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[Drama 2019] The Banker, 더 뱅커

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FInally was able to watch latest episodes. Lot has happened.  Why oh why lee was stapped? I hope No will now wake up and crash every bad guy/woman. Moon is really hiding something. Is he really spy or was he blackmailed?

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14 hours ago, anjelikaeyes13 said:


Omy someone feels my thinking!  Hahaha yeah he’s an Idol in the story and real life! 


Moon needs to spill the beans soon, it drives me crazy seeing him all the time like he wants to vomit. So he was certainly threatened by someone in Busan, but we don't know who. Is he a mole or someone who has his own vendetta against the bank? I hope the latter, because No can't need this backlash.


9 hours ago, Lmangla said:

kekeke... he is quite charming in this drama... but thats not the point, wasn't it shocking? @lilyphenix had posted the ending was surprising but I was really shocked. you don't expect to see someone getting stabbed in a corporate drama! but at least based on the preview, they show Lee in hospital -- so hopefully he recovers. at this stage, we need all the good guys together still alive. noh can't win this battle alone.


One avoided the latest posts here, so I wasn't warned, that was a mistake :lol:

I felt like this the last time at Secret Forest when a certain person was found dead - I won't say who, to not spoil for those who didn't watch yet. Yeah it is 50:50 now, he may survive so No really has someone backing him. I felt so bad many times for No and also angry, because all these corrupt scumbags are a reality and people like No always in danger. Besides everyone involved in D1 has now blood on their hands, one the old grandpa not coping with the losses and now Lee.


9 hours ago, Lmangla said:

for a minute, thought they might have nice chemistry; they are both smart, ambitious and seem kind of lonely -- okay, matchmaker aunty in me peeking out! hahahaha...  and maybe if they get along, there will be romantic spark? hahahahha... but then, they are slinging insults at each other and nope -- they are totally enemies and there will be never anything romantic....


You were not the only one who shipped them for a hot minute :P




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4 hours ago, joccu said:

FInally was able to watch latest episodes. Lot has happened.  Why oh why lee was stapped? I hope No will now wake up and crash every bad guy/woman. Moon is really hiding something. Is he really spy or was he blackmailed?


That Park approached a dimissed Bae and I for one think there was an order to kill Lee, maybe from the scumbags or from Park only. That reporter was right all along about Bae stabbing Lee, but I am sure he didn't mean it literally. :lol: At least No is there as witness, but this also is now another burden for him, it's maddening.

And yes, please stop being so nice, No, especially when it comes to Kang





Nos face :tears:

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Lee is in surgery with a deep wound and Bae is of course suspected due the D1 scheme. The reporter sees the news and remembers he told Lee that Bae will be the one to stab Lee and he is shocked since he did that literally.

It turns out Park was told to get rid off Bae, but everything went out of control and Bae stabbed Lee who had nothing to do with all of this.

The Best wonders who profits from this and suspect Kang may behind the stabbing lmao. So they think they have a card to use against Kang who doesn't likes this group at all.

Kang and his secretary think someone has to back Bae to act like this, I bet he thinks it was The Best. Yes, fight each other lmao.

Cho Young Kyung, one from The Best (why don't we call them Baby Scumbags?), calls Kang and tells him he is worried after he heard of Lee's accident. Yeah, Kang just straight up accuses them of being behind it. :lol: In return Cho accuses Kang of being behind it since Lee and Bae were working together (no, they were not you punk) to get rid off Lee. He only called to tell him it wasn't them and someone is behind it, if it wasn't Kang. But Kang still suspects them and tells Cho they made an enemy with the bank.

No and Han have a talk and No says she must have knew Bae was the henchman of D1, since she read the original plan. She tells him that this is why she stopped him, since these are people he can't deal with. Han was the one to have sent the teams away for their own good and careers, since the whole thing is too dangerous.

We see an angry No who tells it how it is. For this plan livehoods were sacrificed, one may even die and she shakes hands with those people. This isn't improving the bank at all.


Kang wants to destroy Haesan Construction of which Cho is the CEO of and which is supposed to buold the D1 buildings - this is so amusing tbh. Too rich people with too much influence and too much time fighting each other, like who cares for all the employees? :lol: Kang is not extending the loan to HC which means the bankcruptcy for it.

