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[Variety 2019] Urban Cops 도시경찰 - Jang Hyuk, Jo Jae-yoon, Kim Min-jae, Lee Tae-hwan

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Jang Hyuk To Appear in Upcoming MBC Every1 Program “City Police”



Jang Hyuk is the first celebrity to be confirmed to take part in MBC Every1’s newest show City Police. This reality variety program is a spin-off of Rural Police which is currently airing its fourth season ending on December 10. This is a show that allows celebrities to experience police life in the countryside.



Celebrities partner with real-life police officers to perform tasks within the community. The tasks include mandating traffic, solving problems of residents and night patrols, to name a few. The same concept applies to City Police. 


Instead of doing it in a rural area, the show will be held in the city. This will be more challenging as misdemeanors and crimes in the city are far from simple.


PD Lee Soon Ok, the show’s director, finds Jang Hyuk perfect for the program and expresses excitement to cast the actor.  Jang is used to playing roles involving the police – whether as a criminal or a member of the force. In fact, the actor’s last drama for 2018, the recently concluded Bad Papa, had him play the role of a former mixed martial arts champion who later become a detective.


MBC Every1 is a non-free-to-air TV network which is a subsidiary of MBC Plus. This network specializes in entertainment and variety programs.




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'City Police' Jang Hyuk - Jo Jae Yoon - Lee Tae Hwan, Seoul Yongsan Police Station

'City Police' Jang Hyuk, Jo Jae Yoon, and Lee Tae Hwan had a ceremony held at Yongsan Police Station in Seoul.


MBC Every1's  'City Police' three police officers, which is scheduled to be broadcasted on January 14th, were appointed as police officers at the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul last December. On the day of the ceremony, the police officers who will become the mentors of City Police members came together. Jang Hyuk, Jo Jae-yoon, and Lee Tae-hwan attended the police appointment ceremony with serious expressions on their faces. Police officers in Yongsan Police Station applauded the 'City Police' members' enthusiastically.











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'City Police' Jang Hyuk - Jo Jae Yoon - Lee Tae Hwan at a crime scene in the center of Seoul city.


MBC Every1 television network's "City Police," which will air from January 14, recently released a teaser video announcing a police series that has never been seen before.


The teaser video begins with a scene from the previous 'Country Police' series and flows naturally to the present point of the "City Police." After the bank robbery of "Country Police 2," members of "City Police" are pictured on the scene. The previous and current MBC TV police series are intertwined like the drama 'Signal' -  one after another. Although the locations are different from the country to the city, but it is a sign that police will continue to shed blood and tears in order to catch the criminals. 


Apparently struggling to catch a suspect, Jang Hyuk has a troubled look on his face, reciting that it is not easy. Jo Jae-yoon also sighs and shows the look of perplexed detectives. On the screen that appeared next, a car came. Pushing in, a voice appears and it seems that they have found the suspect's whereabouts. The faces of Jang Hyuk and Lee Tae Hwan become more serious and the members of 'City Police' jump into the arrest scene.


The breathtaking crime scene and the charismatic scenes of city police, which have not been seen in the previous police series that MBC Every1 has created, overwhelm viewers and captivate their eyes. The teaser has raised expectations for MBC Every1's "City Police," which will portray the lives of real criminals from 8:30 p.m. on the 14th January.



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Jang Hyuk -> Lee Tae Hwan, Urban Cops sets police series highest viewership record


MBC Every1's 'Urban Cops' first broadcast on the 14th Jan recorded a ratings of 2.033% (Seoul area average / Nielsen Korea standard), which is the highest rating among all MBC Every1 's Police Series.


In addition, 'City Police' attracted a great deal of attention from viewers as well. When the 'City Police' was airing, the search terms related to 'City Police' rose to the top in major portal sites such as Naver and Daum.





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