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[Drama 2019] Designated Survivor : 60 Days, 60일, 지정생존자


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Soompi Article

Lee Joon Hyuk Explains Why He Decided To Appear In New Korean Remake Of “Designated Survivor”

Jun 17, 2019
by S. Park

Lee Joon Hyuk has shared his thoughts on what viewers can look forward to in his upcoming drama “60 Days, Designated Survivor” (literal title)!

The new tvN drama is a remake of the popular U.S. series “Designated Survivor,” which tells the story of an inexperienced politician unexpectedly leading the country after an explosion kills the president and others in the line of succession.

In the upcoming drama, Lee Joon Hyuk will play the role of Oh Young Seok, a former naval officer and independent member of the National Assembly. Oh Young Seok is a rising political star who receives love and attention from the public due to his confident way of speaking, self-assured facial expressions, handsome face, and innate leadership skills.

Lee Joon Hyuk explained that he decided to appear in the drama because he had been drawn to the character’s complexity. “Oh Young Seok is someone who stands somewhere in the middle of what most people believe to be the definitions of good and evil,” said the actor. “I found it appealing that the character’s influences and his future direction were unknown.”


Actor Ji Jin Hee will star in the drama as Park Moo Jin, the head of the Ministry of Environment who is the “designated survivor.” With no desire for power and zero political skills, the former KAIST professor unexpectedly becomes the acting president.

Comparing himself to the lead, Lee Joon Hyuk said, “Oh Young Suk and Park Moo Jin are very different. He focuses more on the changes in the overall energy and flow of the world, rather than his personal objectives and emotions.”

He went on, “While watching the drama, I think it’d be best to focus on the conflicts between the charming characters and the changes they experience as they encounter various situations. Please continue to show interest in [’60 Days, Designated Survivor’], which will be a high-quality production, until its first episode.”

“60 Days, Designated Survivor” will premiere on July 1 at 9:30 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Abyss.”



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10 minutes ago, jongski said:

 Just allow me this.. so happy to see @40somethingahjumma gonna watch this.  I always like reading her  thoughts and inputs with the dramas characters and story. @bebebisous33  another one I like and enjoy reading post about dramas. Gonna watch too?  Lets watch this.

I'll be on vacation first hence I can only start watching it later.

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Stills of Ji Jin-hee’s friends and (maybe) foe in Designated Survivor

by tipsymocha


The more I hear about tvN’s Designated Survivor: 60 Days, the more excited I get, especially because of the impressive cast the show has lined up, with interesting characters to populate this what-if nightmare scenario. The show is only about two weeks out from its premiere, so the promo wheel is busy cranking out material, this time with stills of three key players in the political thriller, played by the ever-wonderful Heo Jun-ho (Kingdom), Kang Hanna (Familiar Wife), and Lee Jun-hyuk (Are You Human Too).

Designated Survivor, which is a remake of an American show with the same name, will follow Ji Jin-hee (Misty), who finds himself in the Blue House following a terrorist attack on the National Assembly that kills the president as well as everyone before him in the line of succession. As the former, rather low-rung Minister of Environment, Ji Jin-hee’s character will have to navigate his way as a fledgling and unexpected president, lead a nation reeling from a traumatic terror attack, all while trying to find the culprits behind the bombings. All in a day’s work, right?





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Waiting for this drama and the other drama When The Devil Calls your Name. Then I want to see Lee Joon Hyuk and Lee Seo (WTDCYN)l  in A drama together. Thye have that similar  cunning vibe I like. Oops off topic. sry :P



Btw, SSK looksl hottie here with this haircut ( OT: read he turned down? part in The Monarch. Heh.)



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Lee Joon Hyuk Describes Preparing For His Character In Korean Remake Of “Designated Survivor”

by S. Park

Lee Joon Hyuk is looking dapper in the newest stills for “60 Days, Designated Survivor” (literal title).

A remake of the popular U.S. series “Designated Survivor,” this upcoming tvN drama will tell the story of the head of the Ministry of Environment Park Moo Jin (played by Ji Jin Hee) who unexpectedly leads the country for 60 days after a terror attack kills the president and others in the line of succession during the State of the Union Address.

Lee Joon Hyuk will portray Oh Young Seok, a former naval officer and independent member of the National Assembly. He’s a rising political star who receives love and attention from the public for his confident way of speaking, self-assured facial expressions, handsome face, and innate leadership skills.

During his interview at the poster shooting, Lee Joon Hyuk revealed, “While preparing for this project, I lost 9 kilograms (approximately 20 pounds) for the role of Oh Young Seok. I could immerse more into the project.”



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I used papago translate to get a jisc of  the character description 


Ji Jin Hee's - Park Moon Jo - I laughed at the part where the translation says  he's not a sexy brain man but a handyman in our neighbourhood:joy:



Political sense? Zero.
Political beliefs? No.
Political ambitions? More and more.
What he has is data. a scientific and evidence-driven way of thinking
A logical and rational attitude of life.
He's not a brain-sexy man, he's a handyman in our neighborhood.

