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[Drama 2019] My Prettiest Daughter In The World/ Mother of Mine, 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸


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'The most beautiful girl in the world' Kim Ha-kyung - Nam Tae Boo




First of all, Kim Ha-kyung plays the youngest daughter of Park Seon-jae (Kim Hae-sook) and the younger writer Kang Mi-hye who has won the famous literary award in the past. Nam tae Boo plays a former boyfriend of Kang Mi-hye (Kim Hae-kyung) and an also drama novelist, Bang Jae Bum. 

They dated for 8 years but broke up when she won a drama contest. Now he comes to see her, wearing a tuxedo. 

Kim Ha-gyeong, who will add extraordinary fun to the drama with freshness of the newest, can be seen in KBS 2 new weekend drama 'My beautiful daughter in the world' which is broadcasted at 7:55 pm on the 23rd March. 




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Hong Jong Hyun turns into a swimming instructor in a new weekend drama 'My Beautiful Daughter in the World'


Hong Jong-hyun (Han Tae-woo) is a new employee of marketing strategy department with Kim So-yeon (Kang Mi-ri) He is not only a warm-hearted figure but also a brilliant enough to be a full-fledged chief. He is a versatile character who has worked on a variety of external activities including internships and part-time jobs.









KBS 2TV Hong Jong Hyun turns into a swimming instructor in a new weekend drama 'My Beautiful Daughter in the World' (hereafter, 'Segelye').

Hong Jong-hyun (Han Tae-woo) is a new employee of marketing strategy department with Kim So-yeon (Kang Mi-ri) He is not only a warm-hearted figure but also a brilliant enough to be a full-fledged chief. He is a versatile character who has worked on a variety of external activities including internships and part-time jobs.

Even before the first day of work, I was even more interested in the fact that I was equipped with sincerity to work as a swimming instructor. In the meantime, I was able to see the students looking at the exercises with gratitude.
I can feel the pro's smell in the sight of teaching swimming skillfully. The laughing expression among the students who prepared the surprise event usually suggests that he is affectionate to many people.
The drama official said, "Hong Jong-hyun is playing a role as an atmosphere maker because of his unique joy." He said, "I am nervous in fact, and I am delivering energetic energy not only to my fellow actors but also to my staff."
. 'My daughter, the most beautiful girl in the world' is a drama that conveys comfort to all the mothers and daughters who are living hard in this age through the stories of four women who have become love relationships in a day like war.


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Kim Hae Sook stills in  Mother of Mine.


The moment when Kim Hae-sook (Park Sun-ja) 's' mother 'of motherhood' stands out.
Park Sun ja (Kim Hae-sook) is divided into three sisters: Kang Mi-sun (Yu Seon-min), Kang Mi-Ri (Kim So-yeon) and Kang Mi-hye (Kim Ha-Kyung).She is a strong person who has sent her three daughters to college by running a seonggwangtang house in order to avoid the life of a patriarchal husband, a poisoned mother-in-law, and a poverty-stricken person.

Three daughters were raised hard, but the torture of Park Sun-ja (Kim Hae-sook) was not over. I was able to kick my arms again to help my eldest daughter, a working mum. She not only aspires to help her daughter but also takes care of her grandchild. 

On the other hand, 'My Daughter, the Most Beautiful in the World' is a drama that conveys comfort to all the mothers and daughters alive in this age through the stories of four women who have become a love relationship in a day like war.


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Almost 8 days until the premiere. I wonder when they will release the poster. I also wish they had the character description available. I can`t wait to see what they will release tomorrow. :P


VIU will translate this drama


KBS World will release translated episodes after a week.






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Posters :wub:








My daughter is the most beautiful in the world' is only happy to see the three posters to reveal the expectation of the first broadcast.

First of all, the family is preparing for a party in a cozy background. The women who are welcomed with warm laughter by men who seem to have come with wine and bouquet and gifts seem to be more than happy to see the interesting stories they are drawn to even when looking at the posters.

The pajama party concept poster of Kim Dae Sook (Park Seonja), Yu Seon (Kang Mi Sun), Kim So Yeon (Kang Mi Lee) and Kim Hae Kyung (Kang Mi Hye) The delight of the four people who are enjoying the moment without worrying about the petal fly is concentrating on the real mother and child Kimi.

The poster with the unusual combination of mother and daughter, Kim Hae-sook, Kim So-yeon, Choi Myung-gil (Jeon In-sook) and Hong Jong-hyun (Han Tae-ju) is also causing curiosity for prospective viewers. What is the story of your character and what is going to be linked to the future is wondering.

