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[drama 2005] Lovers In Praque 프라하의 연인


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[sBS] Jeon Do-Yeon, Kim Ju-Hyeok, Kim Min-Jun
poster3jx.jpg Kim Ju-Hyeok, Jeon Do-Yeon, Kim Min-Jun "Second drama of the 'Lovers in Europe' Trilogy. From the director and scriptwriter of 'Lovers in Paris' A love story between the president's daughter and a minor detective with Prague, Czech Republic as its background." Touya "6/15/05 – The drama "Lover in Prague (프라하의 연인)" starring Jun Do Yun (전도연) and Kim Joo Hyuk (김주혁) is scheduled to be aired on 9/24 by SBS. The start of the filming is scheduled in early August in Korea, and then the filming team will visit Prague in mid August to continue shooting the drama. The drama portrays the love story between the President's daughter and a detective. KJH plays the detective Sang Hyuk (상혁) who visits Prague to look for his lover, but then he bumps into the role Jae Hee (재희) played by JDY and falls in love with her. Jae Hee is the only child of the President of Korea and she works in Prague as an official of foreign affairs in the consulate. Both KJH and JDY haven't appeared in TV drama for quite some time, and they strongly hope that the popularity of "Lover in Paris" will reappear via this drama." CindyW88 Official SBS Website...http://tv.sbs.co.kr/praha/ liprague9jl.jpg The OST lipost4fp.jpgKorean Lyrics
THE OST - 2 CDS CD1 01. 가시같은 너 - 김시진 02. 이번 만큼은 - 임재범 03. 아픔이 사라진 후 - 윤미래 (T) 04. 단 하나의 사랑 - 유해준 05. 프라하의 연인 - 김시진 06. 해바라기 - 조규만 07. 슬픈 거짓말 - 김시진 08. 그대 미소 - 박학기 09. Once - 파란 10. 너를... - 연우 11. 그대 곁에 있음을 - JK김동욱 12. Prague Reminiscence - 임재범 CD1的載點就不po囉 CD2 01 프라하의 연인들 (대사) 02 프라하의 연인들 03 까렐교의 사랑 04 바츨라프 광장 (대사) 05 바츨라프 광장 06 또 다른 인연 07 아픔이 머문 자리에 08 노을 (대사) 09 노을 10 프라하 성(城)에서 11 Muluju Te(당신을 사랑합니다) (대사) 12 Muluju Te(당신을 사랑합니다) 13 Praha For Lovers (대사) 14 Praha For Lovers 15 행복의 미소 16 눈물 17 마라톤 18 Praha For Lovers With Guitar 01-07 mms:// 81-87 mms:// 08-18 mms:// 89-99 mms:// credit: koreanwind. posted by 小青
English Subtitles Thank you so much to the wonderful subbing team Mhugh, Ay_link, Jann, Wawg...you are amazing :wub:All Available Subtitles Are Here. Episode 1-9 Subtitles Episode 10 - 18 Subtitles Ratings Episode 1 Nationwide: 20.7% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 22.6% (ranked 2nd) Episode 2 Nationwide: 20.2% (ranked 3rd) Seoul: 22.2% (ranked 2nd) Episode 3 Nationwide: 20.8% (ranked 3rd) Seoul: 22.1% (ranked 2nd) Episode 4 Nationwide: 22.2% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 22.3% (ranked 2nd) Episode 5 Nationwide: 25.6% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 27.7% (ranked 1st) Episode 6 Nationwide: 27.8% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 30.4% (ranked 2nd) Episode 7 Nationwide: 27.9% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 29.3% (ranked 1st) Episode 8 Nationwide: 28.5% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 30.3% (ranked 2nd) Episode 9 Nationwide: 27.1% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 28.3% (ranked 2nd) Episode 10 Nationwide: 29.2% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 31.0 % (ranked 2nd) Episode 11 Nationwide: 27.7% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 28.7 % (ranked 2nd) Episode 12 Nationwide: 30.2% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 31.3 % (ranked 1st - tie for first place) Episode 13 Nationwide: 27.5% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 28.3% (ranked 1st) Episode 14 Nationwide: 26.8% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 27.6 % (ranked 2nd) Episode 15 Nationwide: 28.8% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 31.7 % (ranked 2nd) Episode 16 Nationwide: 27.7% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 28.9 % (ranked 2nd) Episode 17 Nationwide: 26.3% (ranked 2nd) Seoul: 27.9% (ranked 1st) Episode 18 Nationwide: 31.0% (ranked 1st) Seoul: 32.6% (ranked 1st) Thanks to chibikko, anne & ay_link for posting these ratings/ranks Summary/Translations Episode 1-3 by dramaok: Page 1 Episode 4 by mhugh: Page 50 Episode 5 by mhugh: Page 15 Thank you so much princessrach... :wub:
I went through this thread to get translations as I went along watching it. Thanks to the translator again, it really helped me enjoy this drama a lot. Pages that contain the translations for episode 1-5 are already on the first post. Here are the rest (translations are mostly in yellow font): episode 6: pg 15, 16, 17. episode 7: pg 26, 28, 31, 35, 37. episode 8: pg 32, 33, 34, 35. episode 9: pg 37, 38, 40, 77, 90. episode 10: pg 43, 48, 49. episode 11: 51, 57, 59, 60, 62. episode 12: 65 episode 13: 73, 74, 75, 76. episode 14: no translations. episode 15: 82, 89. episode 16: 87. episode 17: 96, 98, 99. episode 18: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105.
Pictures/Captures Episode 1: Episode 1...part 1 Episode 1...part 2 Episode 1...part 3 Episode 5: Episode 5...part 1 Episode 5...part 2 Episode 5...part 3 Episode 5...part 4 Episode 5...part 5 Episode 5...part 6 Episode 5...part 7 Episode 5...part 8 Episode 5...Part 9 Episode 5...Part 10 Episode 6 The off-limit scene First date scene The Apartment Scene Episode 6...part 3 Episode 6...part 4 Episode 6...part 5 Episode 6...part 6 Episode 6...part 7 Episode 6...Part 8 Episode 7: Flowers Episode 7... part 1 Episode 7...Part 2 Various pictures of episode 7...Page 26 Episode 7...Part 3 Episode 7...Part 4 Episode 8: The beginning Episode 8...Part 2 Episode 8...Part 3 Various behind the scene pictures Episode 8...Part 4 Episode 9: Episode 9...Part 1 Episode 9...Part 2 Episode 9...Part 3 Episode 10: Episode 10...Part 1 Episode 10...Part 2 Episode 10...Part 3 Episode 10...Part 4 Episode 10...Part 5 Episode 10...Various Pictures Episode 11: Episode 11...Part 1 Episode 11...Part 2 Episode 11...Part 3 Episode 12: Episode 12...Part 1 Episode 12...Part 2 Episode 12...Part 3 Episode 12...Various Pictures Episode 12...Various Pictures 2 Episode 13: Episode 13...Part 1 Episode 13...Part 2 Episode 13...Part 3 Episode 13...Part 4- Camping Scene Episode 13...Part 5 Episode 14: Episode 14...Part 1 Episode 14...Part 2 Episode 14...Part 3 Episode 14...Part 4 Episode 15: Episode 15...Part 1 Episode 15...Part 2 Episode 16: Episode 16...Part 1 Episode 16...Part 2 Episode 16...Part 3 Episode 17: Episode 17...Part 1 Episode 17...Part 2 Episode 17...Part 3 Episode 17...Part 4 Episode 18: Episode 18...Part 1 Episode 18...Part 2 Episode 18...Part 3 Wallpapers 800 x 600 Version 1024 x 819 Version 1280 x 1024 Version
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yayy we're back! love the actors in this drama! can't live without it! dying for more episodes....anyone to make synopsis for non-korean speaking folks like me? i got my daughter & filipino maid watching with me and dramaok's stuff was incredible! too bad can't continue. dunno how to go on without it! someone please help!