Cho says to the old scumbags that Kang is behind it, while Park doubts it, Jung says you never know, he may have done it. They will try to tame Kangs anger, but don't know if they can succeed. Cho is giving them gold bars and coffee beans to rethink...

Jung asks Park what happened and Park tells him Bae wanted to hand over some informations to lee and he couldn't allow this. Jung wants that Park finds Bae and brings him to Jung. I bet he wants him to finish what he started, because it is oh so interesting now :unsure:

Im Chang-Jae, General Manager of Evaluation, was promoted to be an executive and appointed as director of the new Compliance Department which heads both Inspection and Risk Management. Kang tells him he had his eye on him since the Yook loan exposure back then. Leave Im alone...

Both secretaries seem to be jealous of the relationship between Kang and Han? Or was it just me?

Han tells Im that all documents send to the Audit Office will have to go through the Compliance Department. Omg she dares to say the attack on Lee is a result of the Audit Office's...


I really need Malcolm Tucker now



Look at him, all alone without his team and allies :tears:


Sung Chi-Wook, former head of the Inspection leaves or was made to leave and will head a private banking center at a regional branch. This is his punishment for helping No to carry out a secret audit, because the chief secretary complained. No apologizes, but Sung says he doesn't needs to as his department finally did something it was meant to do and it was also fun. "I will cheer you from afar". Aww, finally someone who encourages him.

Team No are striking on their first days on their new positions which displeases the bosses. Oh for heavens sake, Moon, SPIT OUT WHAT BOTHERS YOU! I can't with your 'abouttovomitface'.

The old scumbags tell Kang he should not be too harsh with Haesan and renew the loans, to which Kang replies that it's not worth it due poor management and high debt ratio. Kang is stubborn, so Jung accused him of stabbing Lee and Parks also say that Kang disapproved of Lee. Kang is not amused of course and feels insulted. Jung says it is suspicious how after the attack on Lee, he goes after Haesan.

Choi weighs in that since Lee's cousin is the Chairman of the FSC, Lee may have been attacked out of revenge for the investigations. Jung hates that he always sides with Kang, but Choi thinks if someone was behind it, then The Best. Kang wants to warn the youngsters much more now.

Jung that pig hopes that Lee won't wake up in the case he knows about D1.


Damn, I rooted for Han to be President, but uff it should have been his snobby butt all along. And now they kill him... The reporter sees No and I guess he will help him then.

No gets all mad at the two grandpas and accuses them of leaking stuff to Kim.

Damn he is mad, FINALLY. Also tells Han who isolates him from everyone who helped him or can help him, that he will even scoop more.

End of ep 21


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Ep 22


Kang continues with his scheming against Haesan, which is seeking other banks now to save their butts. But most banks declined so far and it looks like they will go bankrupt, but it's not that easy.

Han tells Kang that No thinks Kang is behind the D1 plans and Lees attack, also that he will still recherche. Why don't you tell him also Nos blood type? Again, I realize her brown nosing and throwing No under the bus is to survive, but argh.

A still protesting Team No wanders around the day, wondering what No is doing and think he probably still has no idea what is going on lmao.

But he joins them in the cinema and aww we are back to Seo/No banter lmao


Team No discussing what they will do now and No drops the 'when Lee wakes up we will get to know more.' line, yeah he is dead meat. Btw how many episodes are left? I assume this is a 32 episode show, so we only have 8 episodes left, 2 weeks :(

Okay, carry on...

They hope they can pressure Kang to get their old positions back and also have set up an anon box for employees to get them tips. Team No is called 'Troublemakers' at the bank lmao.

Meanhwhile Kang and Han have Haesan in a headlock so much 'they can't barely breathe'. Cho and I assume his father (?) are fighting and Cho says Haesan is only in this state because of his brother, which enrages the old dude more. He accused him of ruining the business since he started to hang out with The Best. Cho announces to take care alone of this, he shouldn't worry. It seems this was kind of liberating to him?

On his way to work, Kang sees flyers and banners with Nos face lmao. "We receive all the tips regarding Daehan Bank's corruption" ha, he is not kidding anymore.

