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[Drama 2019] My Prettiest Daughter In The World/ Mother of Mine, 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸


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@larus try jinro grapefruit soju.. its one of the better brands lol kinda sweet so u’ve gotta drink it real chilled and in quick shots :lol:


i was quite relieved to see that IS did walk back to little MR when she was crying hard.. she did remind MR to call out to her, which i think if adult MR really discloses her identity to her during that dinner, the whole plot would have been so much different. now the mother and daughter are just going to start pitching against each other at work, eventually leading to more regrets :huh:  im curious who and when this TJ childhood friend would appear? sparks some jealousy so that MR will act faster to lock down boyfriend target! :P

sidetrack.. i think i saw Da Bin as the little witness in Kill It ??

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4 hours ago, sadthe1st said:

try jinro grapefruit soju.. its one of the better brands lol kinda sweet so u’ve gotta drink it real chilled and in quick shots :lol:

 Ok. Thanks.  When I have a chance to drink it I will try.


4 hours ago, sadthe1st said:

i was quite relieved to see that IS did walk back to little MR when she was crying hard.. she did remind MR to call out to her, which i think if adult MR really discloses her identity to her during that dinner, the whole plot would have been so much different. now the mother and daughter are just going to start pitching against each other at work, eventually leading to more regrets 


In Sook tried to get close to Mi ri but now Mi Ri started a little freud. I understand her but I wonder if In Sook is asking herself why she is so against her.

About Chairman Han meeting Mi Ri. I have a feeling that he wants to use Mi Ri against In sook. From the first time I saw them together, Chairman Han and In Sook don`t have a good relationship, despite In Sook raising Tae Joo. I wonder why. I`m also curious if he knows that Mi ri is In sook`s daughter. That would be bad if he will use that to weaken In Sook`s position. He put In sook in charge of Hansung Apparel, but why he is displeased now? 


57 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

IS must be wondering how MR had found out about IS having a daughter. As you've mentioned, it wouldn't have been common knowledge at all. That's probably why IS got back in touch with SJ.

 we`ll see. In Sook left her daughter and never look back. She detached herself totally from her. I still can`t come to term with that. Every time she brought a purse, a jewelry, never asked herself if her daughter`s new family needed money?


Tae Joo has already started to be in the middle of the two women. In one corner is Mi ri, his boss, on the other is In Sook. We`ll see Tae Joo drunk for the first time. Is Mi Ri`s time to get him home? :lol:


Playing darts....Both are competitive.:lol:




I loved the scene in the end.


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5 hours ago, larus said:

I watched LIVE.


Mi ri and Tae Joo...:D:wub: She is falling for him but she doesn`t like to admit. :lol:

Mi Sun was so happy to see Tae Joo and she even told her mom about the new man in Mi Ri`s life. They are excited by the posibility that he is the one for her. :D

I can't stope smiling!  Fall.. fall in love! TJ and MR ❤️:wub::D

I'm going to enjoy and squee for them before the  revelation and finding out the truth .. gonne be slow burn. Thanks larus, I'm gonna watch again the raw. I'm gonna watch the sub now for yesterday's episode afterwards.

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2 minutes ago, jongski said:

I can't stope smiling! 

 Just like Mi Sun when he saw Tae Joo in Mi ri`s appartement. :lol: They will have cute moments in today`s episode. 


There will be a little tension in the next episode because of the little war between In Sook and Mi ri but he can`t stay away from her. :D

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Hi @stroppyse,

Thanks for the recap! that's super super cute. I am loving the TJ / MR scenes right now. Can't wait to see the full subbed version. I really like how TJ allows MR to put down her hard shell she has around her. She gives the impression she's really strong, but TJ knows there's this very human side to her. I find I relate to this situation quite well, in a tech profession where it's dominated by men in order to stay strong you really have to put up a wall sometime. But it's nice to be able to be yourself too. 


It's going to be interesting how IS and MR roles play out.  I wonder what MR did to anger her so much? Also, MR has such good work ethics all around, I think it wouldn't be impossible for her to find another VP position at some other company. Though I really wish this not being the case, MR does have that potential. IS might be the one crying for her to stay then... 


Anyways I'll patiently wait for the subs... :(




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1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

LOL. So, in the next episode, TJ probably finds it so difficult to be between IS and MR that he goes and gets drunk, and then goes to MR to scold her. It's going to be cute and funny, I think.



Yes, that`s what I think also. But he has to get used to it because this will be only the beggining.