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Some people asked me how to capture pictures...so I'll repost the answer here:

How to capture pictures and post them here

There are many programs out there to capture the pictures...Capture Solutions, SnagIt...but the easiest way to capture is to use BS PLAYER...

Just watch the drama in BS PLAYER...Press P to capture any scene you like...To get better pictures...you press P a few times...so you can choose the best picture...

That's about it...simple, isn't it?

Okay...now you need to find the pictures...

BS Player saved the pictures in a folder within its directory. Go to My Computer - Drive C - Program Files - Scroll all the way down to Webteh (Webteh is the name of the company that makes BS PLAYER) - Then Click BS Player - Inside the BS Player Folder...you'll find all the pictures you just captured.

Now...go to www.imageshack.us to upload the pictures you like. Copy the direct link and post them here

After you uploaded the pictures...you can go back to that BS PLAYER folder and delete all of the pictures...Don't forget to delete the pictures you don't need...you'll find your hard drive running out of space soon

Happy Capturing...Hopefully you can understand my instructions...hehe...If you have any question...don't hesitate to ask okay....


How to download this drama live...

First open NET TRANSPORT - At the top click Job - New Download, in the URL Box...you can put any of the links below:

(All links credit to blinkiz at the LIVE TV LINK thread)


SBS Links...


청주 SBS (CJB) ★★★



강원 SBS (GTB) ★


전주 SBS (JTV) ★★★★ 화질 가장 좋음


울산 SBS (UBC) ★★



대구 SBS (TBC) ★★



대전 SBS (TJB) ★★★


부산 SBS (PSB) ★★


JTV:  mms://

KBC:  mms://

GTB:  mms://

UBC:  mms://






After putting the link in the URL Box...you can just click OK and Net Transport will record the file for you. It's very simple to record this way...but you have to record at the time the drama airs in Korea...

If you can't wake up...you can set NET TRANSPORT to record it while you're sleeping...

If you want timer recording...you need to do a few extra steps...

On the right hand side..you will select ON SCHEDULE ...then at at the bottom...click OTHER SETTINGS then click on SCHEDULE tab...Then click ADD...You can put anything in the title box...Then check the approriate box for the days of the week...Then enter the correct time in START and STOP box...This is very important...you have to enter the right time to start and stop...otherwise you'll find yourself recording some other shows instead.

After you're done setting up...click OKAY....then OKAY again...when you see a picture of the clock...you are done.

I hope my instruction can help you. And again...if you have problems...just ask...i'll try my best to help you. Good luck.


How to make subtitles

Okay...first...you need to download a program called Media Subtitler...You can download it here...

Click Here To Download Media Subtitler...Direct Link

That was the direct link to download but if you want to know more information you can click here..

Once you download the program and install...you're half-way done

Okay...now you open notepad or MSWord...copy and paste mhugh's translation in here...

Make it line by line...everytime someone says one sentence...it's one line...you'll find yourself clicking enter a lot...mhugh already typed it that way so it's a bonus it's easier when you do it this way. You can always edit the text.

Oh...make sure you add some extra lines at the end of the text you copy from mhugh...just put "to be continued" or something...Because I discovered a bug with the subtitler program...it will get mess up and close before you get a chance to save if you don't have that extra line... and you'll find yourself crying because you just wasted all your time... After you finish with this step save it as a text file with extension .txt

Now open the Media Subtitler program...Click file - open- then you open the text file you just saved...then you open the video file...then you just click play...as the character speaks...you just click apply...you can see your work right away when you use the preview mode to play back...it's easy to make adjustment if you miss something...

Yeah...just practice a little and you'll be an expert next time I hear from you...hehe... Oh...don't forget to save constantly...these programs are crazy...they keep on closing before you get a chance to save...hehe...

Hehe...I hope I didn't scare you...The program will become more friendly as you spend more time with it ...If you have questions...just ask me...I'll try my best to help.


How To Extract Songs From Our Favorite Drama

There are many programs to do this...I picked this one called Blaze Media Pro

First...you need to download this program...

Direct Link To Download

Once you finish the installation...and open that program...then click on EDIT VIDEO

Then you open episode 4. At the bottom... on the left hand side...click PLAY...Then you click to the part where JDY started singing...the time should be around 42:55 then you click MARK START...when she finished singing...you click MARK END...time should be around 44:25. Then click FILE...SAVE SELECTION...Pick a file name...then make sure you pick something for the VIDEO CODEC compression...I picked the DivX 5.2.1 Codec. For the video...I picked no compression...since I want to extract higher quality mp3. After that you'll save the file. This process took me 4 minutes...Finally I 've extracted the video clip of JH singing :)

Now I need to make an audio file...Go back to the Blaze Media Pro window...If you can't get here...you can close the program and open it again...it's the first screen when you open the program. Click CONVERSION then at the bottom...Pick EXTRACT AUDIO CONTENT... Once you're in here...click on the first icon with the green arrow (the one all the way at the left corner) ...pick the video file you just extracted earlier... At the bottom...you can pick any format you want...mp3...wma...wav...etc...Then you pick the Bitrate quality... After that you click on the 3rd icon...the one on the right...and it will save the audio file. That's about it...hehe...I think we just need to do it a few time and we're good to go :) hehe...Hope my instruction is okay

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Guest cynkawahara

Here are the summaries that dramaok posted previously.

main characters:

yoon jae-hee (jeon do yeon)

choi sang-hyeon (kim joo hyeok)

ji young-woo (kim min joon)

kang hye-joo (yoon se ah)


'lovers in prague' ep. 1:

at a soccer field in prague...

yoon jae-hee is cheering for the korean youth soccer team during a korea-japan tournament.

jae-hee gathers the kids and tells them what to do, but one of the kids takes over and tells her to cheer for them instead.

so jae-hee cheers for the team as they're playing against the japanese team. jae-hee and the japanese rep. size each other up with competitive looks..

meanwhile, somewhere in korea at a lumberyard, choi sang-hyeon and his fellow undercover cop arrive with baseball bats to confront a group of shady thugs,

asking the thug lead where their 'alchohol' is... wine bottles filled with white powder (drug). the thug lead denies such thing and talks tough against the cop saying they can take on the two of them easily.

sang-hyeon in turn laughs saying he's been a detective long enough to know when to get back up. just then police helicopter and police cars arrive with lots of uniformed cops taking on the thugs.

