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[Drama 2019] My Prettiest Daughter In The World/ Mother of Mine, 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸


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The fateful relationship between Kim Woo Jin (Ki Tae Young) and  Kang Mi Hye (Kim Ha-kyung) begins.




First of all, Kim Woo Jin ( Ki Tae Young) was the editor and chief editor of the drama. He had been living in the United States ever since he was a child, and he came back to Korea after his father passed away. He has even taken over his father 's work, which he did not understand for a lifetime, and is now operating the publishing company' Dolgot Road '.

Kang Mi Hye (Kim Ha-kyung) is the youngest daughter of Park Sun Ja (Kim Hae-sook ) and she is a talented novelist. 

These unexpected encounters have attracted the interest of prospective viewers because they have been living completely different lives. Especially, what kind of story is hidden between the two opponents of Kim Woo-jin (Kita-jin) who owns the coolness of air and Kang Mi-hye (Kim Hae-kyung) who is full of Hadang mi (美) It is raising expectations.





Funny thing.... I just wanted to comment that Kim Woo Jin needs a little fun in his life. He looks so melo. It is good that he will meet Mi Hye. He will fall in love so we`ll see a different side of him.


How many suitors she will have? Former boyfriend, Woo Jin and Peter Park? The later finds Mi Hye a beautiful woman (it is written in the character presentation. We know what that means. He will have a crush!) :lol:

















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'Mother of Mine' Press Conference: A Heartwarming Drama


Kim Haesuk, Kim So Yeon, Hong Jong Hyun, Yoo Sun, Choi Myung Gil, Ki Taeyoung, and Kim Hagyeong attended the press conference for upcoming weekend drama 'Mother of Mine'.


Among the many female characters who star in the drama, Kim Haesuk is in the vanguard as the "nation's mother."

Kim Haesuk said, "Sometimes the nickname 'nation's mother' is burdensome. My character, Park Seonja, is the closest to the realistic image, rather than the symbolic image that I've shown so far. She reflects the way we live in a raw manner instead of making it look noble and pure."

She continued, "As I personated Park Seonja, I thought of my mom and the time when I used to be a daughter. Through Park Seonja, I'd like to console all of the mothers who are suffering. I want to show our drama to all daughters and mothers and hope they will be comforted."

She added, "It'd be nice if the viewers get an urge to call their mothers by watching our drama."


She added, "It'd be nice if the viewers get an urge to call their mothers by watching our drama."


Actress Yu Sun will play Park Seonja's eldest daughter, Gang Miseon. Miseon is a working mother who has a mama's boy husband and a difficult mother-in-law, in addition to having to raise the child on her own.

Yu Sun said, "Because of the title, you might think that the story focuses on the mother-daughter relationship, but each and every character is full of individuality. Everyone has a mother. We exist because we have mothers. I hope this drama will remind the viewers of their beautiful mothers."



Kim So Yeon will play the second daughter Gang Miri. She is highly educated and enjoys a high income. She is a cutie pie to her mother, but she is a coldblooded boss at work. Her life will be intertwined with her smart and good-looking junior Han Taeju (Hong Jong Hyun).

About her partner Hong Jong Hyun, So Yeon said, "He is polite and comes up with a lot of ideas on site, so I am learning from him. My friends are jealous of my working environment. Since I've met a good partner, I will make a good chemistry with him."

The actress teased her romance with Hong Jong Hyun and said, "My husband, Lee Sang Woo, said he would never get jealous, but I will make him feel jealous."

Hong Jong Hyun is making his weekend drama debut. He said, "I'd be lying if I said I don't feel worried and pressured. Since I'm not experienced in a long drama, I am relying on the senior actors." 

The director of the drama said, "Liver (transplant) will not appear in our drama", referring to 'Liver or Die'. He said, "It will share warmness with the marginalized people of the world."





I am glad that there is a better translation of the article. Thanks, KBS World!

