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[Drama 2019] Kill It, 킬잇


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The saddest part of this show is not KSH's death but the fact that he has been used his whole life and never knew what true happiness is. He looked so miserable the whole time. 

I was so moved when he said to KHY that he should have thought of his own daughter while using him like he's nothing. 


And once again the ending was perfect, it looked so peaceful, we know that Seulgi forgave DHJ about KSH's death. They used to be four (KSH, DHJ, Seulgi and Philip), laughing together, now it's just the two of them : DHJ protecting little Seulgi. 

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This is quite a good drama. The story line seems to have a lot of twist and turn but it makes the drama good enough to be followed. The ending is also very good. The viewers won't find a romantic ending but there are glimpses of understanding between the two main characters. Two thumbs up for this drama 

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this thread is so quiet:( I have a question hopefully someone is still here. Does it mean Soo Hyeon is fake vet since the certificate is fake? Then how did he learned to rescue animals?


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1 hour ago, wenlhy said:

this thread is so quiet:( I have a question hopefully someone is still here. Does it mean Soo Hyeon is fake vet since the certificate is fake? Then how did he learned to rescue animals?



Yes, it’s fake. Maybe he learned to train himself to help animals




Also, does anyone know when they’ll release the instrumental soundtrack?

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I'm just done with this drama .

Seriously just what happened in this drama was out of my understanding. 


Most Importantly 

I remember in Ep 5 where  Ko Hyun-Woo said to Yoon Ji-Hye that "he have no idea he's living with his own daughter".


What does it mean ?  

( Soo hyun and Seulgi - Father and daughter ) How is that even possible...?






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@RPM I feel like they didn’t explain that part clearly too. Seul Gi’s storyline is not very clear in the drama. Like what is her relationship to the grandpa (can’t remember his name) and Min Hyuk? Also, was the bad guy in the beginning really her uncle when he tried to kidnap her into the car? He never showed up again after that. 

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Does anyone know how long it usually takes for OCN/drama production to release the instrumental OST? I’m currently loving this instrumental background song played in this scene and patiently waiting for them to release it. Still can’t get over this drama. 



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Being swamped with work has prevented me from doing two of my favorite things. Watching Korean Dramas and then commenting on them with all of you here. Regardless I managed to catch up on this drama with difficulty and now here are my thoughts regarding it. I would give it a 6/10. The story was nice but it still had its flaws such as some unanswered questions or them not being addressed properly. Not that it matters much.


Let’s see if we can break them up and what your thoughts are on them.




No offense to the people that liked the prosecutor but I feel like he was totally wasted as a character and instead of him anyone could have played that part even an older actor, How they could have made his story and role more interesting could be through a few ways.


For starters he was someone that knew Hyun Jin’s true identity ie that she was from Hansol Orphanage and was adopted by Chairman Do’s family as their daughter. Something which even impressed her as her family did their best from revealing this fact to others. The important question then isn’t that he knows this fact (well it partly is) but how he knows this fact. This then could have been tackled in a few ways. He could have also been part of Hansol Orphanage as a kid and thus he knew her from then. He could easily have been part of the normal kids there those that bullied the Numbered kids and this could have been his way of making amends to So Hyun and how he treated them after all kids can be immature at that age. Now people can question as to how this was possible after all only the numbered kids were being adopted and Hyun Jin was a special case. This is true but we have to remember something Hansol Orphanage eventually closed down this meant that the real kids (the ones that were for show) had to have been relocated somewhere at that point meaning some other orphanage from where they could have then been adopted. Had this been the case the prosecutors story could have been slightly more interesting.


Another way to make it of more interest could have been one of two ways. For instance, he could have been one of kids that had received an organ transplant from the numbered kids to survive. At that point he wouldn’t have been aware of his family’s action so he lived his life. But when he grew up he discovered this tragic secret and decided that he wanted to make amends for their actions. He decides to do this by bringing all those people involved to justice even if it included his own family. As well as bringing peace to the souls of the lost children. Meaning in both this and the one above it would have been interesting if he had a goal as well. This would also make him more of an interesting second lead because he would have come from money Hyun Jin’s family would approve of him. As he would help her take over the company of back up Chairman Do increase his control on the company due to his family’s influence if the marriage took place. Etc..


