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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Prince of Tennis / Fighting Youth 网球少年 / 奋斗吧少年


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Chinese Title:  网球少年 / Wang Qiu Shao Nian , 奋斗吧少年 / Fèn Dòu ba Shào Nián
English title:  Prince of Tennis / Fighting Youth
Genre: Sports, School
Director: 赵小鸥 / Zhao XiaoOu, 赵小溪 / Zhao XiaoXi
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Date: Jul/22/2019

Broadcast Channel: MangoTv, Tencent Channel, HunanTV


路夏 Lù Xià (Ryoma) by  彭昱畅 / Peng Yu Chang

乔晨 Qiáo Chén(Momoshiro Takeshi) by 董力 / DongLi

穆司阳 Mù Sī Yáng (Tezuka) by 谢彬彬 / Xie BinBin

卓治 ZhuōZhì(Fuji Shūsuke) by 张逸杰 / Zhang YiJie

池大勇 Chi DaYong (Ōishi Shūichirō) by 朱致灵 / Zhu ZhiLing

唐佳乐 Táng JiāLè (Kikumaru Eiji) by 徐可 / Xu Ke

张百扬 Zhang BaiYang(Kaoru Kaidō) by 吴旭东 / Wu XuDong

严智明  Yán ZhìMíng(Inui Sadaharu) by 李鹤 / LiHe

贺兴隆  / He XingLong (Taka-san) by 樊霖锋 / Fan LinFeng

齐樱 / QiYing  (Ryūzaki Sakuno) by 宋伊人 / Song YiRen



A story that follows a tennis prodigy and his teammates pushing the boundaries to make personal breakthroughs based on the well-known manga series ‘Prince of Tennis’. Instead of playing for themselves, they gradually come to understand the importance of teamwork and the true meaning of competition.


Long Ma (Peng Yuchang) migrated with his family to the US at a young age. He inherited his father's inborn talent for tennis to become an exceptional player amongst his peers. However, Long Ma lives under the shadow of his father's success. In order to outdo his father, he devotes his entire life to the sport. The same wilful determination that helps him become a better player also changes his attitude towards tennis as it begins to exist as a tool for him to achieve his dreams.


Hoping that Long Ma can find happiness, his father send him back to China to enroll in the school where he once spent the best days of his youth. After joining the tennis team in Qing Xue High School, Long Ma encounters new possibilities as he meets players from different backgrounds and faces off with the strongest opponents.

(Cr: chinesedrama.info)


**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes or read the novel yet**

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Additional Links:

Prince of Tennis Weibo

Prince of Tennis Baidu

Song YiRen Soompi Thread



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6 hours ago, angelangie said:


hope ur dream come true :D


she isnt the main lead though as this series is more about the tennis than more about the romance :) 

That's OK! It will be nice to see SYR in another drama and I like tennis...and the cute guys don't hurt either :P

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Do you know if there is any release date for this drama? I really want to watch it (with ENG sub - hopefully). I read it will be on June 17th but I can't see anything about it.

Thanks !

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On 6/19/2019 at 9:30 PM, lynne22 said:

@Bouhoub Its delayed :(




Thank you and I hope they will have a new release date. I really want to see Song Yi Ren even if it's only a supported role. I'm new in the C-Drama world but is it something common to delay the release date of an upcoming show? Could it be cancelled?

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Yaaasss I'm trying to find the subs but I don't find any.

Loving the drama already since the storyline isn't that different with the manga except sakuno's (song yiren) a lot of attraction with ryoma (lu xia). Can't wait the subs, since it's a little different with the manga but as long as I watch it, I'm pretty impressed with them

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23 hours ago, angelangie said:


Actually they follow the manga very closely hehehe....since i follow both the drama as well as the anime....so im in love with all the characters :D 


yeah, me too. can't help waiting for any ryoma and sakuno moment on the manga, got a slightly little interaction on the anime, finally getting on real dates on the new prince of tennis and it's kinda frustrating to me since I was waiting from me in the same age with momo kaidoh (2nd year middle school) on the manga and finally found their interaction on my 24 y.o :D such an old me.

and now finally the drama comes with the closest storyline and the best cast ever (well at least for me, the cast is the most balanced for me) flower boy everywhere :heart: well, I think nobody can't replace kanata hongo but still, Peng Yu Chang acts nice too they can't be compared! I love Dong Li too, Momo got SO HANDSOME KYAAAH (well, he's one of my favorite character on tenipuri) and is it me or Zhang Yijie looks like an older and *sorry* shorter version of kuanlin???

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Watching this drama  raw just for Yiren haha. It's nice and I like the chemistry between Qi Ying and Lu Xia. A bit behind though. Barely watched episode 13. Hoping subs will be released soon. 

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