back in prague, jae-hee's team scores a goal to tie with the japanese team. jae-hee goes up to the japanese rep. (yuki san) and asks her to buy her a meal if they win. yuki replies she won't need to and the two start talking trash, with yuki making fun of korean economy.

next morning jae-hee shows up at work at the korean ambassy in prague. jae-hee and her colleague chat and she asks him to look after her 'kids' (the soccer players) if she has to return to korea.

jae-hee's father (the president of korea) calls and checks up on her, jokingly calling her his 'oldest son'.. jaehee tells him she misses him and the president is interrupted by his assistant who tells him to address the award ceremony....

back in korea, president yoon gives an award to sang-hyeon, who tells the president his lover is republic of korea, when the president asks him how he's gonna date with his face all beat up. the president moves to the next award recipient, young-woo, who tells the president his lover works at an ambassy.

the president looks back at sang-hyeon and tells him that's how one is supposed to love.

sang-hyeon's colleagues are happy for him and tell him to call hye-joo so she can be happy for him. sang-hyeon calls his girlfriend, hye-joo, who is crying on the other end of the phone. hyejoo congrats him and starts to cry more. sang-hyeon tells her he misses her and asks hye-joo when she will come back to korea.

hye-joo cries and tells him she won't be coming back to him or to korea, and asks him not to wait or look for her..

sang-hyeon is caught off guard. hye-joo asks him to think of her as dead and stay healthy, then hangs up the phone. sang-hyeon tries to call back but he is unsuccessful... hye-joo weeps alone.

later, sang-hyeon's partner tells him she must be seeing someone else to act that way and sang-hyeon is crazy to have worked so hard to pay for her studying abroad.

hye-joo shows up outside jae-hee's place while sang-hyeon gets on the plane and arrives in prague.

next, jae-hee attends a press conference and a party, where she meets the japanese woman from the soccer match, ms. yuki.

meanwhile sang-hyeon goes to hye-joo's hotel and asks for her but the staff tells her she's not there.

at the function, ms. yuki ridicules jae-hee and makes fun of korea but jae-hee fights back to defend herself and her country. yuki challenges jae-hee to a marathon run. should jae-hee win then it proves that koreans are the best and if she loses than it proves yuki's point that korea is just that.

jae-hee is caught off guard but signs on. yuki then tells her it's a couple run so she must get a partner.

meanwhile sang-hyeon is sitting outside the hotel figuring what he should do next... when jae-hee arrives in a convertible with a foreigner. jae-hee gets out and she's on the phone taking in korean and asking someone to help her find a running partner. then jae-hee goes in and dines with the man in a table next to the window where sang-hyeon stares at her from outside.

then the man sitting across from jae-hee flashes money and jae-hee saying he will support her marathon run and she is delight.. at the sight of money sang-hyeon misunderstands jae-hee as a prostitude and leaves, hoping to find hye-joo at her school.

as sang-hyeon walks off a woman brushes by and sang-hyeon realizes he's been pick-pocketed so he stops the woman by grabbing her wrist. she in turn screams saying the asian man is assaulting her. the crowd gathers and sang-hyeon knocks outside of jae-hee's window to ask her to help him.

jae-hee comes out and sang-hyeon demands her to interpret for him. he accuses her of stealing his wallet but the woman complains saying she is the victim since he tried to offer her money for prostitution. jae-hee flips open the wallet and sees his detective id and realizes he's a cop, and she sees the piece of paper with hye-joo's school address on it.

the woman tells jae-hee to stay out of it since she wants to call the cop but jaehee tells the woman she works at the korean ambassy so she can't ignore the situation and a guy wouldn't just give another person his wallet when he's searching for someone.

jae-hee asks sang-hyeon to let go of the woman's hand since she apologized. the woman realizes she's been caught in a lie and turns to run away. sang-hyeon then asks jae-hee what exactly did she translate that the woman left and jae-hee replies saying she told the woman he only likes men so she need not worry.

SH: what? are you a student?

JH: no

SH: a travel guide?

JH: no

SH: business worker?

JH: no

SH: did you come to marry?

JH: what?

SH asks her what exactly is she, arriving in fancy car, wearing a curtain-like clothes, holding money in hands and all...

JH: but this money is for...

SH: i'm right aren't i

then the foreign man comes to see if JH is okay and JH tells him the guy is a friend and JH exchanges greeting kisses on the cheeks with the foreign man before he leaves.

SH: i'm right.

JH: why are you keep saying you're right?

SH: do you want to live like this abroad? isn't this making a fool of your country? don't you think about your parents? what does your father do? does he know you do this line of work?

JH: the should. he says it's an outmost important job and told me to work hard. (leaves)

SH follows her and JH turns around and asks why he keeps following her.

SH: oh you surprised me. if you're gonna turn around then say so.

JH: i said why are you following me?

SH: i'm not following you cuz you're pretty so don't worry

JH: what?

SH: you're the only one who speaks korean around here so i'm following you.

SH asks her to give him directions to the school where hye-joo attends. JH asks why she should tell him. then she tells him how to get there but it's no use cuz the school is in summer break.

then SH asks her to show him the way to a korean restaurant since he's starved. JH says she doesn't know and turns around. then SH extends some money her way and asks if that's enough for an hour of her time.

JH tells him sure since she can give him a detective discount.

she takes him to a korean restaurant and the two bud heads again with JH getting frustrated at SH for talking down at her and for being so demanding, and not even thanking her for helping him.

SH apologizes and tells her he's had a crazy day and asks her sit with him for just an hour. then JH gets soft and tells the hostess to bring some rice wine. SH takes off his outer shirt and it reveals his 'praha for lovers' shirt.

JH asks him if he comes to prague often and he replies it's his first time... then he asks her to help her find a hotel and she says she knows one she frequents. at the checkin desk JH teases SH again by saying how terrible the room is.

after sending SH the way to the elevator, JH starts laughing by herself about her encounter with SH.

next, hye-joo comes up to JH and asks her what she's laughing at. JH says she thought she met someone with a bad temperament but it turns out he's actually someone very funny.

HJ and JH sit and chat. HJ tells JH she needs to move out by tomorrow.. JH invites HJ to move in with her if she doesn't mind someone who only knows how to cook spicy rice cake all the time.

HJ says she likes spicy rice cake and JH replies saying HJ tastes her ddok bbok gi she might change her mind. HJ is happy she can move in but she says to tell her if she's ever in the way... and she'll move to make room for mr. funny.

JH says it's not like that and asks JH what her name is.. JH says she wants to go by her name here which is 'clara'...

SH goes up to his hotel suite and discovers there's a piano. the piano reminds him of the day he proposed to HJ by putting daisies inside the piano and tying engagement rings to the flowers inside the piano.

with the hotel piano SH plays the children's song he played for her on that day....

meanwhile HJ plays the piano at the hotel in prague where SH is staying. he walks by from behind but doesn't realize it's HJ playing at the lobby.

SH goes out by the river and ponders...

jaehee finds the same 'praha for lovers' shirt in her closet and puts it on. outside her apt she sits, sipping beer and looking at the picture she took many years ago.

and JH remembers the time year ago when she and young-woo wrote down their wishes and stuck them on the monument wall... with YW asking if such wish making would come true and JH replying if you earnestly wish then it will.