The final way to make his story of more interest could have been if it was revealed that he was never on the main leads side instead he was secretly working for Chairman Do or one of the other Rich People and his main goal would be to sabotage the investigation. Chairman Do even suggested something to that extent. When his minion asked him why he didn’t bring his daughter into the fold to help cover their tracks. He replied that since his daughter was so down the chain she couldn’t be that effective and he would have found it better if someone was in a more powerful position than her. Now who could be higher than a detective but a prosecutor. Unfortunately, they missed this opportunity as well. Instead they made him seem to be an ambitious guy but who had no connections. This could have been an interesting way to add him into the mix. For instance, he could have been working for Chairman Do but he actually develops a conscience along the way such as falling in love with Hyun Jin and when he sees that Chairman Do is a monster when he can even harm his own child he starts to have misgivings and decides to help the main leads. 


Otherwise they could have simply used that corrupt prosecutor (the one that wanted eyes for himself and his son) and there wouldn’t have made all that much of a difference in the story.


Someone even pointed out that the prosecutor had the same last name as Chairman Do’s Secretary so him working with her could have also been used yet it was totally ignored. Ie helping in the revenge because he was family that was wronged etc..


Then we have So Hyun and his plot which has issues of its own. As a kid he was adopted into Chairman Do’s family so that he could donate his bone marrow for his sister then later sent back to the orphanage when his sister passed away. He then later comes to visit Hyun Jin when she was adopted there yet he failed to recognize the house or even her mother didn’t do the same for her. Infact the mother is just plain weird she seems to be innocent and they try to make her out as one of the semi normal people but I don’t see it that way. She is just as guilty as the others. Perhaps she isn’t evil as her husband but she turned a blind eye to what was going around sort of. For instance, she claimed that she was out of it at that time because she wanted to do anything to save her daughter and then after she passed away she still wasn’t in her right mind that they had to substitute Hyun Jin as her daughter so that she wouldn’t find out and all. So I guess that might be possible then but what about later on. She had enough time to think things through yet she did nothing.


What I mean by this is as follows. So Hyun came to her as a numbered kid. Ie Number 88 but no name. she never questioned as to why this was the case. So Hyun was no James Bond and even James Bond is only called 007 by his people. To others he always introduces himself by his name. So Hyun on the other hand was a kid so why didn’t he have a proper name. She never questioned that or what happened to So Hyun. True she was oblivious to her husband’s doing so I doubt that she was aware of him even being adopted as well. I assume that things back then were a bit more lax than things today. Such as the adoptions were probably not made legal and the kids were just sent to the families before the operations took place. But due to the scandal that broke out they decided to take more precautions so that if people looked into things they wouldn’t catch on so easily, in this case they probably adopted the kids for real and so that they don’t get attached to them Chairman Do would have them brought to the hospital directly etc.. This solves a lot of problems as well as ties up any lose ends as well.


This still doesn’t explain as to why the mother didn’t recognize So Hyun when he came to the house to meet Hyun Jin. It can be said that he wasn’t with them for such a long time for her to recognize him or his voice or that it was too dark that she didn’t pay all that attention to who it was. Regardless the fact that he was from the orphanage should have triggered something for her. Was she not aware that he was from there in the first place. Why didn’t she look into the matter more when she had recovered? She only seemed to recall him after finding out the vet’s name seemed familiar.


As for the explanation of So Hyun not recognizing the house when he went to meet Hyun Jin could be explained by the fact that he probably didn’t live in that house. We know that the rich generally have a few vacation houses stashed away. So it is quite possible that he was taken to one of those when he was adopted so that people wouldn’t question the family who was the new kid at Chairman Do’s house and then later on ask where he was after the bone marrow transplant and him being dead and all. So to avoid such questions he was moved there and only met the mother and the real Hyun Jin at that point thus he was unaware of the Chairman Do connection till recently. Also when he went to investigate the picture and the house in it the house exploded. This could only be possible if it was a vacation house and nobody was living in it at that time. Thus So Hyun was adopted in the vacation house whereas Hyun Jin was adopted in the main house since she was to be a substitute for the real daughter and thus this explains why he didn’t recognize the houses. One could perhaps question as to how Chairman Do and his family aren’t aware that one of their vacation houses has been blown up. I guess the only explanation that I can come up with that is that the wife probably never returned there as it has painful memories associated with it. (the daughter probably died when she was in that house or rather had her last days there), Hyun Jin might not be aware of its existence if no one bothered to take her over there and like I said why would the mother do so. As for Chairman Do he probably has other things to keep his mind occupied such as how to increase his fortunes and all that he might not be aware of such trivial things.