The secretary "He is making look like Daehan Bank is some kind of a corrupt corporate." You don't say? lmao. Seems there is some rivalry between the secretay and Han, because he is not amused that she takes the lead again.

Han warns him this is the last time she covers him(?) but he says the bank had too many victims including his father-in-law, he can't ignore that.

The friends are now foes and neither wants to give in. "Even if this mean Daehan Bank going down?" "If it deserves, then yes!" sounds like his fight with Do...


Kang goes now after No himself and seems he wants to get rid off him. He offers him to take leadership to go after the loans handed out to Haesan. Kang says he divided the auditor office, so No can show his skills in a non boring position. If he manages it, then he will support him as next President, but for this he has to resign as Auditor. So Kang, after all this time still don't know No? He is not Do, Han or Yook, he is not after the next best position.

No tells a shocked Han that Kang has promished him the Presideny in return to disband his team. "What did President Kang offer you?" Weeeeelp, she got a reality check.

Bahahaha like we all suspected, Moon is a mole and then also for slimey Kim :rolleyes: And it was also Kim who creeped on him in Busan. He does this all because Kim, I assume, brought him through university and also into the bank. Moon is of course not happy about this situation, but oh well, at least we know why he looks like he always wants to vomit.

No is at the hospital and the reporter sees No and wants to talk with him. He tells No that Lee said that one they gather evidence of Kangs corruption they would work with No. The reporter spills also the beans about the Best and and Haesan and so on, also that Kang was behind Haesans bankruptcy, which confuses No even more and he looks like he is sick when he sees Kang in Lees room.


Nos face all the time while Kang is talking cracks me up, it's like "are you effing kidding me?".

Kang tells he is the one who cared the most for Lee, hiring him after he did well in the USA, but also wanted that Lee gets rid off his elitist attitude to be a real leader. He wants to make it clear he neither enjoys seeing him bedridden nor is behind this and wants to rip apart those who did that.

Kang says by stabbing Lee, they stabbed the bank and he wants revenge, so he wants No as the head of the creditors to kick Haesan in the guts.

After Kangs rant, it seems No does reconsider the offer and indeed does take the offer. No knows there is something behind this, but goes for it anyway.

End of ep 22.


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On 4/29/2019 at 9:31 AM, Lmangla said:

for a minute, thought they might have nice chemistry; they are both smart, ambitious and seem kind of lonely -- okay, matchmaker aunty in me peeking out! hahahaha...  and maybe if they get along, there will be romantic spark? hahahahha... but then, they are slinging insults at each other and nope -- they are totally enemies and there will be never anything romantic....


Oh, well, he has a wife, so no ship possible at all :D

Since we are nearing the end of the show, I have got to say it's certainly one I have enjoyed and still enjoy. It is kind of dry,  knows when to make it exciting and it is never over the top, since if we are honest the rich and powerful are in even more bizzare schemes. About to watch episodes 23/24 :)

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Ep 23


No agreed to take the offer and under the conditions that he does an insoection first and his team be on his side. Kang agrees, but only gives him 2 weeks for the inspection before he has to do the loan collecting.

A motivated No finding someone who shares his love for dad jokes lmao.

That father is quite an abusive richard simmons to his second son, no wonder he ran to the that youngster group to emancipate himself. He says he knows his father favours his older brother who ruined several companies, while he was able to expand this one. The father tels him he will be thrown out if the inspection won't work in their favour.

The company is bugging Team No and has cameras everywhere and the small man is also there to have an eye on them.

The chairman, aka Chos father, thinks it is weird Kang would send someone he doesn't trusts, so he assumes Kang is trying to pull their group apart and No is used as dummy.

Kang is scheming again and hoped No would have just left - srsly, they still don't get No.

Han asks him what about the Presidency he offered No? Girl, you are as thirsty as Do lmao. Of course this was not to be taken serious as he is doing anything to bring Haesan back to order. He doesn't believes No has it what it takes to be a business manager. Well, yeah he actually has it, but won't burn down buildings and throw people under the bus, Kango.

