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[Drama 2019] Beautiful World 아름다운 세상


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Drama: Beautiful World

Hangul: 아름다운 세상

Genre: drama

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 16

Director: Park Chan-Hong (Memory, Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus, The Lucifer)

Writer: Kim Ji-Woo (Memory, Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus, The Lucifer)

Release Date: April 5, 2019 - May 25, 2019

Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 23:00 (following drama Legal High)

Production Company:MI



Official site:http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/teaser/pr10011027



Park Moo-Jin ( Park Hee Soon) and Kang In-Ha (Choo Ja Hyun) are a married couple. Park Moo-Jin works as a high school teacher and Kang In-Ha runs a bakery. They enjoy their lives with their children. Their peaceful days soon turn into a hellish experience. Their son, who is in the 3rd grade of middle school, is seriously injured due to school violence. Park Moo-Jin and Kang In-Ha try to reveal the truth.

Meanwhile, Oh Jin-Pyo (Oh Man Seok) and Seo Eun-Joo (Cho Yeo Jeong) are a married couple. They are both from wealthy families. Oh Jin-Pyo is the chairman of a private school foundation inherited from his family. They have never experienced failure or lacked anything. They have a son who makes trouble. The parents coverup for their son's misbehavior. (Asianwiki)



Park Hee Soon as Park Moo-Jin

Choo Ja- Hyun as Kang In-Ha

Oh Man- Seok as Oh Jin-Pyo

Cho Yeo- Jeong as Seo Eun-Joo

Nam Da-reum  as Park Sun-ho

Kim Hwan-hee  as Park Soo-ho

Seo Dong-Hyun as Oh Joon-Seok

Seo Young-Joo as Han Dong-Soo

Hwang Tae-Gwang  as Lee Sang Woo

Jung Jae-Sung  as Bae Sang-bok

Jo Jae-Ryong as Park Seung-man

Lee Ji-hyun as Im Sook-Hee

Yoon Na-Moo as Lee Jin-Woo

















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December 17 2018

Park Hee-Soon, Choo Ja-Hyun, Oh Man-Seok and Cho Yeo-Jeong cast in JTBC drama series “Beautiful World”


Park Hee-Soon, Choo Ja-Hyun, Oh Man-Seok and Cho Yeo-Jeong are cast in JTBC drama series “Beautiful World” (literal title).  Park Hee-Soon and Choo Ja-Hyun will play a married couple whose son is seriously injured at school due to violence. Oh Man-Seok and Cho Yeo-Jeong will play a wealthy married couple. Their son is a troublemaker.

“Beautiful World” first airs April, 2019 (takes over JTBC’s Friday and Saturday 11pm time slot after “Legal High“).





Actors Park Hee-soon, Cho Jae-hyun, Oh Man-seok and Cho Yoon-jung confirmed the cast in JTBC's new drama 'Beautiful World' scheduled for airing in April. It meets as parents vs. parents around school violence.



The 'Beautiful World' (written by Kim Ji-woo, directed by Park Chan-hong, produced by MI) is a drama about the story of a son and his family searching for truth in the name of their son due to school violence. In the whirlwind of a selfish world that is insensitive to lies and concealment, distrust and revelation, and the sufferings of others, we seek to find hope for a beautiful world. (Google translation)

more http://news.jtbc.joins.com/article/article.aspx?news_id=NB11743179



I like the cast, especially Park Hee Soon and Oh Man seok. The drama deals with a serious issue, shool violence. I will watch.

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Park Hee Soon, Chu Ja Hyun, Oh Man Seok, And Jo Yeo Jung Cast In New Drama About School Violence

by C. Hong

JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Beautiful World” (literal translation) has confirmed the casting for its lead roles.


“Beautiful World” is written by Kim Ji Woo and directed by Park Chan Hong and tells the story of a boy who stands on the precipice of life and death after an incident of school violence and his family who seeks the truth in his name. The title refers to the search for hope even in a selfish and insensitive world full of lies, hiding, distrust, and violence.


Park Hee Soon and Chu Ja Hyun have been cast as the victim’s parents, Park Moo Jin and Kang In Ha. Their child is in his third year of middle school. Park Moo Jin is a high school physics teacher and Kang In Ha operates a bakery that has her son’s name on it. Although their life together is ordinary, they are satisfied and happy. But when Kang In Ha wants to move to a neighborhood with a better school for her son, despite her husband’s cautions that a prestigious university isn’t all to be had out of life, their ordinary lives turn to hell overnight.