JH tells him he must return to the wall with her 5 years from then.....

in korea YW tells his colleague he's headed to prague to fulfil a promise that's long overdue...

and in prague YW tries to check in at the hotel when the staff tells him he must wait til after 12.. just then SH comes and wants to check out.

afterwards the staff tells YW is in luck since there's a room available for early check in....

at the park JH is jogging and runs into yuki with her partner. yuki asks her if she's found a jogging partner yet and JH bluffs saying it's the famous someone so and so... then back down by saying it's a guy who got the famous guys' signature..

yuki waves goodbye and runs off, leaving JH flustered since she still doesn't have a partner.

back at the ambassy JH's colleagues are avoiding her so they don't have to run with her... JH is desparate... her colleague scolds her saying she shouldn't have gotten herself in that situation...

the ambassador comes in and gives JH a job. JH goes out to the lobby and meets SH who's come to the ambassy for help. JH asks SH how his hotel was... SH tells her he's busy so he'll talk with her later.

SH then asks JH what she's doing there... and she shows him her work id. then JH gets an idea and decides to be nice to SH, by promising to help him find hye-joo if he would run the marathon with her.

so for the next few days.... the two train for their run while looking for hye-joo.

on another day YW shows up at JH's door. HJ opens the door and sees YW. YW asks if JH is home and HJ asks him if he's the guy who made JH laugh so much... and comments he doesn't seem like he's got a bad temperament.

YW says he'll come back later and leaves... YW sits at a cafe table outside and remembers the time he first met JH while she was on a blind date with a guy who was very arrogant and annoying. YW remembers how he went up to her and told her she should just leave when her date excused himself to answer a call...

JH asks SH if the girl he's looking for is actually a runnaway lover. seeing that SH doesn't respond JH then asks if he believes in wish making.

at the wish wall YW arrives searching for the notes he and JH left years ago... and not finding them among the thousands of notes others have left... so YW leaves a new note with 'if you see me please laugh' written on it..

after YW leaves, JH and SH arrive. JH tells him about her leaving a wish there years ago and SH asks if the wish came true.. JH shakes her head saying 'not yet'... SH leaves his wishing note of finding HJ on the wall and JH asks him if he feels better now. SH nods.

then JH asks if he will run well at the marathon tomorrow and he says if he thinks of everyone else as thieves then he will surely beat them all.. JH says he should think of all the rest of them as thieves in that case..

next morning JH and SH are on the way to the marathon. she presents him the sneakers she bought for him and he tries them on saying if you buy someone shoes then he might run away. JH replies she won't try to stop him from leaving even if he tries after the marathon is over.

then JH gets a call saying if SH goes now then he can meet HJ. after a silent pause SH tells JH to stop the car. JH asks him what about the marathon he promised.. but SH gets angry and says he could care less about the marathon right now.. JH argues the marathon is 10x more important to her than the person he's looking for..

and JH says why he's looking for someone in hiding anyway.. SH gets angry and gets out of the car.. JH doesn't quit and yells at him saying the marathon is 100x more important to her than his runaway lover.. SH yells out her name then turns and leaves. JH yells back saying if he wants to leave then he must leave the sneakers behind.

SH gets out of the sneakers JH takes them, then drives away. at the railroad crossing JH stops to let the train pass by.. then she thinks about what just happened and drives back to give SH directions on where to go and gives him her phone to use. afterwards she drives away. SH watches her drive off....


jae-hee (JH) = jeon do yeon

sang-hyeon (SH) = kim joo hyeok

hye-joo (HJ) = kim se ah

young-woo (YW) = kim min joon

seo yoon-gyu (YG) = the wheel chair guy forgot the actor name.

synopsis for 'lovers in prague' ep. 2:

the prague marathon is about to start and jae-hee (JH) is there without a partner.

sang-hyeon (SH) is on a bus looking stressed. JH's phone rings and SH picks up..

SH: haelo? helo?

JH: are you on your way there? i was afraid you might be worried.. i'm here at the run already...

SH: um.. what about a partner?

JH: i found one immediately of course... so many men wanted to run with me.. if you lined them up it would reach the monument.

SH: that's good then..

JH: so you should go without worrying..that's why i called.. and so go and find your person, okay?

SH: thanks.

JH: if you find her are you gonna scold her.

SH: that's what i intend to do.

JH: that's right. go find her and make sure she can't run away anywhere again...ok. so i'm gonna let you go then..

SH: ... wait. ...be sure to win.

JH: (touched) (nodding) i'll do that.

JH hangs up and she's sitting on the curb next to her colleague yoon-gyu who is in his wheelchair. he watches as she buries her head in her sneakers.

then a taxi pulls up and SH gets out, fixing his sight on JH from a distance across the crowds. YG reminds her it's time and JH puts on a bandage on her ankle wound which she got from practice.

then yuki san and her partner arrive, yuki taunting JH about not having a partner. YG tells them he's gonna run with her in his wheelchair since that's not against the rules and yuki comments it will be a very interesting race then...

yuki leaves and JH asks YG if he meant it and he says yes since he can't let her embrace herself to death, then asks her if she doesn't want to run with him. and if so she needs to go get that other guy for standing her up. and how he's gonna go beat SH up when he finds him for being such a bad guy.

then SH arrives, "yes i'll endure the beating.. (looks at JH) ... but after the race"...

SH puts sneaker on JH...

YG: are you confident you can run better than me? if not then i'll run..

SH: i'll run well okay?

SH starts to fix JH's shoelace..

SH: you dummy. who ties shoelace like this?

JH: (quietly watches SH)

SH: don't ask me why i came. i don't know either. just that i couldn't walk away..

JH: (touched and laughs)

the pair start running. after a while JH struggles with her wound, limping as she runs.. then SH looks at her sock which is blood marked from the wound.

JH insists they can't quit and SH tells her if she wants to win so badly then she needs to hold on tight, picking her up over his left shoulder.

JH complains but SH slaps her butt saying she's getting a slap for every complaint and he starts to run really fast, passing yuki and her partner.

towards the end of the race SH finally lets JH off and the two hold hands as they win the race. after they win, JH extends her hand out to yuki to help her finish her race too.

afterwards, JH is sitting by the river bridge and sings, as she waits for SH. meanwhile SH goes to the pharmacy and tries to buy bandage gauge, and since the pharmacist can't understand what he's looking for he puts on toilet paper around his head, neck and fist to show her what he needs.

finally he successfuly buys what he wants to goes to JH to bandage up her ankle. JH stares at him...

SH: is it okay?

JH: oh.. (looks at foot) it's okay.

SH: no.. i mean my face. you've been staring at it... why? after you keep looking at it is it clear that i'm good looking?

JH: (laughs) are you medicated?

SH: you say that but in your eyes it's clear sis.

JH: ppff.. hey mr. choi sang hyeon.. don't be obnoxious.

SH: what?

JH: cuz talking about status i'm a lot higher than you.. so...

SH: hey sis... aish.. i'm not one to brag but i'm not just a detective.. i'm a detective who is recognized by the president.

JH: i don't really care for the president's recognition. actually i don't really care for the president..