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Trot singer Joo Hyun mi, charismatic middle chairman, 'My daughter is the most beautiful in the world' Special appearance
KBS 2TV new weekly drama "My Beautifulest Daughter in the World" , which will be broadcasted first on the 23rd this week, will show a surprise appearance of Joo Hyun Mi with Kim So Yeon (Kang Mi Il). Joo Hyunmi turns into the chairman of Wang Wei, China's major trading partner, Kang Mi-Ri (director of marketing strategy for big companies). Kang Mi-ri's teammate, who is in the spot to fix the mistakes that he made, plans to launch a charismatic gesture of mutuality and softness.

Jo Hyunmi said, "It was a new experience and my heart was thrilled. Kim So-yeon, who was filmed together, was really pretty, and I thought that it was really cool to make a work because I saw a lot of people moving in a single direction to shoot a scene. "
A new version of the poster with the child actor
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3rd teaser

The scenes are not new. We saw them in the long preview, released at the press conference.




The husband of Mi Sun! Infuriating and funny in the same time.:lol:






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Kim Jong-chang, "My daughter, the most beautiful girl in the world"`s PD, "KBS returns to the weekend after 11 years



Kim Jong-chan, a master of luxury family drama, is giving a special message two days ahead of the first broadcast of 'My Beautiful Daughter in the World'.

Director Kim Jong-chang said, "Every drama director misses the scene, and after four or five years since the drama 'MISS Mamma Mia', he made a statement saying," I have done my best as a producer, producer and creator I did not feel awkward in the drama scene because it was my life, but I was especially excited to have returned to KBS as the director of the weekend drama in 11 years. "
Then, "The story of mother and three daughters that I planned with the author of last year's summer tune has become a common point with the current of the times, and I have got a consensus on each other." He said, I informed the occasion that it met.

we try to portray the distorted portrait of our age based on realistic storytelling. The issue of childcare of the dual-earner couple, which is emerging as a short story like Kang Mi-seon It is a social problem beyond individuals, and it is also a homework that we need to solve together in this age, "explained the message to dissolve in the work.

In addition, he said, "I want to present these real problems through satire and humor, and I want to set up a forum to think about alternatives to solve it." So, what kind of fun and sound will you bring to the theater in the future? It is raising hopes of prospective viewers. (Google translation)







Joo Ye Rim and Yoo Sun



Joo Ye Rim, the child actress having fun with her onscreen aunts. BTS








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The mother with her two daughters (Kim So yeon, Kim Hae Sook and Yoo Sun)




Park Sun-ja (Kim Hae-sook) is the owner of Seongdong-tang and a strong person who overcame difficult times and raised three daughters. She has been living in a haphazard way in order not to pass on the hard life to her daughters. She always carries the image of a typical mother who worries about her daughter rather than herself.

She has three daughters, from the big daughter Kang Mi-sun, who is a working mother, to Kang Mi-ri, the daughter of Alpha-girl, and Kang Mi-hye, the youngest daughter. Especially, Kang Mi-sun, a big daughter who lives in child care and work, and Kang Mye-ri, her second daughter, who lives unexpectedly in her unspoken way, concentrates her attention.

The images of two different daughters are revealed in the photographs they see. Unlike the eyes of Kwang Mi-ri, who has plenty of love and affection, Kang Mi-seon is so tired that he feels sorry for the viewers.

In addition, the expression of Kang Mi-seon, who received something that her brother handed to him, is flowing in a meaningful atmosphere, and it is noteworthy how the relationship of these mother and daughter will be drawn.



Yoo Sun





Joo Ye Rim, the child actress BTS



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Han Tae Joo (Hong Jong-hyun) faces difficulties on his first day of work.



KBS 2TV new weekly drama 'My daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world' (1 time) broadcast on Saturday, 23rd, newcomer Hong Jong Hyun (Han Tae Ju) gets baptized by his colleagues.

Hong Jong-hyun took on a variety of part-time jobs and internships, and acted as Han Tae-tae to join a large company. 