Kang will regardless the inspection, compose the group of creditors and wants to induce a restructuring process. If he can highlight that their depth ratio is high compares to other companies, he will be justified and Haesans main businesses are those that Chinese companies will be interested in. If he can bring them to sell the company, he can collect most of the loans without allowance for bad debts.

Han seems to disapprove of his plans as the recent bankruptcy was deliberate and they wouldn't allow the same mistake. He replies thta Myungsung Bank will be backing them and the Chairman of Haesan drove the performances of their main companies to the ground while forcing the succession of management rights.

Han asks what about No and the secretary says No won't be part of the bank anymore if he says he can save Haesan. He has to resign as auditor in order to take part as creditor.

Team No has some emotional chat with the guy who works with them (or controls what they are doing) and wonder why he worries the bank will take over the company and endanger the employees.

They start with the data of the Construction instead of the mother company which surprises he Chairman and wants his son to beg at Kang.

Meanwhile the old scumbags have a chat and while Jung worries about the next elections, Kang shushes Park lmao.

They send the small dude to No to get to know the reason why No is there and what ulterior motives he may have.

No hears a fiery convo on the toilet between a boss and his employee who worked on a project for a long time, but get rejected by the President due the unstable market. The frustrated employee tells how they know both what a mess the company is, why they operate so unreasonably and why this was rejected. The boss only says this is how it is done there and they can't do anything.



End of Ep23

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Ep 24


Kang asks Han how the call to China went and she says they made a deal with a private equity fund to take over right away, as soon something come up on the market.

All they have to do is to choose between selling it off as a whole or to separately sell each major businesses depending on what's better for the bank.

He also asks for the labor unions and she thinks leans towards the side that keeps on making conflicts. Although they do the same job, the full time employees get paid twice as much as the contract workers. If they leak the welfare benefits and pay slips on purpose when the right time comes, the workers will automatically become hostile against each other and make people forget around selling the company.

Lee watching somewhere like


Uff, I miss him btw...

Anyway, Kang asks for any other issues and she says if it is sold to a foreign company, there will be issues surrounding leaking their technology. Kang says all they have to wait now is for No.


He sees of course the weird data and how this relates to the D1 plan and wants to snoop more into this.

And then some dialogue between young Cho and his girlfriend and it is always like she worries and he says he won't let the this all happen yada yada yada.

The small dude watches No being the opposite of vain, helping a cleaning lady picking up trash that was accidentally thrown over and he sweeps also the floor.

Moon finds out about Haesan Chemicals and its shady goal to win over this succession fight and how this will endanger the employees. This is listened by the small dude, who No also mentions how he cares for his company and how No is not there to endanger the it.

No and Moon are onto Haesan and D1 next to the Chemicals which upsets the President as both of his sons are at stake. He thought No was a nobody, but is not sure anymore and wants to have dinner with him to get to know who that is. Also he thinks that Kang sent him to get rid of him along with his group. Man, all these smort people :D

The small man sends No a message saying he should not say a word and meet him at the emergency staircase.

Meanwhile hubby stabber Bae is writing an email about a huge power the world doesn't yet know about, he calls the The Four. Ah, he is talking about the old scumbags lmao, C.J.K.P, whos secrets he will reveal soon. Aww, the reporter hangs around Lee all the time :lol:

Seo follows Chauffeur Park, who behaved weird all day bahaha.



The President meets No and tells him since he ran businesses he never bowed down to someone, but does an exception for No, who can't deal with that and only says 'Oh dear.' :lol:

Ah, another product placement for Seo and Park, this time something that should help Park to do his toilet business better.

The secretary shows Kang the tabloid page with Baes words sent to the reporter. Kang only responds to what the secretary shall do with 'A tabloid is covered up with another tabloid.' He wants to know the source and to meet the person....

The President offers No a position at his company to side with him. I really love how No gets into this big business dealings even though he doesn't gives a rats richard simmons about and has always that look on his face why he has to deal with those people.

"I thought of you as a pushover, but I watched you the last days and you are the opposite. You are a tiger." :D He looks at him like 'why are you all like this?'. Anyway the chairman also says No will eventually get the blame and is somehow a thorn in Kangs side.

No calls a Moon and says he should take Haesant Constructio files they reviewed earlier together and get out of there.