The rich people turned out to be monsters. Not only was it bad that they were harvesting little kids for their own personal gain but what made it worse was that these kids were related to them by blood and they didn’t care about any of that. Surprising since you consider that generally Koreans are all about maintaining the bloodline and all. One could perhaps try and defend them for the later that they weren’t aware of this fact since Chairman Do decided not to reveal this fact to them for obvious reasons and all. But that still doesn’t justify their selfish reasons to survive and live the good life over the life of another especially considering that said life was that of a kid.


We also have the issue of editing at times. Such as when Hyun Jin watches the black box video of So Hyun almost hitting Chairman Do’s car. Why do I say this is simple? We have seen the video three times and all of them were different. The first time that Hyun Jin watched it was when So Hyun was right next to her but there was no audio in it at that time. When she watched it again when she was alone we could hear Chairman Do’s side of the conversation only. Now this could have been explained that she normally keeps her volume down when she received the video initially and that is why So Hyun didn’t hear about this and all. Unfortunately, the third time this video is shown is when (okay I don’t exact recal when but) we have the full conversation that can be overheard between Chairman DO and So Hyun. How did that magically happen. It would have been better if they decided to keep just one. As far as I could tell Chairman Do wasn’t using a speaker phone function at that time so this shouldn’t have been possible and it could have perhaps been used to weasel his way out. Not that he needed that since he got out anyway.


Another point that I found that wasn’t all that explained was Sel Gui’s back story. First of all, we had that extremely confusing comment made that Number 88 wasn’t even aware that he was living with his biological daughter which literally made no sense. Guess we all got that weird translation since we must be using the same place to watch said episodes. But like someone else mentioned the translation that would make more sense would be if the person was instead referring to Hyun Jin and how her dad Chairman Do was unaware that she was living with So Hyun.


But even if we ignore this fact there were still a few more questions that need to be answered here. For instance, someone asked whether or not that man who claimed to be her uncle was really one and what happened to him since he never showed up again. This was more or less answered in the show. Hyun Jin had asked her contact to look up the guys entire family tree and thus managed to connect him to the murder victim but realized that the victim had no sons of his own thus Selgui was his through artificial insemination and all. Probably the same reason why they were in a vacation house when the murder happened like So Hyun. Though we then need to ask was the victim actually going to sacrifice Selgui to the altar so to speak for him to survive because according to her she seemed pretty close to him. Perhaps the grandfather had gotten attached to her and decided not to go ahead with the surgery. It would probably make him a liability though and perhaps this was another thing that Chairman Do probably had to change to prevent in the future. Ie now instead of the numbered child living with their donor he would only move the child on the day of the surgery to prevent such a thing happening. Anyway back to my point regarding her.


We then find out that she is a witness to her grandfather’s murder but she is missing. When exactly does she go missing. Is it just then or after she starts to go to school? We know that she gets to meet So Hyun once again when she tried to commit suicide. Was it at this point that she decides to leave with him. Okay let’s say that was possible but then how was the living arrangement at that point. We know that she considers him family and is really close to him as well. Clearly it didn’t happen when he was here as a vet. (During the drama episodes) It had to have been earlier. Problem with this is that before he returned to Korea for the kills he was still a killer and probably living with Pavel. This means that if she was living nearby she would have probably recognized Pavel instantly after all he would be her bogeyman so how exactly was he looking after her. Did he just give her a building as a gift and tell her to look after that to survive and yes that building itself is a good question how exactly did she own it. The only explanation is that So Hyun bought it for her because lets fact it there is no other explanation. Some could say that her grandfather had left that building to her in his will but then we realize that can’t be the case because she had her identity changed and was living under a new name and all. This means that she probably couldn’t get that building that way. On the other hand, if So Hyun gave it to her out of guilt makes more sense but he would have to be equally sneaky to do so because Philip would have noticed otherwise and he seemed out of the loop regarding this. Also this brings up the question as to So Hyun and his base of operations. Did they mostly live in Korea and only go abroad when they had an international kill or if they lived abroad how was he taking care of Selgui so that she got attached to him. Or did he simply pretend that he came to rent her apartments out of the blue and how did he manage to convince her to take that building or how she got it in the first place. Questions that I simply don’t have the answers to.