Unlike the colleagues who have already arrived at the Orientation, I feel a sense of uneasiness to the person who came in late.
Especially, she has a look of a friend who is next to her friend, and she has a special secret hidden in the collar of a suit that seemed to be well dressed for her first commute.

n addition, there is a strong connection with Kang Myeong-Ri (Kim So-yeon), a marketing strategy manager who will be his boss, in the story of Han Tae-tae eating snowballs. He for some reason raises curiosity of preliminary viewers that he has come to a hard life from his first day.

Hong Jong Hyun, a new employee with a warm heart and charm, can be found at KBS 2TV 'My Beautiful Daughter,' which is broadcasted at 7:55 pm this Saturday (23rd).  (Google translate)\



My daughter who is the most beautiful in the world 'Han Ki-woong,


On the 22nd, agency MADA Entertainment unveiled a copy of Han Gi - woong 's script verifying the role of Peter Park in KBS2' s newest weekend drama 'My Beautiful Daughter in the World'.

Han Gi-woong in the open photo is holding a script of 'My Beautiful Daughter in the World' and showing a smiling smile towards the camera. The stylish upturned head and coat pit finished with a warm visual.

In addition, Han Ki-woong also reported that he was thrilled with his first broadcast. He said, "I am Han Kyung-woong, who greets Peter with a new character. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful work. I will show you how I can work hard. First Broadcasting Headquarters! And I ask you a lot of love. "




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"Hanchon Seollim-tang" run by Lee Yeon-eun (CEO, Information Daily) announced on the 22nd that it will support production of KBS new weekend drama 'My daughter is the most beautiful in the world'

Hanchon Seolleongtang said that it has decided to make production support to expose brands and stores in high-end weekend dramas to imprint the brand and raise awareness.

My daughter, who is the most beautiful in the drama world, tells comfort to all the moms and daughters who are alive in this age through the stories of her mother and daughter. Kim Hae Sook, Kim So Yeon, Yu Seon and Kim Hae Kyung will appear as mother and daughter.

Hanchon Seolleungtang is set to be a Seolleungtang house operated by mother Park Seon-jae (Kim Hae-sook), and menu and stores will be exposed through drama naturally.




Seolleongtang is a beef/ox bone soup








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The company Incheon Funny unveiled an invitation shot of Ki Tae Young, who plays the role of 'Kim Jin-woo' in 'Mother of Mine', which is scheduled to be broadcasted on the 23rd.



In the open photo, Gi Tae Young is smiling in front of a sign that symbolizes Woojin publisher, Ishdang Publishing House. Naturally, his appearance encouraging his first broadcaster makes the audience feel good. In particular, the striking looks and the stylish yet simple yet stylish look capture a glimpse of the Jinwoo character with a 200% synchro rate.

The drama official said, "Ki Taeyoung is preparing for filming with affection for his work and characters as he has been back in the drama for a long time. I am confident that KiTaeyoung will meet Kim Woo-jin and appeal to his other charms that he has not shown before. I would like to have a lot of interest and expectation from Gita-young, who will return to her new appearance. "

Kim said, "I think that the character of Woojin is so understandable that there are too many similar parts to me. Kim is also a character with various emotions that coexist with nostalgia, aversion, and loneliness. I want to express the loneliness of Woojin with my own character. "Since he showed his passion for his work, he is expecting Kim Woojin character and his work to be drawn.





'My daughter is the most beautiful in the world' Nam Tae-Boo , Diet 10kg weight loss 



"I have been doing a diet to act as a star drama writer 'Jae Jae Bum' after being cast in 'My Beautifulest Daughter' in the world," said T. Ii Cultures, a member of his agency.


At the end of the three auditions, the Nam Tae Boo took on the role of "Mother of Mine". In the drama 'My father is strange,' Nam Taebu, who acted as a manager  and served as a friend of the main characters in 'My Daughter Seoyoung', finally came up with another role. 


