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[Drama 2019] Designated Survivor : 60 Days, 60일, 지정생존자


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@angelbeast90 Furthermore, the other clue that PMJ has definitely changed and has become a real politician is his answer to CYJ. He told him that politics were here to find the answers to the problems... how to reduce emissions aso. So his answer contrasts so much to his attitude in front of Yang. Sure, he has a different approach but he doesn't see politics as an outsider any longer. He spoke as if he already belonged to the system.


Han did this in order to punish the citizens, he wanted them to suffer as he was well aware what kind of man OYS was: a future dictator who wouldn't tolerate critics and disobedience. Opponents would have been arrested. Han wanted the citizens to select their own president in order to let them regret later that Yang had been a good president.  



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Just saw the ending.... Weeeeeee...  as expected its Sec Han! Yeah!


Glad to see our Sec Cha and Jeong are dating though it wasnt really that obvious... sigh... director is so stingy with their scenes...


Overall it was a good ride and Agent Han need to get romantic with her IT geek... haha..


It was good ride everyone, until the next drama... Annnnyong! :D

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Can anyone explain the part where Assemblywoman Yun with Tailor Kim? Was she part of the terror cell? 


How did Tailor Kim trust her henchman enough to go to the container area to escape out of Korea?


It is so suspicious and I am surprised Pres Park didn't do anything to persecute her.


Anyway, great ending that ties up all the ends! I am happy with the ending. Season 2 would be a bonus. I love JJH a lot. So handsome!

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As far as endings go it wasn't a bad one. There was enough there at the end for the show to pick up a second season if there's sufficient interest by everyone concerned. Personally I wouldn't mind watching a second season if it were to take a different tack, one that sees PMJ acting less like the political newbie that he was here in the early days. We'd still have the VIP in the background being a shadowy menace, causing even more trouble for the good guys.


Of late there seems to be an undercurrent of anti-Japanese sentiment running through some K dramas that I've picked up. Not sure if the timing is coincidental but given the checkered history between the two countries, it's hardly surprising. On the other hand I am intrigued by the prospect of the powers-that-be behind the bombing attack being more of a cabal operating out of Japan rather than a single all-powerful individual calling the shots. As I've said repeatedly, I never really thought the identity of the VIP was all important. At the end of the day, the conspirators acted of their own volition even if their goals intersected with those of the puppetmaster(s).


Frankly I was disappointed by Sec. Han's rationale for his role in the the National Assembly attack. Aside from the fact that this action saw the death of a man he loved and respected very much, it came across as one horribly expensive and bloodthirsty tantrum throwing exercise. Little of it made sense. There were also many good people from his side of politics who died in that incident. Was this purely about misdirection to use your own people as collateral?

I understand the disillusionment of the perpetrators to a country that seemingly abandoned them in their time of need. I understand they wanted to make a statement as much as shake things up. However I just don't see how the punishment really fits the "crime"... if indeed it was some kind of punishment.

I'm not convinced even now by all the rhetoric even if the actors have done a stirling job delivering it. For me it's a weakness of the storyline of wanting the bad guys not to seem as bad, to pain them as victims of injustice. Unfortunately it's the case that we are told things and are expected to accept them because that's what we should. I feel the show really struggled with developing the bad guys because it was too busy trying to make them enigmatic in those early days.


At the end of the day these men were driven by emotions ie. anger rather than facts and truth. And in the sense, the show speaks to the culture of our time. ;) If the rule of law is abandoned... chaos ensues.


By the end of his exchange with Sec. Han, it was obvious that PMJ would withdraw from the race. It was understandable. One thing that's consistent with PMJ, he has always been his own man and he certainly demonstrated that he would be nobody's puppet. His story was probably the strongest element of the drama... an ordinary working professional thrust into the political limelight by no fault of his own. While briefly in office he redefines the role on his own terms. There were a few moving scenes pertaining to him. One is when he leaves office, looks around the office and then is farewelled by the Blue House staffers. The other is when he goes camping with his family as an ordinary civilian. It's clear that his time in the BH has had a huge impact on him. He's had a taste of what he could achieve even within the limitations placed on him... clearly his heart will never be the same again. The third significant moment for me was watching the young generation of staffers regrouping to give PMJ the push that he needs to re-enter the political sphere.

Full credit goes to JJH for giving us a convincing portrayal of a man who is constantly learning about the environment he was in and who he is as a human being. 




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Wow. I really appreciated that the last 20 minutes or so was essentially dedicated to PMJ, post acting-presidency. Though he returned back to his teaching post, family life and even got his old hair-do back, it's obvious that he's evolved over the 60 days. I love that his vehicle emission reduction mission came back full circle, but now his tone and approach about it is so different from day one. He now believes that policies and politics together can be the solution. Wherein the beginning, politics seemed like such a heavy weight on his shoulders, it was so heart-warming to see him speak about it with such a bright smile at the end of all of it. I was initially bummed when he withdrew from the presidential election, but the last 20 minutes completely changed that. Whether there would be a season two or not, I'm satisfied in knowing that his heart isn't able to leave the presidency behind. I thought his state of mind about it was perfectly executed through the scene with wife. She definitely knows and reads him the best. And his BH team with him at the end totally sealed the ending. Even though he did not verbally answer Cha's question, his smile at the last second totally said it all. Whether he would win the next election or not, I took the journalist's comment that his withdrawal doesn't mean it's completely over and that he has won over the people even more is that he would.


Anyway, I've been silently reading everyone's posts here and have truly enjoyed your insightful thoughts and comments throughout...so thank you!

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Just wanna add.... yes, how could they even let Tae Ilk leave the country just like that??

The mind bloggles... it was a near perfect drama but the ending would have made sense if Tae Ilk SWIMS back to Japan.... hahhaa...(oh ya, the limited sec cha and jeong scenes too)... bye again :)

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List of BTS video for this drama, looks like everyone is having fun off screen too :)

What a great ensemble and team work!


Survival kit demonstration (?) https://tv.naver.com/v/9123113

JJH X LJH X SSK's BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9425960

Ep 1 BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9021901

CYH's introduction of the Blue House https://tv.naver.com/v/9337526

JJH, LJH's BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9103911

LJH, Blue House gang's etc BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9261564

Miscellaneous BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9581868

Final BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9590264




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"Designated Survivor: 60 Days" Awarded at the Singapore AACA 2019


"Designated Survivor: 60 Days" won an award at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019 in Singapore.

Held at the end of each year, the Singapore Asian Academy Creative Awards is Asia's largest content award ceremony that reviews and awards the Asian content market in a year.

"Designated Survivor: 60 Days" won in the Best Adaptation of an Existing Format category, which awards works that remake world-class content formats with superior capabilities. In 2018, "Life on Mars", produced by Studio Dragon, received awards in the same category, marking the second consecutive year of the award.

"Designated Survivor: 60 Days" is a remake of the popular original U.S. drama. It is said to have met the expectations of the original fans with its thorough localization, including tackling the difference of the political systems in the U.S. and South Korea, their diplomatic environments and national sentiments. The steady improvement in viewership during the show and the highest ratings of 6.2% and 7.9% on average attested to the drama's popularity.

"We honor the staff and actors who participated in the drama, and there would have been no such joyous outcome without them", said Jung Se-ryeong, producer of Studio Dragon, which produced "Designated Survivor: 60 Days". "I am proud that the AACA recognized Korea's ability to produce content".


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