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[Drama 2019] Special Labor Inspector Jo, 특별근로감독관 조장풍

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Time flies. Only two episodes left. Hope there is happy ending. I will miss all the actors in this drama. Every action scene, comedy scene , kiss scene and romantic scene in this drama will always on my mind. 

Just take a look at the next episode preview.


Jin Gab was singing and dancing. He worked so hard to get the warrant from prosecutor. :lol:


What Doha is doing? Is he really going to shoot his teacher?:confounded:

next preview video

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Posted (edited)

I wish real life would always have these happy endings.  Unfortunately, real life situations don't always have endings that are so nicely and neatly packaged. 


However, there were some good messages in the drama.  Such as there is power in being united in numbers.  The cast of good guys were really good.  The ost was great.  Best scene was the final (wedding) scene. :wub:

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Most of the actors joined the 2D1N training. Photo credit to actor Kang Seo Jun & Yoo Subin. 



Besides, the team also gathered to see the musical stage performance of Lee Sang Yi(Yang Tae-su) on last saturday. 


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