Asked what the real deal is by getting this offer, the President says he wants to protect his sons, have something against Kang and wants No to leave those companies alone.

The President asks him then if he takes the offer and he says two times no, as this wa snot considered an offer from begin. Uh he made the President angry lmao.

We get a flashback of the talk between the two Nos and he said to our No that ther eis no hope with the current management and the president is cutting his company to give it to his sons. The mess happened because they failed to pay 5 million dollars. The reaosn why the company was ruined enough to be shaken by such a small amount of money is becaue of all the incompetent and selfish board of directors. No asks if it is true then if Haesan lowered its sales and assets consistenly to bring up the ration of merger and yes it is true, also the son's company (Chemicals) is thriving very well.

No is giving the President a speech about the employees worth and that if this company shall survive it is because of the people who who dedicate their lives for the company.

Damn, what an exit, No B) You only hear an angry President smashing glass lmao.

The President pressures his son to give up on his insurance and the son has to budge in.

Seems the insurance is a stick with data about all the bribes to date, which Kang scoffs off as he never needed his dirty money, because the bank has it.

The President mentions Chois name, a man he heard can meet with the bank President all the time. He says he doesn't knows if he laundries his money, but not Choi. It will become huge news if a rumour starts saying he takes bribes.

Kang says the bank and Choi have nothing to do with each other, officially or unofficially and throws the stick into his whiskey or whatever it is. Also he warns him if he mentions the name again, this will be the end of Haesan Construction. The President lost this match with a ko.

Choi apologizes to Kang and Kang advises him to get out of the country for a while till everything is managed. He will also take care of Mr Kim, does he mean the secretary? Oh well, Choi says he is so ashamed he can't even look at his face.

So, the day has come and No has to present his results. :sweatingbullets:

He says Haesan can be saved, no they have to save Haesan. So is he now out or no? Ahhh, there is also no preview at the yt channel.

End of Ep24.





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Daehan conglomerate is reminding me of Daewoo. To chew up a chaebol, the government has to join in the  attack.


President Kang shows us he is not the head of a bank by chance. He is a power player. He is a survivor. He has the charisma to make enemies work with him. He doesn't get emotional with his decisions.  I like to think VP Han is more like him and better suited as President than VP Lee. 


Pretty difficult to understand some of the dynamics. 

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2 hours ago, Blizzardistkaputt said:

Daehan conglomerate is reminding me of Daewoo. To chew up a chaebol, the government has to join in the  attack.


President Kang shows us he is not the head of a bank by chance. He is a power player. He is a survivor. He has the charisma to make enemies work with him. He doesn't get emotional with his decisions.  I like to think VP Han is more like him and better suited as President than VP Lee. 


Pretty difficult to understand some of the dynamics. 


Yes, he is a brilliant man, but at one point even he will do a mistake that will wreck his whole legacy. What speaks for Han is that she thinks further and has a good instinct for survival. Will she survive Kangs demise like Yooks or will the authors give us an uncomfortable finale with Kang not getting punishment and throwing her under the bus?

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On 5/4/2019 at 12:52 PM, Blizzardistkaputt said:

Daehan conglomerate is reminding me of Daewoo. To chew up a chaebol, the government has to join in the  attack.


President Kang shows us he is not the head of a bank by chance. He is a power player. He is a survivor. He has the charisma to make enemies work with him. He doesn't get emotional with his decisions.  I like to think VP Han is more like him and better suited as President than VP Lee. 


Pretty difficult to understand some of the dynamics. 

Oh contrary. The need for survival and acting out of the need for survival is drenched in and is the very definition of emotional decision making. People should be balanced and use both-that is using a wise mind.

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The episode begins with No telling Haesan can be saved or better said shall be saved. At first he had no hope with the excutives, who operate abnormally in order to favor the successor, which made the work for the employees hard.

Kang assumes of course No will be the one to represent the creditors, but No says due his inexperience in this matter it won't be him.

Ngl I chuckled at this moment, such a dramatic entrance by Lee, looking like Professor X :D


Ever told you, he has nice legs?

Anyway, he is back and Kang is shocked by this plot twist. We see a flashback of a running No into the hospital, when he heard Lee woke up. He looks funny with that hair.