I like that he is using her name. I have a wish. I want him to use her name when they will be outside work, when they become closer. I always want this when I see dramas where the couple uses  the honorific name even after they become romantic.


Thanks for the translation. :wub:


24 minutes ago, bananacad said:

It's going to be interesting how IS and MR roles play out.  I wonder what MR did to anger her so much? Also, MR has such good work ethics all around, I think it wouldn't be impossible for her to find another VP position at some other company. Though I really wish this not being the case, MR does have that potential. IS might be the one crying for her to stay then... 


I think she challenged her boss. She did something against her boss`s wish and in front of other executives.

But I am worried a little. Not because she can`t "fight" the battle but I wonder if this is not Chairman Han`s plan. I don`t trust him yet. If he knows that Mi Ri is In Sook`s daughter, he can use her angry to get to In sook. If the Chairman agreed with her plan because he trusts her or that he admires her ambitious/ her daring side, OK. Mi ri could fail or not but at least it was just her try. But I don`t trust  Tae Joo`s father. He looks like an old fox. I want to watch with subtitle to understand better.

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:blush: Guys my heart is so full from TJ and MR cuteness. I'm so thankful that the writers have given us a few more scenes with them and longer scenes at that. They are sooo bloody cute together. Urgh IS is turning out to be a real wicked witch. I feel so bad for MR now. Nice to see the cute scene between MS and MR. The sisters scene was so cute. MH is not a character I like or am growing to like unfortunately. Like I find her very selfish and how she treats JB is appaling. I hope she gets a taste of her own medicine. Can't wait to see TJ drunkenly berating MR. It's her turn to take him home considering he did it for her. What I am concerned about is maturity levels between MR and TJ. I hope the writer can show us more mature sides of TJ too. He does seem to have  them but it's fleeting and then he's back to being cute and adorable...would like to see him look more manly as opposed to the boy next door, Just for some variation.  Can i just say that i squealed so much and grinned like an idiot throughout this episode- apart from the scenes where MS's mother in law was on- the second worse human being after IS. OHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!!

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I agree IS is a bit over bearing, but it's not like she lied to MR when she said her daughter's in the US. She thought that's what SJ did with the money she gave her. I guess SJ took the money and raised her in the family instead. But it was very insensitive for IS to say that. Why does it have to stay that way? If that's really what she thinks then it's good the MR is giving her a taste of her own medicine. Perhaps MR will never call out to her, and that would be IS biggest punishment... 


Okay i am only half-way through. gonna continue watching

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I just finished watching the entire 2 episodes. 


My... I think TaeJoo's dad is the mastermind behind this current situation. He definitely knows who MR is. It's despicable that he still tracks IS every single where about. So he probably knows IS went to SJ. And he's also the one preventing IS to do a full background check on MR so she doesn't know that she's her daughter. 


He's such a terrible man... Pitting the daughter against the mother. He probably despises all women of power and wants to get rid of both of them together.  


When he said MR is 'consumable' that was really disgusting... and speaks of his character. I don't think he plans to promote MR to executive at all. He's just using her to take IS down. 


And poor MR, thinking she's getting in favor of the chairmen, where in stead she's just a tool... :( I almost wish she'd leave the company ASAP. It's too toxic there. 


Any how, if it does come to that stage, I hope TJ has the power and will to right his father's wrongs. I have a feeling he will be the first to know about the mother, daughter relationship. Since he cares for both of them deeply. 


Sorry, the second half made me quite furious and this is an emotional dump. SJ cried so hard this episode. Despite seeming harsh, she's the most kind hearted character, who truly loves every one in her family. She would be devastated when she finds out IS is MR's boss. And that they are fighting each other at the company. 


Also props to MS this episode. It also shows how loving and caring a daughter she is. She's always the first to respond when there's something wrong with mom and she understands her mom very well. This also captures the eldest's responsibility in the family. When time comes, she's the one checking on everyone else to make sure things are going well. 


I am excited for next episode where we see MR bringing MH out for a girls night. She's like the responsible older sister for MH. Perhaps after that episode we will also grow to like MH's character more.. 



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MR & TJ are both quite competitive. It's cute how they try to out beat each other. :lol: How MR can turn from mature corporate woman into a little girl next to TJ. They are both super cute together. 


I love how TJ pout at MR for ditching him. :lol: He is so cute there that even MR can't resist his charms. The way he said :"Ah ... u realised that I'm upset with you." Too darn cute. And how he stormed off like a little boy pouting. 