Park Moo-jin, a scientist, will become environment minister after being picked by President Yang Jin-man, who needed a breakthrough due to falling approval ratings. However, the post of environment minister will soon be "true" and "failure." In other words, I realized that it was a place where there was a real status but nothing could be done. If he had a political sense, he would have waited and seen the time. If he had political ambitions, he would have bent over and tried to fall into the eyes of the president. Mujin, who was not interested in both, just wanted to make his own "policy." In the real world of politics, policies are frustrated by the realization that they cannot be implemented.

However, when the president and all Cabinet members were killed in the bombing, he unintentionally ascended to the post of supreme and acting president.

Acting President Park Moo-jin, we can't stand back or run anymore. The real culprits of the Capitol terror slowly beginning to reveal their bodies in front of them. And the accomplices, the prosecution, the press, the chaebol. And Cheong Wa Dae, someone... Begin to seduce Mujin. Get your hands on us. My power can give you power.

Park Moo-jin wants to be a good politician, 
Can he still remain a good man?

His wife - seems she is a human rights lawyer


Be honest. Be confident. A character without hesitation and without roughness. Unlike human rights lawyers that others know, human rights lawyers use irregular skills to win by any means.
However, neither the lawyer of the year who is spotlighted nor the protagonist of the world-changing trial. There's only one thing I want to be! You're powerless, you're not rich, you're unfair, you're making a lot of clients the hero of your life. Their attorney...
Then, the National Assembly building suddenly collapses and Mujin becomes acting president. Now, the lecture is not only about mother and wife, but also the role of acting spouse.

They have two kids.


Heo Joon Ho will play the chief of staff 


A strong character. Unlike a sword-like character that distinguishes between public and private, he is quiet and calm in everything. I've never shown anger. Outgoing and active president, I can feel the age of living in the shadow of Yang Jin-man. Chief of Staff Han Joo-seung was a man whom everyone admired.
He went to work to prepare for the Korea-U.S. summit even on the day his son died of leukemia. Of course, no one at Cheong Wa Dae noticed the fact. The president, who was an old comrade, should have known of course. Han Joo-seung is that kind of person. 
Han Joo-seung, a close aide to the president who went to pre-negotiation with North Korea for a peace treaty, survived the terror disaster thanks to him or her. At the same time, Park Moo-jin, the new acting president of politics who knows nothing, will have to help lead the emergency situation for 60 days. 
However, when Park Moo-jin discovered the image of her beloved and respected political partner, Yang Jin-man. Han Joo-seung's eyes at Park Moo-jin, who was regarded as just an incompetent acting president with no sense of political power and no sense of power, are starting to waver.

Kang Hana plays the NIS agent


Han Na-kyung (Lady, Early 30s) / Kang Na-na
Analyst of the National Intelligence Service's Counterterrorism Team

Fists before words, or women who act more like a tree than a flower. an office worker who is more faithful to his salary than a well-mannered secret agent a fast-paced and persistent pursuer 
For Han, the NIS was both a pride and an honor. Until you're involved in a terrorist attack on Capitol Hill... A clue found in the remnants of the bomb reported that the attack might not have been committed by North Korea.
However, the reporting was ignored and the organization that believed and loved so interfered with her investigation and set her up.
From now on, her lonely pursuit begins. 
With an inexcusable and inexcusable commitment...

Lee Joon Hyuk -  he's sexy and attractive, and will win you over with his charisma and aura :lol:( he's already won me over :P)


Oh Young-seok (Nam, early 40s) / Lee Joon-hyuk
a graduate of the Naval Academy / a leading member of the Battle of Baengnyeong / an independent lawmaker


Self-confident language, a confident expression, and great affinity for disarming opponents in an instant. And a natural soldier, a natural leader, whose mission is to dedicate himself to the community. a congenital power addict Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, it is equipped with a beautiful boy visual of naval conquest.
With strict living standards, he has so far lived a life that is just as disorganized as when he was an officer, such as fitness, ironing his suit and polishing his shoes every morning. The sexy tension of a man who does not neglect himself is attractive.
When it became known that Oh Young-seok was a former youth officer in the Battle of Baengnyeong, which was the first victory in a naval battle with North Korea since the Korean War, amid widespread anxiety and fear that North Korea might be behind the attacks. Characters, stories, and fantasies are all complete. 
If Mujin has won people's trust around practical policies, Oh Young-seok begins to win people's hearts with his aura and powerful charisma.