Then we have Philip. To be honest I don’t feel like anything needs to be added for him as a character. Just sad that he had to die like that. He was like an older brother to Selgui by the end and leaving her alone with just Hyun Jin was just plane sad. But I have noticed how some viewers weren’t so happy with him especially with the fact that he betrayed So Hyun in the start of the show by revealing his hideout to the villains. Was that really a betrayal though. We have to consider the fact that Philip was the tech guy while So Hyun and Pavel were the field agents. Therefore, he wouldn’t have a real idea of what was going on. So his betrayal may not have been intentional. Both of the later were experts and as such after their kill they would probably disappear into the night without a trace till the next contract came along. So normally this wouldn’t have been an issue but due to Pavels condition and him thus getting injured they probably had to head home and clear up all lose ends. This is what cost them. Had this not been the case had Philip revealed the location the Mafia would have showed up to find an abandoned lair and Philip could have claimed that he couldn’t have helped it as the intel he had was good when he gave it. But due to Pavel’s injuries this time they were delayed and So Hyun was nearly caught. Can’t blame Philip for that. Other than that we have already seen his loyalty towards So Hyun. When the Red Mafia captured him for So Hyun’s location he kept silent even when they tortured him. The only time when he broke was when they threatened to chop of his arm. Even in the final episode he took a bullet for So Hyun. This leads me to believe that he was just as broken as So Hyun and Selgui. What all of them wanted was to be a part of a family and feel useful otherwise they were afraid of abandonment and be left all alone. Ie Selgui didn’t want to reveal So Hyun as being present at her grandfather’s murder because she would have been left alone. Philp wanted to keep his arms because without them he couldn’t hack and do other stuff for So Hyun does he would have been left as So Hyun would look for a replacement. Also look at the fact that he tore the picture of Pavel that Selgui made to protect So Hyun. This shows to me at least that the betrayal in the first two episodes wasn’t intentional on his part simply bad timing. But I do have a question when the Red Mafia were questioning him about So Hyun’s location and he pretended to not know anything about it until they brought up his bank book which showed that he had been receiving a lot of money from So Hyun how did they know that was the So Hyun that they were looking for even though Philip was denying that it was someone else. Meaning how did they know his name in the first place. Was So Hyun an idiot and used his real identity when he came to scope out that place. Perhaps he thought that if he went by Rule Number Two it wouldn’t matter since they would be all dead, or did he use his real name when he leased out their hideout. Both would be considered amateur mistakes something that shouldn’t be applied for both Pavel and So Hyun. So what was the case.


I also feel that Hyun Jin’s skills with the darts was wasted. I mean this was brought up a few times so I would think that this would be of some importance in the storyline but no she just used them 3 times in the entire show. The first time when she used it to hit that injured animal when she met So Hyun again, then the second time to throw something at one of the pictures and finally when she used them to predict the angle from where SO Hyun shot his victim from.


I also noted that some people had an issue where she became a cop because her father Chairman Do asked her to do and was thus still a prisoner of sorts. Frankly I think it was the other way around. I think that she chose to be a cop of her own choice something her mother was against. But Chairman Do only supported her choice for the simple reason if she became a cop then she wouldn’t want to run the company something that he wanted to do. This way they both win out so he supported her choice to be a cop and perhaps even helped her out somehow. Plus, being a cop is a dangerous job as well so if let’s say she got injured and died in the line of duty then he really gets the company for himself. Clearly since his wife would be in no mental state to run it at this point. Come to think about it this makes me wonder what exactly happened to the company now. Since it doesn’t seem like Hyun Jin still doesn’t want to run the company what is her mother going to do about it. Had So Hyun survived she might have offered it to him to make some sort of amends for what her husband did to him but I doubt that even he would have accepted it as he probably wanted a quiet life with the people that he loved and cared about.


