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Don Yu

Wuxia, Action-packed, Well-Acted, or mind-blowing plot recommendations?

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Hi, all these Chinese series this year. can anyone recommend which is either EPIC in Wuxia, Action, or very amazing in acting, story as I asked in the title?



Also, if there is a TV series like this that is not out but coming out soon, can you let me know where to watch it's trailer, or when to expect the trailer to drop?



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@Don Yu i have move your thread into the 'Global Entertainment' as this is where it belong instead of the section you went into....those section are purely only for Drama threads 


i wont say that all are exceptional or good in acting but acceptable.....as i dont know how 'exception good' do you want :) 




if u want u can try out 

Ever Night....though we do complain not enough fighting scenes can be seen...



The Four is not a bad series too if u want to try.




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