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[Drama 2019] Big Issue, 빅이슈


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Watch: Joo Jin Moo And Han Ye Seul Forewarn Tension In Teasers For “Big Issue”

by L. Kim

SBS has released dramatic teasers for the new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Big Issue”!

Starring Joo Jin Mo and Han Ye Seul, “Big Issue” will tell the story about a man who turns his life around from being an alcoholic homeless person to an elite photo journalist to find the cure for his sick daughter, and a heartless chief editor who uses her connections to reveal all sorts of celebrity scandals.

The intense teasers show a secret meeting between the two lead characters. In the first teaser, Han Ye Seul orders a man on a motorcycle to hurry up and catch up with the train that is about to leave. At the same time, Joo Jin Moo is taking photos of the scene from a rooftop. Then he enters the building where he discovers an injection and states, “I smell something fishy.”

Then Han Ye Seul asks, “Are you Han Seok Joo? Former photo journalist of Nara Daily News. Let me ask you for a favor. Take a picture for me. I just need one picture.” Towards the end of the teaser, Joo Jin Mo looks startled as he demands, “Who are you?”



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Going to watch this for Han Ye Seul.

And a bit for Jo Jin Moo too, he showed really great acting even in a normally cheesy cdrama with their voice dubbing.


I'm vary about this writer though. While s/he usually has really great ideas and utilizes folklore and fairytales in his/her writing in a very creative alluding type of way even in non-fantasy dramas, the dramas fall flat in the middle and turn shallow. Then s/he also mistreats the actors, goes lazy in writing some parts and may even overwork the actors by purposeful lazy scriptwriting that ahs forces them to work out scenes more than necessarly amidst hectic liveshooting and may give too many exhausting demands and action sceneds than the actors even signed up for....Yeah hoping for the best but expecting a trainwreck in the middle onwards and the actors more exhausted than usual :tears: 

So far HYS is happily frequently posting in her IG and being cheery about this project, let's hope she stays that way and not end up angry with this ridiculous writer... :wacko:


So bittersweet sigh, even the teasers look great, more delisiciously darker than I expected and exciting thriller eqsue with HYS charms shining very bright.... HOPING SO HARD the writer finally has learned his/her lesson!


Also hoping despite FL described as heartless, that they'll show her warm sides and still make her rootable. Nothing more annoying than the lead character being non-rootable and despicable!   I believe HYS will 100% give the charms for this character, but will the writing allow to show more kinder sides or will this be one frustrating ride?

Hoping for a very likable anti-heroine that still will be very rootable or at least understandable.

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Joo Jin Mo, Song Kyung Chul, And Oh Kwang Rok Transform Into Mysterious Homeless Men In “Big Issue”

by S. Park

SBS’s “Big Issue” has released its first stills!

On February 23, the upcoming drama gave viewers a first peek at Joo Jin Mo, Song Kyung Chul, and Oh Kwang Rok’s characters.

“Big Issue” is about a homeless alcoholic who turns his life around and becomes an elite photojournalist in order to save his daughter, and a heartless editor-in-chief who uses her connections to reveal celebrity scandals.

In the stills, Han Suk Joo (played by Joo Jin Mo), underground passage leader Doo Chul (played by Song Kyung Chul), and self-proclaimed expert Dr. Go (played by Oh Kwang Rok) are seen running with other homeless people.

The police suddenly infiltrates the underground passageway, which is a haven for homeless people, making the homeless people who were resting there start running away. Han Suk Joo was sleeping in a big box to shield himself from the cold, Doo Chul was cleaning his treasured saxophone, and Dr. Go was reading under a blanket until the police suddenly disrupted their peaceful lives.

This scene was filmed on January 22 on a highway in Gyeonggi Province. Despite the bitterly cold wind blowing through the passageway, the three actors tried their best to naturally portray homeless people in their positions during rehearsals before acting in front of the rolling cameras.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1305795wpp/joo-jin-mo-song-kyung-chul-and-oh-kwang-rok-transform-into-mysterious-homeless-men-in-big-issue
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Han Ye Seul Successfully Transforms Into A Frustrated Reporter In “Big Issue”

by S. Park

SBS’s upcoming drama “Big Issue” has released its first stills of Han Ye Seul!

“Big Issue” is about the battles of the paparazzi who unveil uncomfortable truths about a society overtaken by evil. The new drama will tell the story of a homeless alcoholic who turns his life around and becomes an elite photojournalist in order to save his daughter, as well as a heartless editor-in-chief who uses her connections to reveal celebrity scandals.