Bae Jong Ok -so happy to see this actress again - she is the opposition leader

Yoon Chan-kyung (Woman, early 50s) / Bae Jong-ok  
Leader of the Advancement Republican Party
A local figure who started as a former policy aide to lawmakers in college and rose to the current position oopposition leader. Number one role model for political newcomers and female politicians. 
She has great political skill A master of negotiation or a master of intimidation. I know from my long life that politics is a power game. 
Only Yang Jin, whose approval rating has fallen, is leading the way in shaking up the president, and Yoon Chan-kyong, who is qualified to become president in this state of national crisis after the terrorist attacks, is confident that he is the only one with experience and experience


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Designated Survivor : 60 Days, 60일, 지정생존자 - Mon & Tue @ 21:30 KST - Premieres on July 1st

A longer preview showing all the main cast 


Baek Jong Uk plays the opposition leader. Really like this actress whom I last saw in Live .

LJH agency update 

 Food truck support for JJH’s birthday 




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Haha @Lawyerh . I love that angle . I’m glad they use his handsome face for the thumbnail of the YT vid :blush:




An interesting comparison of American version and this one ( spoilers for the American one ) 

Source https://meaww.com/amp/tv/designated-survivor-60-days-designated-survivor-netflix-korean-original-new-series

'Designated Survivor: 60 Days': Will Korean adaptation of American series bring something new to the table?



American political thriller'Designated Survivor'followed Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), the secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), being thrust on the presidency of the United States after an explosion destroys the United States Capitol building and claims the lives of the president and everyone in the line of succession on the night of the State of the Union address. 

Torn between shock and happiness, Kirkman tries to wrap his head around the duties that he needs to discharge. He faces a bunch of challenges ranging from figuring out the cause and culprits of the mass murder, to assuring the people of the United States that he would guide the country back to normalcy. Each episode throws a new curveball at Kirkman, and despite being a little slow off the blocks, he manages to somehow emerge a winner against all odds.  


Come July 1 and Netflix will launch 'Designated Survivor: 60 Days', a Korean original adaption of the American series. While the plotline remains the same as the original, there are a couple of changes in the Korean series.

To start with, the series follows Minister of Environment Park Mu-jin (Ji Jin-hee) as he tries to save Korea from the chaos following a targeted attack on the National Assembly, and he is sworn in as interim President.

There is also a stark change in terms of the duration of Mu-Jin's presidency compared to that of Kirkman. While Sutherland's president serves a term, Jin Hee's president gets only 60 days to bring order and calm back to the shock-stricken nation.

On the production front, the first season of the Korean series consists of 16 episodes, while the American one had 21 episodes. 

While the plotline is more or less similar, it is interesting to see if  '60 Days' picks up any references from its American counterpart.

For instance, season 2 of 'Designated Survivor' titled 'Summit' sees President Kirkman solve an issue regarding East and West Han Chiu. Technically, Han Chiu is a fictional and totalitarian country in East Asia located on the fictional Hun Chiu Peninsula off the coast of China. Ruled by a chairman, it is in constant rivalry with its democratic neighbor West Han Chiu. Its capital city is Lu'Tan and bears similarities to the real-life nation of North Korea.

Kirkman also had a lot of law and order issues to deal with as a by-product of the blast and all these are woven seamlessly into the main plot-line. It is still under wraps if we will get to see similar subplots in the Mu-Jin starrer. 

It also remains to be seen if there are any similarities between the two characters of the accidental presidents. At this point, it is safe to assume that Mu-Jin is on the same boat as Kirkman when the latter started out, given that neither had much political experience when they were thrust into the presidency.

But again, in season 3 of the American original, Netflix turned the show on its head and showed Kirkman's rapid transformation from a quintessential good guy to a ruthless politician, and not to forget the other potential twists that have set up the series for an exciting season 4


Will Netflix spring another surprise by portraying Mu-Jin as a man who actually wanted to grab the throne? Or will he be another example of what politics does to a good man?  Only time will tell when 'Designated Survivor: 60 Days' premieres on July 1. 

The show is remade by Studio DragonCorporation for CJ ENM’s TVN and will also be available for streaming on Netflix the same day.


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Fans sent this to film site in support of LJH. @Lawyerh the face towel is cute :lol:



Another teaser . I wish Netflix would sub more of the teasers 



More stills of the supporting cast


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Looks amazing. @triplem Thanks for posting the trailer. I'm almost tempted to look at the US version but I won't for now because I'm watching far too many dramas right now. ;) 


So many familiar faces including Kang Ha Na whom I haven't seen since Moon Lovers. I didn't know Ahn Nae Sang was going to be in it... spotting a shockful of gray hair these days. ;) And then there's Bae Jong Ok whose character in Live I loved. So many others as well. Even Assemblyman Song from Chief of Staff is here too. A bit of a ubiquitous actor specializing in political figures. I imagine a project like this would attract a lot of high quality acting talents. The production values look fantastic.


And let's not forget our favourite LJH... who appears to be quite suave and but maybe more than a little suspicious. :D

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