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[Drama 2019] My Prettiest Daughter In The World/ Mother of Mine, 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸


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I think tomorrow we`ll have stills from the youngest daughter played by Kim Ha Kyung.

I have a soft spot for writers so, I think I would like her story arc a lot. Unlike her older sisters, who are very busy working for a company, she is a free lancer. I like that. It is not easy for her but at least she is her own boss. She used to be a promising writer but now she is helping her mother running her restaurant. I am interested to see her story, how she will fall in love and how she will find her muse again. Kim Ha Kyung and Ki Tae Young will make a good couple on screen.


I wish KBS will create an official page for this drama to read about the synopsis and the character description. I am sure there are new changes in the character descriptions.

 For example. In early news, Han Tae Joo was supposed to hide his identity for three years before he was discovered. Now we found out that he is a new employee in the Marketing departement.

KBS World started a page, but so far it has only the English Title, Mother of Mine.



Mi Ri is very serious, focused at her job.  Tae Joo is confident, relaxed, candid. I am a little jealous that he can be like that. :P Beeing the son of the owner, he has responsabilites but he can do his job without extra pressure. I like that he worked first on lower position and he has not been appointed to leadership positions at once.

I am curious how Mi Ri and Tae Joo`s relationship will evolve. I`ll see. 


I will want to see more about Mi Sun`s husband as well. Mi Sun and her husband will have marital problems?

A month untill the premiere. I want a teaser now! ;)





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My daughter, who is the most beautiful in the world ', finds the warmest message in the world and finds its house in the spring.

'The most beautiful daughter in the world' draws the story of mother and daughter living in South Korea through four women, Kim Hae Sook, Yu Seon (Kang Mi Sun), Kim So Yeon (Kang Mi Il) and Kim Ha Kyeong (Kang Mi Hye). A mother who can always depend on me as a shady, and sometimes a friend like a tie - hunting friend, gives a deep resonance not only to her three daughters but also to all the children of today in Korea.


Kim Hae-sook is the president and three daughters of Seulong-tang's house. He is struggling to help his first daughters, who are working mothers, with the help of child care and housework. In addition, Kim Dae Kyung, the third daughter of CheonDuk, goes beyond the mother and daughter to show the relationship between the president and the grandmother. The 'real and mother and child' chemi that they will represent will form a consensus with viewers.


The most realistic story of a mother and daughter who became affectionate in a day like  war projects the life of mother and daughters alive in this age. The process of solving complicated relationships with colleagues at work, confronting single-handed children, pushed housework, and conflicts with family members will provide a sense of surprise to the viewers and deliver a heartfelt message of support.

Here, the prospect of actor Kim Hae-sook believes that he will demonstrate synergies with the power of streamline, solid acting of Kim So-yeon and Yoo sun, and freshness of new actor Kim Hae-kyung. (Google translation)




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New stills are released.



The actress Kim Hae-sook who plays the role is a woman who operates a sul-wang-tang house and a strong person who raised three daughters in a difficult situation. She takes care of her child and takes care of her child as a substitute for her first working mamma daughter. She is also proud to be able to draw deep empathy with all his mother and daughters all over the country, with her second daughter, a talented Alpha Girl, and a loving mother, and with her youngest daughter.





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KBS 2TV The conflicting atmosphere of a charismatic boss Kim So - yeon (Kang Mi - ri) and a nervous newcomer Hong Jong - hyun (Han Tae - ju) in the new weekend 'My Ptrettiest Daughter in the World' was captured.


Kim So-yeon of the play is Kang Mi-ri, who has excellent intelligence and excellent ability to be the manager of a large company, and Hong Jong-hyun is a new employee named Han-tae Ju, who joined the departement of Kang Mi Ri ( Kim So-yeon). 

Kim So Yeon in the open photo is cold enough to freeze the air around him. I can feel the force that can not be overlooked in the cold expression that I do not tolerate a few mistakes. On the other hand, Hong Jong-hyun's face is tense. The coexistence of awkwardness and irritability caused by the first day of work can be seen as a charm of the new employee.

An unexpected combination of Kim So Yeon and Hong Jonghyun stimulates imagination. The two men who became job hunters have a strong first meeting. Also, after the impressive face-to-face encounter, the chemistry will show off. (Google translate)





How they met! Mi Ri is cold enough to freeze the air around him. :lol: I wonder why she is irritable (annoyed). Perhaps that she finds out about a new employee for the first time in the company hall?

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The newest drama teaser that my youngest daughter has uploaded!
KBS new weekend drama <My most beautiful daughter in the world>
March 23 (Sat) 7:55 pm First broadcast


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'My daughter, the most beautiful girl in the world' has released a teaser video that causes repetitive playback.





The voice of Kim Hae-sook (Park Seonja), who is refining waves in the public image, and Kim Hae-kyung (Kang Mi-hye), who is shooting her over the camera, stimulates curiosity. Unlike the vigorous Kim Ha-gyeong, who says, "Mom, tell a pretty girl," Kim Hae-sook, who says, "Go and get some salt," seems to be annoyed.