SH: don't really care? what do you mean? you think the president is black bean noodle or steamed dumplings? you're making a mistake right now. cuz i'm really close to the president.. he even cares about my dating life.. you know.

JH: (staring at SH with a wicked smile).. is it true?

SH: well if you're curious why don't you ask him in person then..

JH: can i really ask?

SH: ha. you think the president is so free? easily meeting with a mere ambassy employee?

JH: (buries head in knees and laughs).

SH: and about this alchohol.. when are we gonna drink it anyway? let's drink it (opens cans and spills on JH).

JH: ah. you did that on purpose didn't you...

JH and SH playfully splash beer on each other by the riverside.....

meanwhile hye-joo (HJ) looks at her engagement ring which she put in a miniture straw house.

back at the river JH glances at SH's matching engagement ring which he wears on his finger... SH tells JH he hasn't seen HJ in 1 year and 8 months... and how she just told him to break up..

JH wonders if they're still lovers if they haven't seen each other for so long. SH says he can't answer that. JH says he needn't answer since she's asking herself. SH looks back her...

they two are kinda drunk and SH walks her back as they talk nonesense about love.. SH tells her love can hurt and asks her if she got hurt from love. JH replies is there anyone who hasn't? then JH tells him it's getting late and SH tells her to put medicine on.. on her heart.

JH replies with 'thank you' in czech.

SH: what?..

JH: it means thank you in czech.

SH: you sure it doesn't mean i love you?

JH: ... (gives him a dirty look).

SH smiles and turns around to leave. JH smiles behind him.


after her shower, JH smiles at home.. HJ asks her why she's smiling and says JH must be in love..

HJ tells her JH's mail is on her dresser and JH goes to get her mail.. she discovers HJ's ring in the straw house and realizes it matches SH's ring.. shockingly JH goes out and asks HJ if her korean name is 'kang hyejoo'...

HJ: how did you know?

JH: ---

HJ: did you see my contract? the homeowner was here earlier.. i don't like my korean name.. this person i know is kang hye won and another is kang hye jung.. because the director of the orphanage i was at called kang hye jin...

JH: (looks at HJ's tummy) when is the baby due?

HJ: next month on the 15th why?

phone rings and HJ asks JH if she's gonna answer. JH drags herself into her room and picks up her cell. it's SH calling. JH, "did you get in good? then i'll contact you again by phone.. goodnight".

next day, JH looks at SH with a heavy heart. the lady at the sovenieur shop where HJ frequents tells JH that HJ said she was on her way to korea after the baby is born. SH hears something about 'korea' in czec and asks JH to translate but JH brushes him off saying the lady said maybe HJ could be in korea.

SH is frustrated that he can't communicate. they go and drink at a shop. JH asks him what he's gonna do first after he finds HJ. SH replies whatever HJ wants to do.. JH asks him what if HJ doesn't want to do stuff like hugging and eating and walking together and looking at each other.. and that people who are in hiding won't wanna do stuff like that...

JH tells SH he should just stop looking for HJ. SH tells JH she should leave...

JH: i mean why would you look for someone who doesn't want to be found..

SH: i said why don't you leave now.

JH: i mean you've caught robbers right? and murderers right? but you know what? it's harder to catch someone who left you.. it's scary going after convicts right? but you know what? it's scarier to know that the person who dumped you is living great without you.

SH: (knocks the beers and glasses off the table).

JH: (stares at SH).

SH: what do you know. what do you know about HJ to say this? and be so obnoxious? i told you to leave so why are you here and why are you bothering me? why are you annoying me?

JH: i haven't done much.. you should think who is really the one that's made choi sang-hyeon this way... and i'm leaving. (leaves).

outside JH hesitates but goes back to the bar to find that SH is not there anymore. then JH goes to the place SH is staying and leaves him a note.

SH walks by the river and looks at the spot where he and JH sat for beer previously. then SH goes to JH's place and rings the bell... HJ answers.

HJ and SH stare at each other in silence when JH walks up and sees them.

HJ: you found me. you really are a detective. (looks at JH and talks to JH). you're here..

JH tells SH to say hi to her roommate JH. then HJ apologizes to JH saying SH is her guest and he'll be leaving shortly..

SH punches the door frame by HJ. JH gasps. HJ pauses and tells SH to come inside and talk..

HJ: as you can see (glancing down at her tummy) it's hard to stand for a long time.

SH stares back at JH and goes inside. inside, HJ tells him to sit as she continues folding her laundry as if nothing happened. then she asks him if he will drink something.. and if he ate dinner.. and how korean restaurant must be expensive.. and how he got here.. and how theh plane fare must have been expensive.. and wonders how he found her since no one knows she's here...

SH gets angry and tells her to shut up. HJ replies that's why she told him not to look for him.. since it's useless..

SH looks at HJ and asks her who is the bastard that made her pregnant.. SH demands her to tell him so he can kill the guy.

HJ tells him the guy is a lot older.. has a lot of ambition ... and a lot of women.. but.. he also has a lot of money.. so that's why she loves him a lot too..

HJ looks away and grabs her purse, then tells SH when she comes back she hopes she won't see him still here.. SH grabs her as he leaves but HJ tells him not to scare her baby and he lets go of her hand. HJ leaves.

outside, HJ apologizes to JH for making a lot of noise and tells JH the guy inside might linger around all night and even though it might be troublesome maybe JH could stay at a hotel for the night. JH says not to worry and HJ leaves.

JH goes inside and SH comments she must have been having a lotta fun watching him during the day and seeing HJ at night.. JH tries to explain but she's shut out.

meanwhile HJ sits on the street bench and cries aloud.... SH lingers at JH's all night long thinking and not believing what's just happened.. then in the morning JH offers him breakfast. SH turns it down and JH tells him HJ plays the piano at the hotel lobby he stayed in nightly at 8:30pm.

SH goes to the hotel and walks by youngwoo (YW) who's on his way out to the ambassy. YW meets with the ambassador. YW's father is apparently a long time friend of the ambassador, who tells YW his father never mentioned about him coming to prague and YW jokingly replies he's a lost son.

the ambassdor is interrupted by the YG. when YW introduced himself as 'ji young woo' YG recognizes his name and asks YW if he knows JH. then YG tells YW not to meet JH since she's finally moving on after 5 years...

YW walks by the bridge by the sea and remembers the day he left JH there 5 years ago.. when he suddently told her he needed to go to korea that night at his father's request.. and how JH was asking if she got dumped.. and how YW reassured her it's not like that and he's only gonna be gone for a few days..

back then JH was uneasy and said she wants to stop him but he said he needed to go and he was gonna ask his father for approval of their relationship and he was gonna come back to propose to her.. so they can buy furnitures together.. and asked her if she will wait for him, when she began crying...


YG and JH eat at a cafe and JH doesn't have much of an appetite cuz someone's making her irritated. YG asks if she met YW and says it's around this time 5 years ago that they made the childish wish. (JH made the wish 5 years ago by the wishing wall that in 5 years she wished she would hear YW calling her name there).

JH gets angry and says to her it's still a sore wound to her and YG tells her 5 years is even enough time for him to forget the days he was able to walk and she shouldn't be so troubled.. JH says she's gonna go and says YG is a bad friend for giving her more headache when she's already irritated enough as is.