Lee asks if Bae is safe which confuses No, but it was not Bae who stabbed him :blink:

He says he saw him fighting with Park and that it was Park who stabbed Lee and Bae got the blame. They wonder why he would have been so bold to do that and who is behind it. No tells him about Kang and Haesan and how Kang basically wants to fire him. Lee offers to find a representative of the creditors who was then introduced on the day of the meeting.

Kang looks worried when he hears the talk between two executives how the President who was hired is very talented.

I will miss the catfights between Kang and Lee.

Han eats with Jung and Park and they say that Song could any time attack. I already wondered what was so special about this secretary, as he was not more useful than Kim. They say they have to be ahead and if Kang resigns Han will be the first female President. But she says it is too early and would not be ready yet, but they assure her it is time. Because they don't know Lee is awake and that Bae did not stab him, they are onto Bae to het a hold on him. Jung hopes they can make him say that Kang ordered to have Lee stabbed, everything would be easier. Han feels uncomfortable with the way they plan to kick Kang out and is happy when she gets a message to get out of this dinner.

Song is mad she didn't tell them that Lee is awake, which she didn't know though. But Kang says they had Kim monitoring the hospital, so the secretary office's fault, so he is not angry at her, but disappointed. He says that that this is a reminder he can't trust anyone. Uhm, what?

Bae remembers the night he had the fight with Park who had a knife out and stabbed Lee when he went to see what is happening. Park probably hoped he dies, so bae can be blamed then.

Seo gets a bit suspicious about Moon and his behaviour.

Funny banter again between Lee and Kang - I love when Kang stares when someone has him in chokehold.

Han sees Yook, who seems to have been from prison and lives a simpler life, she wonders why he is out.

'He was stabbed and is still so arrogant.' Stabbing is no therapy session lmao.

Moon still looking like he is about to barf, poor boy, spying is nothing nice.

Kim tells Han that the bank has withdrawn their charges against Yook because it wa shard for Kang to make Yook stay there. He accidentally slips out that Kanh had blackmailed Yook with his sons to take all the blame.

Han begins slowly her takeover (I assume) and begins a sentence many did before: 'I am worried for Kang these days.' She tries to have Kim on his side, and considering his jealousy for Song, he will. But he thinks she does this in Kangs favor, and not to overthrow him and pursues him to get infos about Song what he knows.

Seo meanwhile finds out by accident that Moon got a scholarship from Daehan back in 2012 and sees a photo with the winners of the scholarships and Kang, Kim and Song.


End of ep25




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Ep 26


Seo eardrops and hears Moon talking with his mother, who seems to struggle with money for rent and hospital fees of her husband. Moon supports his family with money and Seo is ashamed that he was such a showoff with his car, while Moon has obvious money problems in the family.

No meets with the reporter and Lee regarding D1, which has changing owners, so he looks for the real owners. Okay how old is this Choi if the other three men used to be his students? Anyway they connect the dots between The Best, The Four and D1 and the connecting dot is Bae.

Haesans President fell ill after Kangs latest attack on them and the son is mad and after some shouting between each other and insults, Kang says he needs to sit quietly and wait for good news.

The Best is selling their lands from D1 and Cho says they should buy Daehan Bank's stocks with the money. Also that Kang will take care of No, who watches the group - like I wonder what has Kang again up his sleeve?

Bae meanwhile thinks about who he will sell himself out to be on the winner side, and it seems he will go to Kang who just screwed Haesan. Yep, he called Kim and Kim brought Han with him. Han tries to persuade him to side with them and face Kang.

Moon can't cope with the pressure and wants to quit and tells No that when his fathers business failed, he received a scholarship that Kang created. Moon feels obligated to the bank, because he thinks the bank was there for him in difficult times. When he told Kim that Seomin was sketchy, Kim told him to tip No off and also to delete files.

No is of course shocked and apologizes tto Moon for not noticing how much he was under pressure. Dude, we all saw his constipated face, you should have noticed :D

No says if he would still work a bit longer for the team and by resigning the feeling of being used won't go away anyway. Moon can't take the offer, says he is not impressive as No and he can't even protect his family :tears: Seo is truly affected by this and shouts where goes now.

