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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Ever Night 2 将夜 2

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On 1/16/2019 at 12:37 PM, n3bula said:

@starry58 thanks. Seeing Didi makes me feel even more excited. :)


Look at him the expression he makes. I'm telling you Didi is going to be an awesome NQ. He has talent to bring out different emotions with his beautiful eyes. 

I totally agree!!! I am too excited.  


On 8/21/2019 at 2:29 PM, Ayu Rashid said:

Finished reading the novel. Made me wonder how they squeeze everything in s2 if it’s the ending, just too many events happened after they ran away. 

Is the novel completely translated already?

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Yey! I am looking forward to season 2 and the Pillow Book. Not sure if I can LIVE watch and this reminds me to go read the novels.

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10 hours ago, angelangie said:

ever night is visible on the Tencent App, just no airing date



i always hope that EverNight2 is produced by iqiyi , not tencent

the international english app version of iqiyi is far better than tencent, far more serious , the tencent international app is suckz , they dont have many dramas unlike iqiyi, and they rarely update new drama

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