Han Ye Seul will portray Ji Soo Hyun, the editor-in-chief of Korea’s most notorious celebrity scandal paparazzi newspaper “Sunday Report.” Once she catches a whiff of a scandal, she stops at nothing to expose it, and she is such a powerful player in the world of the paparazzi that she is nearly a celebrity herself. She is also the person who lures homeless man Han Suk Joo (played by Joo Jin Mo) into the paparazzi world.

In the newly released stills, Han Ye Seul looks frustrated as she sits on a swing in a playground. The scene takes place during the early days of Ji Soo Hyun’s career as a passionate reporter, and the character looks upset as she attempts to calm her emotions by sitting alone in the playground. However, the look in her eyes changes once she receives a phone call, making viewers wonder about her sudden change in emotions and the nature of the phone call.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1306024wpp/han-ye-seul-successfully-transforms-into-a-frustrated-reporter-in-big-issue
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Choi Song-Hyun stills




Shin So-yul stills



In SBS 'Big Issue', the first still cut, which changed into the head of the third team of "Sunday Communication", was released.

Shin Soo-Yul is playing the role of Chang Hye-jung, the team leader of the coverage team of "Sunday Communication" of the paparazzi newspaper, which is notorious for the entertainment scandal. Chang Hye-jeong is a person who digs through the back story through the network of the broadcasting artist who was a broadcasting artist.


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Watch: Han Ye Seul And Joo Jin Mo Play Game Of Espionage For A Single Photo In “Big Issue” Teaser

by J. Lim

SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Big Issue” has the paparazzi world turned into a game of espionage in their latest teaser!

“Big Issue” will be the follow-up drama to SBS’s “The Last Empress,” and will tell the story of a former photographer who fell from grace because of a single photo and an infamous editor-in-chief who draws him into the paparazzi business.

Following the first set of eye-catching teasers, “Big Issue” has released another teaser video featuring leads Joo Jin Mo and Han Ye Seul. It begins with Seok Joo (Joo Jin Mo) saying, “If we aren’t going to write a contract, how about I get a photo of the client’s face?” and sticks a camera in Soo Hyun (Han Ye Seul)’s face. Though she’s surprised at first, she then proceeds to say, “There are people on that train who like to play with cards. All you need to do is take a photo of them.”

It appears as though that single photo has dire consequences as a voice can be heard shouting, “No matter what, we need to get that photo. Hurry!” and police cars race to a scene. Soo Hyun is then heard saying, “Are you crazy? Not the police.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1306684wpp/watch-han-ye-seul-and-joo-jin-mo-play-game-of-espionage-for-a-single-photo-in-big-issue-teaser



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In SBS 'Big Issue', Joo Jin-moo turned 180 degrees from 'Alcohol addiction homeless' to 'Elite photo journalist'.


Joo Jin-moo has been transformed from an elite photographer to a homeless person in 'Big Issue', and he met Seo Eun-hyun (Han Yeeseul) to play Han Seok-joo as a paparazzi. It is anticipated to create empathy with 'psychological homelessness' that feels excitement with exciting action and delicate emotional acting and feels that it is not qualified to return home. (Google translate)


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Han Ye Seul And Joo Jin Mo Win And Lose In The Paparazzi World In Posters For “Big Issue”

by S. Park

SBS’s “Big Issue” has released its official posters!

“Big Issue” is about a former photographer who’s hit rock bottom due to one photo and a heartless editor-in-chief who brings him into the world of the paparazzi.

On March 4, the upcoming drama revealed two posters featuring its leads Han Ye Seul and Joo Jin Mo. The two actors lie down on a pile of photos and show contrasting emotions to express how you can succeed or fail due to the photos you take in the world of the paparazzi.

Han Suk Joo (played by Joo Jin Mo) used to be an elite photographer but became homeless after one photograph destroyed his career. After receiving an offer he couldn’t refuse, Han Suk Joo starts to work as a photographer again but looks anxious while holding the camera. On the other hand, Ji Soo Hyun (played by Han Ye Seul) looks bold and confident as the powerful editor-in-chief of the infamous “Sunday Times.” Joo Jin Mo also is dressed in dark-colored clothing to create a gloomy atmosphere while Han Ye Seul shows off her fierceness through a vibrant blue dress.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1307757wpp/han-ye-seul-and-joo-jin-mo-win-and-lose-in-the-paparazzi-world-in-posters-for-big-issue



March 5 2019

Teaser trailer #4 for SBS drama series “Big Issue”


Teaser trailer #4 added for SBS drama series “Big Issue” starring Joo Jin-Mo and Han Ye-Seul. Caption at the 9 second mark in the teaser trailer states in Korean “Photographer who fell into a bottomless pit,” then around the 12 second mark caption states “Become the worst paparazzi” and at the 17 second mark caption states “Daughter or photograph.” Meanwhile, above and below are character posters of Han Seok-Joo (Joo Jin-Mo) and Ji Soo-Hyun (Han Ye-Seul).