Kim, who used him as handler and pressured him, is happy that Nos team suffered a blow. And they wonder why Moon resigned :rolleyes:

Nos daughter calls her father


He is so cute hah. She is being very adorable and motivating and yeah I didn't miss the commercial for the massage chair and yes I want one too.

Moon finally takes a call from the team and meets No outside, but still can't make Moon to come back. When Moon goes back to his flat, Song awaits him, who basically says he can't just leave the bank and Kang, who is certainly not the root of the evil.

The next morning, Moon does come back - cue in Dinah Washingtons 'what a difference a day makes' - and Seos and Moons lips are bursted. Seems they had some fight lmao.

So, Moon had always a stick where he saves data for backup and he has the D1 stuff on this as well the Haesan data - really? really???? Okay, I get he didn't give them for a reason, but chill :D

No tells 'The start of the D1 Plan was an ambitious dream of President Kang. Other ambitions started to grow on top of his, and the dream started to turn into reality. as if to laugh at us employees, who live on by savings our wages, money and power conjoined, to amke even more money and power.

First, the younger rick kids who failed to become successors got together to create The Best. Then, they purchased D1 District's land and with loan from Daehan Bank. Once the purchase closed, Assemblyman Jung took the lead in changing certain policies to make it possible for D1 District to go under redevelopment. Gossips went around, but it was never reported. Once the news of the redevelopment goes around, the land value jumps. The Best was able to make a huge profit out of it, so they offer laundered cash to the politicians, who helped making D1 District a redevelopment area. in this process Daehan Bank is in charge of laundering the money. Through the corporates named Seomin, they get illegal loans and even start fires if things get in the way. They do anything they need to. Then, there was an accident. That's why they decided to close down every branch that did business with Seomin. They were trying to get rid of all evidence related to borrowed-name bank accounts and slush funds related to the Seomin corporates. From branches, files, to even data. President Kang, who sees Daehan Bank as his castle, sacrificed many ordinary people to protect it. the current Daehan Bank is standing on top of the tears of such people.'


No getting his squad ready B)

End of ep26

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Im can't really believe No asks him to get him staff for an audit on the President's office :D

He reminds him that this put everyones careers in danger, but No says he is aware of it and he should despite of this allow a team. Im budges in...

No arrives at Kangs office and Kang just looks at them, drinking his tea and keeps calm when No announced the investigation 'Go ahead' :lol:

Song is not amused and says they will all bear the consequences of this - okay, robocop.

Lee laughs his butt off how 'he is being taught a lesson by the one whom he hired as a hunting do.'


'It would be rude just to watch' lmao.

Everyone supports No and Han asks herself if they all have some backing and thinks of Moon and calls for the Busan Center. She tells Kang that the auditor must have crucial evidence about the D1, but Kang says that won't happen. Btw I see he sports yet another glass model.

Flashback of how Seo and Moon fought each other and Jan throwing them onto the floor, lmao.

Han says that Nos actions are endangering the careers of the young bankers and that the root of the evil is not Kang, but Yook. Yeah, he totes is with his booze, Han. She also says Jung is the one who endangers the bank especially and if No attacks Kang, Jung will send someone he wants as President. He should also not trust Lee who like Yook eyes for the President position. Uhm, he and we all know that. If he wants to save the bank, he should save Kang.

Lee asks Im about meetings of the directors and Im tells him it didn't happen for a while.

Han brings Bae to Kang and with his infos they are confident to go out as winners. We see some flashback of Kang saving the bank during the 1998 crisis, narrated by Han. And that is the thing, you see he is a fighter and thinker, but is this D1 plan really worth the many livehoods it destroyed? At what point do you stop caring?

Song thinks about a way to get Nos down and wants the labor union to get mad at him.

Park blackmails Jung and Jung gives him a job to do beore he gets send abroad.

Some branch employees, were send to No to throw eggs at him in his office, pressuring to stop the aduit so they won't lose their jobs due customers running away. No tells them that this is his job, he also comes from a smaller branch, and it seems his speech worked and they leave, saying he has to do a good job. Not only they support him now, now also someone admitted they were part on an online troll army to slander No and team. No goes also now after the labor union boss.

End of Ep27

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