JH goes to teach her korean class to the little kids. JH reads aloud her favorite poem about a lover's farewell to another.. JH is in deep thoughts afterwards and then she tells the students it's her favorite and it's a bit hard. the bright boy student tells her they understand what the poem is saying.. it's saying one should forget it completely to move on with a smile.

JH reminds the pupils it's her last day cuz she's gonna go back to korea and the students tell her they're throwing her a farewell party and she must attend because she doesn't even have a boyfriend to use as an excuse out of it. JH is speechless...

at the hotel HJ arrives and sees SH who was waiting there. SH tells HJ he waited for her all night and HJ replies that's why she didn't go back home all night and then she thought of things all night..

HJ: i thought about the day we first met til yesterday.. and then i realized.. i never thanked you.. so i came to meet you to tell you thanks. thanks oppa for paying for me studying abroad.

SH: you..

HJ: but i hope you didn't come to collect the money cuz i don't have it now.. but i promise i'll pay you back with interest and all.

SH: (gently slaps her). let me just ask you one thing. did you even loved me?

HJ: no. i was busy receiving love from you. so it's your fault. you should've loved me even more.. (leaves).

JH arrives and sees what happened. SH leaves. HJ leans against the hotel door and cries.. JH comes to her and tells her she's so mean.

JH: it might sound like i'm out of line but he was looking for you the whole time since the moment he came to prague. don't you think you should at least say you're sorry?

HJ: you are out of line. it's easy to say sorry. that's why i won't apologize.. i just want to be the bad woman... so i can be easily forgotten.. that's the closure i can give him.

JH: to me it seems more like a betrayal than a closure (leaves).

HJ starts to have bad contractions and YW arrives to help her stand straight and asks if she's the one he met at JH's home.

HJ struggles with her pain, and YW asks if he can take her home. HJ says she can't go home and YW brings her to his hotel room and lets her rest on his bed.

HJ awakes and says her baby must have been scared earlier and now it's asleep. YW says when a mother cries the baby gets sad too....

HJ asks YW if he saw JH cuz she was there.. HJ tells YW thanks and she's gonna tell JH what YW did for her. YW tells her there's no need and he's not the one who's making JH laugh.

SH is drunk and walks down a dark alley, where he runs into a group of guys who mean trouble and SH thanks them for giving him a good reason to fight.

JH goes home and sees HJ packing up her suitcase. HJ tells her she's on her way out and asks JH if she could give the engagement ring back to SH for her. HJ leaves but as she walks out she tells her SH often gets hurt which made her tired.

JH replies he seems to be hurt the most now... then HJ tells JH he made her laugh a lot too....

JH gets a call from the police station and she goes to bail SH out from beating up the 3 men from the alley. JH gets upset at SH and asks him why he never thanks her and does he think so little of her...

SH argues back saying it's her job as an ambassy worker anyway so JH says just forget it but he shouldn't be taking out his anger on her.. then JH gives him the ring from HJ saying it's the last thing she can do for him, and tells him HJ left.

SH accuses her of taking stuff from HJ and JH replies saying he shouldn't say things he will later regret..

SH: just tell me where HJ is.

JH: i don't know. do you think someone who ran away would give her whereabouts?

SH: i said just tell me where HJ is.

JH: are you gonna keep doing this? next month she will be a baby's mother. don't you know what that means? it means she left a long time ago.. so what you find her.. she still isn't your person anymore.. (frustrated, leaves).

SH: (stunned. silent)

SH goes to the river and tries to throw the ring into the water, but he is unable to let go....

meanwhile JH walks to the wishing monument and walks back and forth bwfore leaving a note saying 'please make him laugh'... then she leaves.

her new wish is only a few yards away from the wish YW left a few days earlier with 'if you see me please laugh' written on it.

that night YW thinks about JH in his hotel room..

next morning HJ sits at an outdoor eatery to eat a hotdog for her baby.

SH gets a message from the lobby clerk that JH left for him a day earlier with 'i found kang hyejoo.. it's hard to believe but she lives with me' as the message. then SH realizes JH tried to tell him about HJ.

JH's students sing a farewell song to her during the party and the kids tell her they're sending her off because they love her. JH asks them where they learned to say such a cool phrase and they say it was that guy (pointing at the arriving SH holding a cake).

SH comes and tells her he went to the ambassy and they told him she would be here so he came so he can say sorry for misunderstanding him.. and to see if she would have lunch with him.

JH says it was her duty like he said so there's no need to eat together. then the kids tell SH he should just kiss JH cuz the best way to undo an angry woman is with a sizzling kiss. the kids urge them to kiss.. and JH tells the kids to stop and SH asks her if she coached them to say that...

so the two sit and eat, sipping wine, their table looking over the river.

JH: weren't you leaving?

SH: i was in the process of leaving. but these sneakers are really interesting.. they won't walk when i tell them to. on that note you buy the meal, sis.

JH: why? you were the one who said you'd treat.

SH: i said to eat together i didn't say i would buy. if you're feeling unfair than let's just pretend like i bought it. anyways aren't you gonna show me around the city? why don't you be a guide for me.

JH: (clears throat) are you asking me on a date?

SH: what date. cii-ty- to-ur. don't you know a city tour?

next SH and JH go around the city touring the major attractions, taking pictures like tourists, and playing the famous czec wooden puppets together....

while they're playing JH gets all serious and asks SH if he's doing all the tourist things like he's wearing his sovenier t-shirt. SH replies yes. he's seeing all the attractions HJ talked about in her letters and pictures so he can let her go.

JH asks if he's sent her off.... SH thinks for a moment and replies he's in the process of sending her off.. or maybe hye-joo's on her way leaving...

SH leaves a note on the wishing monument, "since you must go don't look back.. i'm not there anymore.. leave happily..leave cruely.. farewell hyejoo."

afterwards JH tells SH she won't be sending him off at the airport since she has a date to keep...even though she might get stood up. SH teases her saying he didn't know a cool woman like her gets stood up. JH asks if these wishes will really come true. SH thinks..

then JH fixes her glance at someone and says, "but i think my wish is about to come true.. that man is my wish... " and SH looks at the arriving YW.

------------ end ep. 2

lovers in prague, ep. 3"

SH = choi sang-hyeon (kim joo hyeok)

JH = yoon jae-hee (jeon do yeon)

YW = ji young-woo (kim min joon)

HJ = kang hye-joo (kim se ah)

YG = seo yoon-gyu (yoon young joon) .. wheelchair colleague

SW = ji seung woo (andy) ... young-woo's half-brother.

GH = yoon geon-hee (jang geun seok).. JH's brother.

prague at night.. at the wishing monument,

YW walks toward JH and SH, and YW calls out to JH saying he wanted to keep the promise from 5 years ago.. JH turns but YW grabs onto her.

SH asks YW to let go of JH cuz she seems uncomfortable. YW looks at SH and says he looks familiar, SH replies they met at the presidental award event and introduces himself as detective so and so.

YW asks SH what his relationship to JH is and JH replies saying SH is the one she loves, and she's glad that YW is alive, cuz that's what she came here to find out, whether YW is still alive or not, and now that she knows he is alive it's enough.

