 

He was well fed and well rested today. 

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Jun Mo keeps getting attacked. How long can he go on defending? He really is awesome they fear him so much that the enemy cried! Wow. 



"Liang Xiang of Sanqing Mountain is here for a challenge!" 

Liang Xiang was the most talented disciple with the highest cultivation state in Sanqing Mountain.


The flying sword that had surged at Second Brother with a roar suddenly lost control and fell down slowly. 

Into Second Brother's hand. 

Second Brother held the flying sword and tossed it behind him. 


More than 20 flying swords soaring about at once were extremely rare. 

Even the most powerful powerhouses at the peak of the Knowing Destiny State would find it troublesome when faced with such a challenge. 

However, Second Brother did not feel so. He only thought that it was a hassle since he only had two hands. 

Looking at the 20 or so flying swords heading toward him, he stuck his iron sword into the ground in front of him. Then, he reached out and made casual catching movements. However, his actions were done so quickly that it seemed like a chaotic mess. 

Second Brother stood before the swords' burial mound, waving his own iron weapon. 

He stood where he had started, not moving a single inch. 

His brows were still as flat and they did not raise up, not even for a moment. 

He did not show off any amazing power, only standing there, waving his sword calmly. No matter his posture or the strength with which he wielded the sword, they had not changed at all. 

He seemed not to know what exhaustion was as every stroke of his sword was just as focused as it had been from dawn to noon. That was why it seemed casual and it felt as if there would not be any changes even if he were to continue until dusk. 

His body was covered with blood. He had not moved when the blood flowed down his armor and when it dripped off him. As such, several pits filled with blood appeared in front of him as the blood trickled down. 


Fear overtook the hearts of many cultivators and they stopped their attacks subconsciously. 

A sudden cry emerged from the crowds. 

There was a cultivator from a certain sect who had been so frightened he had started crying. 

Nobody thought of laughing at the man. 

Because when they looked at the iron sword that still had blood dripping off it... 

Everyone felt like crying as well. 

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Hello. Have you guys read the latest translated chapters? They are really good. On recent ones Jun Mo has been holding down the fort and now 1st brother has come to help. Really enjoying the scenes and it is exciting to think we will see some of it on screen :).


Any thoughts?? 

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