An official said, "The posters were filmed in a cheerful atmosphere as the whole family gathered on a holiday season." "The sum of twelve actors who are more like real family members demonstrate synergies of the past. I hope you can expect Chemie. "


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March 15 2019

Teaser trailer #2 & 3 teaser posters for KBS2 drama series “Mother of Mine”


Teaser trailer #2 added and here’s 3 teaser posters for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Mother of Mine.” The drama series follows the love-hate relationship between a mother (Kim Hae-Sook) and her three adult daughters (played by Kim So-Yeon, Yoo-Sun and Kim Ha-Kyung).

“Mother of Mine” will take over KBS2’s Saturday and Sunday 8pm time slot on March 23, 2019. It’s predecessor “My Only One” is consistently ranked #1 in its time slot and most recently hit 49.4% nationwide viewership ratings.









Translated teasers







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3rd teaser

about Mi sun1s story od a working mom.





The first meeting of Choi Myung-gil and Kim So-yeon's tension is caught and is causing curiosity.


Jeon In-Sook (Choi Myung-Kil) and Kang Mi-Ri (Kim So-yeon) are not only equipped with outstanding specs through their own methods but also exert superior women power with unrivaled ability. As well as being in a big position within the company, I am enthusiastic and esteemed by my employees for their hard work and calm judgment.
These two people are attracted to each other by catching each other 's hands and emitting an unexpected airflow.

despite the fact that he has met a company representative who is in charge of his own company, the eyes of Kang miriare very challenging. 

The production team of "Mother is Mine" said about the first meeting of two people who are strangely entwined : "Not only the stories of four sisters but also the excitement of Jeon In-sook and Kang Mi-ri's nervousness will be considerable. "





The first meeting between Choi Myung-gil and Kim So-yeon was released.
Choi Myeong-gil plays the giant Jeon In-sook and Kim So-yeon plays the director of the company's marketing strategy at KBS 2TV's new weekend drama 'My Beautifulest Daughter in the World' (Screenplay / Directing Kim Jong-chang) We are going to launch an exciting antagonism.
The production team of "Sejian Ye" is the first meeting of two people who are strangely entwined. Not only the stories of four sisters of Sejian, but also the excitement of Jeon In-sook and Kang Mi-ri's nervousness will be considerable. " 23rd broadcast at 7:55 pm.


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Next week there is the premiere of this drama. I can`t believe that I will be busy watching this drama until September!

I am glad that this time there will be subtitles available.


Watching the teasers, I have an idea about the major stories, and I like all of them. Park Sun Ja, the mother of the three daughters, is a strong women, and she raised her daughters well. Some stories have relatable content.

Mi Sun is a working mother and we see that she has a hard time juggling from her banking job and home. I loved  the scene where she is back carring her daughter. Her mother and father in law will help her but I already sensed that the husband and the mother in law are not that supporting. I think it is alright to enjoy life like Ha Ji Ok (playing golf with friends) but it is wrong if you share the same home with the daughter in law and let her do all the work. Let see if  momma boy husband is helping Mi Sun. I doubt it.




Park Sun ja will be the heart of this drama. Seing her crying alone broke my heart.


Park sun ja is worried about the younger daughter as well. She wanted to see her married with Bang Jae Beom (Nam Tae Boo). Mi Hye is a spunk girl. She has a writer`s block, she experiences a creative slowdown and she has a crissis on her personal life too. She will have two suitors and I think her love story will be sweet.


Now ... Mi ri.  I don`t know how the relationship with Han Tae joo will be. He is a nice guy and we`ll see if they are compatible with each other. It doesn`t seem that he will take a higher position in the company (not right now) like I thought in early stages of this drama. I like that because that would have been a major problem for them. It is good that he is working his way to the top of the ladder, despite being a privileged guy. I still think that Jeon In-Sook will be the number one problem for them. Mi Ri won`t be in a classical love triangle but we`ll have one. Park Sun ja- Kang Mi Ri and Jeon In Sook. Lots of feelings here.

I love that I have two strong profesional women in the same drama. I anticipate their scene so much. 


Mi Ri is nervous in the picture above. I have no doubt that she has respect for Jeon In Sook, who she is a proeminent figure in the company. Maybe she is a role model for Mi Ri.  I can`t wait to watch their scenes.


I am looking forward to watch the drama. Fighting!


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Character introduction


1552889441330_184650.jpgKang Mi ri played by Kim so yeon


An alpha girl who has worked hard to be with high education, high specifications and high income.
She feels sorry for her mother who has been struggling all her life.
She lives a life to show others how a woman could succeed with her own strength and ability.