"I still can not believe the fact that I was cast in 'the most beautiful girl in the world' in that it is a sequel to 'One Only Only' which was close to 50% of viewership, While shooting, I continue to diet for better visuals. "It will be fun to keep watching my first ever appearance on March 23rd," said a humorous feeling ahead of his first broadcast.





Both actors will be in the storyline with Kim Ha Kyung, the youngest daughter of Park Sun ja (Kim Hae Sook).




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The most beautiful girl in the world 'Kim Hae-sook X3 sisters, full of joy


In the photo that was released before the first broadcast on the 23rd, four actors were holding the message of inviting 'my daughter, the most beautiful girl in the world' , inviting Kim Hae-sook (Park Seonja), Yu Seon (Kang Mi Seon), Kim So Yeon (Kang Mi ri), Kim Ha Kyung (Kang Mi Hye).

Kim Hae-sook said Park Sun ja is a very realistic person who is not only symbolic or beautified, but also a mother and a daughter.

Yoo Seon, who plays the big daughter Kang Mi-seon, who draws between her mother and her deep love, said, "My Prettiest Daughter int he World" is a healing drama with laughter and impression. "It will be even more fun if you focus on warm maternal love, the relationship between three daughters full of personality, and the story going on between your family and your family."

Kim So-yeon, who plays the second daughter  said, "I was born in a house with three daughters. I want to show the realistic naturalness of sharing with my sisters. I would like to show Real Sisters Chemie, which I could not played before, through this drama " Finally, Kim Hae-kyung, the new actor in charge of the youngest actor Kang Mi-hye, said, "I am glad to be able to work with the seniors who I admired. I will work hard in the attitude of learning and learning. "






Tomorrow is the premiere! I don`t know if I will be able to watch live but I can`t wait to watch the first episode. :D

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Hong Jong Hyun at photoshoot. I saw Soyeon too. I hope they will release the whole phototshoot soon.







BTS from poster photoshoot



The cute puppy! :wub:


Another cute dog! I saw the same dog in picture with Ki Tae Young and Han Ki woong. Maybe we`ll see him in the drama. It will be nice.








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I  kept this scene for last.




What is going on? :w00t: Mi Ri will ask Tae Joo to give her his shirt? :w00t: Make it so, show! It will be hilarious.




Through the preview video released by the production crew on the 10th, the fateful meeting of Kang Mi-ri (Kim So-yeon) and Han Tae-ju (Hong Jong Hyun) was drawn attention.

Han Tae-tae, who joined the company as a chief, received a warning from the company person, "You must be careful not to be conspicuous." However, he made an intense encounter with a mistake that spilled coffee on Kangmyeri.

Han Tae-ju and Kang-mi-ri, who started to meet with fame, have to continue their company life as new employe and manager.






I can imagine Mi Ri `s annoyance with this young man. :D She sees him very outspoken, over confident for a new employee. She can`t ignore him. He is making her blood boil?





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not too keen on most of the actors especially the main pairing (soyeon really does look like she is 10 years older than hong jong hyun. sorry!)  but yoo sun and ki tae young were in dramas that I really enjoyed...


fingers crossed that this drama breaks my slump.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] My Prettiest Daughter In The World/ Mother of Mine 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸 - Sat & Sun @ 19:55 KST - Premieres TONIGHT
27 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

not too keen on most of the actors especially the main pairing (soyeon really does look like she is 10 years older than hong jong hyun. sorry!)


 She always has looked mature. Even since she debuted, people were saying how old she looked.  I should get used to it by now. It is alright if you are not fond of her or this couple. We`ll see if they will make a good couple on screen. So yeon was paired with Sung Joon (who is ten years younger as well) and they made a succesful couple (majorty of people loved them). I am curious myself if I will like them.


Because it is a family drama, there are many other suplots for everyone to enjoy. I wish people will enjoy the part of drama they are interested or their favorite actors/ couple and make this forum a pleasant enviroment.