Kim Hae-sook, who is actively acting in a friendly manner, said, "Are you finished?" Also, Kim Hae-kyung's question, "Which daughter is the best?" 





I can`t wait to see the relationship of these four women. I sensed that it will be a warm family drama.

I have one request: Please, not an illness storyline in this drama!


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Kim So Yeon and Choi Myung Gil took a selfie together.




I want to see their scenes too.


From filming

Today, "the most beautiful girl in the world" drone shooting
First broadcast on March 23


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My daughter, who is the most beautiful in the world, "ActorYoo Sun," a work that came like a gift "



Yoo Sun said, "Gang Mi-sun is a very real working mam. In fact, it is not easy to be perfect both at work and at home, but Kang Mi-seon is also a working mum.

Regarding the reason why she  chose the works, I remembered the memories that I worked with the writer in drama Sons of Sol Pharmacy, ten years ago. Just remembering that the artist has re-created the KBS weekend drama for a long time, the memory of that time comes up and my heart starts to grow. So, in fact, I decided that I want to go back to this work before I can see synopsis. "

"The reason that the drama master, directed by Kim Jong-kwang, was also able to make a decision without hesitation. I think this drama is like a gift to me. I am looking forward to seeing all of the viewers with stories of moms and daughters who can communicate with each other this spring.


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BTS stills

Actress Kim So Yeon shows warm-temper/hot-cool moment properly.



Kim So Yeon is the second daughter of Park Sun-ja (Kim Hae-sook) in KBS 2TV's new weekend drama 'My Beautifulest Daughter in the World' .

In the play, Kang Mi ri is a daughter who is full of affection in front of her mother, but in the company has a strict character that does not accept a mistake.

Kim So-yeon said, "From the first time I read synopsis, Kang Mi-Ri attracted me. I was attracted to the conflicting aspect of the company and the house, but I thought the character was realistic as I read the script, "she said.

"People do look different depending on their opponent and situation. I also have a different view of work and home. So I think it is a realistic daily life without difficulty, and I'm having fun with it. "

She also said, "Because of the nature of the weekend drama, I have been learning a lot in the process of being together with my seniors and juniors. Especially, thanks to the cheerful and caring director, Kim Jong-kwang, the atmosphere is the best, "said Kim So Yeon.

She plans to show the character in his three-dimensional manner with his own unique charm. Her charisma has attracted a lot of attention .

Kim So-yeon, who is transformed into an Alpha Girl, can be seen in KBS 2TV's new weekend drama 'My Beautiful Daughter in the World', which will be broadcast on Saturday, March 23, at 7:55 pm



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My most beautiful daughter in the world, Hong Jong-Hyun "good character as the character you want to be like"



In the drama, Hong Jonghyun is a new employee of a large company, Han Tae joo. Especially, he joined the marketing strategy department and he is raising hopes that he will show his relationship with his manager, Kang Mi-ri.

Hong Jonghyun said, "Han Tae-tae is a young man who designs his life well and lives straight and right. For someone, the hardship is so fascinating that you think it is an experience for him. He is a person with a good personality that he wants to resemble. "He showed his infinite affection for the character.

"There have been many historical and dramatic characters with martial arts. So I thought that I would like to work as a worker of my age, like 'Han Tae-ju' from before, but I am glad that I can say "good job".  Not only that, he said, "I am looking forward to showing you the most suitable character for my age. I will be able to show a lot of bright scenes unlike the previous one, "he said.




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Actress Choi Myung-gil, who is the most beautiful girl in the world, has a strong presence + unique force! Woman Power Terminator 'Jeon In Sook' Perfect Transformation!



Choi Myung-gil is transforming into Jeon In-Sook who is representative of Korea's leading large corporations, and will attract viewers with soft charismatic and excellent leadership. After being an announcer in her youth, she is now a representative of a large company and has a unique ability to manage the company.


The graceful appearance of Choi Myung-gil, who stands out in company executives, proves the overwhelming aura of her character. In the face where the soft smile and the cold eye look coexist.

Especially, she is going to play a strange nerve with Kang Mi-ri, director of marketing strategy of the company she represents. It is expected to play a central role among the entangled characters through a heavy presence.

"My daughter, the most beautiful girl in the world," said, "It is intense in the drama, but out of the camera, it gives a mood to the scene in a cheerful manner." " It is raising viewers' expectations to the best.



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March 7 2019

Teaser trailer for KBS2 drama series “Mother of Mine”


First teaser trailer added for KBS2 drama series “Mother of Mine” starring Kim So-Yeon, Hong Jong-Hyun and Kim Hae-Sook. The teaser trailer shows Park Sun-Ja (Kim Hae-Sook) and her three daughters Kang Mi-Ri (Kim So-Yeon), Kang Mi-Sun (Yoo-Sun) and Kang Mi-Hye (Kim Ha-Kyung). Meanwhile, below are photos of Hong Jong-Hyun as Han Tae-Joo. He is a co-worker of Kang Mi-Ri and they get involved in a relationship.

