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Welcome to the magical world of Yoo Jinwoo & Jung Heejoo couple (Hyun Bin & Park Shinhye)     "Trust is the magic that changes the world, not the technology" -memories of th

Hi everyone! It’s my first time posting at soompi. I’ve been lurking at MOA thread for a long time and I’m so happy that we now have a shipping thread for Hyun Bin/Jin Woo and Park Shin Hye/Hee Joo. W

Can I jump in this ship again??But I never left..right?? Lol.. See, there is this rule in the world..you are not guilty until proven. Hence, we are not guilty of shipping PSH-HB until proven. I ha

8 hours ago, gets0meair said:

@rori0711 A bit disappointed, though, because this one seems more like a description than a fic :sweat_smile: I'm looking forward to see more, if there's any

Arghhh!!! Too short but managed to tickle my funny bones :D :D 

The idea of Jinwoo keeping Hostal Bonita, where it all began, for Heejoo is :heart: And it has now freakin' elevator which it ascends them to 7th heaven!!!

Agent A's presence could be felt here and Mr. Park in tracksuit lol

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11 hours ago, Yashagome said:

Hi! I'm new here so not sure how this forum works. While the writer's fanfic, "Stolen Time" was removed, I had saved it down to my library when I first read it. Hopefully this link works.

Hello! And welcome!

I tried the link but it says "Story not found" :( 

I wish there were more MotA fics out there. This one is my favorite because of reasons lol. 

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