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2 hours ago, Cestbon said:

Sang Woo will be a cameo in episode 1 to support writer (same as Goddess of Marriage) and his beautiful wife, Kim So Yeon.

All the best for all!

 Thanks for the news. I love to see them in cameos in their dramas, supporting each other. :wub:

The writer has a habit of inviting former actors in her works.  I was thinking about Lee Sang Woo or Lee Pil Mo (who was in 4 dramas of writer Jo Jung-Sun) to appear.

For Soyeon`s story in the drama, Sang woo would be a perfect choice. :D


It looks like he is having a scene with the youngest daughter played by Kim Ha kyung. I wish there is a scene with Soyeon as well.




"Lee Sang-woo turns out to be a confused person in the middle of the pole. In the background of a luxurious restaurant, a dandy suit feels an unusual force when wearing glasses with intellectual feel. Here, while he is looking at the other side and explaining something to him, both relaxation and sincerity are perceived, and he wonders what situation he will come up with and whom he will be connected to." (Google translation)



On the day of filming, Kim So - yeon said that he showed infinite affection for her husband and drama in search of the scene to cheer Lee Sang Woo, even though it was not time for filming. (How sweet! :wub:) I am glad they took a picture. 





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The press conference of Mother is Mine is today.


KBS2 Weekend drama 'My Beautifulest Girl in the World' Hong Jong Hyun rice wreath






Rice Wreaths for So Yeon at the press conference of KBS drama Mother of Mine
















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4th teaser



Kang Mi ri and Han Tae Joo. So far I like them together.  The teaser is hilarious, especially when she is recognizing him in the store. So, they like the same coffee brand/ product. :w00t: She is so fast! She has good reflexes. :D

But... from the teaser it seams that Mi Ri knows that Jeon In sook is her mother. She is too emotional to not know. Or there is another reason? Interesting. I can`t wait to watch the drama.


Actually, the preview is longer. Everyone could watch it on the press conference video. It shows all the characters and the major conflicts/ problems of the drama. I hope KBS World will release the entire long preview with subtitles.




The 3rd teaser translated






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Video from the press conference











Kim So yeon and the reporter/anchor who will make a cameo

Raw translation

To the reporters # I have been introducing my beautifulest daughter in the world! I think that it will be the drama that will be the most beautiful drama in the world because of the lively atmosphere of the actors!

First broadcast at 7:55 pm on Saturday, March 23
# Production presentation scene # actor Kim Soon-yeon #
✔ The special (?) Cameo will appear on Sunday, March 24, the first day after the first broadcast! ㅋ I will pass by in a blink of an eye.







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PD Kim Jong Chang said his impressions of director.



On the afternoon of the 19th March, Imperial Palace Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul held a production presentation of KBS2 new weekend drama 'My Beautifulest Daughter in the World'. Actors Kim Hae Sook, Choi Myung Gil, Yu Seon, Kim So Yeon, Kim Hae Kyung, Hong Jonghyun, Ki Tae Young and PD Kim Jong chang participated.

Kim Jong-kwang said, "It's been 11 years since I left KBS.
When I left, I finished the soap opera on the weekend, and I took it off again this time. I think it's back to my parents' house. "" The weekend soap opera is the sixth.
It is also burdensome to how to make sense of the drama and directing. I am doing it with a sense of returning to the beginning. "








The combination of actors who have a strong acting ability centered on Kim Hae-sook, who is called a 'national mother', in the writer and supervisor association who believes and views, raises the expectation of the work. The 100% story that reflects the reality here is expected to snatch viewers' consensus.


Director Kim said, "Though the relationship between mother and three daughters is the main point of the story, we can read our distorted relationship in modern life from the relationship of three mothers (Kim Hae Sook, Choi Myung Kil, Park Jung Soo) "I have been focusing on the relationship and the psychology of my mother who has a woman," she said, "and the problem of housework and child-raising, while asking women to increase their production population, Generation, "and it seems to be a drama that shakes the relationship network like" 82 years old Kim Ji-young. "It seems to be able to share impression though it is humorous and sarcasm.


Choi Myung-gil praised Kim So-yeon and Hong Jonghyun.



In the play Choi Myung-gil is a big business representative, Jeon In-Sook, and is in close contact with Kim So-yeon and Hong Jong-hyun. When asked about the relationship with the two people, Choi Myung-gil said, "Both juniors have tried to breathe first."