“Mother of Mine” first airs March 23, 2019 in South Korea.





Poster teaser released



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My daughter, the most beautiful in the world 'Joo Hyun & Park Jung Soo



They will play the in laws of the first daughter, Mi Sun (Yoo Sun). First of all, Jeon Dae Cheol (Joo Hyun) is a fan of reporters/a former reporter. After retirement, he gets into the house and he works hard as a helper who understands the difficulties of Kang Mi-sun, who struggles to go home and work.

Park Jung-soo is the wife of Jeong Dae-chul (Joo Hyun) , the mother-in-law of Kang Mi-sun.

Actually, the two actors, who are close friends, are in a good shape for their juniors. There is a growing expectation to see them onscreen.




From what I read about them, it seams that they are good people. I don`t think we`ll see a mother in law from hell in this drama. Thanks God!


I want a new teaser, a poster. Other March/ April dramas  have already released teasers, posters.

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My daughter, the most beautiful in the world ' Ju-hyeon, a strong aura

The actor Jo Hyun is coming in for the filming at KBS annex in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the morning of 9th.







'My most beautiful daughter in the world' Yu Seon, Kim So Yeon, Kim Hae Kyung


First, Yoo Seon's older daughter, Kang Mi-sun, is a typical working mamma, has a Mamaboy's husband, evolved mother-in-law. I always get the help of my friend because of the unfinished housework and the heavy banking work.

Kim So Yeon plays the second daughter, Kang Miri, is an Alpha Girl who has earned her high academic, high-spec, and high income earned from her efforts. For her mother who has been suffering for her whole life, she is not lacking as a charming daughter at home, but in the company she turns into a cold and rational character, with a contradictory charm.

Last but not least, Kang Mi-hye, the youngest daughter played by Kang Hye-kyung, is a novelist who is a monster novelist who has come up at a young age but is now a non-fiction novel. She makes errands for the mother, the elder sisters, but she lives a busy life, but she is in charge of this unusual "knitting explosion" position. (Google translation)




While I appreciate that they release new stills almost every day, I wish they will give us new stills through.

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We have another teaser. Finally!




I don`t know why Mi Hye is so angry at Mi Ri. She looks at her like she wants to kill her. Mi Hye was crying at the Columbarium when Kim Woo Jim saw her. Maybe their father is dead. Kim Woo Jin was there to pay respects to his late father.

As I predicted, Mi Hye and Woo Jin will make a really nice couple. But what happened with that sweet big guy who protected her in the rain? I hope he did not changed.


It seams that Mi Ri will be hated in this drama, at least at first. It is interesting. :lol: Soyeon has sexy lips but that purple lipstic was so violent that I could not see anything other than her lips. :w00t: I hope that coffee was not very hot. She could kill her new employee.

I am interested so far. I wish there are subtitles.




Kim Ha Kyung BTS


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@stroppyse, dear chingu, I dare to ask a favor of you. I need your Korean language skills to translate a little bit of the teaser above. I want to know what the young lady (Kim Ha Kyung who plays Kang Mi Hye) says at the Columbarium and what she reproaches her sister (Kim So Yeon) in the next scene. I know that a teaser doesn`t say much but I am really curious. Thanks! :P



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1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

here is a translation of the teaser.

Thank You.  I very much appreciate it. :wub:


As I`ve sensed it already, the teaser doesn`t say much but at least I know now that she is not blaming her for something she has done.

From the teaser, the storyline of the youngest daughter is compelling. She was succesful but disappeared from the spotlight. She had a boyfriend who cared for her. We saw him becoming  succesful and her in a crissis. She struggles right now and there is an extra  pressure for her.  In contrast, her older sister is succesful but that came with a price. She got there from her own merit, but I don`t think she has many friends and I believe her personal life is a mess. I can see it already. Work, work work. She will have a personal crissis in her life soon (finding that she was adopted).

The first daughter storyline is how she is juggling her work and her personal life.


I am pleased with what I see so far, what I think the storyline is going. This drama is promising. Two weeks until the premiere! I am ready.



One more thing... I like this part.

Man (Park Dae Ri played by Cho Young Hun ):  You have to be careful that you absolutely don’t catch Kang Mi Ri’s attention.



he accidentally collides with her, shedding all the coffee on her blouse. He did not catch her attention at all. :w00t:




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In KBS2 new weekend drama Mother of Mine/ My Prettiest Daughter in the World, actor Lee Won jae is going to make a comeback to Comic husband of Kang Mi sun (Yoo sun)






Kim So yeon send a coffee truck to the set of KBS Drama My Prettiest Daughter in the World/ Mother of Mine.





The truck staff said So-Yeon said hello to them with bright smile, thanked them for preparing the food very well. She is also beautiful and nice.
Top banner, ‘Everyone of 세젤에 team, it’s Mi-Ri’s treat. Eat deliciously and fighting please.’
Stand banner, ‘Every actor/actress and staff, eat deliciously then get strength today!! -Kim So-Yeon’
Cup sticker, ‘세젤에 crew fighting!! -Kim So-Yeon’

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