Then there was the question as to why she tried to stop So Hyun from killing Chairman Do. She already saw how useless it was to try and stop him by the law and thus the only way left was to take the law into their own hands and kill him to prevent his evil from spreading. But here is the difference between So Hyun and herself. So Hyun tried to give the law a shot and when he saw that it had failed he decided to take the law into his own hands. She on the other hand was a police and thus believed in the law till the very end. She was confident that there would be something that the law would agree on that would force them to arrest Chairman Do for good. She was prevented numerous times such as a warrant being denied due to his connections yet she persevered till she found something that they could use to arrest him. So I don’t blame her for wanting to prevent So Hyun from killing Chairman Do that was just her personality plus she also wanted to prevent So Hyun from having his father’s blood on his hands no matter how evil the father was. She wanted to believe in Justice till the end. How much of that remains in the future remains to be seen.


I do have a question how did her boyfriend figure out the victims in the serial killings. He may not have known what order they would die but he had predicted them which was quite impressive. Also was the person that had hired So Hyun to kill all those people her biological father. I thought that I saw both of them with the same picture in a few episodes and did they know this. For instance, she has had brought up this point in a few episodes of what if the doctor that had supposedly murdered his family not done so but had been framed. If this was the case was it because she was his daughter and since she was alive she knew who the real murderer was. Also if this was the case why didn’t she reveal this fact to him when he was arrested. It would have been a joyous reunion between parent and child. It would have also been an interesting thing if it turned out that Chairman Do had raised the child of the doctor without even knowing the fact himself. The prosecutor commented something to this end that he had just witnessed something interesting before picking up the picture that Farmer Hyun Woo had dropped without Chariman Do seeing it. Some people had brought up the point that Chairman Do had specially selected Hyun Jin as his adopted daughter as an insurance policy that when the doctor that he had framed came to him for revenge especially on the matter of him murdering his family he could bring up the fact that his daughter was still alive and that he had raised her. Etc.. But to be honest I don’t see it as that. Chairman Do doesn’t seem to care all that much about people that he uses as he was more than willing to sacrifice his own blood (Number 88) to save his daughters life. One has to question whether or not he even loved her as well. Then it also seemed to be the case that he wasn’t even aware that the doctor had even survived in the first place and was furious that his minion had failed him when it came to taking care of the matter two times to boot. So for all he was aware was that the doctor was already dead so he had no need to adopt his daughter in the first place. So if she was indeed the doctor’s daughter I think that she simply ended up at Hansol Orphanage courtesy of Drama Coincidences. She probably didn’t die and must have also woken up shortly after the fire had started and her father had left after recovering and thus she left the building and was found by social affairs. Who then dumped her into Hansol Orphanage. Of course there could be other questions to be brought up such as the reporters who covered this story how could they not know about the missing child. Perhaps she was brought to the hospital and they discovered that she was alive but nobody managed to inform the correct department. Then again I might be mistaken about her identity.



Well I think that this covers most of my issues with this show for the time being. If anyone else has anything else to add or disagree with me, please let me know or if they have better explanations then I am all ears. Also jokingly let me also add to the similarities between Healer as someone else did as well.


So this is what happens when Healer is raised by an Assassin instead of his master and Hacking Ajuma. Though to be fair I think Healer was slightly more competent when it came to the matter of secret identities his was quite close but not perfect. I wonder what would have happened if those two characters ever met.:D


Someone mentioned that it might have been a happier ending if his death had been faked by the government since they needed an expert assassin. I tend to disagree with that statement. The reason being that wouldn’t be a happy ending at all. He probably wanted to escape that life by the end but being forced to kill by the government is no better than what he was already doing. Had they faked it for witness protection then I might be all for it but not if he was forced to kill for other people.


Anyway thanks for reading my long post and take care all of you who were in this thread.


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