IS  is really awful. I thought she went to see SJ to find out more of her daughter or to ask for pics of her daughter but she didn't.  She went there to warn SJ to stay hidden and her daughter SY (MR) to stay out of her life. What an awful mom! MR is better off with SJ and never acknowledge IS ever. She doesn't deserve to gave a beautiful daughter like MR.


I'm not sure if the Chairman knows anything about MR. Old man just don't trust IS.  I thought he was preparing a fresh blood young team to serve his son TJ when he takes overy the company. Old chairman is not going to hand over the company.  IS  just only a seat warmer.


In a way it is good that chairman stopped the background check on MR. If IS knows that MR is her daughter, she would likely get rid of her in the Co as she doesn't want her world to be shakened after 28 years of hard work to get where she is now. That's why she went to SJ shop and tell SJ to stay away together with SY (MR) and not to cross her path.


MR has been warned by old chairman that he compliments people in front and get rid of them at the back. So he is not hiding anything from her. MR should gather from that statement that she is just a consumable just like IS. I'm surprised that IS still think the chairman will let her own his Co.  After working for him for 28 years, she should know that he don't regard her as part of family. 


If she has worked for him for 28 years, that means she abanoned MR to marry Chairman''s brother and for a better life. Not sure if chairman did a background check on her back then. Not sure if chairman purposely arrange meeting with MR to coincide with IS coming to his house. He might have wanted to show IS that he is eyeing MR as her replacement one day if she is not careful and behave herself. This will make IS eye MR as a competitor.


Hopefully IS affection towards TJ is real and not her ways of getting into TJ good books & trust and later control him once he takes over the co. 


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I skipped all MH scene. Can't stand her immaturityand the way she talks to WJ. She was so rude and behaves like a diva to everybody esp with JB. Initially I dislike JB and thought he was mean to her. As the drama goes one, I feel MH deserves all that from JB at the beginning.  She was just plain mean and arrogant towards him. She is such a failure and yet blame everyone for her pathetic life. She should do some soul searching and reflection on her herself.  I can't stand her facial distortion whenever she gets upset and scream/shout out her displeasure.  She likes to play the victim and the poor thing game.

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1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

noticed that, and also think that IS left MR with SJ in order to go marry the Chairman's brother. I'm sure the chairman would have done a thorough background check on her, so he's probably aware that IS has a daughter, though I'm still not sure if he's aware that the daughter is

I had read part of the forum before the show started but have missed many episodes. If TJ is the Chairman's son and IS was married to the chairman's brother, why did TJ call IS omoni ( mother?)? 

I have watched eps 14-16 and there was a part when TJ told MR that he could not forget his mother but his father has erased all memories of her and seemed happy with his new wife - not IS?


The drama's theme does not seem unusual by KDs standard, abandoned child, ambitious woman, chaebols here and there, restaurant owner. No amnesia though.


But I am very curious to see what the mother- daughter revelation will be. They could be fighting each other as shown at the board meeting - a bit sorry for IS who was trying to make her mark in a new post. She has no chance against MR who was  more knowledgeable and harbours anger in her heart.  My guess IS will probably play dirty. In the Promise, a man and his wife did awful things to a young woman to only find out later that she was his biological daughter. I think I will stay really to watch MR-IS spats. I want to see the actress playing mother too. For me, she has been a working class and middle class mother in so many shows starting from Winter Sonata.


Though I do find the show too quarrelsome.

TJ-MR quarrelling

MS-husband quarrelling

MS MIL- husband quarrelling

MS husband - father quarrelling.

MS MIL- husband quarrelling

SJ-brother quarrelling

And my least favourite actress the third sister quarrelling with her boss.

I find most KD actors and actresses to be good but she is not one of them. I have seen actresses who managed to convey discomfort, disconcert and embarrassment very effectively without overacting. But there she was making faces to her boss while her chubby friend was talking to him. ^_^


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37 minutes ago, 12blbl said:

MR’s biological mother married TJ’s father, so they are step sibling :huh:.  TJ called her mother. 

Chingu, MR bio mom is married to chairman's brother so she is technically TJ aunt. That makes MR and TJ unrelated cousins ???:confused:. I believe because she raised him as her own kid, TJ calls her mom. He admitted in this episode that his mom died when he was 9 years old. As for the new wife, she is in USA with her son. It was mentioned in EP 3 or 4.....

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MR and TJ already look like a couple. I love them. Their date is fun, and TJ angry with MR is cute :wub:.

MR and MS sisterhood, love them together. SJ really love MR like her real daughter. I am glad MS can stay beside SJ side.


