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New Year’s Resolution

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My New Year’s Resolution:


1. I want to stay healthy. Much more healthy than I am now, but there’s a Christmas gift that God’s give me and At first I didn’t expect this will happened (after cried and down like about 2 months LOL) and when I see the result I was very happy (I am sorry Lord that I didn’t trust You and angry to You) I believe if He can gives me the best Christmas gift, I believe too that He will blesses me with my healthy. 


2. I want to be able to travel far without worrying that I will leave my job for too long


3. I want my salary rise after our president can get 51% of freeport stockshares WKKWWKKWKWKWKW HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


4. I want to move to other City. 


5. I want to stay pretty LOL wkkwkwwkkw and will always have my 47 kg of weights


6. Many good dramas will come so I can watch good drama


7. To be more patience and gentle and soft


8. To be more loving and forgiving


9. A lot of vacations. I don’t want to work like a slave. No no no no no more. Harus belajar ilmu tega.


10. I want a cute baby girl ^,^. :heart:

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