SH grabs onto JH..

SH: do you love me?

JH: .... ?

SH: what are you surprised by? i know you don't so go with him.

JH: he's not someone i should be going with.

SH: not him.. your heart. it's standing there.

JH: it's been standing for 5 years

SH: that's why i said to go. go and keep your promise. if you're scared are you gonna need a detective's escort?

JH: you're right.. it shouldn't be a thing to runaway from... (looks at SH) are you gonna go to the airport?

SH: if these feet will walk.. if not then i won't...

JH: ....................

SH: .. but you know.. it seems they won't walk too well...

JH walks toward YW. JH tells YW she decided not to run away from him.

JH and YW sit at a riverside cafe.

YW: (breaks the silence with a smile) i saw the newspaper. you looked good in the photo. i went to your home, and the ambassy. and i even met someone at the hotel who's seen you.. i seemed to always be a step too late finding you.

JH: it's not one step. it's 5 years. let me hear it.. the reason why i waited for 5 years.

YW: i'm sorry.

JH: that's it?

YW: i'm sorry.

JH: that's it?

YW: jaehee ya...

YW says he had an unspeakable reason. JH says she believed him.. that he would buy a ticket and come back and propose... but how she was up at nights wondering what happened to him.. whether he died... and all.

JH says she needs a closure with him so she can move on to a new man... but YW says he didn't come back to end things with her but rather to start over. JH tells him he is already her past and leaves, but YW grabs her hand and tells her not to go.


SH waits by the bridge near the wishing monument, and seeing that JH is not coming he turns to leave. just then JH comes running with a box...

JH: we should at least say goodbye. since we were honored to have known each other.

SH: i thought you wouldn't come.

JH: you said you'd wait.

SH: not everyone comes even if you wait.

JH: of course i'd come.. though late.

SH: (stares at JH)

JH: should i introduce a girlfriend to you? as a reminder of prague?

SH: what nonesense now?

JH: (presents him a box of czech wooden puppet girl) goodluck with your new lover.

SH: woah.. she's a beauty... you want me to play doll?

JH: give it a try. i do it too once in a while.. then i feel less lonely.

SH: then i'll try it once.

SH: thank you. for helping me find her. for buying me food.. buying me sneakers.. and now for buying me my beautiful lover.

JH: did i do that much?

SH: shall we say farewell czech style?

JH: ..?

SH: (gives JH a kiss on her cheek)

SH: thank you (in czech).

JH: you rememered that?

SH: i'm pretty bright. i even remember that it really means 'i love you'.

JH: 'mir-ri-dae' ('i love you' in czech).

SH: (stares at JH for a moment) that sounds hard. i don't think i can remember it.

JH: aren't you gonna be late for the flight?

SH: i'll just run. you know how i'm a good runner.

JH: i was thankful too. for running with me. for making me laugh.

SH: ... (looks to the left than right) aish... i'm gonna go. you're a really good woman. be healthy. yoon jae hee diplomat. salute. (military style greeting)

SH: (leaves, then turns to give a salutation again, and continue sto run)

JH: (gigles) (salutation back).

at the airport, JH is watching as SH goes in for his flight, and JH stands, crying, saying 'sorry'.... alone.


JH returns home and finds YW at the stairs to her doorstep. she walks by and he grabs her arm. she tells him to stop, and YW asks her if her wish came true.

JH says it was something impossible like please let me marry ji youngwoo... YW says then his wish came true too and hands her a picture of his wish.

JH takes it and reads, 'whatever request she makes, please let it come true'... as YW leaves, JH tells him wait and hands the picture back to him, but it drops and YW picks it up and looks at the other pictures with all the other wishes on them.

JH says one day she realized that the wish can disappear, it can drop as the wind or the rain drops on it.. then one day she was afraid of the 5 year... she wished it was 10 years or longer...

seeing how JH is saddened, YW says he will nurse her heart but she says no and that someone told her to put medicine on her heart. YW says it's his turn to wait.. that he'll wait no matter how long.. as long as she promises she'll come back to him eventually even if she has to go to someone else just as long as she will eventually come back to him...

JH says he should try waiting then.. to see how long 5 years really is.. how breatless each day is... so he'll want to break it off like she is now.


back in korea. 3 months later.

SH watches from his car as he sees a couple of guys pull up in a convertible, throwing out a cigarette bud. SH asks them if they'll pick up the bud and the youngsters say no, then SH gets out, puts the police light on his car, and cites them for littering and for not wearing seatbelts.. one of the guys try a bribe by giving SH money, but SH asks for their license and resident id. he takes them and the money and tells them to go to his station to get their ids and the change from their citation.

next SH drives by the government building in myung-dong district and thinks about JH.. meanwhile JH is being driven to work by her brother who nags her about getting oil on the car window when she snug her face on the glass.... the car stops, JH gets out but her brother reminds her to change her shoes and get her documents....

inside the building, JH runs to catch an elevator that's already full, but the elevator beeps from being too heavy and JH is about to get out when YW pulls her back in, then steps out to let her get on.

as YW steps out a bunch of other women get out too to be with YW, saying they'll wait too. YW says thanks and gets back on, leaving the women hanging outside. JH looks at YW's suit and says it's gonna be hot for him to wear a jacket today.

YW says it the 97th day of him waiting for her. she opens his jacket and leaves a kiss mark on his shirt and tells him to wait for the 197th day, then 297th, then longer, longer yet, and even longer so he can forget her.

YW says then why she's leaving a kiss on his shirt if he wants him to forget and she replies it's his punishment, then leaves as the elevator opens.

meanwhile at the airport JH's colleague YG arrives and calls her asking why she's not there to greet him and she mocks him for not having some hidden lover to greet him instead.. just then HJ walks by with her infant, as she is greeted by mr. ji's men and mr. ji's younger son, SW.

they escort HJ to a hotel, and ask her not to contact mr. ji. but HJ says she doesn't have anyone to go to in korea. SW puts down a briefcase of money and a cellphone, but without looking at how much, HJ says it's not enough and asks for more, and a credit card, and a car... big strong car... and someone to look after her baby. SW says he'll let mr. ji know. HJ then asks her baby to be named, according to ji family's tradition.

at the police station SH scolds the newbie and threatens to beat him up unless he gets his acts together.....

YW starts to feel really hot but he can't take off his suit jacket cuz of the kiss mark.. as his colleagues stare at him he decides to go grab lunch. at the cafeteria he sits down by JH who is already eating.. JH says something in czech and YW asks her how you say 'i love you' in czech but JH says it's too hard..

YW asks JH if she's seeing SH, the guy that makes her laugh... but JH replies it's awkward talking about this with him cuz they were once lovers... then YW says to him they haven't broken up.. and he's enduring the punishment like the kiss on his shirt...

JH says she's not seeing SH cuz she wants to run into him coincidently. YW asks what difference that makes and JH says because if she runs into him incidently then she could say they were fated to be....