Mother of Mine, fighting! Let it be a good drama for all of us!



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1 hour ago, larus said:

Because it is a family drama, there are many other suplots for everyone to enjoy. I wish people will enjoy the part of drama they are interested or their favorite actors/ couple and make this forum a pleasant enviroment.

Mother of Mine, fighting! Let it be a good drama for all of us!

yea, there were quite a few family dramas where I actually watched only for the side characters/stories. so hopefully something here for all of us to enjoy. :) 

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1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

yea, there were quite a few family dramas where I actually watched only for the side characters/stories. so hopefully something here for all of us to enjoy. :) 


I think there will be important stories (not only side stories) in the drama. There are a lot of lead characters and the writer wanted to portray many aspects of modern issues, through all her characters.

For me, it is a second whole family drama that I will watch. I am starting this for Soyeon but I will watch all the stories. I am already fond of all characters. I am sure all the cast and crew will work hard to make this an enjoyable drama.


It is normal to have favorite characters or storylines but I wish people who will be active in this thread (if I will not be the only one commenting) will enjoy them without making  derogatory comments of the other part they don`t like (I don`t mean about constructive critisism).  I read a little the forums of various family dramas (including the last work of Jo Jung Sun writer-nim) and I noticed there was a little competition between couples/storyline. It is room for everyone.:)  I wanted to get this out of my chest. I spent a wonderful time at Happy Home thread. I wish Mother of Mine thread will be the same.

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"Ardent, provocative stories NO", 'My daughter the most beautiful in the world "



'My daughter, the most beautiful in the world' is a drama that conveys comfort to all the mothers and daughters alive in this age through the stories of four women who have become love relationships in a day like war. On the 23rd, the crew released the first watch points ahead of the long-awaited first broadcast.


  • One, real 100% real family life everyday!

'My daughter, the most beautiful in the world', is full of family stories that seem to have moved in our house. The trivial, yet realistic image of a mother, makes a request that can not be easily made by others, or a side dish is served in front of the table, which is a source of sympathy for the viewer. Especially, the breath of four mother and daughter who are full of humanity which mother Park Sun ja (Kim Hae-suk), three daughters Kang Mi-seon (Yoo Sun-min), Kang Mi-ri (Kim So-yeon) and Kang Mi-hye (Kim Ha-kyung) show will attract attention with viewers' taste.


● Two, explosion case, accident ?!
The events and accidents that spread among the characters as well as small daily lives captivate their eyes at a glance. Among them, the first encounter between Kang Myeong-ri and Han Tae-ju (Hong Jong Hyun), and meeting of two mother-in-law Park sun ja and  Hanmiok (Kim Hae sook and Park Jung Soo). It is expected to bring immersion to the maximum level.

● Three, look hid hiding face finding!

The nice faces hidden in the right place also cause interest of prospective viewers. The starring guest actor Lee Sang-woo, who will see a confrontation with a questionable person, from the expansive meeting of singer Ju Hyun-mi and Kim So-yeon (Kang Mi-ri) released earlier, doubles the excitement. Here, Kim Hae-sook and the beauty of the world, such as Daek-hoe Koh Kyung-pil (sungyeong station), will make the most of the fun of looking for pleasure.

The writer of Mother of Mine said : "I want to tell the most essential story, though it may be a bit bored in the era of stimulating stories. I will give you a feeling of flowing hot river in the middle of your chest if you take a leisurely look. Like the beautiful flowers in the world during spring and summer, I pray that the most beautiful flowers will bloom in the hearts of viewers. "She is raising the expectation of those waiting for the first broadcast.

'My daughter, the most beautiful girl in the world' will be broadcasted at 7:55 pm on the 23rd.
(Google translation)

Now that the article mention about a hidden face.


Is that in the background Lee Sang Woo?



I will like if they will incorporate the cameo in the story. Maybe Mi ri will arranged her sister and his colleague to a blind date. :D






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