Oh Man Seok and Jo Yeo Jung have been cast as the attacker’s parents, Oh Jin Pyo and Seo Eun Joo. Oh Jin Pyo is a graduate of Seoul National University and inherited the position of chairman of a private school foundation. Seo Eun Joo is a housewife who has lived all her life in a wealthy family. They got married and had a child in rapid succession after an arranged meeting. Because they have never lacked for anything in their life, they are insensitive to other people’s pain. When their son gets in trouble, they are quick to cover for him and even fully believe that there are no problems with their son.

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Park Hee-soon to make drama comeback in Beautiful World

by tccolb


It’s been a long 4 years since actor Park Hee-soon (Missing Noir M) was last in a drama, and he has confirmed that he will be returning to dramaland in JTBC’s upcoming melo, Beautiful World.

A terrible incident takes place in which a student becomes critically injured in an act of violence at school. The family of the student then begins to seek out the truth and attempts to uncover what happened. Though the world is a chaotic place of deceit and callousness to other people’s sufferings, the drama will strive to find a “beautiful world” in which everyone can embrace one another’s emotional scars and pain.

Park Hee-soon will be taking the role of the victim’s father, Park Moo-jin. His character is a high school physics teacher who’s an easy-going optimist with a peacekeeper mindset. His main goal in life is to be a great father and a great person. Thus far, the family has led a normal and happy life. However, their peaceful life is uprooted overnight when their son is assaulted at school.

read more http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/12/park-hee-soon-to-make-drama-comeback-in-beautiful-world/

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Beautiful World 아름다운 세상- Fridays & Saturdays 23:00 - Premieres in April



Actors Nam Da Reum and Kim Hwan Hee confirmed to join drama "Beautiful World" playing brother and sister,  Park Sun-ho and Park Soo-ho .





Nam Da Reum And Kim Hwan Hee Cast In JTBC’s Upcoming Drama About School Violence

by C. Hong



Young actors Nam Da Reum and Kim Hwan Hee have been cast in JTBC’s upcoming drama “Beautiful World” (literal translation).

“Beautiful World” tells the story of an incident of school violence which leaves a young boy on the precipice of life and death and his family fighting for justice in his name. Previously, JTBC had announced the casting of Park Hee SoonChu Ja Hyun, Oh Man Seok, and Jo Yeo Jung as the parents in the drama.

Nam Da Reum and Kim Hwan Hee will be playing brother and sister, the children of Park Hee Soon and Chu Ja Hyun’s characters. Nam Da Reum’s character, Park Sun Ho, is in his final year of middle school when he becomes a victim of school violence. Kim Hwan Hee’s character, Park Soo Ho, is a year younger than he is at the same school. The two siblings get along well, but when tragedy strikes, Park Soo Ho decides to seek the truth behind her brother’s attack in her own way.


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Hwang Tae-gwang joins JTBC 'Beautiful World'


On December 28, DeMost Entertainment said, "Hwang Tae - gwang has confirmed his appearance in 'The Beautiful World' and has recently finished reading the script.

Hwang Tae - gwang plays Lee Sang - woo, who owns a lot of heritage buildings and many buildings. Hwang Tae-gwang is a paternal character who has a somewhat defective personality and a rough face, and will cooperate with Park Moo-jin (Park Hee-soon) and Kang In-Ha (Chu Ja-Hyun). Google translation




Another cast



Seo Dong-Hyun took on the role of Oh Jun-seok, the son of Oh Jin-Pyo (Oh Man seok) and Seo Eun-Joo (Cho Yeo Jeong). Oh Jun-suk is known as a schoolboy in the school and is a popular character for his children as a confident leadership. However, because of the authoritarian and repressive manner of the father and the overprotective tendency of the mother, it becomes increasingly skewed internally.




Seo Young-Joo was cast in drama Wonderful world



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Actor Jung Jae-sung appears in the drama 'Beautiful World'.

Jung Jae-sung played the role of Bae Sang-bok, a sympathizer of a prestigious private middle school, where Park Sun-ho  goes. Bae Sang-bok is a person who is caught up in the desire of success due to the poor sense of inferiority because he was poor in childhood. (Google translate)



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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Beautiful World 아름다운 세상- Fridays & Saturdays 23:00 - Park Hee Soon, Choo Ja Hyun & Oh Man Seok - Premieres in April
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@larus Thanks much for this thread.  I love the cast. Anticpating this  already.  This is a serious drama. I like serious drama. I post a lot, do recap,  share thoughts.  My choice of dramas to watch has never failed me.