“Big Issue” first airs March 6, 2019  in South Korea.



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Newbie actress Yang Hye-Ji was cast in drama Big Issue.



Yang Hae Ji, who played the role of the youngest daughter of Park Seo-hee in the MBC drama " Rich Family's Son " last October, confirmed her appearance on "Big Issue".




Big Issue` Jo Deok-Hyeon


In the new SBS drama 'Big Issue', Cho Duk-Hyun appears as a doctor .




4th teaser



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Han Ye Seul Shares Excitement For Taking On A New Kind Of Character In “Big Issue”

by L. Kim

Han Ye Seul is making a small screen comeback in “Big Issue,” and the actress talked about her character and her excitement to do something she’s never done before.

The SBS drama is about a former photographer named Han Suk Joo (Joo Jin Mo), who’s hit rock bottom due to one photo and a heartless editor-in-chief named Ji Soo Hyun (Han Ye Seul), who brings him into the world of the paparazzi.

Ji Soo Hyun is the editor-in-chief of the nation’s most notorious entertainment scandal newspaper. She is a cold, tough character who captures scandals with amazing personal connections and powerful intelligence. She reigns as a powerful woman in the paparazzi world, has neither blood nor tears, and is more like a celebrity than celebrities themselves. In this regard, Han Ye Seul expressed her overwhelming sense of being deeply fascinated by her new role, which is different from all others she has taken on so far.

The actress shared her reason for shedding her romantic comedy image and transforming into a powerful woman with an evil reputation for her latest project. She said, “Rather than being afraid, I’m very excited to meet a different character, and I thought this would be a chance to grow as an actress. I have greater expectations because I can show a new look. I’m looking forward to seeing how the viewers will see it.”

Han Ye Seul further explained her character, saying, “Ji Soo Hyun seems like [someone who] sniffs out celebrity scandals, but she is actually a refreshing character who punishes those who use their position and strength to commit evil. The fact that she is a character who relieves the public’s frustration was the biggest draw for me.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1307896wpp/han-ye-seul-shares-excitement-for-taking-on-a-new-kind-of-character-in-big-issue




Joo Jin Mo and Han Ye Seul Tackle Paparazzi journalism in SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Big Issue







by stroopwafel

Premiere Watch: Big Issue

Big Issue


Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: SBS
Genre: Suspense, caper
Episode count: 36 episodes

Reasons to watch: Joo Jin-mo and Han Ye-seul costar in a story that revolves around the secretive and cutthroat Korean tabloid industry. Joo Jin-mo plays a once-esteemed photojournalist who lost everything he held dear following a personal scandal. All seems permanently lost–but then he meets Han Ye-seul, the notorious head editor of a huge tabloid media outlet. She extends a second chance to Joo: a job offer to be a paparazzo. Han Ye-seul is powerful but reviled in some corners. She’d once dreamt of becoming a reporter who brought truth to light, but she came to believe that truth was no match for power and that the powerful could create their own truths. Will Han Ye-seul be able to retain her power and position? Will Joo Jin-mo be able to claw his way back up the ladder? Will the drama be able to make the viewers care about people who work in the tabloid industry?



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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Big Issue 빅이슈 - Han Ye Seul & Joo Jin Mo - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST - Premieres TONIGHT
  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2019] Big Issue 빅이슈 - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST

“Big Issue” Premieres To Second Place In Time Slot, “Liver Or Die” Continues To Reign

by R. Jun

SBS’s new drama “Big Issue,” which is taking over the time slot previously occupied by “The Last Empress,” premiered on March 6. The drama is about a photographer (played by Joo Jin Mo) who loses everything and hits rock bottom because of a single photograph. He then meets the celebrity-famous editor-in-chief of the country’s most notorious tabloid (played by Han Ye Seul), who offers him a chance to take his life back.

With its first episodes, the drama is off to a relatively slow start, recording viewership ratings of 4.1 and 4.8 percent.

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I really enjoyed the action sequences (especially the train scene).  The thing I did not exactly enjoy was the final reveal of the hiding place of the data card.....well, I was eating my lunch at the time.  :blink:


The show was really tense and I didn't know what would happen next, so I liked that.  I'll keep watching.....but never again during a meal!  :lol:


Kinda sorry that the ML is gonna get all tidied up in the  next ep; I liked him scruffy.

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