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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Ever Night 2 将夜 2

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Wowwww my pineapple..... Hehehe thanks @angelangie for creating this thread. I'm so going to watch this drama. The bts video of him fighting looks epic. Can't wait for this drama. 

Can we just stop, please?!? It feels like we have two fandoms fighting against each other and the drama hasn't even aired yet. Comparisons are useless, really because CFY is not going to come back and

I'm into the 4th episode of EN2, but I'm still not feeling the "magic" of EN1. I don't know what was the budget for both seasons but EN1 does have a more luxurious feel to it. More cinematic. In EN2,

On 2/13/2019 at 8:25 AM, angelangie said:


no they usually kept everything under wrapped or they dont really do much about it....unless there are some famous artist / idols in that have huge fan base.....and those fans following some of them...


i guess they film and released BTs of Dylan in it to prove that he can be a good NingQue too and that their choice is the right one since ChenFeiYu unable to join them this round....


this is probably to appease some of the EverNight fans .....as it was a huge uproar....we honestly dont have to look far....just look around here ...what we have here is only small waves and it wasnt that huge since we are pretty small pack :D


however u can just imagine weibo....where all the chinese fans flocks together :D 

I guess its also because of dd fans... 

mostly sneak peak is came from dylan wang aka xdh who came to the set 


as xdh we indeed came to the set continuously even though actually officials fanbase ask us to stop posting but it cant help to share. This one also happen when Dd shoot MG coz mostly xdh will be stay in same hotel and same area for a couple days to see dd 

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1 hour ago, n3bula said:

Just wanted to share this tweet. Didi is awesome! 



My Jun Mo is finally back. I'm so happy. @angelangie our captain is back! 




I'm glad he stuck up for her it's annoying when people think that they have the right to be nasty to people for no apparent reason since there really is no consequences if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all

Glad Dylan Kuo finally showed up I was worried he was going to be recasted I love Jun mo

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