YW meets with his father, mr. ji, and brother SW. mr. ji mentions JH, the daughter of the president, but YW stops him saying he has no right to mention her anymore and leaves...

the ambassy folks are preparing the arrival of a foreign leader and JH escorts them to the meeting with korean president. on the way they get pulled over by SH who is on duty... SH and JH meet again..... and they both can't believe it.. but SH still wants to fine her a ticket for speeding but JH leaves her license with him and begs him to overlook the incident because she'll get fired if she screws this up.

JH gets in the car and smiles as they drive away..

JH is eating with her brother and her father and she starts to murmer about SH and gets up suddenly to leave.

later, the president tells his assistant the best and worst thing he did in his life is to be a president, then asks the assistant for a small break and looks at photos in his office.

the president looks at YW's picture and wonders if he's the one JH's fallen for... the assistant tells the president he is the son of mr. ji, from tae-sung group, and the president sighs...

at work JH runs off but runs into YW. JH says she's busy but YW says they should go eat.. then YG arrives and JH tells him to go eat with YW. YG looks at YW and asks him how old is.. cuz he doesn't look any older than him but he doesn't seem to listen to his advice of leaving JH alone.

YW remembers who YG is and asks him to be good to him and asks him to go eat together....

JH drags her brother/chauffer to the restaurant that's famous for being a cop-hangout and eats while waiting to see if SH will show up...

JH and her brother finish their meal and SH is still not there so JH goes out and sees that SH is coming... caught off guard, JH turns around and pretends to play with the dogs (or rabbits) nearby..

SH approaches and JH acts like they met concidently again.. SH asks if she ate and she goes in the restaurant again even though she just ate. JH eats another bowl of bibimbap and it's obvious she's not hungry.

SH gets up to pay for the meal but JH insists she's gonna pay... then SH hands her the traffic ticket and JH is surprised... then SH hands her her license and asks if the picture was taken before her surgery. JH is getting angry for the joke... SH goes out and JH runs after him.

YW and YG are in the car when YW spots JH running after SH and YW follows them. then gets out and asks to speak with SH alone. JH goes back to the office first..

YW tries to explain his relationship with JH to SH but SH says he doesn't want to know cuz what he saw in prague was enough. then SH tells JH is a beautiful woman.. but she's dumb enough to eat the same meal twice... and YW is the one who made her dumb...

after SH leaves, YW wonders why JH has to fall for someone as cool as SH... back at the office, YW tells JH about SH saying she's beautiful.. and how he realized when SH says JH is beautiful he meant he likes her....

so JH keeps going to that restaurant to wait for SH.... and SH watches JH from outside the window.... perhaps falling for her....

on this day, SH and his partner are waiting for a robber to show up when the partner asks who YW is. SH says a prosecutor. then he asks about JH and SH says she is YW's exlover.. or current lover... whatever..

the partner says JH and SH seem to have some kinda fate.. but SH says the fated one left like fate... (meaning HJ)... and he's not someone who steals another's woman...

just then the robber shows up and SH and partner start chasing after him..


at a restaurant, HJ dines alone with her baby in the stroller, SW arrives and gives her keys to the car she requested, along with a credit car and says they got a nanny for her, then asks if she needs anythng else and HJ replies she wants to meet mr. ji.. but SW says she should just ask for money or a house like all the other women.... then leaves.

next, HJ goes to a boutique and tries on the most expensive suit and tells the clerk she'll take it as long as it's the most expensive item in the store.. the clerk says she must be going to somewhere important.

meanwhile JH asks YG if she can borrow his car and YG says she should ride in her own car with bodyguard and all instead of some disabled person's car, but JH convinces him to let her borrow his car.

at the police station..

SH and colleagues are putting the robber away.. when JH arrives...SH asks her why she came and she shows him the traffic ticket she's about to pay. SH says she didn't have to come to the station to pay, but JH says it was closer than anywhere else...

SH accuses JH of coming to the police station deliberately so she can see him. JH replies if he's onto her then he should be classy and ask her to have a cup of coffee with him.. SH's colleagues cheer.. just then JH arrives asking where SH's desk is.. JH's smile disappears.

------------- end ep. 3

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Guest chibikko

Here's the main cast:



전도연 (윤재희)-29 yrs.old


김주혁 (최상현)-34 yrs.old


윤세아 (강혜주)-27 yrs.old


김민준 (지영우)-35 yrs. old

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Here are the summaries that dramaok posted previously.

OMG...Thank you so much cyn...Luv you :)

is this like lovers in paris?

Yes and no... you should check it out...great drama...

Here's the main cast:

Hi chibikko...Thanks for posting everything...I'll move all your stuffs to the first post okay... :)

I realized I didn't save the links of all the pictures I uploaded then the worst part was...I deleted all the pictures & caps from my computer already...I guess I'll try to do all that again when I get a chance...

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Guest cynkawahara

Finally watched episode 4 and was planning to read the back pages today to underestand what was going but....

Question 1: Did SH find out the true identity of JH?

Question 2: What was the gist of the conversation between HJ and the baby's father?

I am really enjoying this drama and the solid performances by the main actors.

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Guest - s O y u N -

Finally watched episode 4 and was planning to read the back pages today to underestand what was going but....

Question 1: Did SH find out the true identity of JH?

Question 2: What was the gist of the conversation between HJ and the baby's father?

I am really enjoying this drama and the solid performances by the main actors.

Answer 1: No.

Answer 2: She wanted HIM... she threw away a perfect guy (SH) to have the old guy's baby

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Guest cynkawahara

Answer 1: No.

Answer 2: She wanted HIM... she threw away a perfect guy (SH) to have the old guy's baby

Thanks for answering my question. HJ must have really wanted the financial stability of older guy but I got the feeling that he wasn't being cooperative during their conversation at the hotel room at the end of episode 4.

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Guest swtan9e1

i love this drama. it has a great storyline plus great actors (tho i really don't like kim minjoon)! can't wait til the next episode!!

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Guest chibikko

Hi guys,

Could you guys please post the ratings of this series from episode 1 up to the present?


Episode 1

Nationwide: 20.7% (ranked 2nd)

Seoul: 22.6% (ranked 2nd)

Episode 2

Nationwide: 20.2% (ranked 3rd)

Seoul: 22.2% (ranked 2nd)

Episode 3

Nationwide: 20.8% (ranked 3rd)

Seoul: 22.1% (ranked 2nd)

Episode 4

Nationwide: 22.2% (ranked 2nd)

Seoul: 22.3% (ranked 2nd)

Preorder the Lovers In Prague OST on YesAsia


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Guest Gimmbreak2

Episode 1

Nationwide: 20.7% (ranked 2nd)

Seoul: 22.6% (ranked 2nd)

Episode 2

Nationwide: 20.2% (ranked 3rd)

Seoul: 22.2% (ranked 2nd)

Episode 3

Nationwide: 20.8% (ranked 3rd)

Seoul: 22.1% (ranked 2nd)

Episode 4

Nationwide: 22.2% (ranked 2nd)

Seoul: 22.3% (ranked 2nd)

Anyone has the episode 4 summary...? I'm dying to know what happened next! :rolleyes:

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Guest cynkawahara

So happy to see the rating! I realize it's part 2 of a triology but I am enjoying this more than LIP.

Just hope someone can continue where dramaok left off with the summaries. I fear that I will end up posting questions after questions. Thanks in advance to any kind soul out there.

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