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[Drama 2019-2020] Chocolate, ♥ 초콜릿♥

Sweet like Chocolate :D   

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  1. 1. When will the OTP's first kiss be?

    • episodes 13 -14
    • episodes 15 - 16
  2. 2. What will the ending be for the OTP?

    • They will have a fairytale happy ending - reunited in Greece after a brief separation.
    • They will have a simple wedding at the hospice.
    • Both will have their illnesses resurface , and they end up in heaven together .
    • Lee Kang dies , and Lee Jun will take care of Cha Young.
    • Cha Young dies , and Lee Kang remains single thereafter.
    • Both remain single.
    • Others ( you can tell us what you think in the thread)

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Re: Next week's preview   As for tying up all loose ends in 2 episodes... I don't think the show really needs to tie up every single thing or resolve every issue. In the context of what we

The kitchen scene between CY and Kang... dear God... is just... did someone turn up the heat around here?! All that frustrated sexual tension coming from Kang.  I thought that he was about to explode

Been a silent reader... Quit soompi about 10 years ago (I used to transcribe dramas and all when I was super active and spent alot of my hours here TEEEHEE) so I've been working rly hard to not post a

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On 1/24/2020 at 8:01 AM, im0202 said:

YKS/HJW cut of their final interview for 'Chocolate'... Many thanks to @Redpinkboxes for translation and for allowing to use her translation :wub: Hard-subbed for an easier watch!


Edit: Just went through the posts on the OSTs for this drama... I really really loved all the songs used, especially Ailee's and the duet sung by YKS/HJW. The duet was so simple but full of sweetness~ The whistling/humming part is so lovely as well. So many songs from this drama has been added to my playlist. :wub:

On a side note, I'm falling for YKS and his character - didn't know who he was when I watched him in 'The Greatest Love', I actually feel like going back to rewatch it now heheh. He's also hilarious in this g.o.d variety show where they went hiking to Santiago. Can't get enough of him for now lol.

Love this interview and their casual yet close off-screen chemistry. Really looking forward to more of their works together (if ever)


@im0202 couldn’t agree with you more. Replaying the drama OST whenever I’m on the road..:)

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Hi girls!! 


It's been awhile but I read some news today and I thought of you guys immediately. Yoon kye sang and Honey Lee broke up..... Im sorry but I'm happy about this cause this gives me hopes for ha ji won and Yoon kye sang.


Please don't hate me....! But I felt so much chemistry when I translated their interviews for you all so I really shipped them hard .... A fangirl can hope HAHAH.




Edit - it's been translated!




Am i being greedy or can i hope for YKS and HJW now? 

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On 6/11/2020 at 9:09 PM, Lawyerh said:

@Redpinkboxes if not mistaken isnt HJW said he got boyfriend. During interview with Chae Won as herself ?


She did, the one she interviewed herself. I just am hopefullll! like i mean alot of times, celebrities break up ages ago and don't mention it till months later, so this could be a case? but my hopes are low, just the shipper me inside hahah!

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Wow, I finally found this Chocolate thread! I don't why the tag is not working when I try to find Ha Ji Won or ha ji won? 

Chocolate definitely the most needed drama in this era. And I want to share with you all what I found in IG account about the detail explanation of Chocolate drama, it is so beautifully well written. Hope can help you all to treasure this Chocolate drama more




I'm copying some, but please visit the account for the complete writing and you won't regret. You will treasure this chocolate drama more. It's already in part 12, but I believe it still ongoing. 



Part 1 (1)
Watching Chocolate live has been an interesting experience for me. The last time I was looking forward to a new TV episode like that, I was 9 and my heart was beating anxiously for Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre to get together . But that was not all that I felt with this drama.


I had seen this poster of Chocolate with a brief introduction about a romance drama online. I had never seen any of HJW’s project properly and did not know anything about YKS’s or the show creators. The poster drew my curiosity though because of the way YKS looked. And no, not in a good way. I had thought he had not the traditional look of a K drama romantic hero, not that I have seen so far, he looked (please excuse the words) old, big framed, and rugged on this poster. Certainly not at his best. It was very strange to me for a drama to showcase the romantic hero in such unflattering light. Little did I know then the poster scene would become my most favourite scene of the show.

One Sunday morning, I browsed Netflix in bed, saw that Chocolate Ep1 is out and thought to myself well let’s see how this hero would fair in a romance. After the beautiful intro with the song “You and I”, the gorgeous cinematography and music of the Greece sequence, the way the camera follows CY’s skirt flowing in the wind to show the scene’s emotion, I got quite impressed at the quality of the production. So when I finished Ep 1 and Ep 2 suddenly became available in front of my eyes I continued to watch. At the end of it, I was completely sold. The hero might have gotten me started on the drama but it was the heroine who convinced me to commit to it.