I don't think chairman is care enough who MR is. I guess he will care who MR is after found out TJ  is dating MR.


on another note, aren't SJ's brother also call SJ nunim, not nuna? is there any difference too like with hyungnim and unni? maybe someone can enlighten me. thanks.

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i fainted watching the eng sub ep.. IS went to find SJ to ensure she and Seung Yeon (MR’s birth name) to continue live this way and ignore each other’s presence!! :triumph: like.. i almost wanted to swear word here!! thats a beastly thing!!! no wonder SJ cried so terribly..

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TJ called her eomma or eomoni- I can't remember what. But in one of the earlier episodes he definitely called her jageun eomma and in the conversation at the bar in this week's episode, he already mentioned his deceased mother. Plus mentioned his new stepmother.


I wasn't really paying PAYING attention to the actual subs part, I just remember hearing the Korean conversation. It's easier to tell who's related to whom if you listen to the Korean way of addressing someone than depending on the subs.


Currently MR should actually be his cousin full stop. I hardly ever hear Koreans use the wording step- cousins in Kdramas. Does anyone remember if anyone refers to someone as stepcousins? I only ever hear sachon.


If you use his aunt's relationship- his paternal aunt- there is no blood relationship between them. The problem is that even if MR is from the aunt's first husband it technically makes them sachon. But the aunt is under the 2nd husband's family registry. And MR would have moved to the current mother's family registry. Unless she stayed under her father's family name. And we have the Chairwoman called MR's current mother hyungnim which implies she was the former younger sister in law.


Sorry. It makes things complicated explaining like that. But one just traces the bloodlines. If there is the same family registry even not blood related that's when plot devices gets messy. If the Chairwoman reconciles with MR and move her back to her family registry- that would be under TJ's family name. But technically she can't as her husband is dead? Both husbands?


What a mess. I am going back to my packing. 


@mentarisenja go back and read stroppyse's answer to my query if you want to know why hyungnim not unni.

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More people shared their thoughts. I love it!


Now I watched with subtitles and  I understood much better.


Regarding In Sook and Sun ja. Sun ja is shocked to see In Sook after 28 years and her mother`s heart suspected that her visit must be connected with Mi Ri and In sook` s meeting. She sensed this as the reason Mi ri talked about insecurities of being a good mother. She is right but she doesn`t know how worst things are. It was not a simple meeting but they are working together.


We still don`t know the relationship between In Sook and Sun ja but It is more and more obvious that they have been in the same family. We`ll find out the real connection soon.

 Mi Ri`s name was Seung Yeon. In sook must have been uneasy to hear about her daughter after so many years and she went to see Sun ja to say that they should still ignore each other. 

I get that In Sook doesn`t want her past come to light now but why  she said that "it would be good for all our sakes"? What problems could have Sun ja and Mi Ri if they are discovered? Except for the media interest?

In Sook gave Sun ja money to send her daughter away to United States. To whom? Where? A six years old sent away in a foreign country? To a boarding school? I am glad Sun ja adopted little Seung Yeon and gave her a new family.


Now the chairman.... An old fox, a snake...

I like that he is not totally unlikeble. I like that he loves his son but I still can`t stand him. A patriarchal man, a misogynist, controlling man. I don`t like how he treats In Sook but what I hate is that Mi Ri has to deal with such man. She doesn`t care about people except his sons, so he doesn`t care about Mi Ri at all. He recognized her abilities to be a good executive but only for his need to keep the company prosper until he gives it to his son. He uses people without mercy and gets rid of them of as soon as he no longer needs them. 

Chairman Han wanted to meet Mi Ri not only because he heard a lot of things about her from his people but now she is the direct boss of his son. Tae Joo had good things to say about her. Chairman Han noticed that his son trusts her. He knew that In Sook asked a background check about Mi Ri. He scolded her because of that but he is doing much much worst. I bet he knows that Tae Joo and Mi ri are getting close outside work. He won`t be on Mi Ri`s side, he won`t want Mi Ri with his son. We`ll see if I am right or wrong.

When I am thinking about Charman Han, I am sorry that In sook and Mi ri are not in good terms in the company. It would have been better for both of them to support each other. I expect lots of things fom Tae Joo. I hope he could be on Mi ri`s side when she needs it the most. 

I understand In Sook`s position and I understand Mi ri as well. I am convinced that Tae Joo`s father wanted this situation.  After meeting with the Chairman Han, Mi Ri became bolder and started a little "coup" . If she doesn`t win this battle, it will be difficult for her. I bet Chairman Han is keeping his eyes on both of them (especially on MiRi). He has an agenda.

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