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Welcome to the magical world of Yoo Jinwoo & Jung Heejoo couple (Hyun Bin & Park Shinhye)     "Trust is the magic that changes the world, not the technology" -memories of th

Hi everyone! It’s my first time posting at soompi. I’ve been lurking at MOA thread for a long time and I’m so happy that we now have a shipping thread for Hyun Bin/Jin Woo and Park Shin Hye/Hee Joo. W

Can I jump in this ship again??But I never left..right?? Lol.. See, there is this rule in the world..you are not guilty until proven. Hence, we are not guilty of shipping PSH-HB until proven. I ha

12 hours ago, rori0711 said:

Dude got punched, but only really showed his skills once his girl got shoved out of the way twice



Ah yes, I've seen someone talk about this part too, although I don't remember where. Jinwoo got punched but he didn't do anything until he saw Sangbeom shove Heeju :bawling:

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14 hours ago, rori0711 said:

Bright energy running towards Mr. Gentleman :wub::wub::wub:




What did you say to her, Oppa-yah? It's the biggest mystery in K-drama for me lol. Someone hire a professional lip reader, please lol!

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Probably just one of very few "ordinary" scenes in MotA (ordinary, because it doesn't involve CGI and describes a real-life situation), but it's one of my favorites, and what makes me hooked on the drama. Heeju's joy for finally having money is so real. Anyone who's been at the bottom and knows what it feels like to have nothing will understand or relate with this moment. And our Shinhye acts it so wonderfully.




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tvN, you okay, lol?



I'm happy that we'll be getting new MotA content, but if it's only about the scenes with CG, then will Shinhye be there? Please please let there be at least a scene with Emma!

Anyways, wonder why they didn't do this right after MotA ended? Or better yet, after every episode aired? Like a special something to build the hype and raise the ratings even more, like the special videos they've been making for Arthdal Chronicles... 


Anyways again, I'm happy for Shinhye! I really like Yoo Ah In too!


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