To me there is something very stoic in CY leaving after realising the first love she was still in love with but thought dead was actually her boyfriend’s best friend. I have always had a fondness for stoic people. Stoicism is my favourite school of philosophy. And here Chocolate presented the story of two most stoic characters I have ever seen on screen, so of course I had to follow it. Little did I know then how this would become such an important theme of the show or how I would need to be quite stoic when watching it live .


Part 3 (1/2)

Chocolate tells its stories in a very unique style, one that reflects its main subject, life. It is very different from the traditional K dramas and requires viewers to have an open mind, contemplate on the facts it gives and take things as they come, just like the view one should take going through life.



Side stories take the same amounts of screen time as the main love story. They intervene, facilitate, illustrate and influence the main characters’s views and development, which is what happens in life. It also has a messy feel but in hindsight its main story is amazingly well structured and cohesive. Facts are drip fed to viewers and sometimes the meaning of these facts are not clear until many episodes later, which is amazingly similar to life, where most of the times meaning of an event can only be read in hindsight and not when it happens. Therefore, something in life requires more time to process especially key events.

This further is illustrated in how our heroine Cha Young approaches surprising events in her life. Whether a tragedy (losing taste) or joy (the first love she pined for for 6 years finally confessed his love to her) she took her time to contemplate on its meaning before deciding on what reactions she should have. This is an amazingly mature approach to life and one of the great hidden messages of Chocolate! (Reading some viewers’ comments online about the drama I wish they had taken this approach with Chocolate before judging or dropping the show because they had missed a great drama.)


Part 4 (1)

“The smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us, waiting and hoping for their moment, amid the ruins of all the rest; and bear unfaltering, in the tiny and almost impalpable drop of their essence, the vast structure of recollection.” - Marcel Proust

Some of the best scenes in Chocolate that I love are the cooking scenes. When CY cooks, it is serene, caring and beautiful. They are scenes that set the tone of this drama and never fail to make me feel calming and happy. As someone who had been watching (sometimes involuntarily) various cooking shows almost everyday for the last ten years , I have never seen any cooking scenes more inspiring. CY is in her best element when she cooks, especially for a special someone in mind. I can not imagine any other actress who could express Cha Young’s spirit better than Ha Ji Won did. There was professionalism but there was also serenity, warmth, grace and elegance. There was something maternal yet almost ethereal. It is a quality one can not pretend, one must possess it herself. And HJW does. Chocolate will not be what it is without HJW as CY.


Yet, the series does not just present food, it explores the relationship of people to food, the space in between. Food is not just itself but what it represents to and was imprinted in people. Food is not just itself but the context it is consumed. Food is not just itself but the memory that comes with it or the memory it evokes.

Early in Ep 5, CY wondered why the Grandpa would like to eat the black bean noodles so much even though it is not that good. But to him, it is not just noodles, it represents the hope of being reunited with his son and that makes it taste better. To Ji Young, who prefers the Quiznos sandwich PPL than CY’s better home made sandwich, the one that his Dad used to buy him when he was alive, it represents the parental warm care that he now lost completely. Eating that particular sandwich is the only thing he could do to get close to that happy feeling, that’s why it tastes better to him than anything else.


Part 4 (2) “It must have been love”


To CY, whose childhood was starved of food due to her mother’s ambition and lack of love to her, food represents love, that’s why her first love was a boy who fed her well. This imprint was so deep, she preserves it through many hardships of life and cooks food to people when she wants to comfort them. The synopsis said she was inspired in part to become a chef by Kang, but I think it most probably was by his Mum. CY said she made a decision from that day to give back the kindness she received from Ajumma Jung, and since food is love to her becoming a chef is probably the best way to give that out.

Cha Young’s food is usually very thoughtful and may be that’s why we love watching her cook so much. Nowadays, I cringe inside a bit when someone tells me this and that tastes good because they put love into it, it has become too cliche. But I never feel like that watching CY cook, because it is not just the generic love, it is the thoughtfulness and care in preparing the dish for that particular person that makes her food beautiful. Of all her cooking, I particularly love what she did for Kim He Joo (although I was salivating at the ginseng chicken abalone congee she cooked for TH ).

Cha Young did not just give HJ the plate Jun made, she plated the present up with what represents love to her, food, and not just any food, it was cherry blossom (K drama notorious symbol of love!) gimbap to subtly tell HJ about Jun’s unspoken love for her. Heartbreakingly, HJ literally can’t see the plate as well as the gimbap due to her medical condition just as in the past she was not able to “see” Jun’s love for her. She could only “feel” by smelling and touching, the blossoms coming from the tea and the food. The look on HJW’s face at the realisation is fantastic acting. One can see deep empathetic pain in her eyes. The thoughtfulness and subtlety in this scene is immense, and it will be one of my most favourite moments of Chocolate.



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