I check and wow  the writer is the one who did Memory.  (my best drama of 2016 along with Signal)

Nam Da Reum had a scene in that drama where he was about to  commit suicide. and jump off a school building.


As for Seo Young Joo.. in  JTBC Solomon's Perjury ( one my favorite). He jumped off school building and commited suicide. 


And Kim Hwan Hee.. The Wailing! she won an award for that  but I've watched her  in previous dramas OTTA , MTWM


Indulge me while I gush. It's always good to see terrific acting from young actors. 


The young stars of kdrama is in this upcoming drama! Nam Da Reum (16)  Kim Hwan Hee (16) and Seo Young Joo (19). thumbs up terrific brilliant acting. I'm so happy to see Seo Young Joo again on screen. The 3 youngs stars has Immense talent. their acting  and work credentials impressive  All 3 won best actor awards. JTBC always has good excellent dramas  and also showcase younger actors terrific acting ie Solomons Perjury Sky Castle etc








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February 28 2019

Teaser poster for JTBC drama series “Beautiful World”


Teaser poster for upcoming JTBC drama series “Beautiful World” (literal title). The drama series features an ensemble cast starring Park Hee-Soon, Choo Ja-Hyun, Oh Man-Seok, Cho Yeo-Jeong, Nam Da-Reum and Kim Hwan-Hee. The teaser poster features Nam Da-Reum as Park Sun-Ho and Kim Hwan-Hee as Park Soo-Ho. Caption on the poster states in Korean “I want to go back to the day when my older brother smiled.”

“Beautiful World” is now scheduled to first air Friday, April 5, 2019 in South Korea.



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First teaser



March 1 2019

Teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Beautiful World”


First teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Beautiful World” starring Park Hee-Soon, Choo Ja-Hyun and Nam Da-Reum. The teaser trailer show Nam Da-Reum as high school student Park Sun-Ho. He appears to be blissfully listening to music, but the camera pans out and shows that he is injured. A song plays in the background with lyrics in Korean that says “Let’s make a Beautiful World together, Beautiful World.” The drama series will likely draw comparisons to hit JTBC drama series “SKY Castle,” due to its depiction of parents and their children.

“Beautiful World” first airs April 5, 2019 in Japan.



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Watch: New JTBC Drama About School Violence Releases Chilling First Teaser

by J. K

JTBC has revealed the first preview video for a drama that tackles the topic of school violence.

On March 1, the network released a teaser for “Beautiful World” (working title), which focuses on the story of a young boy who is the victim of school violence. His family fights for justice and tries to reveal the truth as he lies on the brink of death following the incident.

In the video, actor Nam Da Reum (playing the boy Park Sun Ho) is lying on the ground with his eyes closed as though taking a nap in the sunlight. Through his earphones, we hear the sound of the children’s song “Beautiful World.” As the camera pans out, blood pools around his head, revealing what appears to be the aftermath of an attack.

Park Sun Ho is the son of Park Moo Jin (played by Park Hee Soon) and Kang In Ha (played by Choo Ja Hyun), and he’s in his third year of middle school. He’s friendly and easygoing like his parents, always positive, and considerate like many other eldest children. However, one day his closest friends begin to pressure him, and soon he’s no longer smiling like he used to.

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Thanks larus for updates.  Waiting for this drama.   To be honest the last youth dramas I enjoyed included Seo Young Joo. And that's excellent "Solomon's Perjury" and  "Lingerie Girls".  I like  excellent Nam Da Reum he's the lead here and I'm fan of his but I love Seo Young Joo. He's a really brilliant young actor. Check his work credentials.  If you've seen his last two dramas and his movies. you'll see what I mean.


Found this DB article. And thanks to  one of the comments (cr: sparks121), I found what Seo Yoing Joo's character would be.


"Translating what's been released in articles: His character is han dong soo. He grew up in a bad environment, doesn't have any hopes or dreams for the future, and is considered a troublemaker by adults. He doesn't have any parents so he works a lot of part-time jobs"


I said previous post., In Solomon's Perjury he committed suicide and jump off school building. This time I think it's Nam Da Reum's character who's going to do that.  I wonder if we're going to have boys friendship tested or something like that.  I'm going to ask myself  thae question,, in which episode will my tears fall? I asked that when I watched Memory drama because I cried in the scene where NDR tried to jumped off the school building. I know right these boys previous roles.


I just know I'm going to see the future best actors in this drama. Future Daesang awardees.


NDR and SJY and KHW all  are best actor awardees! SJY won a TIFF best actor award.

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