 I think Kim So - yun and Hong Jong - hyun 's chemi will fit well with me. It is wonderful, loving, hard work, and modest junior. "





In the play Kim So Yeon is a member of 'HS Group' and is associated with Choi Myung Gil and Hong Jong Hyun. First, Choi Myung-gil plays Jun In-sook, the company representative of Mirae. I look at Miri, the only woman in the company, but she has a bad attitude to make thorns. In this way, Kim 's relationship with Kim So - yeon is called "a frantic relationship", but it is really warm. In particular, Choi Myung-gil, who recently collected pictures with Kim So-yeon and Hong Jonghyun, compiled a topic and said, "I met Kim So-yeon a few times and it was my first time with Hong Jong-hyun. It is really good, "he said," I think he and Chemie are right. They are wonderful, loving and humble juniors. "


Hong Jong-hyun plays an employee of marketing strategy department, Han Tae-woo. It is a perfect person to be smart with a warm appearance, but on the first day of entering the company, it is deliberately tied up with an accident of unrighteousness (?). Hong Jonghyun, who made his debut in the drama on the first weekend with his new work, said, "If you do not have a burden, you will lie," and "I was nervous and worried too much, he said.




Kim Hae-sook (64) said about her return to the "national mom":  "I am going to show a different picture from the 'national mom' I have shown so far."

"I have a lot of fun with my daughters in the movie, but I have a lot of fighting," she said. "Was not it a good time for mom to ride a motorcycle? I filmed while thinking about my mom. Instead of being sublime and dominated, the viewers are more likely to sympathize with the picture of the mom who lives now. I wish I could become a healing drama that I can talk to my mother while watching our drama. "



Among them, Park sun Ja (Kim Hae-sook) divorces her husband, her mother-in-law like a serpent and she is a typical Korean mother, who has suffered all the hardships until poverty.She is a 'mom' who has been living in a haphazard way, hoping her three daughters will not go through life like her. Kim Hae-sook said, "I wish many mothers and daughters to see this drama and think about their mother and parents."








Kang Mi sun (Yoo Sun) the oldest daughter of Park Sun-ja, is is a working mom that lacks ten bodies because of endless housework, child care, and hard work. She said about her character: I can barely stay with my mother's help, but I struggle with my hard heart and become increasingly evil daughter. I am sorry for my mother who has always been on my side.


newcomer Kim Ha-kyung joined her youngest daughter, Kang Mi-hye. He is a monster novelist who has taken the famous literary prize at the age of 22, but is now a novelist who can not afford a book. In order to recover from the 'old boyfriend' Jaebeom (Jeonbu) who he had made in 8 years and to recover, he has been struggling to find a publisher whom he had unveiled in the past. Kim Hae-kyung said, "It's a work I've always wanted to do because I have a lot of people I admire."


Kim Jong-chan mentioned his previous work "One Only Only" and said, "There is a burden on the previous work, and there is a burden, but there is also expectation that I will be helped because my previous works are good. Although there is a burden and fear in viewership, there is a big desire to come out in a clear drama even if it is small and it is plain. Because the KBS weekend pole is a degree to which a viewership rate is secured, I do not want to make it conscious of it. "




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[HanCinema's News] "Mother of Mine" to Fill the Big Shoes of "My Only One"

by William Schwartz on 2019/03/19 at 20:11 PST


On March 19th at the Imperial Palace Hotel, KBS2 began the official rollout for "Mother of Mine". The new weekend drama will start in the 8 PM KST timeslot previously occupied by "My Only One".


Literally titled in Korean as 'The Prettiest Daughter in the World', the drama concerns a mother, Seon-ja (played by Kim Hae-sook), and her three adult daughters, Mi-seon (played by Yoo Sun), Mi-ri (played by Kim So-yeon), and Mi-hye (played by Kim Ha-kyung). It's being tagged as a modern story intended to give comfort to both mothers and daughters.

Kim Hae-sook, who has a national reputation as a TV Mom, claims that Hae-sook is more realistic than her usual roles. She notes that Hae-sook both fights with her daughters as well as has fun with them. Hae-sook appears to be designed as a relatable character for viewers of all ages.

Director Kim Jong-chan, who is returning to drama directing after a long absence, also discussed the pressure of taking on the same timeslot occupied by "My Only One". He admitted that there was concern, but also hopefulness that "Mother of Mine" might hold on to some of "My Only One"'s viewers.

Director Kim Jong-chan noted that whatever pressure a director may feel, his focus is on making a thoughtful, realistic drama that doesn't rely on hackneyed tropes. "Mother of Mine" will start on March 23rd.




I understand the pressure but it is OK to not have the same buzz worthing kind of drama as the predecesor. This drama will not have makjang but that`s what I like it. Not life and death illnesses, not unreasonable villians. Just day to day situations.   I expect a warm, funny drama, strong characters with flaws and qualities. I like "boring" stuff, actually. :lol:

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